House Sitting…

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Man’s perspective, written for a female reader. Gets s little rough, woman used and objectified a bit. Willing yet not willing.

My buddy Scott was a bit of a mess. The end of his most recent relationship left him in a bit of a bad way. He texted me one day, and told me he had plans to go out of town for a week to take his mind off “She who shall not be named”. I always kind of liked his ex, she was very hot, pretty, and sexy. Seemed interesting, at least kind of intelligent, and funny. I spent a little time with the two of them when they first started going out, we had fun and even flirted a bit, but after noticing how hot I was finding her and how interesting she was, I decided I would distance myself from her out of respect for Scott and not wanting my lust to get the better of me or have some kind of flirting romance triangle maybe begin. What she did to him was kind of fucked up, and hurt him. I wanted to get back at her for hurting my friend, but knew I would never get the chance, so I didn’t spend much time fuming on it.

Scott was wondering if I would house sit for him. Now, Scott was MUCH better off than I was. He had money. With it, he bought a very nice house, a pretty nice car, a big screen TV with all the bells and whistles, surround sound, a large fridge filled with food. A second fridge in the garage filled with beer and alcohol, and much more. He’s always been a little paranoid with his stuff, afraid he’d get robbed if the house was empty for to long and all. He was also fairly generous to those he cared about, so he told me he’d like it if I watched the place while he was gone and I could help myself to anything in the house, no matter what it is.

I, in comparison to him, was not that well off. I did ok, but could only afford a mediocre apartment, an ok car, and only a few nice creature comforts. So, having just started my weeks vacation and having no plans, I decided this would be like spending a week at a decent hotel. I packed up some clothes, my laptop, a few movies and games, and headed on over.

Scott had left the night before, taking a late flight to where ever it was he was going. So I expected the house to be empty when I arrived. I was thinking maybe after I settled in and had a few drinks, I’d begin my vacation my watching some porn on his big ass tv and jerk off. Having never really explored his house before other than the living room, the kitchen, and the garage, I decided I’d take a shot to get my self going, grab a beer, and explore the house to get my bearings. I drop my stuff in the living room and head to the garage. I open the fridge and look in, choosing a bottle of rum, I open it, and take a decent swig right from the bottle. I then grab a beer, pop the top, and take another sip. I continue exploring the house of the first floor. A bathroom, a dining room, and another room he had converted into his own little home gym: some loose weights, a bench, a treadmill, even a little home gym machine with a few different sides for different exercises.

I move to the stairs and head up to explore the upstairs. Bathroom with a decent sized jacuzzi tub. Fuck you, Scott, you always have to have the nice things. Might be relaxing for later. A spare room with a bed. Another spare room with a bed. Last door, this must be Scott’s room. As I reach the closed door, I hear something. It’s low and quiet. Something is inside the room. I press my ear to the door. I could swear it almost sounds like moaning…

Confused, I open the door to Scott’s room and immediately am shocked at what I find. There, laying in the middle of Scott’s king sized bed, is his ex-girlfriend, you.

You’re wearing some kind of slutty school girl outfit. Your sexy, muscular legs are covered in sheer black stockings with lace trim on the top. A few inches of skin above that, you have on a tight little red plaid miniskirt, complete with a black lacy trim on the bottom. Your belly button and flat sexy stomach are bare. Above that is the shirt (if it even can be considered a shirt). Most of the body of it is a faintly see through black sheer material, which allows through just a hint of your skin color, a hint of your nipples. The very short sleeves are trimmed with the same red plaid as your skirt, as well as the collar/lapel that goes around the back of your neck and frames your ample cleavage. It ties in the center, like a little bow.

To top it all off, your hands are cuffed together above your head, which is then attached to a link, which in turn is attached to a rope which is tied to the top of the bed. Your ankles are also cuffed, and attached to a bar, keeping your legs spread open. And of course, you are blindfolded.

You hear the door creak open and footsteps enter the room. You turn your face toward the door, smiling seductively. “Hiii Scott” you say in a sweet, sexy voice. “I’m so sorry for what happened. I really miss you. I wanted to make it up to you. So I came up with an idea and asked pendik escort Alexis to help me out. You remember the fun we had with Alexis, don’t you?” FUCK YOU, SCOTT! You had Alexis, too? You get all the good things…

You continue, “Well, I asked her to help me set up this sexy surprise for you. I remember how much you wanted to find me all dressed up, all tied up, waiting for you when you got home from work.” This WOULD be about the time Scott usually gets home from work… “There’s even a little extra surprise waiting for you if you can find it.” You giggle at this last remark. “Well, here I am. Please, do with me whatever you want. I’m yours! Pleasure us both in your own way!”

I stand there for a moment and think. I SHOULD tell you that I’m not Scott, that he’s out of town for the week. Help you out of those binds and send you on your way. That would be the RIGHT thing to do. But then I remember Scott’s words, “Help yourself to anything in the house, no matter what it is.” Well, you ARE in the house, and you DID tell me (Well Scott, but to me as the person standing in the door) to do whatever I wanted to you. I did kind of want to get back at you for what you did to Scott. And look at you, so hot, so sexy, ready and begging for attention. How could I not?

I walk over to the bed, silently. You moan, slowly wiggling your hips. I take off my shoes, socks, shirt, and pants, deciding to just leave my boxers on for now. I crawl onto the bed, slowly moving toward you. You moan again as I approach. I place my hand on your stomach, lightly, gently. I feel your silky smooth skin, enjoying it. I lightly trail one finger up your stomach, up over your breasts, up your chest, to your throat. When I reach it, I grip it tightly and squeeze. You gasp at this, but smile. “Oh yea, baby, treat me rough. I’ve been a bad girl, I need to be punished,” you say. I lean down and growl in your ear. You moan again and I can feel you shudder.

With my grip still tight on your throat, I begin to slowly and gently lick around the lines of your ear, teasing, making sure to get into all the little folds. My tongue makes its way down to your earlobe, where I bite it hard and pull a little. You let out a little yelp and smile, which also brings a smile to my face. I start to roughly kiss, lick, and bite my way down you, moving my thumb a little to give me access to your neck. I continue down your chest to your glorious tits. I hold up a moment, admiring them, like a beautiful present all wrapped up for me. I then grab on each side of the lapel and pull hard apart. The knot in the center tightens, causing the fabric around it to rip apart, exposing your tits to me. “OOO!” you yell, a little surprised, then start to giggle, enjoying how rough I’m being.

I take both your breasts in each hand and squeeze hard. You moan excitedly. Your breasts are so soft, feel so good in my hands. I continue to roughly fondle them, pulling more sighs and moans from your lips. I switch it up by pinching and pulling on your nipples, pulling on your breasts, sucking on them hard, biting on your nipples, twisting them, in all sorts of random, alternating order to keep you guessing what I’ll do next. After a bit, I begin to slap them, too, turning your tits red. You let out more yelps, music to my ears. “Oh Scott, just like that, it hurts so good!”

After a few moments like this, I decide it’s time to pay your pussy some attention. My left hand reaches down, under your skirt, and slides against what feels like lace panties. But then I find something else, unexpected. I stop what I’m doing and move myself down between your legs. As I investigate, I realize you have a vibrator in your pussy set on low and a butt plug in your ass. Guess now I know why you were moaning and wiggling your hips before I even entered the room. “Oops,” you say coyly, “Looks like you found your little extra surprise!”

I laugh at this. I leave your legs and crawl up to the top of the bed, slapping one of your tits again as I pass. I stop at your mouth, and give you a strong, passionate kiss. You moan into me. I break our kiss, continuing upward. I detach your handcuffs from the link holding you to the bed. Taking your hands, I drag you to the foot of the bed. I sit on the edge, and place you across my knees, ass in the air, with your hands up and behind your head, me still holding the cuffs. “Ooo,” you coo, “and just what are you planning to do, Scott?” I raise up your skirt, exposing your amazing ass to my sight. I lightly run my fingers up and down your panties, lightly pushing your toys further into your holes. You moan deeply. Suddenly, I slap your ass hard! You let out a scream. I relish in the noises you make caused by my touch. I spank you again. You scream even louder, squirming on my waist. I continue to spank your ass, the sound of flesh hitting flesh resonating in the room. You alternate between screaming and moaning, and your tongue hangs out of your mouth, obviously escort pendik enjoying your punishment.

I spank both of your ass cheeks hard, and at a quick pace for about five minutes. Your ass is fire red. Drool is dripping out of your mouth since your tongue is hanging out, you lost in the punishment. I suddenly stop, move your panties to the side, pull out your vibrator, and jam three fingers into your soaking wet pussy. I dig my fingers into your pussy walls, sliding them out and in in a fast pace. You begin to pant faster and faster. My cock has become very hard, and is digging into your stomach. With you writhing back and forth on my lap, your smooth stomach has been rubbing back and forth over my head. I pick up the pace, faster and harder, basically lifting your hips off my waist as I finger bang you. You’re screaming very loudly at this point, almost gasping for air. “OH MY GOD, SCOTT! BABY! KEEP GOING! HOLY SHIT! IF YOU KEEP GOING LIKE THAT, I’M GONNA! I’M GONNA! OH FUCK, I’M GONNA C-!”

Just before your orgasm hits you, I let go of your hands, take my fingers out of your pussy, and roughly shove you off my lap and onto the floor. Disoriented by this sudden change, you squirm, trying to gain your bearings as best you as with your hands cuffed together, your ankles cuffed to a bar, blind folded, suddenly being forced to the floor, and your mind reeling in your pre orgasm rush.

I stand up quickly and drop my boxers. Reaching down, I grab you by the hand cuffs and your hair, pulling you up, forcing you to your knees with your hands high above your head. “Scott, what are you-!” Before you finish your sentence, I shove my cock deep in your mouth, balls deep. You gag around my cock, your spit sliding out and running down my balls.

With my hand gripping your hair hard, I force you up and down my cock hard. I move you all the way back so the tip of my head is just at your lips, then ram it all the way in so your nose is pressed into my skin. Over and over. You gag, and cough, but make no sign of resistance. Eventually, your throat opens up a bit, and your gags come less frequent, replaced by moans and sucking sounds. You press your tongue up against the underside of my cock as I fuck your face. Your drool is still running all over my balls. I shove my cock deep in your mouth and hold it, my hand pressing hard on the back of your head, holding you in place. After twenty seconds, you start to make sounds of wanting off, after all, you can’t breath. I hold you there. You make louder sounds, your hands start to fight against mine a bit, your head shaking beneath my hand, your body squirms, your lungs start to hurt, you need air! A sudden fear rushes over you, you’re not sure what kind of game Scott is playing. I notice your face start to turn red, and decide you’ve had enough.

I jerk your head back off my cock, still gripping your hair. You gasp for breath and cough a bit. As you continue to breath heavily, I start to rub my cock on your face, covering you with your own saliva. “Fuck baby, you’ve never been this rough before. You must be really enjoying punishing me.” Oh yea I am! “You’re so hard, and I could swear your cock is a bit bigger than usual!” Whoa, really? FUCK YOU, SCOTT! I finally have something over you! Even if its just a “bit”…

I respond with a laugh, and by pulling your hair back and down, forcing your face up. I start to rub my balls over your face, sliding across your cheeks, over your eyes (well, blindfold), down over your nose, resting them on your lips. You waste no time, knowing what I want. You start to lick my balls. I sigh a little, enjoying the sensation. You cover every centimeter of my balls with your tongue, then take one into your mouth. You suck hard on it, a bit to hard. I pull my balls away from your face, let go of your hair, and slap your face hard, growling a bit. You let out a surprised scream. I quickly grab your hair again and place my nuts back on your lips. You begin to suck a bit softer now, massaging them with your lips and tongue. I moan my new approval. I let you suck on my balls for a few minutes. As you do, I look at the far wall. There is a full length mirror there. I start to admire how you look in this position. You on your knees, your red plaid skirt teasing me by JUST covering your sexy ass. Your back is beautiful. The tattered remains of your shirt becoming partially covered by your hair. My fist holding your hair back.

Finally, I can’t take anymore, I NEED to fuck you. I pull my balls off your face again and force you onto your feet. dropping your hands and releasing your hair, I pick you up by the waist, turn us around, and toss you backwards back onto the bed. I quickly reconnect your handcuffs to the rope at the top of the bed. I position myself between your legs, having raised them up, putting your knees on my shoulders and your feet (and bar) behind my head. I lean all the way down to your face, your knees in your chest, my cock head pressed pendik escort bayan against your pussy lips. You feel my breath on your lips and begin to quiver. “P-p-p-please, fuck me! Ram your cock into me and fuck me hard!”

I slap your face again. And again. And again. All you do is lay there and take it, moaning all the while. Finally, I again use one hand to tightly grip your throat, while the other grips onto your shoulder, and shove my self all the way inside your pussy.

I feel you clench against my cock. You scream in agony and pleasure. You shake violently against your binds, unable to move more than maybe an inch. You cum. Hard! You scream out Scott’s name as you gasp for breath, trying to regain control as your mind spins out of control.

I laugh to myself at your reaction. You’re really getting off on all this. Here I am, roughing you up, treating you like a slut and my personal play thing, and you just moan and cum at my actions. It’s no wonder you did what you did that made you and Scott break up.

When you calm down a bit and stop vice gripping my cock, I start to fuck you. Hard. Fast. Enjoying the screams, yelps, and moans it pulls from your mouth. All the dirty talk that escapes your mouth. “Oh yes, Scott! Use me as your personal fuck toy! Fuck me hard and fast! I love it so much! Treat me like the slut I am! I’m a whore at your mercy! A fuck slave! Fuck my soaking wet pussy! Your cock is so fucking huge! It’s never felt this fucking good! It feels so fucking amazing inside me! Keep going! Don’t stop! I don’t want you to stop until you fuck a baby inside me!” Fucking hell! I had no idea you were one dirty slut! Fuck a baby inside you? I don’t know if I’d go that far… but I’ll fuck you like I would!

You writhe and pull against your restraints, the pleasure you’re feeling making you go out of control. My grip tightens on your throat, and you start to feel the cut off of air. You gasp for air as I choke you, all the while enjoying the FUCK out of the pounding I’m giving you. My hand that was on your shoulder moves down to your tits, tightly squeezing, pinching, slapping them, sending you further into a frenzy.

Suddenly, I stop. This isn’t enough of a punishment for you, I need to take this one step further…

I push myself closer to you, bringing your knees even closer to your chest, raising your ass up higher. I slide myself out of you and position my cock at the entrance of your asshole.

You gasp again… Out of all the things you and Scott did, anal wasn’t one of them. You’ve always been interested to try, but you never brought it up to him since he never asked. And now, suddenly, this huge cock head was pressed tightly against your bum hole. All you could do was moan like a slut in heat.

I hear you moan, but don’t care. In the position you’re in, you’re in no position to deny me what I want. My hand on you tits pinches a nipple tightly and pulls outward. Just as you recognize this, I start to thrust my cock into your asshole.

You scream in pain at the sudden intrusion. This thick cock invading your virgin asshole, pushing hard, trying to get as far inside you as it can. It doesn’t go in very far at first, even with how soaking wet it is from your slutty pussy, not even the full head makes it inside you on the first push, but to you, it feels like a fucking mile of steel rod.

You get a little relief as I pull out, but then I push in again, trying to get in even further. You scream again, but make no move nor say anything to stop me. I continue to slowly push further and further into your ass until I am finally all the way in. All the while, you are screaming and moaning for more. After what seems like a long time, I am fully fucking your asshole with your knees basically against your chest. Like a cheap whore, you are moaning and begging for more. After a bit, I get an idea… a delicious and naughty idea…

I pull myself out of your ass and again undo the link attaching your handcuffs to the rope attached to the bed. I pull and force you into a position where you end up on your knees in the bed facing the mirror, your hands above your head, and pulled back behind you so your elbows are straight up in the air, but your hands are behind your head.

I position myself behind you, my one hand holding your hands behind your head, the other reaching around you and gripping your throat tightly. I then shove my cock into your asshole again. I begin fucking you fast again. You moan and pant at this new found pleasure. I fuck you like this for what feel like an eternity. You start to feel a different, yet familiar pressure inside you begin to grow. Your orgasm is building and building fast. After a bit more of my fast and hard fucking of your ass, you’re close. “Oh fuck, baby, you feel so good in my tight asshole! I’m going to cum if you keep up like this! I’m going to… I’m going to… I’M GOING TO!!” You feel your orgasm explode inside you.

At that moment that I can tell you are orgasming, I rip off your blindfold. Still in the throughs of passion and mid orgasm, you look in front of you, into the mirror, right into the eyes of your lover, Sco-TYLER!?!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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