How I got a harem: The next step

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Alcohol and lust fueled the rest of the evening and before it was all said and done the three of us came countless times that night. Our heads groggy and our bodies exhausted, all four of us tumbled into bed and drifted off in bliss.

I awoke around noon to a wonderfully warm feeling clamped around my morning wood. I knew, after a minute of delighting in the way her tongue gently but firmly stroked my cock, that Ashley was hard at work on my cock. The sheets had been kicked off and I propped myself up on my elbows to take in the whole situation.

My God, Ashley was lovely. She was nude, her delicate skin entrancing me, and I studied the subtle curves of her wonderful body. I gazed for what could have been hours at her round and supple ass, jiggling ever so slightly as she bobbed on me, and almost without realizing what I was doing I found myself kneading and squeezing it, eliciting pleasured moans from Ashley. Of all the women I’d ever known, including my sweet Tracie and Jessie the stripper/extortionist from last night, there was no doubt I found Ashley the most sexy. That’s not to take anything away from the others, not a chance, but Ashley was a dynamite angel.

As my right hand grasped a clump of dark curls and gently pushed Ashley’s throat onto my cock and my left middle finger disappeared in the crack of her ass, searching for my favorite izmir escort bayan little hole, I realized neither Tracie nor Jessie was in bed. Neither was even in the room. I wasn’t about to interrupt Ashley to find out what she knew but I wondered where they could be.

Ashley jumped as I probed her asshole, the tight warmth suffocating my finger.

“Fuck, baby, let me fuck your ass this morning,” I said. Ashley pulled herself off my cock reluctantly, long strings of throaty saliva stretching from her gaping mouth all the way to my balls.

“Mmmm, I think its actually afternoon,” she chuckled as she assumed the position on her knees and elbows. I took a moment to savor the sight of her perfectly round ass on display just for me before leaning in and giving her tiny hole a few quick strikes with my tongue.

I eased my cock lovingly into her, boring her ass open and savoring her hot ass. As I reached unspeakable depths, my head spinning with pleasure, Tracie sauntered into the room, dressed in a long t-shirt of mine, and sat nonchalantly on the bed next to us.

“I love watching you two make love,” she said honestly, gently caressing Ashley’s ass as I slowly stroked in and out.

“Uh… we… ahhhhh… love it when… you join us…. Uhhhhhh….” Ashley uttered. Tracie smiled at me and gave Ashley’s ass a playful slap.

“Well, I don’t want buca escort to interrupt, but maybe I’ll just slide in for a little taste,” she said devilishly. With that she swung around behind me and dropped prone on the bed. Tracie watch for a long while as I pounded her lover’s ass. Then she gently arched up and twisted her tongue into Ashley’s slippery pussy, sliding along her folds before drifting up to dance along my exposed shaft and balls. I pulled out slowly and let Tracie suck me, fresh out of Ashley’s ass. Tracie loved Ashley’s ass as much as I did and between the two of us we spent more time in it, playing with it, and tasting it than probably doing anything else.

I dove back into Ashley’s ass but used one hand to hold Tracie’s head in place. A minute of powerful fucking drove me to the edge, and Ashley into spasms, and I pulled free and planted my cock firmly in Tracie’s mouth. She sucked tenderly as my cum followed, first in long streams then followed by quick and spine-tingling bursts, her young throat flexing spastically to try to swallow fast enough.

The three of us lay together for a long time afterwards, our hands playful exploring each other in silence, before I broke quiet. “What happened to Je… the stripper?” I asked.

“ I walked her out, she said she had fun but the hours your paid for were up,” Tracie said as if it was nothing at izmir escort all. So that was that, I thought. I wasn’t sure why Jessie left but maybe she wasn’t so impressed with the situation after all. I dropped the subject, wanting to see how and if the girls brought it up by themselves. We chatted about it some, both of them said they had tons of fun but neither seemed to express any feeling that would indicate it was anything more than one crazy night fling.

Later that day I received a text from Jessie. “Lots of fun, I luv your girlz. But I don’t think they luv me. Thanx for everything.”

And that was the end of it, or so I thought. For about a week the three of us went on with our lives, and what wonderful lives those were. But the next weekend, happily lapping at Ashley’s pussy while she eagerly sucked my cock, she suddenly stopped.

“Hey, do you think we could call that stripper again this weekend?” she asked, catching me quite off guard.

“Uh, sure, I guess. You both want to?” I asked. Tracie was in the shower but Ashley spoke for her.

“God, it’s all Tracie’s been talking about! And, I don’t know, that morning after, when I sucked your cock, it tasted better than ever! I couldn’t figure out why until just now… the last place it had been before had been was in that stripper’s ass!” Now that surprised me!

“Are you saying you want to taste her ass again?” I chuckled.

Ashley shrugged. “Only if you do,” she said sheepishly. Without hesitation, I reached for my phone…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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