Hot Christmas

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It was love at first sight when I first saw him. It was a body chemistry where my heart ached and felt the flow of cum flowing down onto my white cotton g-strings.

I was invited by my best friend in college to stay at their home for the christmas vacations. I always had an attraction for older men with a family, and in my case, an attraction for my friend’s father came when he opened the door to welcome his daughter and I home. He was was wearing a robe with a glass of whiskey on his right hand. His hair almost grey, with a tall stature. I saw from his eyes that I was a female he wanted to have a taste of.

His mature voice with unshaved spikes of beard on his chin said ” My dear Olivia, welcome home. And this very beautiful friend of yours must be Kelly.”

” Oh, Daddy I missed you.” she went over and gave her father a kiss on the cheek.” And you’re right, this is my best friend, Kelly.” then she whispered to my ears ” I told you my father was hot, and I dont think he would mind putting his hands under your skirt while my so-called mommy is out of town.”

I put my arms around his neck and gave him a long and wet greeting kiss, then said ” Olivia has told me a lot about you, Mr. Perez.”

” I see, then Ankara travesti that makes us, um, I believe into a more personal level. I prefer you call me Paul, it makes me feel younger.”

Olivia hates her step mother, and always tried to persuade me to do something wild. Well, of course, we loved doing wild things, and love getting men to cum for us, but with college guys, it was getting boring. For this Christmas, we wanted to do something different. This, after all was her plan, she wanted to piss her step mother off, so she wanted me to arouse her father slowly while she could play the innocent, not knowing anything about it.

So during a night, while Olivia’s father was working with his computer with a cigar and whiskey on the desk, I, in a white silky mini robe entered into his library room. I sat on his desk with my legs crossed and began fondling with the tip of his Whiskey glass and said ” Olivia’s asleep, and since I am suffering from insomnia, I was wondering if I could have a glass of whiskey with you for tonight.” He took his glasses off, stared at me and tried to clear his voice with a few coughs and said ” Well, I see.”

“So how long have you been suffering from this sleeping disorder?”

I Konya travesti brushed my brown long wavy hair to the side and said ” Ever since I saw you.” then I whispered onto his ears ” I can see you don’t sleep much either.”

I saw him hardening, took his hand and whispered into his ears ” I have a secret I want to tell you.”

He looked at me with a smile and asked sarcastically ” So, what is that little secret of yours that you would like to share.”

I took his hand, put it under my shaved and naked pussy and answered ” I had been having fantasies about you.”

He closed his eyes and began feeling my cumming clitoris up and down as I moaned with pleasure. He pushed everything away from the desk and put me onto the desk, spreading my legs apart. He kneeled down and began sucking the juice that I was cumming. He was an experienced licker, biting and fondling with my puffy and shaved pussy all around, not allowing one drop of juice to slip away from his mouth. ” MMmmmmm…yes….I want more Paul.” As he went on, I pushed his head deeper into my cunt.

As he sucked he began moving upwards towards my belly button and then onto my full breasts.

Then I stood İzmir travesti up, took his robe off and kneeled down where his full and cocking penis couldnt wait to cum. I lightly placed my tongue onto the tip as I slowly created a circular movement with my hands up and down it.

” Oh, baby, no more games, come on, suck it, make me cum, hard!”

I pushed his cock in and out deeper and harder after every stroke and began playing with his testes until he cummed. ” Yes, baby, yes, eat all my cum up. Suck them, mmmm…” With the load he shot into my mouth, I felt a satisfaction in me. I knew I pleased him since he and his wife probably hadn’t had sex for ages.

” Come on you teenage slut!” He put me in all fours and and wanted to butt fuck me so badly. ” He pushed his thick, muscular and erected cock in and out of me harder and harder each time. He was getting so rough that I couldn’t say a word but just moan with pain and pleasure. He was holding onto my breasts as he pushed harder and harder everytime until he reached orgasm. He finally lay in exhaustion on the floor and said ” OOOhhh Kelly, I haven’t had that for a long long time.”

I went on top of him, kissed him gently and said ” I dont think I am only attracted to your looks, but I think I am in love with you and want to have you in me 24 hours a day.” We began to kiss, and I slowly rode on him until we both reached orgasm.

From that day on, I was not only Olivia’s best friend, but also became her father’s secret sex partner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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