Hot, Sexy Librarian Ch. 13

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It was after-hours and I was helping her finish up, before she left. I wasn’t supposed to be in the library, but she smuggled me through a back door. Hardly the first time, I was a frequent after-hours visitor at the library…a perk of dating a librarian. Anyway, it was dim where we were, and I struggled to read the numbers. As we put the last of the books on the shelf, I asked her if she wanted to stop for a beer on the way home.

I could tell from the sexy smile, she wanted something way more than a beer. “We could meet Janie a little later, but maybe we could do something really fun to pass the time?” Gazing into my eyes, she shucked her blouse to the floor, and then the bra.

Her puffy nipples stood proud, shining through the thin fabric, and my cock throbbed with a growing erection. As she pulled off the bra, she teased my cock with a boob drop; she knows what I like…and knows how to use it. They were amazing, suck-able tits…with puffy nips! Hot librarian tits! Admiring with awe and considerable lust, I gently cupped one, as if it was fragile…or precious. She grabbed the hand and pushed hard, pressing it into the firm mound…it did feel precious and I wanted more.

As soon as they hit the cooler air, her nips got stiffer. Backing her up against the shelves, I leaned in to kiss her breasts and suck an erect nipple between my lips. I warmed it with my tongue, while I gently rolled the other between my fingers and tugged. Moaning softly, she leaned back into the books while I worked her nips.

Digging my fingers into both, I kissed her and whispered, “Hey sexy librarian, I’m gonna go down on you!”

She moaned, “Mmmm, that’s a good way to pass the time.” She pushed her tongue back through my lips, probing as deep she could. I sucked and caressed it with mine, before dropping down to her neck. When I kissed down over her neck, she exhaled and moaned louder.

I smiled, “Shoosh this a library…keep your moans of ecstasy down.”

She giggled quietly, as I unzipped the jeans and pulled her panties down with them. I didn’t even look around for any other people that might be lurking…I just didn’t care; all I cared about was tasting Megan…and satisfying my sexy librarian.

Leaning back onto the bookshelf, she closed her eyes, while I scattered kisses between her legs, up over her inner thigh and then over her labia. She tried to keep the volume low, but it was futile, when I focused on her clit, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…oh Rob…oh god…yes…yes…yes, that…that’s so good!”

I grabbed her, digging my fingers into her butt cheeks and grinding her into my lips. Working her clit, I sucked hard, and teased it with my tongue.

She nodded her head back, moaned loud, and ran her fingers through my hair. I had no intention of letting up, but she pressed my face hard into her pussy, moaning, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…mmmm…Rob, don’t stop…don’t stop!”

Sensing her rapid approach toward orgasm, I shifted gears and shoved my tongue inside. I licked up and down through her lips, using the tip of my tongue to tease the steamy depths. Pressing her into the wall of books, I licked hard and fucked hard with my tongue, until she couldn’t take it anymore.

With her clit deep red and throbbing, she used her hand to muffle pleasured screams. Squeezing me with her thighs, I flicked her clit faster, and that’s when I felt her shuddering. Sucking it with my lips till she moaned, I savored her pleasure, “Rob…oh Rob…that’s…that’s good…mmmm…fuck…fuck…cumming…oh god, Robbb…cumming…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…cummmmminnnnnnnn!”

Still shuddering, she leaned back to catch her breath, and I dug my tongue inside. I cupped her hot, little ass and pulled her pussy tight to my face. Going as deep as I could, to saturate my tongue with honey, she came back to earth, “Holy fuck! That was hot!”

“Mmmm…that tongue of yours is something special…and it’s not even your best attribute,” she giggled. “Yeah…yeah…yeah, dig it in there…dig that tongue in there…yeah, go deep…mmmm, that’s…that’s it!”

I cupped her pussy, feeling it pulse against my open hand, while our lips met to share her arousal. I gently stroked my finger inside, while we kissed and probed deep with our tongues. She surprised me by flipping around to push me up against the shelves. Pinning my hands against the books, she whispered, “I’m not done with you, mister.”

She kissed me and I pushed my fingers inside, pumping slowly, bursa escort “Baby girl, that’s why I love you. I can finger you like this…or do you have lube…lotion…or anything in your desk, downstairs?”

She grinned, “I do…I do!” She dropped to her knees to pull a tube out of her pants, “I have some lube right here…how convenient is that?”

“What a fluke of luck,” I grinned, “it’s almost suspicious.”

She giggled, “I guess it’s obvious…I planned to take advantage of you. But we have some great sex in our After-hours Book Club.”

“What…After-hours Book Club?”

She grinned, “That’s what the other librarians call it…it’s like a mile-high club, but in the library. It may surprise you, but there’s a lot of sexual activity in the libraries around campus, especially this one.”

“All those hot librarians?”

“Stop…it’s not just horny…hot librarians…we catch students all the time.”

That’s when we both looked around to see if we had company and laughed.

“Well, it looks like we got the place to ourselves…give me some lube, sweetie.”

I dropped my pants to stroke some over my dick, greasing the head really well, while Megan smeared her pussy lips. She added a little more and pushed it deeper inside. All I could manage to say was, “Yeah, that’s what we need…lube it good!”

She was so fucking hot to watch…one of my great pleasures, but I replaced her fingers with mine and she pumped her hips. Savoring the heat and the slippery cocktail of lube and arousal, I couldn’t wait to sink my dick into her.

“Ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuck me…ahhhh, fuck me…Rob…Rob, fuck me!”

I sensuously finger-fucked her deep and arousal coated my fingers, while she dug her fingernails into my shoulders. When I pumped harder, you could hear her sloppy, wet pussy.

Muted by the endless walls of books, she moaned, “Yeah…yeah…ahhhh…yeah, Rob…put it…put it in me…gimme that dick…fuck me!”

I stroked it and taunted her, “You want it, baby girl? You want me to fill that pussy…fill that pussy with dick…all this dick!”

Her face lit up, “We can use that desk, over there…at the end of this aisle!” I swatted her butt on the way, and she squealed, “Yeah, spank me…I hope to have more of that!”

She jumped up on the desk and spread her legs; I pulled her to the edge and kissed down over her neck. My dick was rock solid, and I laid it over her pussy. It pumped up to her belly button and she reached down to caress it with both hands.

She anxiously centered it and worked it into the tight grip of her pussy lips. Her pussy struggled to stretch, but I slowly inched deeper, gradually filling her. I watched the taught lips slide down the shaft, moving toward the ecstasy of all eight inches. Feeling its girth, stretching and molding her insides, is where the pleasure starts for both of us. With my whole dick resting in her warm embrace, we pressed our lips together to kiss, again; she trembled and moaned into my lips, when I started pumping.

I pushed her legs aside and held her tight, pumping her with long, gentle thrusts. Over and over, I watched her pussy swallow my dick; it overwhelmed her, almost pushing the air from her lungs.

When I could start pumping her faster, I felt my balls tumble over her hot, little ass. I swatted it a couple times and picked up the pace, humping her with hard strokes. Begging me to fuck even harder, she spread herself wider and pulled her legs back further. She worked her clit, rubbing wildly and moaning; she didn’t even try to muffle herself; she didn’t care if anybody heard…she loved every second and every inch.

I could see pleasure spread across her face and she rolled her head from side to side. She started thrashing some, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…Rob! Yeah…yeah…fuck…fuck me…fuck me hard…fuck me hard…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me hard!” She loved being filled and fucked; pussy was coating my dick and squeezing past the tight grip of her lips. “Oh…god…yes…yes…yes…yes…oh Rob, you fill me…and stretch me just right…mmmm…mmmm yeah…yeah…yeah!”

“Uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck Rob! You’re gonna…gonna…make me cum, again…yeah…yeah…yeah!”

I gently humped into her orgasm, until it all passed. She got the sexy Megan-smile again, “I think it’s your turn, sweetie…you need some satisfaction there. Um…I could cowgirl up and ride that white horse?”

That was enough for me…shit, bursa escort bayan I was ready to fuck her senseless! My cock pulled out and slapped over my belly with a thump. I grabbed her waist to pull her off the table and rest her in my lap. Her big tits quivered with the manhandling, but I really couldn’t wait for the titty dance, once she started riding.

She grabbed my dick and held it straight, wedging it inside and slowly sliding down the shaft. This time, she easily took it all, but she did pause once to relax, before going all the way.

The thick, rock hard cock resting inside her body, made her pussy yearn for a fucking…a hard fucking. She treasured the feeling, knowing it was my cock…a cock that could make her scream. Slowly fucking herself, she moaned softly, “Yes…yes…yes, gimme that dick…that hot dick…hot cowboy dick…yeah…yeah…yeah, that’s good!”

Going long and deep, she was getting every last inch…and it felt amazing, but watching her tits rise and fall was pleasure, too. I grabbed them both and rubbed the mounded nips, until she leaned in and I could put my tongue to use. With the up and down, I struggled to keep my lips around them, but I was able to go back and forth, sharing my attentions.

She grinned, “Mmmm…I love that cock as much as you love my tits.”

I pulled from her breast, “What I really love is the hot babe, ridin’ that cock!”

“Mmmm…mmmm…yeah, that’s what I wanna hear…yeah…yeah…yeah…fuck! Fuck yeah…yeah…yeah…yeah…mmmm, yes…yes…yesssssss!”

I smiled, “Uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah, but I’m uncertain whether I got a hot librarian or cowgirl workin’ me over.”

“Mmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…you…you got it all, cowboy! A hot librarian…a cock slut and a cowgirl!” She laughed, “I’m multi-faceted!”

My hands grabbed her hips, and I started humping into her, slamming her with hard thrusts. Watching my sexy-ass girlfriend grind me was hot as fuck…but watching her breasts, bob up and down, was a titty-fetish wet dream…a 34D wet dream!

Each time I slammed her cervix, it elicited more lusty moans and I grinned, “You like that, cowgirl? Is this how you wanna be fucked by your cowboy?”

“Yeah…yeah…yes, fuck me hard, cowboy…I wanna be cowboy-fucked…fucked hard!”

Our eyes met and she ran her hands up over my chest to grip my shoulders. I smacked her ass cheek a couple more times to get that hot little squeal. “Ride me…ride me faster…close…I’m close baby girl…ride me…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah, ride me…ride that cock…ride it!”

I knew I was done and slammed up into her; holding her tight in my lap, I shot my load deep inside. She sat motionless and savored each time my cock erupted, feeling the hot sprays, bathing the walls of her pussy.

As the intense release waned, she moaned, “Oh Rob…do it…do it inside me…give it to me…fill my pussy…fill my pussy…yeah, gimme that load…all that load!

When I finished, she collapsed and our lips locked in a long passionate embrace; we were both starting to sweat and cum was dripping over my balls, and onto the chair.

Still impaled, she smiled, “That has to be one of the hottest After-hours Book Club’s ever…and I think its gonna come pouring out!”

I tried to make a joke, “It already is…now, if you’re keeping meeting minutes, that should be mentioned…the hottest meeting…and the creampie should be mentioned.”

When she pulled herself off, it dripped down her thigh and she giggled, “Look at what a dark library can do for a girl!”

She leaned in for a kiss and then went over to pick up her clothes. She used the underwear to wipe off her thigh and the chair, “You know…I’ll just dump these in the in the garbage.”

We were both laughing when she grinned, “Do I need to get a motion, to trash the crusty underwear?”

I’m sure our laughter could be heard on the next floor, when I said, “I’ll make the motion, if you second…but you might consider some discussion. If we dry them, they should stand up on their own and be a great trophy…sort of a traveling trophy for the book club?”

Anyway, we got dressed and pushed the cart back to the elevator. She punched-out and we walked up the quad, hand in hand; there was a warm breeze coming across the big expanse and she grinned, “So, about that drink, I know Janie’s gonna be at the pub around 11. And let’s discuss getting you a pair of boots. This cowgirl thinks escort bursa you’d look hot in boots and jeans!”

That explained all the focus on cowboys; it’s not just about cowgirl sex and riding cock…my little girl has a cowboy fantasy, too. But after the crazy sex back there, I’d dress in a fucking tutu for this woman. I answered her, “Let’s hook-up with Janie, then…and if you help pick them out, they could make this cowboy irresistible,” I grinned and pulled her close, “irresistible to my very special cowgirl.”

“You got that, but I think you’re already there.”

Anyway, we met her roommate, Janie, for that drink and had a great time. At one point, the conversation had circled back to boots and jeans while I was in the bathroom. When I sat down, Meg grinned, “Janie thinks you’d look hot in boots and some tight, boot-cut jeans.”

Janie jumped in, “Megan, I did not say anything about tight…just the boot-cut jeans.”

Meg grinned, “True! For the record, I added the word, tight.”

Janie was my TA and, from time to time, I’d caught her checking things out; I was her professor, and nothing was going to happen, but things became a little more open or acceptable, when she and Megan started talking about sex, and our relationship…really everything. They were good friends, and it seems there were few limits or secrets, between them.

I will admit; when I looked over at those two hot coeds, I had to adjust myself a couple times. I quickly shifted the conversation, but when we got up, I still had a semi. Janie’s gaze was laser-focused, but then our eyes met, and she seemed a little embarrassed. I knew she saw it, and the feeble attempt to hide it.

I thought for second and brushed it off…guys get erections…it is what it is. I know Megan stoked her curiosity, when she showed her “Rob,” the dildo I bought for her business trips/conferences. My guess is she’s curious…lustful…or both, and she’s going to steal a glance.

After the pub we parted company, with Janie heading back to their place and Megan, staying at my place. On the walk home, it was still half hard and laying over my thigh. The walking kept it throbbing because my pants rubbed, but at least I didn’t have to hide it anymore…it was dark. I’m such a horny fucker, and my head was overwhelmed with my hot librarian and getting more. I wondered if she was sore from the library…I knew I could get some head, but maybe she’d cowgirl up…I hoped.

I was holding her hand and as we turned the corner on my block, our eyes met. I pulled her in and started grinding. She sexy-smiled, and our lips met, while she stroked it through my pants. We stood under the streetlamp and a crystal-clear night sky, “Sweetie, why don’t we take a nice, long shower…and I’ll take care of that.”

She pushed her lips into mine, again, “I could really use some more of my cowboy?”

We got home to find Darin drinking a beer and joined him; nothing more happened that night…no shower or anything, till the next morning. I sat her favorite mug on the nightstand and slipped back into bed. I had the coffee started and it was a Sunday; neither of us had classes or work to deal with…and we were making out. Briefly, I thought coffee in bed couldn’t get much better, but I knew it would.

With a sexy smile, she said, “I guess I got really buzzed last night…and just passed out after that last beer. I’m sorry we never got our shower…I wanted more of my cowboy.”

Before I knew it, she was stroking lube over me, rubbing the head over her slit and pushing it inside. Her lips stretched open to swallow it, and I felt her arousal coating the head. Before going all the way, she paused, but when she came to rest in my lap, her eyes rolled back and she moaned, “Mmmm, that’s my hot cowboy…right there!”

She rolled her hips, “God damn, that’s good! Mmmm…mmmm…you’re thick…ahhhh…and you touch all the right places…fuckkkk!”

I grinned, “Well, I think you’re just tight and you touch all the right places, too!” I couldn’t believe how smokin’ hot she was, but then my little librarian started to ride…mmmm, I love a cowgirl! I met her falling hips and pumped it deep inside…stretching…and molding her insides. While she rocked her head back and forth, she moaned with this fiery lust in her eyes…it was exactly what my baby girl needed.

She sat atop me and squeezed in pulses, as if she was milking out the last drops of a release. “Megan…fuck Megan…mmmm, I’ll last five minutes if you keep that up!”

She knew it was driving me insane and grinned, “I know, sweetie, but I feel like I need cream for my coffee.” She got cream twice that morning…once for the coffee…and once for her pussy.

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