Hot Rod and Lay Lady Leigh

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Part 1

I had my eye on you at school for some time now. I’d seen you around but we had never had any classes together. However, I knew you were a cheerleader and had admired you for some time. I especially enjoyed watching you perform in your cheerleader outfit. Your sweater with the big EJ on the front did a good job of concealing the size of your tits. However, the short skirt showed off your great legs and nice, tight butt.

Finally one day I saw you walking down the hall towards me and as if I was Mr. Cool blurted out, “Hi how are you? Are you busy Friday night?”

Before you had a chance to say anything at all I was thinking, ‘You idiot what are you thinking. This is a cheerleader, of course she’s busy on a Friday night.’

I was thrilled to see you smile back and me and say, “Why no, I’m not busy this Friday. How about coming by around 8 o’clock?”

“Great,” I replied. “So where do you live?”

“Do you have a sheet of paper? you asked.

I began to reach for a sheet of paper when a brainstorm hit me. I grabbed my pen out of my pocket with one hand and held out the back of my other hand and said, “Here, write it on the back of my hand.”

You reached out, took the pen and then my hand and began writing. ‘Mmmm,’ I thought, ‘her hand feels so nice!’ Involuntarily my cock began to stir. ‘Down boy, down!’ I thought to myself.

You finished writing then said, “I guess I better get to my next class. I’ll see you Friday night then.”

I replied, “Yes I’m looking forward to getting to know you. Speaking of which, my name is Rod.”

“Oh hi Rod, I’m Leigh,” you said. “I’m looking forward to knowing you too. See you Friday!”

“Goodbye Leigh,” I replied.

As I turned and walked away I felt as if I were flying in air. ‘God she smelled so good,’ I thought to myself. ‘And her skin is so smooth.’ Looking down at my cock I said, “And you young man had better behave yourself Friday night.”

The rest of the week seemed to creep by and it felt like Friday would never get here. But finally it arrived and I soon found myself on the way to your house. It took you a couple minutes to answer the door. “Hi Rod, thanks for coming over.”

“Sure thing Leigh,” I said, “I’m really glad to be here.”

“I am too,” you said. “Hey guess what, we’re in luck, my parents have gone to a wedding. They won’t be home for hours.”

“Oh really,” I replied with a huge smile, “how……….fortunate.”

“Yes, very fortunate for us both,” you replied.

We were stood there for a second not sure what to do next. I decided to break the ice and walked up to you, took you in my arms and kissed you. I could feel your body swoon as I held you tight, our kiss becoming more passionate. Within seconds I had you up against the living room wall with my tongue deep in your mouth, one hand mashing your boob and squeezing your nipple. My other hand up your dress, fingering your pussy through your panties till I could feel your honey running down the inside of your thighs.

You broke the embrace and said, “Whew, Rod, I’m soaked here. Give me five minutes, then come back to my room.”

I smiled and said, “You got it Leigh!”

As you walked down the hallway you turned and, with a chuckle, said, “Oh I will Rod, and so will you!”

Arriving in your bedroom you quickly stripped off your clothes and stood naked beside the bed. You were still hot from that steamy kiss and the way I had ravaged your body so you brought one hand to your boob, massaging it for a few seconds then taking your nipple and tweaking it. With the other hand you reached down and pinched your clit, then moved down to feel your pussy, running your fingers up and down your wet slit. Soon your nipples were like bullets and your clit was hard and throbbing.

I stood there nervously for a few minutes, not sure if I should just strip off my clothes and walk in naked. I decided not to and when I walked through the door. As you saw me you stopped and put your hands on your hips. As I saw you standing there like that, a low moan escaped my lips.

“Well?” you said.

I stood there for a moment, staring at your incredible body and said, “Leigh, you’re incredible!”

I started toward you, stripping off my clothes as I went. I got down to my shorts before I lifted you up and placed you on the bed. I knelt over you, kissing and licking you everywhere, running my lips and tongue down the hollows of your throat and under your armpits, licking and nibbling your flesh. As I reached your boobs I squeezed them together, then began bathing them with my tongue, licking every square inch of your boobs moving from one to the other then back again. I tongued the underside of your heaving boobs and licked, sucked, then nibbled your hard, aching nipples. It was as if I couldn’t get enough of you now that I finally had you. I pulled on your nipples with my lips and sucked them, until you felt as if your boobs might explode from the pleasure.

Without hesitation bursa escort I moved down and you, sensing my objective immediately spread your legs for me. I slid my hands under your butt and as I lifted you slightly your thighs opened wider for me. I paused for a second admiring your succulent pussy.

I looked up at you and said, “What a feast!”

I then dove straight into the folds of your pussy. I spread your lips wide with my fingers, forced my tongue deep into your ripe pussy and began alternately tongue fucking you and sucking your juices. Your hands went to my head holding it. I lapped at your pussy like a hungry puppy with a bowl of milk. I would flatten my tongue out and lick all around your mound, then suck and lick your outer lips from top to bottom. Softly, I would blow on your clit and then flick it with just the tip of my tongue. I would thrust my tongue as deep into you as I could and worm it around inside you until you thought you might pull out my hair!

After giving your pussy a good workout, I switched to sucking just your clit. I would take it between my lips and squeeze it there, feeling its hardness. Then I’d suck it inside my mouth and pull it gently while licking it with my tongue. I placed a finger inside your pussy, keeping my mouth on your love button. My finger fucking your hot, wet pussy, my mouth munching your clit, your hips began heaving up off the bed, your hands pulling my head as if you were trying to pull me inside your pussy. You then wrapped your muscular thighs around my head and squeezed me hard, holding me there. You lost it at this point, screaming and thrashing and cumming so hard for a couple of minutes. Finally spent, you released your death grip on my head and collapsed back onto your bed.

When you regained your strength, you sat up and told me. “It’s your turn now Rod, lay down here.”

I laid down on your bed and stretched out before you, folding my arms with my hands behind my head. Now it was your turn to take a good look at my body. You gazed at my chest then down to the bulge in my shorts then looking lower to my powerful legs. You began at my ankles running your hands along each leg. You reached my muscular thighs now, and slowed down, feeling their strength. Moving up to my hairy chest, you began moving your hands in a circular motion, feeling the muscles developed by the years of strength training. You then slid your hands to my nipples, and began running your fingertip back and forth across each one. You heard me moan and knew they deserved more attention so you took each between your thumb and forefinger and began squeezing and twisting them. You could feel them get hard and saw the flagpole in my shorts grow larger.

You then bent over and started sucking and licking my nipples and caressing my crotch through my underwear. After a minute you worked your way down and began nibbling my cock and balls through my shorts. When you stripped my underwear off, you found a huge cock with the most outstanding looking head you’d ever seen. And my balls were the largest you’d ever seen.

You went straight to work licking and sucking as much of me as you could, at the same time marveling as my cock continued to grow. You were beginning to have doubts that you would ever get that thing in your mouth, but you decided you would cross that bridge when you came to it and went back to work.

You concentrated first on just the finely-sculpted head, holding it inside your mouth and working your tongue all over it and into the tip. You let your saliva drip out of your mouth until my cock and balls was good and slick. You took the shaft in your hand and then began to pump my cock up and down in a corkscrew fashion with your one hand while massaging my balls with the other. All the while your eyes glued to my cock, watching with fascination your hand moving up and down like priming a pump. Finally you saw some pearly drops appear at the tip of my cock. While still pumping away you bent over and with the tip of your tongue gathered up those love drops and drank them down.

You looked at me and said, “What a fine cock you have Rod!”

You then lowered your mouth back onto the head of my cock, sucking and licking, sucking and licking as if it were a peppermint. By now I was groaning and making humping motions trying to drive my cock further into your mouth. You started licking my cock from the base to the tip, alternating your pumping hand with hard sucks on just the head, making popping sounds every time my cock left the tight confines of your lips. The veins on my cock were standing out like little mountain ridges, while the large vein began to throb. The mushroom-shaped head of my cock was glowing a red, shiny from the workout you were giving it. You gently mouthed then licked on my velvety tip, alternately slurping the pearly white drops from it with your lips.

You love to suck cock and my moaning and groaning was really spurring you on. You wanted to taste my sweet cream, to feel it squirt over bursa escort bayan your tongue, coat your mouth and slither down your throat. As you furiously pumped and sucked my cock, making happy smacking noises, my moans changed to low grunts and I said, “I’m gonna cum real soon if you keep that up!”

You lifted your head off my cock for a second and looked at me saying, “Good. Let me have all you’ve got!”

I looked back at you and said, “OK Leigh, its all yours, I hope you’re ready for the mother load!”

You resumed sucking and pumping, faster and faster now. My cock grew even larger now, and with the throbbing you knew I was ready to explode. You lifted your lips to watch but kept your hungry, open mouth close enough to the tip so that you could catch my load while still pumping my cock like a jackhammer.

You saw my cock spasm and watched in astonishment as my cock began a gentle, steady throbbing. You seemed to sense that I was ready to explode so you stopped pumping and opened your mouth wide. My cock jerked then, like a cannon recoiling from a shot, it shook then spewed a huge load of hot creamy cum straight into your waiting mouth. You were taken aback by the force of the blast but held your position. You were rewarded by a second blast then a third. My cock seemed to pause for a second and you took the opportunity to drink down my tasty load.

My cock then began a rhythmic contracting motion then, like a volcano spewing hot lava, rivulets of creamy cum seeped from the head then sliding down the shaft onto your hand. My cum got more plentiful as it continued to run down my cock and coated your hand and then my balls. You quickly started to lap it up gathering it into your mouth then drinking it down then going back for more. You paused for a second in disbelief as hot creamy cum continued to pour forth from my cock. You licked my juice from your fingers then went down to my balls and tried to retrieve as much as you could. You were swallowing as best you could in between slurps.

You looked at my cock again, and in utter amazement, saw it start to throb again. You saw my cream begin to arc out of my cock in a steady stream. You couldn’t believe it. My cock, your hand, my balls and now the sheet beneath my butt were sticky-wet with this stuff – and I was still cumming. You finally went down on my cock, wrapping your lips tightly around it. I moaned loudly and you felt my cock jerk really hard and your mouth quickly filling up with my cum. You pulled back for a second to swallow then quickly covered my cock with your lips to avoid losing any more cream.

You sucked on my magnificent tool for all you were worth, but you just couldn’t swallow fast enough. Like a real trooper though you went back to work. My cock seemed to spasm once more then you noticed that the spewing finally ceased. You diverted your attention now gathering up all my cum. You cleaned my cock then your fingers. You then pushed my legs wider apart and went to work on my cum-coated but drained balls. Finally you managed to clean me up as best you could with your tongue.

You moved up next to me, kissed me and said, “Now that was an incredible show you put on there Rod!”

Tasting my cream on your lips and tongue, I replied laughingly, “How was that for a vanilla shake!”

With a huge smile on your face, you answered, “Mmmmm yummy! So delicious, and soooo filling.”

Part 2

I started to get a little nervous. I was on the way back to your house and wondered if this visit could possibly be as outstanding as my last. I knocked on the door and you answered.

“Hi, thanks for calling me Rod,” you said.

To which I replied, “Well thanks for inviting me over Leigh.”

“Come on in,” you said, “Why don’t we go over here and have a seat.”

I could see that you were pointing to a patio bench that was over toward the other side of the house. We moved across the side of the house and out from behind the bushes. The moon light started to shine on us and I could see you as you walked in front of me. You were wearing black pants and a black sleeveless blouse making you very hard to see. We sat down on the bench side by side and then I got a better look at you. Very cute. You had a very nice smile.

I noticed that the sleeveless shirt was actually a black vest. This vest had a V?neck and pretty wide at the top. I could see the swell of your breasts in the vest. Your marvelous mounds were beautifully shaped as they were pushed inward by the vest and spilling out of the top of your bra. I started getting aroused just sitting there looking at you. I had to get the conversation going again before I started to drool. I was trying to think of something cool to say, but the sight of your breasts had my mind spinning. You sat there smiling at me. You must have known what I was thinking but said nothing. Feeling the pressure to break the ice, I finally asked, “Nice weather we’re having here isn’t it?”

You laughingly replied, “Yes escort bursa it sure is. And such a lovely moon too, don’t you think?”

I was just sitting looking at you trying to maintain eye contact and not let it be totally obvious that all I wanted to do was bury my face between your delicious boobs. You couldn’t help but notice me looking at them and said, “My vest is very nice isn’t it?”

Immediately I responded, “Yes. They’re beautiful. Ahhhh, wait, wait, I mean it’s beautiful. It, your vest, there’s only one of those. Not plural like there are two of them.”

You laughed again and with a big smile said, “Thank you, thank you very much. I’m glad you like ‘them’.”

You took my hand and held it and said, “you’re pretty cute.” You lifted up my hand and very quickly slid it inside one side of your vest, and said, “How do they feel?”

I was kind of speechless but I did blurt out a few words. “It is real hard to tell because your vest is tight.”

You were quick to take my hint. You let go of my hand, stood up, and then undid the buttons holding the vest closed. As you opened the vest, your boobs came into my view. I took a very good look, up close and personal. They were beautiful, so very full and round, with such succulent flesh quivering above your bra.

You looked at me and said, “You wouldn’t mind if I took off this bra, would you?”

With a big smile I responded, “Oh no not at all!”

You reached back behind you and unsnapped it, then slid it off over your shoulders, your boobs swaying a bit as they were set free. You dropped the bra and said, “Gee my nipples are already getting perky.” You took one nipple in each hand and began rolling it between your thumb and forefinger then said, “What do you think of them Rod?”

I answered, “Maybe what they need is some licking and a good sucking.”

You replied, “You know you just may be right.”

You lifted one boob up as your bent down and began to lick the nipple, then you sucked it into your mouth. I sat there in awe, as you switched to the other. I could see the nipple you had just sucked was standing up like an eraser. Finally I said, “Hey, what about me?”

You looked at me then down at the growing bulge in my pants, then smiled, saying, “Oh I guess you’re ready for some too.” You cupped your hands under your boobs, lifted them a little and said, “Come get ‘em stud.”

I stood up and walked over to you, and replaced your hands with mine. I looked down at your boobs then squeezed them together, then bent down and ran my tongue along the cleavage I’d created. Going from top to bottom, I then buried my face between your boobs. As I squeezed your boobs around my face, I moved my head back and forth reveling in the feel of them on my skin. I then leaned back a bit, moved over to one boob and began kissing, licking and sucking it, moving in circles around the outer portion of it. Moving to the other I repeated the process. I then moved over a nipple and began licking it with my tongue, up and down, back and forth, then in circles around the areola. Then, onto the other nipple, making sure it got equal treatment. I would alternate blowing gently on them, and could see the nipple quiver slightly as it cooled. I then opened wide and took as much boob flesh into my mouth as possible. I sucked for a bit, then moved my tongue over the nipple, alternating this for several minutes from one succulent breast to the other.

Finally, you smiled at me and said, “I’m very glad you like my boobs. Hold on a minute while I slip into something more comfortable.” You slipped your pants and panties off like they were on fire!

You then said, “Here, let me give you a hand.” You pulled my zipper down, slipped your hand inside my shorts, pulled out my cock, and began rubbing it as if it were a magic lamp. After you had me totally hard you said, “Mmmm that’s what I want.” You stood up undid my pants then pushed them and my shorts down to my ankles. Grabbing my cock and giving it a few pumps, you said, “I need to feel this inside me right now. Have a seat!”

You pushed me back down on the seat and climbed up on my lap. You grabbed my cock and held it up to meet your pussy as you sat down on it. You went straight to the bottom on the first stroke. Your boobs were at face level so I leaned right into your and started to suck on your nipples. You were bouncing up and down on my lap. You pussy was very tight and it wouldn’t be long until I unloaded. What made the situation even worse was the fact that you were talking to me while we were fucking. But mind you, not your usual conversation.

“Oh God, it feels so good having you inside me. I’ve been thinking about getting laid ever since you called me. From then on I just had to have you. I needed to feel you pounding in and out of me. I want you to make me cum. I can feel my orgasm building, it won’t be long now.”

I was really getting turned on by what you was saying but I couldn’t be outdone so I started in. “I’m so glad you let me fuck you Leigh. Your pussy is so tight I can feel you squeezing me. You’re so wet and it feels so good that I could fuck you all night.”

“That could be arranged if you like Rod,” you replied with a big smile on your face.

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