How My Life Changed Ch. 01

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Its funny how your life can change over the course of a few days isn’t it?

My name is Jayme and I was, up until last summer, going out with a wonderful, kinky guy named Ben.

That all changed on his birthday weekend when I made a decision to give him myself utterly as a present, not realising just how much he would take advantage of it.

Let’s set the scene then. I’m 22, slim with shoulder length dyed black and red hair, I’m 5’4″ and my best features by far are my face, legs and ass as my A-cup boobs are never the first thing people look at. It does mean I can happily go without a bra but I generally don’t as my nipples stick out a lot when I’m aroused or cold.

I exercise a lot, running, yoga, Pilates – I’ve been taking these pole dancing lessons for about 6 months – so while petite, I am ‘well sculpted’ as Ben likes to call it, I’m very happy with my body – except the size of my boobs – and love being lean.

People always tell me that I’m beautiful but I take that with a pinch of salt, let’s just say I think I’m reasonably pretty and not go mad with the self indulgence.

I’m very submissive and I love sex – the dirtier the better, something that even before his birthday Ben took full advantage of. Ever since I lost my virginity I have fantasised about and enjoyed being tied up and used or hurt – it’s just the way I am and I don’t try to hide it with any partners, if people aren’t into it then fine but in my experience, almost every man I have ever been with has loved using me, though granted, some more harshly than others.

Ben is my perfect man; he’s 15 years older than me for a start and is a rugged, good looking guy. We met when I was in my last year of college – I was cheerleading for our team and he was coaching the opposition. He used to be a professional player, though now he manages a regional office of a large investment company.

I was attracted firstly to his frame, he’s massive – 6’5″ and athletic, bordering on the heavily muscled, then to his blue eyes which were so dominant under his widow’s peak and lastly to his sense of humour. His large cock was a nice benefit as well and not something I was upset about.

After we started seeing each other though I was overjoyed to discover that he has a much darker side when it comes to the bedroom, he loves dominating women sexually.

He explained that the feeling of power is a real turn on for him – and while I was sceptical at first (too many men say they are like that but they really have no idea what they are doing), after I submitted to him for that first time I realised that I had the ‘real deal’ here, a gorgeous man who would treat me the way I craved.

Don’t get me wrong, at that time we weren’t ‘lifestylers’ or whatever it’s called – we were both busy people and besides you need to be ‘in the mood’ like any other type of sex. So he was generally pretty rough whenever we had sex and a couple of weekends a month I’ll be his little toy.

Anyway, I’m not writing a biography here – I started telling you about a birthday present.

Ben earns a hell of a lot more money than I do so getting him presents is tricky and that month had been dreadful. All the bills had come in and even at half each it was almost everything I had, so I was struggling to think of something good.

So one evening, when we were watching some crap on the TV I decided to find out if my idea would be what he wanted.

‘Ben..?’ I said, running my hand over his chest and feeling the muscles underneath his shirt.

‘Yes honey?’ he answered, obviously focussed on the screen.

‘Do you know your birthday in a couple of weeks?’

‘Yes,’ he replied, picking up the remote and hitting mute before turning to face me.

‘Well,’ I said, ‘I don’t have much spare cash so I want to run an idea past you for a present I can give you.’

‘Ok,’ he said with a smile.

‘Well,’ I said, wanting to get the words out in a rush before I backed out, ‘you know when I submit to you….do you ever want to do more? I mean, when you’re alone do you fantasise about doing things with me that you normally wouldn’t consider because you think I wouldn’t like it?’

He looked at me for a long moment, probably doing that man thing where they try to decide if it’s a trap or not.

‘Well we do a lot of things and I’m not pining for anything else,’ he finally said with a grin, ‘but yes, yes I do. Why?’

‘How would you like to be able to do them?’ I asked, as my heart started racing.

‘What do you mean?’ He replied.

‘For your birthday,’ I said quietly. ‘You know I don’t have any spare money and I want to give you something special so I was wondering whether you would like it if I said to you that for your birthday weekend you can do anything you want to me, anything at all, and I won’t say no?’

He sat back and looked me up and down, I could see a bulge forming in the crotch of his shorts and I knew, even though I was only wearing a tiny top and panties, it wasn’t just from looking özbek escort at me.

‘Are you absolutely sure?’ he said. ‘Because what I’ve already just thought of is something you really won’t enjoy.’

‘Well why don’t you tell me what you’ve just thought of and if I simply won’t do it, even as a present, then I’ll think of something else.’

‘Look,’ he said, ‘the thing is, well, you know I love being in charge and getting you to do whatever I want?’

‘Yes babe and I love the things you do to me.’ I replied with a grin, pinching my hard nipple and licking my lips at him.

‘Well you trust me, right? You know that even when it’s painful you’re safe and everything?’

‘Yes…?’ I said, not sure I was liking where this was going.

He shuffled forward on the sofa and held both my hands.

‘I’d really want to take that away from you; that…. comfort. That’s what I would want for my birthday honey. I would like to see real fear and humiliation in your eyes when I make you do things you will hate.’

‘Uh-huh…’ I breathed, acutely aware that my panties were filling with my wetness but unable to look away from his bright, blue eyes.

‘Would you really do that for me Jayme? Would you put yourself through the ringer because I’m a sick old pervert?’

I kissed him, my hands tugging urgently at his shorts before pushing him down onto his back and dragging them down his hairy thighs as his hard, long cock bounced about. Slipping out of my soaked panties I straddled him and in one swift motion, rammed myself down onto his dick and groaned as I felt it stretch me.

‘Leaning forward I started to ride him, sliding up and down his pole while his big strong hands groped my boobs and pinched my nipples as thoughts of being helpless before him flooded through my mind. Soon enough I shuddered and squealed as I came hard and the contractions of my pussy walls tipped him over the edge as within seconds he was grinding my hips down and pumping his cum deep inside me.

Sweaty and spent I kissed him again.

‘What do you think?’ I asked with a smile.


The days passed very slowly between that night and the Friday of Ben’s birthday. I had been, for the preceding couple of weeks, in a constant state of anxiety and horniness and the more I thought about it the more wound up I became.

I had found myself constantly thinking about the phrase ‘real fear and humiliation’ and now, as I was getting ready to meet Ben at his party, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself. All sorts of scenarios were running through my head, none of them pleasant but all of them making me incredibly horny.

He had left specific instructions, I was to be dressed exactly how he wanted and to arrive at the party at 9.30 – he had been there since around 7 – and looking at the outfit he had chosen I figured he wanted me to be the object of attention for a room full of his inebriated mates.

Laid out on the bed were my small clutch purse (into which he had placed a £20 note but no phone, bank card or anything else), a very short, strapless tube dress in thin black cotton and a pair of five inch black platforms.

Nothing else.

Shivering with anticipation I slipped the dress on, realising as I did that the cotton was *very* thin and that you could probably see through it if there was a light behind me. Settling it into place over my small boobs I also realised that even if they were even slightly erect, my long nipples would be clearly visible through the material.

I buckled the shoes around my ankles, noticing with alarm that the hem was so high any bending over would expose me. After a quick check of my make-up in the mirror (heavy mascara and red lipstick to mach my nails) I quickly walked out of the house before my courage failed me.

Ben had insisted that I walk to the bar where his party was being held and I had wondered why but within seconds I realised that this was the start of my ‘present’ to him.

We live on the outskirts of the town centre and the route in was all along busy roads, I fucking hate gormless idiots gawping at me and I lost count of how many open mouthed stares, beeping horns and young guys shouting out of cars I had to endure on my journey in.

I don’t blame them either – which made it worse – my legs were almost totally on display, the heels meant I had to swing my ass when I walked and between the cool breeze and overwhelming attention, my nipples were poking through my dress for the whole journey. Also, as I realised about halfway in, the wind was pushing the thin material of the dress onto my body, meaning that everyone could see every inch of my figure.

The walk was half an hour of feeling totally exposed and very vulnerable, well Ben wanted me afraid and I was but I couldn’t help but be turned on. The exhibitionism, the humiliation and sensation of not being in control had my pussy dripping and after a while every stare or shout sent a shiver up my spine.

I mecidiyeköy escort reached the bar – ‘Sneakers’ – at 9.25 and inevitably the bouncer decided to pat me down for ‘drugs’ before I was allowed in, filthy bastard – running his hands all over me for no reason other than he wanted to cop a feel. Once he was done he directed me to the far end of the place where I could see Ben telling a joke to a very pretty blonde woman who I recognised, with a stab of jealousy, as Eve – another manager at Ben’s work.

I’m 99% sure she desperately wants me to fuck off so that she can to be with Ben. Ben often tells me that she jokes about how young I am and how he should be with a ‘real woman.’ In fact, the one other work do I’ve been to was when I was introduced to her and she immediately hated me – even going so far as to call me a ‘dirty little tramp’ to my face after she’d had a few drinks.

Reaching the table I tried to ignore her nasty stare and the fact she had her hand on Bens leg.

I sat down on Ben’s lap and plonked a big kiss on him, prompting a round of hoots and wolf whistles from the boys around the table as the hem of my dress rode up to my ass cheeks.

‘Happy birthday Honey,’ I said brightly, focussing only on Ben, ‘how is your party going?’

‘It’s all good baby,’ he said with a smile, ‘how was your journey in?’

‘Horrible,’ I said, still smiling.

‘Glad to hear that!’ he laughed. Turning he pointed at a guy I didn’t know. ‘I’d like you to meet Danny; he’s an old friend of mine from school who’s come out for my birthday.’

I looked at him a little more closely, acutely aware he was staring at my obvious nipples, as I had heard the name but had never met the man. He was big and barrel-chested with thick, hairy arms and a belly. His hair was black and slightly receding and there was a few days worth of stubble on his chin. All in all he looked like a bit of an old biker and a pervy one at that, his gaze had dropped to my legs by this point and I was reasonably sure he was trying to peek up my dress.

‘Hello Danny,’ I said to the man who just grinned in reply. ‘Can I get you a drink Ben?’ I asked, forcing a smile onto my face as I turned back to my man.

‘I think you can, we’ll be outside having a cigarette – get one for the Danny as well.’

He motioned to the big man and they got up and walked outside leaving me enduring the judging stare of Eve as she took in what I was wearing.

The bar was busy and several guys ‘accidentally’ brushed up against my bum while I was waiting but soon enough I was served and made my way out to the beer garden where Ben and his friend were smoking in the corner. They were laughing about something when I arrived but neither man felt the need to share the joke with me.

As I joined them I was struck by how big both of them are, it’s something you get used to with Ben but Danny, while shorter, looked like he was actually even wider than Ben, despite his belly.

‘Hey babe,’ Ben said as I carefully handed over the drinks. ‘We were just discussing something, perhaps you can help.’

‘Ok,’ I said, ‘what’s it about?

‘Danny wondering what you were wearing under that dress.’

I looked at him pleadingly as I felt my face flush and my nipples harden. I knew I had to answer but by god it was mortifying, especially with this ugly stranger eying me up.

‘Nothing other than the shoes sir,’ I said quietly after a few seconds, afraid the other people around would hear.

‘See Dan, I told you,’ he said laughing, ‘she’ll do anything I’ll tell her to. Won’t you sweetheart?’

‘Yes sir,’ I said trembling as I realised Ben had told this stranger everything.

‘So,’ Danny said, ‘if you told her to get naked right now she would?’

Ben looked at me expectantly and for the life of me I didn’t know where the words came from, it was like someone else was speaking.

‘Yes sir,’ I said to them, ‘but please don’t make me, I don’t want to get arrested.’

They both laughed at that as I stood there with a pleading look on my face. In truth I knew that I would have done it had Ben told me to, despite the embarrassment. It’s a weird feeling when you are so aroused you would literally do anything, even if you knew the result would be totally humiliating.

‘Why don’t you go inside for a moment fella, let me have a little chat with the missus,’ Ben said with a grin and with an answering smile and a lingering look at my ass Danny departed.

‘Right then Jayme,’ Ben said looking into my eyes, ‘you’ve had a taste; do you really want to go through with this?’

‘Yes sir,’ I replied without hesitation, ‘I want to please you even if I don’t enjoy it.’

He kissed me hard on the lips, taking the opportunity to slide his hand up my dress and feel my naked buttock.

‘You need to understand honey that if you go through with this then I’m pretty sure our relationship will fundamentally change. I’m going to ask you one more time and if you say yes then you azeri escort will have to endure some utterly horrendous things. ‘

‘What sort of things,’ I whispered with my heart hammering in my chest and feeling more than a little out of my depth.

‘Look,’ he said drawing me close, ‘I love you so I’m going to tell you this. I have planned this weekend out, not because I want to break you – I did that, ages ago and you are an amazingly pliable young submissive. No, for my birthday I want to destroy you; mind, body and spirit. You go through with this and on Sunday night, you will be a different person, one I created by putting you through hell. Now, I ask you again, do you really, really want to go through with this? If not we will go back inside and you will just have had a bit of a kinky experience, worn a slutty outfit for my party.’ He smiled reassuringly, ‘Or, of course, you can give me my present and hope for the best.’

I looked into his eyes for a long time, he was being deadly serious and so much of me wanted to just chalk it up to experience and laugh it off. The problem was that there was another part of me, a part that heard the phrase ‘destroy you’ and thrilled.

That was the part that I really shouldn’t have listened to.

I looked into his eyes for what seemed like hours before standing on my tip toes and kissing him.

‘I love you sir,’ I said, seeing the excitement brighten his eyes, ‘and for your birthday I would like you to utterly ruin me.’

‘Good girl,’ he said quietly, before hugging me.

‘Right then honey,’ he said with a grin as he pulled away, ‘there are a few rules you have to follow, fail to do so and I will be very disappointed. Firstly, you are to address anyone you speak to as ‘sir’ or ‘miss’ and secondly, you have to answer any question asked of you with complete and utter honesty. You got that?’

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak.

‘Lastly,’ he continued, ‘anything anyone tells you to do, you do it with no complaints or back-chatter. Now then,’ he continued, ‘what do you think of Danny?’

‘I don’t know him sir,’ I replied, trying against my better judgment to be honest knowing he and Ben had been friends forever, ‘but I don’t like him from what I’ve seen. All he’s done is stare at me and he really isn’t very attractive, looks like he hasn’t washed in ages.’

‘So you don’t find him sexy then?’ Ben asked with a raised eyebrow.

‘No sir,’ I replied firmly.

‘So, if I’ve got this right, the idea of you two, ahem, getting it on would be an unpleasant one for you?’

‘Yes….sir,’ I said with a terrible sinking feeling in my guts. We’d talked about other people joining in with us before but I never thought he was that up for it.

‘Oh,’ he continued, ‘that’s a shame then. Because after I finish talking to you in a few minutes you and Danny are going to leave me to my party – what he does with you after that is totally up to him.’

‘What?’ I said panicking. ‘Please sir, don’t make me do that! I want to be with you sir? Ben? Sir?’

‘I gave you a chance to back out Jayme and you said you were in for the long haul,’ Ben said sternly, ‘well that was your last chance.’ He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me close to him, his face looming down at me even in my heels – making me feel very small and vulnerable.

‘So you,’ he continued, ‘will do as I fucking well say.’ He stepped back again and lowered his voice. ‘Now you need to realise Danny has recently gone through a very nasty divorce so you can imagine his feelings towards women at the moment.’ He held up a finger to stop me from talking. ‘So you are going to do anything he wants, he’s going to have a little fun with you, probably beat on you a little and certainly fuck you a lot but if it helps, think on it as a service, helping out my mate.’ He said the last smiling.

‘How long have you been planning this Sir?’ I asked.

‘Since the morning after you offered this present babe, we’ve been emailing each other for a fortnight. Don’t worry, he knows all about you. I even sent him a copy of that video we made, you know where you were tied up and I forced you to cum over and over.’

‘You….you sent him that video sir?’ I cannot describe the wave of humiliation that washed over me, urgh – the very thought of it.

‘Oh yea and he loved it – said he’s wanked off to it loads of times. Apparently his favourite bit is about fifteen mins in when I zoom in on your face and you are drooling and begging me to turn off the vibrator.’

‘Oh my god,’ I said quietly.

‘That’s not all hon. I’ve also lent him some toys to use tonight if he wants to.’

‘You’ve shown another man a video of me and now you are going to let him fuck me?’ I asked after a moment, my head swimming.

‘That’s not what you should be asking hon. The question is; do you, Jayme, want Danny to fuck you, to use you and cum in you?’

‘No sir,’ I said shakily.

‘Then fuck yea do I want him to have you! Just wish I could watch but some of us have a party to get back to. Don’t worry,’ he said seeing my scared look, ‘I’ll come and get you once he’s finished with you. Now run along and don’t forget to ask him about the video!’

With that he stood up and walked back into the bar without a backwards glance.

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