How For the Teacher

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While being a history student-teacher it was normal for me to stay after school to either do work for myself or the supervising teacher. The supervising teacher and I always had this chemistry. We loved so many of the same things and he was always flirting with me and I flirted back. He was very attractive, young, and was always wearing a suit which turned me on. (This may sound weird, but if a guy is in a suit he is ten times hotter) One day, I was staying after class with the supervising teacher when he said:

“Is it alright if I turn the air on?”

“I don’t mind.” I replied.

I wondered why he wanted to put the air on since it was comfortable in the room. He got up and turned the air conditioner on and then went and closed his door.

“Could you play some music? I work better with music.” I asked.


He turned it on.

“You are one hell of a student teacher: very dedicated, professional, independent. You don’t take any crap from these horny high school boys.” He said as he got up from his desk so he could remove his suit jacket.

“They sure are juvenile. What do I want with a high school boy? I’m working on a

Masters.” I added.

He placed his suit jacket on his chair and turned up the music.

“I love this song.” He said.

Where I was sitting, I could not been seen if someone was to look into the room. He walked over to me and sat down on the desktop adjacent to me. The desks were in groups of four.

“You’re pretty attractive as well. I’m sure all the girls love your class.” I said.


He got up abruptly and shoved all my books and papers off of the desks.

“What are you doing?” I questioned.

“We need a break from work.”

“I guess I’ll go for a walk.”

I got up to get my purse. He walked over to me. We stared at each other for a few


“Want to come with me?”

“No.” He said.

My heart was pounding. He eyed me up and down. I did not know if he was asking for it or not. I hoped he was because I had been wanting him since the day I met him.

“So…” He said looking at the floor.

I decided to take the leap. I grabbed him by his tie and kissed those sweet lips. He backed away and I thought for a moment he did not want that.

“I’m sorry.” I said.

“No. No. I want you. I want you so bad.”

He pulled his tie off of him, threw it on the floor, and unbuttoned his top two buttons. He sat down on a desktop and beckoned me toward him. I straddled my legs over his. He placed his hands on my hips and we began to make out. I loved how he ran his fingers through my hair and down my spine sending shivers everywhere. He gently stuck his tongue in and out of my mouth. I am not a tongue person so I was quite happy he was not liberal in using it. He slowly moved his hands from my hips up to my bra strap. He unhooked my bra. He slipped his hand up my blouse and rubbed my nipples. They got rock hard. I started to kiss his neck and moved down to his chest. I felt him tense up. He slipped his hands in between my thighs, massaging. I unbuttoned the rest of his buttons and continued to kiss his chest.

“You like that?” I said attempting to be sexy.

Of course he did stupid.

I removed my blouse and threw my bra off of me. He stared at my boobs for a moment. He went to put one is mouth but I pushed him down on the desk and I kissed him all over his stomach. I licked him all over. My hand was resting on his member and I felt him getting harder.

I sat up straddling his body. He sat up and started to lick my nipples. I was so turned on that I had to wrap my legs around his waist just so I would not fall on the floor. I moaned but then Antalya travesti he stopped.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

He stood up and he ran over to his mini-fridge. He opened it and brought over a can of

whipped cream.

“Oh, my god!” I exclaimed.

Whipped cream is my aphrodisiac.

I laid down on the desks. He shook up the can and sprayed some whipped cream on my boobs. I squirmed due to the coldness of the whipped cream.

“Now, I can do this properly.” He said.

He started to lick up the whipped cream. And as he did he gave me one of the hottest looks. I was trying not to move too much but I could not help it. He almost licked off all of the whipped cream but left a little on his tongue. He kissed me and whisked the whipped cream around my mouth.

“Mmmmm. Tastes good. I wonder what else tastes good with whipped cream.” I said.

He placed his hand on my thigh and slid it up between my legs. I had a skirt on.

“Take it off.” He insisted.

“Take it off for me.” I howled back.

He was so turned on because he jumped for my skirt with his teeth.

“Wait. Be careful this is J.Crew.” I said jokingly.

He laughed along and slowly removed my skirt with his mouth then he tossed it to the side.

He moved his hands up and down my legs admiring my perfectly toned body.

“You like what you see?” I said licking my lips.


“Cardio. Five days a week.”

“Good. So you can last long vigorous activities.”

I pulled him close to me by his belt. He was growing larger.

“Looks like you need some help with those pants.” I said as I undid his belt.

I stood up and shoved him onto a group of tables.

I took the whipped cream and sprayed a line from his neck to the beginning of his pants. I took my finger and I ran it through the whipped cream just to tease him. I put my finger in his mouth and he licked it clean. I licked off some whipped cream but then returned to kiss him. Licked off some more and kissed him again. I love teasing my man. I licked the rest of the whipped cream off and slid my tongue under his pants. He moaned. I figured it was time to let him free. I undid his pants with my mouth and he threw them off.

I slid my hand down his underwear. He was so hard. I massaged his member a little bit. He took his hands and put them on my butt. He picked me up and laid me down on the floor. He was so strong. We were now on the floor just in our underpants.

He kissed me on the neck and then the shoulder. He kissed me down my side and then started kissing the inside of my thigh. I was going crazy. Just do it already, I was


He slipped his tongue into my underwear and grazed my lips. My legs shook. I started to take off my underwear and he helped me. He got the whipped cream again and sprayed some above my lips. I let out a long moan as he licked it off and then kissed down the length of my vagina.

I was getting so wet. I needed his member inside me so I jumped on top of him and pulled his member out from his underwear. It was so big. I ran my finger down it and massaged the top. I took the whipped cream and sprayed a little on the top of his member.

(I do not stick it into my mouth but I will kiss and lick it and put my lips around it. That is all. Sorry guys.) I surrounded my lips around the top of it and lightly licked it off. He let out a groan. I kissed it from the top to the bottom and licked the top in a circular motion. He anticipated me deep throating but I told him I did not do that.

He laid me down and began to rub my lips. He stuck a finger inside me then another. He slowly moved them in and out. I was so İstanbul travesti wet it was like a slip and slide. He removed his fingers and licked the juices clean then he kissed me rubbing my tongue with his. He spread my legs and stuck his member in. It was the greatest feeling. I lost all control. He started off slow as he was on top. He kissed me softly. I loved the feeling of his warm chest on mine and his light breathing in my ear occasionally biting my ear. He would alternate between massaging my nipples and massaging my lips. After a bit, I rolled him over and sat over him. I stared into his eyes. He grazed my lips with his member teasing me. I smiled like a crazy woman. He did once more. Then he stuck it in and let it stay there. I wondered why he was not moving it. I asked:

“Did you–“

“Not yet.” He said cutting me off.

He took a deep breath and started to thrust a little faster. He grabbed onto my boobs for balance and I held onto his thighs so I would not go flying off. It might sound like it was rough but it felt so good. My back was arched as he moved his hands to my hips. He held on there and continued to give it to me. I ran my fingers over his abs. He giggled because I had found his ticklish spot. I moved my hands to his shoulders and he gave me a look of desire. I knew he was enjoying it and I was too.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” I said drawn out.

He slowed down and pulled out. He sat me on his thighs and I played with his member. Moving my hand up and down slowly. I took my thumb and middle finger and massaged it from top to bottom. I slapped his member against my stomach a couple of times. That really turned him on. Then I kissed him from his belly button up to his lips. We rolled over again and he was on top once more. He slowly stuck his member into me even deeper. My feet curled. He kissed me softly and pulled my hair off of my face. Again he did it leaving it in me. He kissed my neck.

“Again.” I demanded.

“I didn’t think you could take all this.”

He went in deep and pulled out slowly. I wrapped my legs around his back. And he did it once more. I let out a soft moan.

He pulled out, stood up and sat on a desktop. I got up too and he pulled me into him and propped me on his legs.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Hold on.”

I wrapped my arms around him unaware of what was going on. He stuck his member in.

“Why do I have to hold on?” I said with an edge.

He started to go at it super fast. Then I found out why I had to hold on. My fingers dug into his back. The only sound we could hear was the music, the air conditioner, and our breathing. I was breathing pretty heavy when I was not gasping for air. He was taking

deep breaths.

“Go faster if you can.” I said trying to catch my breath.

He did it more rapid. I wanted to cry it felt so good. My hands were in his hair now; holding on for dear life. His hands were gripping into my butt so he could control the speed. I saw him looking at my boobs as they went up and down from the motion.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh.” He let out with every stroke.

He definitely was not used to going this fast but he liked it.

“Oh, yes. Yes! Yes!” I said in a stifled manner.

“I love it when you yell. Yell for me.”

“Oh my god!”

“Say me name!”

“B****, yes! Yes!”

“That’s right. B****’s the man.”

I took my hands from his neck and started to massage my nipples then slowly moved them down to my vagina. I massaged the top of my lips and let out a long gasp.

He went at it fast for a moment longer but he was getting worn out so he stopped. I thought he had it after that, but he picked me up and carried İzmir travesti me over to his desk.

“You’re so strong.”

He cleared his desk and sat me on it. He lifted my legs over his shoulders. He stuck his tongue inside me and moved it around very slow.

I bit my lip because he was doing stuff he had not done the first time. He found my clitoris and was all on that. My eyes were rolling to the back of my head. He removed his mouth. He rubbed his member in between my boobs. I was not sure if he was going to come then but I kissed the head of his manhood anyway. He circumscribed my boobs with his member then moved it down in between my legs. I laid back on the table. He slapped it in between my legs. I was surprised he made it this long without coming. He put my legs back over my head and moved his member around my lips. Teasing me again. Unable to resist it, I grabbed his manhood and stuck it. He was going slowly as if he was seeing if I could handle this. Well, I never knew a guy who put my legs over my shoulders. And I did not know I could do that so I was a little taken away, and I think he knew that too because he said to me smiling:

“You didn’t think you could do that.”

“God, no. It feels amazing.”

He pushed his member into me over and over again. At this point, I was wetter than Niagara Falls. He continued to plow into me. I was biting my lip so hard I think it started to bleed.

I think he finally got comfortable because he initiated some dirty talk.

“How do you like that big d**k inside of you?”

“I like it a lot.”

“I love it when you moan. Can you moan for me?”

“Well, can you go a litter faster? I feel like I’m screwing your grandpa. Then maybe I’ll moan.”

“You want faster? I’ll give you faster. I just don’t know if you can handle it.”

He placed his arms on my shoulders and tore my stuff up. The desk started to creak. I was afraid we would break it. He was going at the speed of light; our bodies slapping together at the tempo of the music. He sucked in air as if he was in pain, but he kept going. He slapped my butt at one point.

“You were falling asleep on me.” He said justifying the slap.

He leaned close to me, my legs going farther behind my head, and he kissed me on the lips. He moved down and nibbled on my nipple. I let out the loudest moan. He smiled and kissed me.

“Damn. Oh my god.” I said.

He finally was getting to me and I could not resist the urge to scream.

“Oh, s**t.” He said looking at me while biting his lip.

And I was getting to him too. He stood up perpendicular to my body and continued to penetrate at a fast speed. His head was back and his tongue was sticking out. I had nothing to hold onto so I held onto the edge of the desk. He started to go a litter faster and that was my breaking point. I let out a scream barely audible over the music. My legs were shaking like crazy. He looked down at me. I had reached my climax. He lowered my legs, and put his chest on mine. He left his member in as we kissed again. He pulled out and picked me up in his hands. He quickly walked over to the chalkboard and put me on the ledge. He went slowly so I would not fall off. There was barely anything to sit on. His face was resting in between my boobs. I grabbed his butt and pushed him inside me deeper as he was thrusting into me. He started to slow down as time went on. I felt his warmth inside me. He exhaled and closed his eyes. I ran my fingers through his hair. He pulled out and kissed me.

He went over to a desk and sat down. I walked over to him and kissed him one last time.

“You were amazing.” He said to me grabbing me close.

“You too.”

I was completely blown away. I never thought he had all of that in him. He is definitely the best I ever had.

Things were not awkward after then. In fact, things were easier because all the sexual tension was gone. Within a few weeks I was out of there so it was not completely awkward.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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