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“I apologize that you had to walk all the way up here in this heat. Power outage on a day like this can be a real problem. No elevator, no air conditioning.” Mr. Jones, the senior executive who was interviewing Tyler laughed. “But I don’t have to tell you that. You’re pretty much soaked through with sweat already.”

Tyler was embarrassed to admit he was right. His white shirt was plastered to his chest. He hadn’t worn an undershirt because of the heat, but now that meant the dark nipples capping his well-developed pecs were clearly visible through it. His underarms were steamy.

“Look, it’s not really fair to interview you in this condition. I want you on your best game. I’ve heard very good things about you and want to get it right.” He sighed. “All of us in the office, as you can see, have already shed our dress clothes, so why don’t you start by getting rid of that wool jacket. Just slip it off and hang it over there – there are some hangers on the coat rack.”

Tyler was a little nervous about losing what little cover the jacket gave to his upper body – the shirt was plastered to his upper body and virtually transparent – but he was relieved at the invitation. He really was a little dizzy with the heat and the suit was wool. “Thanks,” he managed, and stood up and removed the jacket, hanging it, as suggested, on the coat rack. As he returned to his chair, he noticed that Mr. Jones was staring at his sodden shirt.

“And go ahead and unbutton the shirt. I can see you’re still sweating buckets in there. Let the air dry you off a little.”

Tyler was embarrassed yet again. He wanted to maintain his professional demeanor, but it really wasn’t happening anyway, dripping as he was. He decided he’s better take Mr. Jones up on his offer, try to act relaxed about it, and hope that opening the shirt would cool him down a little. He loosened his tie and unbuttoned the shirt, freeing the tie from his collar and leaving it hanging around his neck. He waved the two sides of his shirt a little to try to cool his overheated upper body.

“There, that looks a little better. Feel any better?”

“Yes, thanks. It was that long climb that got to me, I think.”

“Perfectly natural. It must be 90 degrees in here. You must have noticed most of the men in the office are wearing tshirts and gym shorts this afternoon. We have a corporate gym on premises, and many of us keep our exercise clothing here at the office. I suggest that before we start the interview, you slip out of those woolen suit trousers also and hang them with your jacket.” He laughed. “We’re pretty informal here, and it won’t bother me a bit. I have a little table fan here that I can turn on you, and you’ll be comfortable in no time. Go ahead and drop trou while I set it up.”

Somehow Tyler didn’t feel he could refuse the offer. Mr. Jones sounded quite firm about it all and he was now busying himself with getting the fan out of a closet. Tyler, somewhat pink-faced from embarrassment as well as the heat, stood and opened the front of his trousers. He slipped off his shoes and stepped out of the damp trousers, carrying them over to the coat rack again, where he carefully placed them on a hanger and hung them next to his jacket.

When he returned to his chair, Mr. Jones had already set up the fan on his desk. He aimed it at Tyler’s chair and turned it on. Tyler had to admit it felt wonderful. He nodded at Mr. Jones and said, “Thanks. That really helps.”

“One last thing – just open your shirt all the way so the air can get to you – you’ve still got some buttons done up.”

Tyler followed directions and the fan quickly blew the front of his shirt wide open, exposing his chest and abs completely. The air rushing over his chest had his nipples erect in seconds. When he looked down, he was a little taken aback. He’d forgotten that he was wearing a rather small pair of black briefs today, instead of his usual boxers. Again, due to the heat, he had tried to minimize clothing for comfort. He crossed his legs to try to conceal (at least a little) the huge mound clearly visible in the front of the briefs. Normally, he was rather proud of his oversized cock and balls, but here in this office setting, faced by the powerful Mr. Jones, they bulged out the front of his tiny briefs a little too obscenely, and he didn’t want to call attention to them.

Mr. Jones smiled. “Much better.” He picked up Tyler’s folder. “Let’s begin. Now, first of all, tell me in general terms what you are expecting your position in this company would be.” He chuckled. “And don’t say ‘horizontal’ – that’s not allowed. What I mean is, what do you expect your function will be.” He nodded to Tyler.

Tyler was fairly comfortable with the interview – he’d gone through this process several times before and had well-crafted answers prepared. After a few questions, however, he faltered for a moment when he noticed Mr. Jones’ eyes sliding down to his bare pecs and on to his well-toned abs before returning almanbahis to his original eye-contact. He quickly regained his poise and the questions and answers continued for a few more minutes.

After a more-or-less standard question about his ambitions, he gave his ‘earnest’ response, which was accompanied by deliberate body language. His usual ‘earnest’ position was leaning slightly forward to maintain strong eye contact, legs well apart, arms bent at the elbows and gesturing a bit as he spoke. He was a little disconcerted when Mr. Jones eyes again traveled south as he was speaking. He glanced down and was dismayed to see that his cock and balls were clearly outlined in the front of his still-damp briefs. Because he had moved forward a bit in his chair as he spoke, his outsized mound of genitals was now hanging over the front of the seat of his chair, dangling and swaying slightly between his legs. His voice faded for a moment before he managed to finish his thought.

Trying to maintain his poise, he continued speaking, carefully maneuvering himself toward the back of the chair so that his mound was once again supported by the seat and not hanging out there in space. After several more minutes of Q and A, he started to feel pretty good about the interview. Mr. Jones’ eyes wandered a bit, but Tyler had to admit that with all that bare flesh facing him, anybody would have been a bit distracted.

“Well, that pretty well covers my basic questions. I like the answers I’ve heard, and before we go on, I’d like you to meet a couple of other officers of the company who may have a few questions of their own before we wrap up. Let me give them a call.” He contacted his secretary and asked her to let Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Conrad to come over to meet the applicant. He turned back to Tyler. “They’ll be here directly. They knew the time of your appointment and asked me to let them know when you’d be available. Feeling cooler now?” he smiled.

“Yes, I’m quite comfortable, thanks.”

Before Tyler could suggest that he might want to put his trousers back on, there was a tap on the door and two older men walked in, smiling.

“Gentlemen, this is Tyler Smith. We’ve just had a very satisfying interview. Enough so that I thought it worth your while to meet him while he’s here. Tyler, this is Harry Hoffman.” He gestured toward one of the men. Tyler stood, turned toward the man and held out his hand to shake. There was an almost imperceptible pause as Mr. Hoffman took in the near-naked young man in front of him, his bare tits and the huge bulge of his oversized cock and balls in full view. To his credit, there was only a momentary pause before the man managed to reach out and grasp Tyler’s proffered hand.

“How do you do, Tyler. I see you’ve adjusted to the heat much as we have.” At that, Tyler noticed that both men were wearing workout clothes – basically gym shorts and tshirts.

“Yes, sir. The twenty-four flights up here were a bit of a challenge in a wool suit.”

“Quite so, quite so. Well, I’m glad Tom here has got you comfortable.”

“And this is Jim Conrad.”

Tyler turned to the other gentleman to shake hands.

The four of them remained standing as the two new execs alternated asking fairly straightforward questions, mostly repeating various questions that Tyler had already answered for Mr. Jones. He maintained his professional cool and answered well, although he was occasionally disconcerted when he happened to note that the exec to whom he was not speaking at the moment let his eyes wander over the young man’s exceptional body so generously displayed. After a few minutes, he was dismayed to realize that his cock was beginning to respond to all the attention it was getting. While it was not exactly getting hard, Tyler’s cock was quite large, and it was beginning to arch out sufficiently to become rather difficult to ignore. Not unexpectedly, the bigger it got, the more Tyler noticed the other men looking directly at it.

Just then, Mr. Hoffman asked Tyler whether he was at all involved in any sports. The company had several teams that competed in intercorporate athletics, such as softball, baseball, swimming, etc., and with Tyler’s excellent body, he looked to be a desirable recruit.

Mr. Jones laughed, “Always on the lookout for talent, eh, Harry? Well, what about it, Tyler, you look like you might have some moves, right, Jim?”

“Yes, well, dressed as he is, it’s a little hard to ignore all that potential talent, Tom.”

Mr. Jones laughed again, “Well, Tyler?”

Tyler flushed a little as the men seemed to feel a little freer to run their eyes over his exposed flesh, given the topic. “Well, I wrestled when I was in high school. Nowadays, I do quite a bit of swimming at the gym, but I haven’t ever really competed in that.”

“I would have guessed either wrestling or hockey,” Harry Hoffman chimed in. “Look at those powerful thigh muscles.” They all focused on Tyler’s admittedly well-muscled thighs. almanbahis giriş Or in that area, at least. Given the way they were all staring somewhere below his waist, it was hard for Tyler to tell whether it was actually his thighs they were staring at. He tried to break the spell by shifting his stance a bit, but he quickly realized that was a mistake when he saw the almost obscene way his arching cock swayed from side to side as he did so.

There was an almost embarrassing pause as the men continued to gaze at Tyler’s sumptuous body.

Finally, Mr. Hoffman broke the silence, “You know, Tom, now that I think about it, Tyler might have a little problem leaving your office, half-naked as he is.”

Mr. Jones nodded, “Yes, I’m sure he won’t want to put that sweat-soaked suit back on.”

Hoffman continued, “Maybe you should lend him some gym shorts and a tshirt – the office has a supply, right?”

Tyler suddenly felt a sudden moment of hope. A pair of shorts would relieve the spike of anxiety he was feeling from being so much on display. He was beginning to have a hard time maintaining his cool being so underdressed in the sight of these powerful men.

Jones smiled and nodded, “You know, you’re right. I just wasn’t thinking. Here, Tyler, could you just chat with Jim and Harry here for a few minutes, and I’ll get you something to wear for the trip home.” He immediately stepped out the door and closed it behind him.

“I’ll bet those briefs are uncomfortable, too, am I right? The way they’re clinging to you, they look like they’re still completely sweat-soaked,” Mr. Hoffman commented.

Tyler flushed pink as he looked down and realized how clearly his cock and balls were outlined by the damp and clinging pouch of the briefs. “I think the fan is starting to dry them out.”

That was a bit of a mistake, as the two older men then herded him over in front of the fan to help him dry out the briefs. “Oh, yes, we’re keeping you away from the fan. Sorry.” So, of course, now all three were quite openly staring at his cock and balls as they watched the fan do its work.

“Here, I think it might be more effective if you just hang the shirt over the back of the chair. That way the air can get to the whole thing. Tom should be back any second now with the tshirt and shorts, anyway. Here.” And Harry took the shirt by the shoulders and slid it down over Tyler’s arms before he could object. And, of course, he was right. He hung the shirt over the chair, where it billowed in the blowing air from the fan.

“You know, you might as well do the same with the briefs. If you’re going to work here, we’re going to be seeing everything you’ve got pretty much every day, anyway, what with the locker room and the company gym. Besides, as I said, Tom will be back soon, so you might as well get your stuff as dry as you can.” And Jim unceremoniously came up behind Tyler and whipped his briefs to his ankles. Tyler let out an involuntary gasp as his half-inflated cock bounced out of the confines of the briefs. He looked down, horrified, to see it bobbing and swaying in front of him.

“There now, just step out of them and we’ll hang them up to dry as well,” Jim was still crouching next to Tyler, holding on to his briefs. Tyler felt too stupefied to resist, and lifted his feet one by one to allow Jim to slide them all the way off. The older man stood up and hung them over one arm of the chair.

Tyler’s cock was now in full view, arching almost straight out in front of him. “There, you look much more comfortable. And don’t worry about that big thing blowing up on you – happens all the time.” Harry walked around behind Tyler. “And look at the glutes on this guy, Jim. Bet that’s the best ass in this company. With a body like this, Tyler, every team captain in the company is gonna be after you. You’re gonna be able to take your pick.”

Just then, Mr. Jones re-entered the room. “Well, I see you guys have got Tyler all ready for me,” he laughed. “Unfortunately, Daryl had stepped out of the supply room, so I just left him a note to bring the tshirt and shorts to my office as soon as possible. Probably won’t be but another ten or fifteen minutes, they said.” He looked at the clothes draped on the chair. “Good idea. At least, they’ll be dry by the time you leave.” He patted Tyler’s bare shoulder and grinned, “And don’t worry. I have a feeling you’ll be working with us pretty soon. I can’t promise anything, but it’s looking pretty good. And when you do, I expect we’ll be seeing you like this pretty much every day, as I’m sure these guys have told you, what with the sports practices and the gym locker room, right? So you may be feeling a little over-exposed right now, but don’t worry about it. With a body like yours, the more exposure, the better. We are, after all, a service company, and keeping the customer happy is central to our mission. Having an attractive body will always help you make a good impression on a client. A lot of our opponents in the almanbahis yeni giriş inter-company sports competitions are, in actual fact, potential customers for our services, so looking good in the locker room can sometimes make your sales easier – you’d be surprised. If the guy’s impressed by you in the locker room, it establishes a quick rapport, you know.”

Harry chimed in, “Yeah, that’s really why we maintain a company gym. Corporate encourages the younger guys, like you, to invite a guy that shows an interest in your . . . product . . . at the sporting events to come over and join you for a workout in the company gym. And you can suggest that you take a meeting afterward to make it legitimate. You’ll find that when you have that sales discussion with them after the workout, they’re often in a pretty receptive state of mind – maybe even a little guilty over taking advantage of the company’s facilities – and you can get them signed up right then.”

“Here, why don’t you stand with your back to the fan for a while. Your butt is still pretty damp.” Mr. Jones patted his bare ass to demonstrate. Tyler jumped slightly when he felt the older man’s hand on his ass, then quickly turned his back to the fan. As he did so, Tyler’s bare cock and balls swung freely from side to side, a magnet for the attention of all three men. For the next ten minutes or so, he stood, back to the fan, facing all three men who chatted idly as they took turns studying his enormous endowment and joked around with him about how he looked like he was probably going to be an excellent salesman.

Finally there was a tap at the door and it opened to admit Daryl. He was obviously a little taken aback when he caught sight of Tyler’s impressive full frontal exposure, but quickly recovered, smiled and introduced himself.

He grinned at Tyler, “Say, did you just set this up on purpose? You know, I’m the fourth guy who has to decide on your application. I’ve been in a meeting until just now, so this is my first chance to check you out. These guys are always playing jokes on me. But joke or no, I’ve gotta say that anybody with a body like yours and the nerve to stand there in an executive office, stark naked, being checked out by a bunch of suits, has got what it takes in my book. I’ll vote yes if these guys do (and they’d be crazy not to), so welcome aboard, Tyler.” He reached out and shook Tyler’s hand, watching the younger guy’s big dick swing as he gave the hand a vigorous shaking. “There! That’s settled. Let’s all have a quick drink, cause I’ve gotta get back to my office.” He tossed the clothes he was carrying over on Mr. Jones’ desk.

Jones quickly stepped behind his desk and pulled out an elegant-looking bottle of whiskey, then several glasses. “Great!” He handed a glass to Tyler, then to each of the others. He filled each glass and raised his own. “Here’s to our new salesman. May his star be high-rising. May he be voted best dressed every day of his career, because he certainly has that distinction today, right, guys?”

“Hear, hear,” they all chimed in, laughing as each of them clicked glasses with Jones, then Tyler.

They downed their shots, and Jones quickly poured each of them another full one. “Almost the end of the workday, anyway, and I’m in the mood to celebrate. And now that I think about it, Tyler, how soon could you start? Are you available immediately?”

Tyler was happy to finally hear something specific, rather than all the indirect talk. Maybe this was, indeed, a done deal? “Uh, sure. As soon as you want, actually.”

“Well, I think we’re all in agreement that immediately would be just fine, right?” Everyone appeared to be smiling and nodding. “Can you start Monday, then?”

Tyler nodded. He really needed the new income to start as soon as possible and Monday was better than he had dared to hope.

“Oh, uh,” Daryl cut it. “I think we almost forgot. Have you had a complete physical in the past 3 months, Tyler? It’s a requirement for any new employee.”

Tyler’s face fell as he realized he hadn’t had a physical since he had taken his previous job, a couple of years ago.

Jones spoke up, “Oh, you’re right, Daryl. I’d forgotten. From your face, Tyler, I assume that you haven’t had a recent physical, right? Well, that’s one advantage of having an on-site physician. What with the physicals and the gym and all,” he explained to Tyler, “we decided to maintain a permanent medical officer.” He checked his watch. “I know he’s in today, but it’s almost quitting time. Let me just see if he could fit in a quick physical right now, just to check off that box.” He pulled out his phone and turned away.

The other men started asking Tyler a few questions about his physical health – any reason he might have a problem with a physical, and so forth. Tyler couldn’t think of any problems. He was pretty sure he should pass easily.

Just then, Jones turned back to them. “He’s only got a few minutes before he’s got to leave, but we decided he could just do a few basic checks, just so he can date the physical today, and then finish up on Monday. Shouldn’t be a problem He’s going to come over here, so you won’t have to get dressed just to strip down again, Tyler.”

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