Hotel Fun

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The Adventures of Tim and Laura continue with a weekend trip to a hotel with Mistress Laura in charge.


“How does that cage feel?” Laura asked Tim innocently, as they were nearing the hotel, while playing with the key on her necklace.

“It feels good, it’s not bothering me,” he replied.

“How about now?” she asked as she leaned over to him and started to fondle his balls and cage through his shorts.

“Mmmm, nice and snug now,” he replied with a wink as he pulled into a parking stall.

“Good, you better get used to it because it’s going to be locked in there for most of this trip,” Laura stated giving his package a playful little squeeze before turning to get out of the car.

Laura and Tim were checking into a local hotel for the night to have a romantic/kinky getaway from their busy daily lives and the kids for an evening. They had Grandma and Grandpa looking after the kids and had until noon the next day to themselves for some uninterrupted do whatever we want time. Tim had suggested that they make it a kinky Mistress Laura trip after reminding her how hot it was when he had taken his chastity cage with him on his last business trip. She had continually teased him through sexting him dirty pictures and messages every night. Laura had quickly agreed after that.

An hour prior to having to leave for the hotel she had made Tim put on his chastity cage. Then she had selected one of his favorite sundresses on her that showed off just the right amount of skin. She also made sure to pack plenty of teasingly seductive outfits and lingerie for the evening to drive him wild along with any toys and lube she would need at the hotel. If teasing is what he wanted, teasing was what he was going to get!

After they had checked into the hotel Tim followed Laura to their room, checking out her nice ass as she walked in front of him. Was it just his imagination or was she swaying her hips a little more seductively than normal? Whatever she was doing he was enjoying the show and could definitely feel the presence of the chastity cage now. Once at their room, Laura seemed to fumble with the key card more than one would expect while “accidentally” bumping and rubbing her butt into Tim’s groin. “What a naughty little vixen,” Tim thought.

When Laura finally got the door open and they walked into the room, Tim smiled in satisfaction that his requests upon booking had been completed. The bed was covered in rose petals and a tray had been placed upon it holding chocolate covered strawberries and two wine glasses. The ice bucket was also already full of ice surrounding a bottle of Laura’s favorite wine.

“You little sneak,” Laura said as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a sensual kiss. “I had no idea you had this planned.”

“Well I had to do something special for my hot little Laura, it’s not often we get to get away like this.”

“Thanks babe! Guess we better pour ourselves from wine then huh?”, Laura said as she grabbed the wine glasses off the tray.

Tim opened the bottle and poured the ice cold wine into the glasses for them. He handed one to Laura before raising the glass up and saying “To the love of my life, without whom I would be lost” toasting his blushing wife.

“Right back at you babe,” she said as they clinked glasses before taking a drink. They sat on the bed sipping wine and feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries until they had finished their first glasses. Standing up, Laura set her glass down and moved the tray out of the way. Then she took Tim’s empty glass from him before straddling his lap and started to make out with him as she pushed him back onto the bed. As they were making out, Tim’s hands roamed over his wife’s body caressing her legs and back, running his hands through her hair before working his way down to her firm buttocks. He squeezed and caressed her ass through her sun dress and then moved up to her chest. He could feel her firm breasts and hard nipples through the thin fabric of the dress and suddenly realized that she hadn’t been wearing a bra this entire time. This sudden realization made his cock swell and bulge in it’s cage as Laura moaned into his mouth.

Laura, realizing what he had just discovered, whispered into his ear, “Does the term “commando” mean anything to you?”

“Mmmmm, that is so hot!” Tim whispered back as their kissing escalated in intensity.

Tim rolled Laura off to the side and pulled her dress down to expose her breasts. He then kissed his way down her neck to her chest and started to lick and suck on her nipples. Alternating between pinching and rolling them in his teeth and sucking on them soon had her moaning her appreciation. He then employed one of her favorite nipple play sensations; he lightly held one nipple between his teeth and flicked it with his tongue, while squeezing karabük escort her other nipple in his fingers. Alternating between her breasts in this fashion soon had her hips bucking. Tim, satisfied that she was sufficiently turned on, pulled the hem of her dress up and proceeded down to her sweet hot pussy. He teased her slightly as he ran his tongue up and down her moist folds, teasing her clit as he went. After a few teasing licks, he settled in, placed his mouth over her pussy and started to lick and suck on her in earnest. Soon Laura was moaning and bucking her hips as he worked her closer and closer to an orgasm. Enjoying the sweet taste of her sex as she clutched his head to her she orgasmed hard. Tim continued to lightly lick and suck on her pussy until she pushed him away from her now overly sensitive naughty bits.

Once Laura had recovered she stood up and said, “I am going to go into the bathroom to slip into something a little more comfortable. I want you to get naked and be waiting for me on the bed.” With a wink, she grabbed one of her bags and seductively walked to the bathroom. Tim quickly stripped out of his clothing, swept the remaining rose petals off the bed before climbing on it and waited for Laura to return. A few minutes later Laura walked back into the room wearing a white button up blouse that had the top buttons undone showing off her cleavage and giving easy access to her breasts, the bottom buttons were also undone and it was tied at her midsection showing off her sexy stomach. She also had on a short gray mini skirt, white stockings, and six inch heels. To top it all off, Tim also could see that she was wearing her strapon with the tip of her girlcock just visible pokeing out from under the hem of her skirt. It swayed seductively back and forth as she walked over to the bed and planted a kiss on him. As she kissed him his hand glided up the back of her skirt and cupped her ass before moving around front to stroke her girlcock.

“Mmmm, you like that big girlcock, don’t you?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am,” he replied.

“Well I figured since we won’t be using yours anytime, I might as well get mine out and give you a good pounding before dinner!,” she said seductively. “Now, bend over this bed so I can give what you deserve!”

Tim quickly obeyed and was soon bent over the bed with Laura lubing up her girlcock. She was making sure to make a show of it, rubbing and stroking lube up and down her entire length, since she knew Tim was watching her between his legs. She drizzled some lube down his ass crack and lined herself up with him, then steadily applied light pressure until she felt her girlcock start to slide in. She paused for a moment, letting his ass adjust to her and then slowly started to feed her girlcock the rest of the way into his ass. She loved watching it slowly slide deeper and deeper into his ass until her hips were resting on his butt cheeks. She knew Tim was enjoying it by the way he was rubbing his ass against her, ready for her to start fucking him. She slowly pulled out half of her length before plunging back in. Teasing him with her slow strokes.

“Do you want me to go faster?” she asked.

“Yes, please,” Tim moaned.

“You want me to fuck you hard like the little slut you are?”

“Oooh, yes Mistress fuck me hard, please fuck my ass hard.”

With that she started to increase her pace until she was pounding his ass quickly. Her hips slapping his ass as she fucked him and his caged cock and balls swinging wildly underneath him. When she first got married she would have called someone crazy if they had told her that she would be wearing a strapon girlcock and fucking her husband in the ass one day. But as she listened to her husband moaning in pleasure, she was loving every second of it. It turned her on to be able to pleasure him in such a way that no one else could and watching her girlcock slam in and out of his ass always made her pussy insanely wet. Laura kept this pace up for several minutes before starting to tire. She began to alternate her thrusting pattern between periods of slow and long strokes and hard and fast shorter strokes until at last she was panting and tired from all the exertion. “How can men keep this up for so long” she had always wondered. She stopped with her girlcock buried completely in Tim’s ass catching her breath as she watched him wiggle and squirm against her, clearly enjoying himself. Remembering that she was the one that was in charge this weekend she quickly pulled out of his ass and gave it a good smack.

“I think that is enough pleasure for you at the moment,” she said. “We should get in the shower and get cleaned up for dinner. I’ll let you get my body all wet and slippery and sudsed up,” she said with a wink as she walked back into the bathroom and started to strip off her sexy outfit. Tim’s cock was throbbing in it’s karaman escort cage and leaking precum as he watched her strip off her clothes and start running the shower. He quickly got up and jumped in after her. As soon as they were in the shower they started making out with each other and as they washed each other off, they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.

“Mmmmm, that cock cage makes you act like a horny teenager,” Laura observed as she was toweling herself off. “Maybe I won’t take it off,” she said with a laugh. Her statement made Tim’s cock twitch in it’s cage, which did not go unnoticed by Laura. “Looks like you cock agrees with me,” she said.

Tim had made dinner reservations at a nice restaurant just up the street from the hotel and seeing as they were nearing the reservation time Laura shooed Tim out of the bathroom so that she could finish getting ready. Laura quickly did her hair and make up and then put on the outfit she had chosen to wear to dinner that would be guaranteed to drive Tim wild with desire. She started by putting on a skimpy g-string that could barely be considered underwear, followed by a half cup bra that was just high enough to cover her nipples, and finished with a little black dress that she had picked up that cinched at her waist accentuating her curves. The dress dipped just enough in the front to give a hint of cleavage, was form fitting enough to compliment her natural hourglass figure, and the length was just enough that she could comfortably wear it but teasingly short enough that someone may think they could catch a glimpse up it. She then finished the outfit off with a pair of low heels that she would be able to comfortably walk in but still make her legs and ass look great.

Tim let out a low whistle as Laura emerged from the bathroom. “You are one sexy mama!,” he said. “Good thing you have me all locked up, otherwise we might be late for our reservation,” he said with a sly smile.

“You haven’t even seen the best part,” Laura replied. “See,” she said as she turned around, flipped her dress up over her ass and slightly bent at the waist showing off her tiny underwear.

“Oh my, you are quite the naughty minx,” Tim replied giving her butt a squeeze before offering her his arm.

As they walked to the restaurant hand in hand, Laura could feel eyes on her checking her out. Normally this would make her uncomfortable, but tonight it felt empowering for some reason. After they had been seated at their table and ordered Laura leaned over to Tim and told him, “I think I was being checked out as we walked over here.”

“Seeing as you are the hottest woman here, I am sure you were,” Tim responded with a wink.

“Oh you’re just saying that because I’m your wife.”

“If that’s the case, then why is our waiter checking you out now?”

Laura quickly snuck a look at their waiter just in time to catch him ogling her.

“See,” Tim said, “Hottest woman in here!”

For the rest of their meal, whenever their waiter came over to check on them he couldn’t make eye contact with Laura and acted more and more embarrassed about being caught checking her out. Of course the fact that Laura and Tim were drinking more wine with their dinner and kept giggling about it every time they made an excuse to call him over didn’t help anything either.

By the time they got back to the hotel room, they were giggly drunk and as soon as the door shut they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Tim quickly had Laura stripped down to her bra and g-string and was running his hands all over her body, feeling up every square inch of her within reach. Laura finally broke the kiss and took a step back.

“Get naked and lie on the bed!” she commanded.

“Yes ma’am,” Tim replied getting out of his clothes as fast as he could.

Laura walked over to one of the bags and pulled out some ropes and cuffs. She quickly came back to the bed and started to secure Tim’s wrists and ankles to each corner of the bed. Once he was securely fastened to the bed she took her necklace off with his cock cage key on it, inserted the key into the lock and released his cock from its steel enclosure. She watched as it quickly grew to full size and was soon rock hard.

“I needed to make sure that you were nice and secure before I unlocked your cock. I wouldn’t want you to cum without my permission,” she said as she slowly started to stroke it.

“Mmmm, that feels good Mistress,” Tim replied.

After a few strokes Laura let go of his cock and pulled her bra down slightly to reveal her small firm nipples. She started to pinch and squeeze them, moaning in pleasure.

“I bet you would love to be playing with these, wouldn’t you? Licking and sucking on them?”

“Yes ma’am”

“And I bet you would love to taste this,” she said as she dipped her fingers in kars escort her pussy and then brought them up to her lips and sucked them off. “Mmmmm, it tastes so good. You want a taste?”

“Mmmm, yes please!”

Laura then climbed on top of Tim in the 69 position and teasingly lowered her pussy down just out of reach of his tongue and rocked her hips up and down slightly letting just the tip of his tongue touch her pussy before rising just out of reach again. After a few teasing dips, she finally settled her hot, wet pussy against his mouth and let him start licking and sucking on her. She then leaned forward and took his rigid cock into her mouth. Slowly swirling her tongue around the head and shaft as she bobbed it in and out of her mouth. She could hear and feel Tim moaning into her pussy as she expertly sucked his cock.

She kept up her edging of his cock until she could feel he was getting close, then she sat up and ground her pussy into Tim’s face while watching him buck his hips trying to get more stimulation. Once he had backed down from the edge of his orgasm, she took his cock all the way into her throat and then pulled off quickly, releasing his cock from her mouth with a pop. She did this over and over again until he was bucking his hips again trying to cum. She edged him like this over and over again until she finally gave into her own building orgasm and collapsed of him as she rode wave after wave of pleasure pulsing through her.

Once she had recovered from her orgasm, she rolled off of him, spun around and started to kiss him. “Hmmm, I bet you would love to cum right now wouldn’t you?” she asked him.

“Mmmmm, yes Mistress.”

“Well then, I guess you shouldn’t have given me this,” she said dangling the key to his cage over his face. She then got off the bed and grabbed a washcloth she had hidden in the ice bucket and his cage. She wrapped his cock in the cold fabric, causing a gasp of surprise to escape Tim’s lips as his cock quickly deflated from the cold. Once it was sufficiently small enough, she fitted the cage back on his cock and clicked the lock shut.

“Don’t worry, we aren’t done for the night yet,” she said with a wink as she started to pull on her strapon and girlcock. “We are going to see if you are horny enough now to cum in your cage while I fuck your ass. I am going to untie you and I want you bent over this bed”

Once Tim was in position Mistress Laura lubed herself up and quickly thrust her girlcock into his ass. Tim gasped in surprise at her roughness but pleasure quickly took over as she started thrusting in and out of him.

“I’m going to fuck you as long and as hard as I can”, Laura said between thrusts. “If you can cum in your cage by the time I am done, I will take your cage off and you can have your way with me. If not, you will have to sleep in it and see what mood I am in in the morning.”

“Mmmmm, yes ma’am,” Tim was able to get out between moans.

As Laura pounded Tim’s ass he could feel his cock swelling and pushing against his cage. Her girlcock rubbed back and forth on his prostate giving him intense pleasure. He had several anal orgasms and was continually dripping precum but he could not get over the edge to cum. He kept feeling it building and building but everytime he thought he was about to he just could not quite get there.

“That’s it, I can’t go any longer!,” Laura exclaimed as she stopped to catch her breath with her girlcock balls deep in Tim’s ass. After recovering for a minute she pulled her length out of him and bent over to examine his caged cock. She rubbed her hands all over Tim’s balls and cock cage before pulling away.

“Looks like you are sleeping in that tonight,” she stated.

She then turned and walked into the bathroom and started to clean up and get ready for bed. Once Tim had recovered from the pounding he had just received, he followed her into the bathroom and started to get ready for bed himself.

Soon they were snuggling next to each other in bed giving each other kisses and nuzzling each others necks and ears. “Mmmm, having you in control is so hot” Tim whispered into Laura’s ear.

“Glad you are enjoying it,” she replied “because I am having fun. Goodnight, sleep tight,” she said as she gave his cage a squeeze and then rolled over and was soon fast asleep.

Tim woke the next morning to Laura between his legs removing his cage. She looked up with him with a devious smile and said “I couldn’t wait any longer! I want to feel you inside me!” She then slid up his body and started to make out with him. Their bodies intertwining as they passionately made out, their hands all over each other. Tim rolled Laura over onto her back and slowly slide his hard cock into her slick, wet pussy. A moan escaped her lips as she sank onto his full length filling her up.

“Mmmmm, oral is nice but nothing is better than you inside me!” she said in a happy, contented voice as Tim started to thrust in and out of her while planting kisses all over her. Tim and Laura spent the rest of the morning in bed making hot passionate love before having to check out and return back home.

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