Hot Release

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I’ve just had a long hard day at work and the tension in my body is aching to be released. I head to the yoga studio where I do some part time admin work in exchange for free membership. I am dying for a good hot yoga class and my favourite instructor is scheduled for this one. Her name is Desiree, but we call her Des. She and I have worked and practiced together for almost a year now and she has a way of always pushing me past my comfort zone and leaving me thankful.

As I check in, Des waves me over from the back room.

“Hey Jessica. Do you mind staying a bit after the class to go over the details for the website update? I’m set to lock up after this class.”

“Ya, sure. No problem. I’ll see you up there. I really need this class.”

“I’ll be sure to work you hard then!”

she laughs and I shoot her a quick wink before heading up to the changeroom.

The studio is heated to a perfect 100 degrees and the dimness of the room and scent of lemongrass relaxes me instantly as I lay down on my mat and relax my body into the softness of the floor.

There’s something especially sexy about Des’s voice today as she guides us through the warm up sun salutations but I let those thoughts pass through me with each breath.

My heart skips a beat though during my downward dog when she makes her way over to me pushes me deeper into the pose with her hands firmly grasping my hips. She seems to linger longer than usual and I find myself losing focus again.

As the class comes to the end and we lie down for Shivasana, I am incredibly aroused and wonder if she actually finds me attractive. I know that she’s a lesbian but she also knows that I am straight…or I thought I was.

It’s almost 10 and the class quickly make their way out. I head down to the office and take a quick look at the computer to make sure all is in order before I head to the showers.

By the time I get back upstairs everyone is gone and Des is cleaning the studio.

“I’ve looked everything over and you’re good to go.” I say to her, “Great class by the way! I’m gonna hit the shower.”

She smiles at me but doesn’t say a word.

I peel my clothes off step into the glass stall. My eyes are closed as I lavish in the warmth of the shower stream when escort şişli I hear the door open and feel a quick gust of cool air. I don’t have time to clear my eyes of soap before I feel her body next to mine, her hands around my waist softly as to not startle me. I moan softly as I feel her lips brush mine lightly. Could this be happening? Oh god, this is so happening!, I think as my body responds to her with a mind of its own.

There’s a slight softness in her kiss but it becomes more demanding and hungry. My eyes remain closed but I cave to my own curiosity and passion as I find my hands exploring this beautiful body that I’ve admired from a distance. The heat between my legs becomes unbearable and I ache to have her touch me.

As if she can read my mind, she turns the shower off and hands me a towel.

“Follow me” is all she says and leads me back to the hot studio.

It’s like a dream. She has taken the mats, blankets and pillows and set up a bed of sorts.

“How did you know?” I ask.

“I didn’t,” she winks at me as she drops her towel. “I figured I would take a chance” she says as she leads me over to lay down.

I’m not sure I know what to do, I think to myself, but as soon as she’s kissing me again I know to just let go and trust my body.

I assumed that she would lead the way but I find myself taking control. I want to explore her exquisite body and all it’s crevices. I pull myself back and take her in with my eyes. She’s gorgeous. Smooth silky black hair, green eyes and not a hint of hair on her body. She must be 30 or so. I’ve never asked but there’s a strength about her that can only come from a bit of life experience.

Her tits are spectacular. Round and soft but firm at the same time, her nipples like small and rosy. She has a beautiful tattoo of a tiger on the back of her shoulder and another geometric one on the inside of her wrist.

I pick up her hand and kiss her mark, curious about its meaning but not wanting to talk. I take in her scent as I explore her body with my mouth, tasting every inch of her. I gently lick at her nipples and feel the rush of excitement at the way they react to my tongue. I feel like I am seeing for the first time, suddenly aware of these istanbul eskort new sensations. I feel her urgency to be touched as I had felt only moments ago and I make my way down to her jewel.

She spreads her legs for me and I gaze at the delicate bud peeking out of her smooth lips. I lay down and brush my lips against hers, lightly brushing over her clit. A soft groan escapes from her. Yes, I have felt this way before and know how good this feels!

I let my tongue enter the folds and lick her from bottom to top, spending an extra moment at her clit, circling it before I suck. Her body begins to writhe. She tastes like my own fingers after I’ve made myself cum and I am so turned on by that.

I continue to lick and suck her clit but I know that she wants me inside her. I slip a couple of fingers in below my mouth and hear her gasp with pleasure. Her pussy is warm and wet and tight and I continue to suck and fuck her until she almost cums….but there’s something else I want to try.

I take a moment and kiss her mouth hungrily once again, sharing the sweetness of her own nectar and then straddle her open thighs until my hot clit rests on hers. Oh my god. I’ve never felt this sensation before and I begin to grind my cunt into hers as I hold her bent knee for support. I lose myself and fuck her hard as she cries out in ecstasy.

“Don’t stop,” she’s panting and the words are coming out in this hoarse, sexy voice, “Baby,make me cum. Fuck baby ya. You feel so fucking good. You’re so fucking hot. Yeeesss. I’m there. I’m cumming.’

She’s silent for a second. I think she’s holding her breathe and then I feel her body explode into mine and a long cry escapes her lips….”oooohhhh god yes!!!”, she moans.

The heat of the room suddenly hits me and I take a moment and lay down with her to catch our breathe. I realize that I am so close to climax myself and yet I don’t want this to end.

“You were amazing,” she says, still breathing hard, “now I’m gonna take you to a place you’ve never been.”

She reaches down and touches my pussy for the first time and I can’t contain myself.

“Slow down,” she gently demands, “not yet.”

I do my best to control but my body is so close to the peak.

“Get into a escort mecidiyeköy headstand,” she says, her instructor voice coming through.

What?? A headstand?

“Trust me, baby, I know what I’m doing here.”

I get on my knees, put my head down and clasp my hands together at the top of my head. She stands up and waits until I raise my legs up over my head and then I watch her crouch down in front of me and guide my legs down to rest on her shoulders, bent at the knees, spreading me wide. She’s supporting me around my hips and the feeling is indescribable, almost weightless.

I can feel the heat of her pussy in front of my face and as the blood is beginning to rush to my head I feel her face plunge into my cunt.

Holy shit! I am immediately on a trip I have never ventured. My pulse is beating so hard in my temples, the thumping in my brain growing as the pleasure expands to fill my entire body. I lose all sense of time and space as she devours me. I can’t even make a sound until my body erupts with shatters of pure white light as she holds me tight and takes me to heaven.

She eases me down and laughs. She lies next to me, caresses my breast and kisses me gently. “Was that your first time with a woman,” she asks. I give a shy smile.

I know myself and my ability for multiple orgasm. I also know that this may be the first and last time with someone other than my husband.

I take her by the hair from behind her head and crush her mouth on mine.

Understanding my desire for more, she pushes me down on my back and locks me under her with her legs. I am throbbing again. My hips feel withered and yet are already swaying under her. She lowers herself so that her pussy is now on mine.

My hips move faster. The pleasure is shooting up from down there into my chest. It comes out of my mouth in sighs and grunts. Her tits are bouncing and I grab them tight. She grabs my nipples and starts pinching. It feels like a balloon is blowing up between my legs and going into my stomach. It’s hard to breath. The tension is only let out by my screams.

I finally collapse in exhaustion. I curl my knees to my chest, trying to catch my breath. It takes me a moment to even remember where I am and who I am with.

And then I see her looking at me and I just start to laugh. “Um, you ok?” she asks. “Uh, I’ll tell you in a minute,” I answer.

She comes around from behind me and wraps her arms around me, gently kissing my shoulder and neck. “Not bad for a first, eh?” she whispers in my ear. I just nod my head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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