Hotel Buddies

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We checked in to the hotel, and I knew something was up. Bill had gone to get the rooms while I wrapped up some business on my phone from the lobby. He came back and had an upset look on his face.

“What’s up?” I asked as I finished my call.

“Someone screwed up,” he said. “The office must have messed up the reservations, because they have us sharing a room.”

Shit. This was an unfortunate turn of events, to say the least. We had been on the road for over a week, doing training sessions for security teams. We specialized in homeland defense, and our job was often in dusty remote locales. After eight days, it was time to wrap it up, but we had this huge convention to attend.

I had hoped to go out and cut loose tonight, pick up some hot babe at the bar and fuck her brains out. But it was evidently not in the cards.

For whatever reason, the office had double booked us again. It was a cost saving measure, I knew, but what the hell? Bill and I had shared a room for several nights on this trip, but tonight was supposed to be two rooms.

“Hell,” I said. “Did you ask…”

“They are totally booked,” Bill said. “They even called a couple of other hotels to see if they had any rooms, but the convention has every room in the city full.”

So much for my plans…

Damn hotel!


Bill was on his bed reading when I came out of the shower. I had to take a fast shower before bed, careful not to pay to much attention to just how good that shaving cream felt when I shaved my balls.

I had one pair of clean boxers saved for tomorrow, and I did not want to wear them to bed. So I just wore my towel and walked over to the ice bucket to make a strong vodka tonic. Then I just sat on the bed in my towel and tried not to be upset. I could go one more night!

“I’m gonna take a shower,” he said.

I merely shrugged and turned on the TV.

As he turned on the water I browsed the channels. Of course I avoided the porn, sticking to the news channels. It’s not that I didn’t want the porn, but with him in the room it would just be more frustration for my lonely dick.

Bill came out wrapped in a towel. He was well built, the job keeping us both in good shape. But we were business partners, and I had never looked at him any other way.

“Animal Planet?” He said. “You kidding me?”

“Your choice,” I replied tossing him the remote and fixing another drink.

“Hit me with one of those, will ya?” Bill asked as he surfed the channels.

I made him a stiff drink and handed it to him. He had a funny look on his face.

“So, how about this one,” he said, indicating the TV.

On the screen was a sultry blonde who was licking a hard cock up and down slowly, making it glisten with her wet tongue.

“Oh, man,” I groaned.

“What’s wrong?” Teased Bill. “Can’t take the stimulation of a little porn?”

So that was his game. He knew I was horny as hell, and he was tormenting me by watching the hot blowjob action on screen.

“I can handle it, if you can,” I responded, taking my drink and sitting down on my bed. I was careful to be sure the towel covered my penis, which was starting to get semi hard.

The action got hotter as she stroked his cock, making the stud moan on screen.

“Wow,” Bill said. “She is good.”

“You’re telling me,” I said, feeling uncomfortable with my hard on growing under my towel.

We watched her suck his shiny cock, her lips wrapping around his hard shaft as she slid her hand up and down on his dick. It was driving me crazy!

“Hey,” Bill said with a slight catch in his voice. “I think we need to get more comfortable.”

“I agree,” I said, looking over at him on his bed. I wasn’t sure where he was going with this, but I was so fucking hard I didn’t need much encouragement to get some relief. Was he going to suggest we jack off? I had never seen another man actually stroke his cock. At least not in person. I had done it on live video chats before, but never up close and personal.

“All I’m saying is that this towel is kinda wet, and I don’t want to catch a cold.”

“Right,” I said.

“So… Let’s lose the towels,” he said, looking at me.

I was feeling incredibly aroused by now, so I didn’t say anything. I simply stood up between the beds, and let my towel fall to the floor.

“Better?” he asked as he stared at my rock hard dick.

“Much,” I said as I sat back down and reclined on the bed. My penis was pointing up at my chest, begging for attention, but I kept my hands to my side. I acted as if this was the most natural thing in the world, being totally naked in front of another man.

Bill stood up, and unveiled his own package for me. His dick was totally shaved, just like mine. It was pulsing as he dropped his towel. He looked at me for a second, and our eyes met. We just stared at each other, knowing that tonight was going to be a relief for both of us.

“Hey,” he exclaimed as he stood up. “What about another drink?”

“Sure,” Web Tools I said handing him my glass. As I held up the drink my hand was dangerously close to his cock. I watched him walk naked over to the ice and mix the drinks. Bill had a body that could make a nun wet. His toned backside was to me, and when he turned profile I could not keep my eyes off that dick!

He crossed back, handing me my glass. I decided that as long as he was going to stand there and point that massive weapon at my face, I might as well just look at it close up.

“You know,” I said. “I was really pissed at the hotel earlier. I had planned to get laid tonight.”

“Me too!” He said with a laugh. He just stood there right in front of me as he took a sip of his vodka. “Well, if I wasn’t getting laid, I figured I could always jerk off!”

“Yeah, that’s probably what I would have ended up doing too. It’s been a long trip,” I replied, looking up at him to see what he’d say. He was staring down at my penis, making me twitch from an electric thrill in my cock tip.

“I suppose we could take turns jerking off in the shower,” he said with a smile.

“But there’s no porn in the shower,” I said.

“True. Of course we could…” He drifted off, just watching my dick.

I hesitated to say it. It was clear that we both wanted – hell, we needed – to jerk off and get relief. But to actually suggest it out loud was a whole other thing. I was way over-thinking this whole thing.

Fuck, we were two men, naked in a hotel room, watching porn and staring at each other’s cocks! Of course we both wanted to do it! Just the thought of masturbating with another man was totally driving me crazy, which was evident as a drop of precum spilled out of the tip of my dick and rolled down my long shaft.

I just looked up at Bill and said, “We might as well get some relief, and there is no sense doing it in the bathroom.”

“Thank God!” He exclaimed. “I was afraid you’d say no.”


I slid my hand down to my penis, with Bill still standing right there staring at me. By now my cock was hard as steel, and the tip was glistening with the precum. With one finger, I slowly touched the tip of my cock, which immediately twitched from arousal. I rubbed the slick moisture around slowly on my dick, lifting my finger to create a thread of precum.

It definitely had an effect on Bill, who’s cock twitched several times as he stared at me. Perfect!

“Your turn,” I said as I slid my hand down to cup my balls.

Bill sat down his drink, and sat down on the edge of the bed. He slowly wrapped his fingers around his dick and slowly moved his hand up the shaft to the base of his cock head. He then slid his hand back down all the way, squeezing his cock. He moaned, and my hand moved up to my shaft to mimic his actions. Damn, this felt fantastic!

I turned my attention to the TV, where the blonde was frantically stroking and blowing the cock on screen. It was a sight to behold as she looked up to him with his dick in her mouth.

“That’s so hot,” I whispered.

“Yeah baby,” Bill moaned. “Suck it real good.”

“Don’t cum too soon,” I said as I watched him stroke faster.

“I’ll try not to, but no promises!”

The guy on screen was getting close. I alternated my view between the porn and the live view of my buddy stroking his dick. I sped up my masturbation as I grew more and more excited.

Suddenly the girl was showered in a splash of cum from the rigid cock. She took the load in her mouth and let it dribble down onto her tits.

“Oh, God,” I moaned.

“Fuck, that looks good,” Bill said.

We both slowed down the strokes as the action on screen faded into a new scene.

“Time out,” called Bill as he took his hand off his dick.

I reluctantly loosened my grip as he had. Damn, I wanted to cum so bad! But I also didn’t want to hurry this experience.

“So I have a question for you,” Bill said as he grabbed his drink. He was breathing fast and his cock was rigid as he sat on the side of the bed. I turned and sat on my side as I leaned back with my dick pointing up in the air.

“Fire away,” I joked with a smile as I stared at his dick.

“Have you ever tasted cum?”

“A few times,” I said. “I’ve cum in my mouth before.”

“How the hell did you do that?” he said with a laugh.

I leaned over my dick and moved my mouth down. “Like this,” I said with a smile as I remembered the warm splash of jizz in my own mouth.

“You shot it in your own mouth?” he laughed. “That’s some stream!”

“Have you?” I said.

“Yeah, but not my own,” he said.


“There was this time in college when I gave a guy a blowjob,” he said, not embarrassed about it at all.

“What was it like?”

“I just wanted to try it, you know? So I hit on this guy in my dorm who I knew was gay, and gave him a blowjob,” he said. “It was alright, but I like girls better.”

“Me too,” I Online Web Tools said. “But I have to admit, I have wondered what it must be like to suck a cock.”

As I said this, I watched his reaction carefully, hoping I had not gone too far. But then again, here I was masturbating with him as he told me about his college blowjob adventure – I doubted that he’d turn me down now. Besides, this was an opportunity I decided I did not want to miss out on. I’d always fantasized about sucking a dick, and Bill’s dick was right there, and it was perfect!

“Oh, really,” he said with a tease in his voice. “Like she is doing?” he motioned to the porn on the hotel TV, where a brunette was licking her way up a big dick.

“Well, yes,” I said as I watched her move up the shaft to tease his head with her tongue.

“Although I’d probably start with his balls,” I added. I lightly teased my own balls as I said this, lifting them up and letting them fall heavy between my legs.

“You do have nice balls,” Bill said somewhat breathlessly.

“So do you,” I added. I got courageous and looked him in the eyes, “Play with them for me.”

Bill blinked at my directness, then he stood up again, with his legs apart. His loose balls were hanging low from his dick, and he slowly pulled them even lower with one hand, then he cupped them as he rolled them in his hand.

“Wow,” I said sitting up on the edge of the bed. “Your cock is amazing!”

“I think we are about the same size,” Bill said as he leaned back to present his dick for me to see. I leaned forward so that his cock was only inches from my face. I knew he wanted me to suck it. And I wanted to! But I was going to tease him just a bit first.

I admired his penis from close up. It was really great – clean shaved, smooth and his veins were clearly visible. A drop of precum oozed out of the tip, inviting me to lick it.

“I think your’s is bigger,” I said leaning forward even more, then shifting my weight and standing up in front of him. Our cocks were now about a half inch apart, both of them hard as bone. I kept my dick pointing up, and stepped forward to position it right next to his.

“Wow,” he gasped. “You’re right, they are almost exactly the same size. But your head is bigger I think.”

“Hmm, maybe you are right,” I said. I slid back to the side, and our cocks touched! It was electric for both of us. I slid my penis across his shaft until they were touching along the full length of both cocks. Our heads were staring up at us like twins. I reached down slowly and pinched the head of his dick lightly, squeezing out more slick precum.

Bill moaned the instant I touched his dick. I smiled and moved my hand over to my tip, rubbing his wetness on my head.

“They feel about the same,” I said in a whisper. It was becoming difficult to keep up the tease. I wanted to thrust against him and spray him with cum, but I held on just a little longer.

“So,” I whispered as we both looked down at our cocks. “Did you like having that guys dick in your mouth?”

“Yeah,” he moaned. His hand reached down and slid under my balls. The sensation was incredible! Bill took control of the situation as he massaged my sack.

“It was pretty fast,” he whispered. “Not like now, taking our time. This is much better.”

As he spoke his hand slid up to encircle both of our shafts. He slowly pulled them up together, and I felt the cum building inside.

I pulled back to avoid going over the edge.

“Well,” I said with a gasp. “I guess I better find out for myself!”

I slowly moved down to my knees, my hands sliding down his sides as I positioned myself in front of his dick. I moved my hands around to his ass, then pulled him toward me. His tip was swollen and red as I lightly licked the tip of his penis. It was salty from the precum, and tasted great!

I began to lick around his head, paying special attention to the sensitive area under his slit. He moaned louder now as I moved one hand around to grasp his dick. I guided it into my mouth sucking it as I slid it in. I tried to keep my teeth off his dick, knowing from experience how that felt. So I tried my best to give him a great blowjob.

Evidently I did something right, because Bill was moaning in earnest now. I slid his dick in and out of my wet mouth while twirling my tongue over his cock. I looked up at him while he was inside me, and smiled at the expression of ecstasy on his face. Now I knew why girls always looked at me while they devoured my cock – it felt powerful and wonderful!

With my hand I tugged on his dick as I sucked on the head. I used my other hand to work his balls at the same time. He smelled wonderful and clean, fresh out of the shower. He tasted good too!

Bill was about to cum. I could tell by the moans, and by the tightening of his balls. I pulled off his head for a moment, and tugged harder on his scrotum while I jerked him off faster and faster. I stared at the head of his cock, Çevrimiçi Web Araçları waiting for the rewarding sight of the blast of semen which I was ready to take in my mouth.

“Oh God!” he exclaimed.

My own dick was pulsing with excitement as I stroked him harder and faster. He arced his back as the cum erupted from his loaded balls. I took the stream right in my face, completely missing my open mouth. I quickly moved my lips over his cock to take the next load right down my throat. It tasted funky and warm – I loved it. I kept stroking him as I went to town working his pulsing dick in and out of my mouth, coaxing every drop out of him. He grabbed my head and thrust deep inside my mouth releasing yet another stream. My nose touched the base of his cock as I realized I had deep-throated him! I held him tight inside me for a moment longer, until I could no longer breathe.

I pulled off his dick and gasped, completely out of breath. I sat back on the floor, against the side of the bed and admired my work. His dick was still twitching as it began to go limp. Bill fell back on the bed, his legs spread open as he exhaled loudly. I rose to my knees and crawled over to him, up onto the bed, and licked his limp dick. He tensed up immediately at the over-sensation to his penis. I smiled at the expression on his face and fell beside him, breathing hard.

“That was fun,” I said.


We just lay side by side on the bed for a minute while Bill recovered. I watched his dick as he relaxed and his breathing returned to normal. My own dick was still rock hard, and was needing some attention. I moved my hand up and grabbed my shaft, lightly moving up and down as I admired his body.

The porn was still going, and it caught my attention as two girls now worked on that cock on the TV. It was fascinating to see them slide the dick in their mouths, and I could still feel Bill’s dick inside my own mouth from just a moment earlier.

“Get my bag from the bathroom,” Bill said softly.

I glanced over to see him watching me masturbate. I slid off the bed and went to the bath, my cock bouncing all the way. I liked knowing that he was watching me walk naked across the room.

I brought back his shaving kit, standing beside the bed. He slowly rose up, and unzipped the pouch, pulling out a clear bottle of Ultra Glide lube. He sat up, and poured a generous amount into his palm. Then he reached over and smeared the slick lube on my dick. It felt amazing!

Bill pulled me closer to him as he slid his wet hand up and down on my penis. He leaned forward and kissed the tip of my cock as he stroked it with an expert hand.

I was in heaven! This felt so good with him massaging my pole, and he positioned me so I was facing the TV screen. The girls were working on the cock just like Bill was working on my own cock! He turned his head and matched them stroke for stroke.

My sensations were in overdrive as I was stimulated visually and physically. One of the girls began to suck on the guys balls, and Bill did the same thing to me. He slid off the bed and knelt down to take my balls into his warm mouth.

All the while he kept stroking up and down on my shaft. The girls pulled back from the cock on TV, and Bill did the same to me. But while they were kissing and rubbing their tits together he rose up on his knees and suddenly pushed my chest back, knocking me off balance. I was so surprised that I cried out as I feel on my back onto the top of my bed. He laughed and jumped up straddling me on the bed.

I saw that his dick was already hard again, and I wondered how he could possibly recover so quickly! He rubbed his dick on top of my own cock, and then reached back to the nightstand for more lube. This time he poured it in a long stream onto both of our cocks, coating us with the slick liquid.

Still straddling me, Bill rubbed our cocks together and began to jack us off at the same time. I just lay back and enjoyed the ride as I watched him fondle and jerk us together.

The sensation of his dick sliding up and down with my own was fantastic! I reached down and grabbed all four of our balls in a loose hand and began to rub them together as he stroked us. I began to buck upward as the urge to cum overtook my mind.

Our cocks were hard against one another and I moved in sync with his strokes. He rode on top of me like a rodeo bull rider as we came closer and closer to the climax.

Suddenly I leaned my head back and cried out a loud yell and my cock erupted in a giant stream of cum! Bill kept riding and stroking us both faster as I shot ropes of cum across my chest, splashing into my face and all over the bed. His grip tightened as he unloaded his second round of warm jizz on my chest and onto my penis. I was going into shock as he continued to stroke and cum, the sensations causing me to yell out again and again.

Finally spent, Bill collapsed and rolled over to my side. He moved his hand up and continued to rub the warm cum on my chest. I reached down between his legs and held his semi-hard cock in my hand as we fell asleep.

The last thought I had before passing out was that tomorrow was going to be a big day. And maybe we needed to spend another night at this wonderful hotel.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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