I Admit It Chapter

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I Admit It Chapter 1

By Shaman

I admit it. I am a dog slut. A couple of weeks ago, I nicknamed myself the Neighborhood Slut. I am 41 years old, 5 ft – 10 brunette, slim and attractive, 36a-34-37. I am very proud of my small, almost nonexistent breast. I look like I’m in puberty. When I’m excited they protrude almost an inch. Two ballooned out three-inch round mountains with extra long hard nipples at the ends. They really get men’s attention when they get hard. Being tiny breasted has never been detrimental. My puffy extra long nipples make up for any loss from size. They are very sensitive and provide loads of pleasure. Rubbing them against the fur of a dog is exhilarating, flooding my pussy with juice.

I haven’t been interested in men for three months. I just can’t get dogs out of my mind. It is effecting my work and my social life. I have trouble concentrating at work from thinking about my nightly exploits. I have all but dropped out of my social circles choosing to walk alleys rather than be with my own kind. It all started from a dog sex experience I had with my neighbor’s dog Max. Since then I have been roaming my neighborhood at night taking on any dog that I can find. I started out being picky, but now I take them all. I have never been in this good of shape. Walking five to six miles plus the work out from six to eight dogs every night. My hips and stomach have really firmed up. Better than any gym has done for me.

By day I am a successful executive in a fortune 500 company. By night I am the flea-infested slut of the neighborhood. At this point I have six pretty steady pooches that service me on a regular basis. I wear a leather buckskin colored skirt that I can flip up and use as a shield against their toe nails, a tight fitting Lycra top that I can feel my nipples through, no panties, and a pair of tennis shoes. The shoes are soaked regularly in my urine so that I can leave a trail for them to follow. I go by and mark their favorite fireplugs, fence post, garage corners or telephone post with my urine and then go to our rendezvous spot in the Neighborhood Park. I don’t have to wait long before one or more of them show up and take turns at me. I have sex with all that come. I feed and caress them when we are done. On weekends I sometimes take one of them home to doctor and make sure they are in good health. During the course of the weekend we f*** like two rabbits. All night long we go at it. If I wake up I am the aggressor and vise versa. In the morning after breakfast we start again. Usually by the end of twenty-four hours we both have had enough of each other and are itching to get back on the street, so I let them go at dark and start my routine.

There is one of my regulars that is my favorite. I named him Big Boy. He is a Heinz 57 variety with a long line of bloodhound in his gene pool. He has big floppy ears and the droopy mouth of a bloodhound and a slender shorthaired body. He must have some Great Dane in his bloodline too. His sex equipment is the size of a Great Dane. His cock is 8 inches to his well-sized knot with 2 inches on the backside. We can really get tied together. His knot is big enough that there is no way we can part for sometime after sex. When his knot is inside me several inches and I can clamp my vagina down on his shaft on the backside of his knot. I squeeze hard around his knot and Big Boy rewards me by pounding the daylights out of my cervix until he shoots his load of hot cum. I enjoy wave after wave of strong orgasms when we get tied like this. When we are back to back and still locked together, every pant of his breath sends another orgasm through my body until he has cooled down from our fucking.

After the regulars work me over, I head out walking the alleys marking likely spots and looking for more dogs to f***. I am getting pretty good at attracting horny males and learning the ways of a dog bitch in heat. Sometimes I find one and watch her to pick up pointers on attracting a good stud enjoying the breeding she takes at some point during the night.

When I am in heat, I bottle my urine for later use. I had to buy a small refrigerator to store my urine bottles in. I found out that dogs don’t respond well to ordinary urine. But they do to urine from when I am having my period. I usually can store enough to last for a month. Once I had to take a day off from work and drink water and pee all day to catch up on my supply.

My routine now is to come home from work at 4:00pm, I eat a quick bite, shower and go to sleep. At midnight my alarm awakens me. After midnight, the alleys in my area are mostly deserted. So I can do almost anything that I want. I get into my outfit and head out to service my regulars and then start walking around. At 4:00 am I return home, shower, have breakfast and head to work. Fortunately, I can work the early flex hours at my office and get home for some rest each day.

I not only take on strays. I treat the neighbor’s dogs too. There is this big husky that I adore. He has two beautiful saffire eyes, a silver blue coat, and large equipment. He just lives a couple of doors down from me. I took him for a long weekend a couple of times. The neighbors came by looking for him and got suspicious when he showed up on Sunday evening clean and well fed. They suspect that someone in the neighbor hood must be taking him. If they only knew the truth about they’re missing dog and me. I’m sure they would not allow me to baby sit him when they leave on trips. So I have resorted to one night stands with him for the moment. I really like his chisel pointed cock. It has almost no taper to it. It is two inches in diameter and feels like a blunt instrument moving in and out of my pussy. Reaming me with every thrust. He can really get all of my erogenous zones working over time. I have noticed that sex with other dogs is more intense for several days after I have had him. If I plan a weekend with one of my studs, I make sure that I have Husky on Thursday night to prepare me for the weekend of fun.

On occasion, I come home for the night and after taking a shower I hear scratching at the back door. Some stray has followed my scent back to my house and is looking for a bitch. Most of the time I can coax them in, when I do they are in for a treat. I’ll take them down to the basement, sprinkle on some urine and get on all fours. It doesn’t take long for them to get revved up and mounting my fine ass for some deep fast strokes on my mound. The other morning, a big black and white spotted dog showed up. He was built for speed. He mounted me going at my cunt like Speedy Gonzales. He had my sparse tits swinging to his blinding thrust and my cervix cooing from the attention. What a treat that fucking was. I hummed all the way to work. I dripped his cum all day. I hoped he would be hanging around when I got home. He wasn’t there, but my intuition tells me he will be back. He licked me affectionately as he was leaving.

Last night I went into an area I had not gone into before. I left some marks in the right places and pretty soon I saw a big Rottwiler coming in my direction. His head was down following my scent. I usually try to find a nook in the alley to get into for my encounters. But this Rot was on me so fast I had no time. He was very bold, sticking his nose in my crotch as soon as he got close. When he picked up the scent he had been trailing he raised up on my shoulders and almost pushed me over. I got on all fours right in the middle of the alley. The moon was bright and I could see our profile in our shadow. Between the image on the ground and the thoughts in my mind of someone seeing us from a distance I had an immediate orgasm. This Rot was very strong. Once I was on all fours he thrust his tongue into my wet pussy lashing at my wetness repeatedly. I guess my scent had really turned him on and he had to drink of it before mounting me. He reared up onto my back and using his front legs pulled my entire body up to meet his cock entering me on the first thrust. He wasn’t built for speed, but his endurance took me to several strong climaxes before he shot me full. He could pound on my cervix holding tension and pressure on it. Was he ever strong. I thought that I was going to cum on every stroke. His balls sack gave me a huge amount of cum. I felt so full and satisfied when he finished. Fortunately his knot went down quickly and we parted company after some passionate kissing. That’s something I picked up from watching other bitches. When they get f***** really well, they spend some extra tongue time with their mate. I hope I can lure him into being one of my regulars. Dog sex with him is almost like rape. He takes control, takes what he wants and gives it his all. He was never brutal or out to hurt me like rape would be.

Last night four of my regulars were waiting on me at our spot. I took all of them on, then fed and played with them all. After the last one left I went to the new area where I found the Rott. In the next alley over I spotted an immense Great Dane. This was a new dog. I didn’t want to loose him. He didn’t bark when I approached, but didn’t approach the gate either. He seemed a little bashful and confused to see a human appear instead of a bitch in heat. I guess the wind was blowing from me to him so he probably already had picked up my scent and new I was approaching before I spotted him. I left some pee and pussy juice on the gate and then went on down the alley. After a few minutes, I could hear him rattling the gate and whimpering. I walked back up the alley. He was at the gate licking at the area where I had left my mark. I petted him and let him get a good smell of me. I turned around, bent over and put my cunt up to the chain link fence. He immediately stuck his nose in my pussy. He started licking me and whimpering. Just as we were getting into a marvelous rhythm, lights started to come on in the house. Lucky for me there was a hedge I could get behind, before I was discovered. The man came into the yard, looked around, scolds the dog and took him indoors. The dog was whimpering and trying to resist. I was hot and ready to go at it and my treat had just been taken away. I was scared of being discovered, but my lust was overtaking my fear. I could see this really big and thick shield hanging under the dog and I was really frustrated not being able to get at him. Before I could think of any way to get involved saving my partner, the man took the dog into the house and left him on the locked porch. I waited awhile and then went into the yard trying to find a way to get him out, but everything was locked. I left in search of another dog, but came up empty handed. By the time I got home, I was so horny I couldn’t sit still. The only thing I could do was take the edge off with my vibrator. It was definitely no substitute for a dog. No wonder I had not used it in months. I went to work with a wet pussy and nothing to satisfy it with. I masturbated at lunch to no avail. I could hardly sleep that evening waiting for midnight. I woke up every hour watching the clock. As soon as my alarm went off, I was already dressed and heading out the door. I wanted to bypass my regulars, but thought better of it. My entire group of regulars showed up and I gave them all a good fucking. I must of cum ten times, but it didn’t phase my lust for the big Dane. I left the group while they were still eating and headed for his alley. As I approached his yard, I could see a light still on in the back bedroom. I huddled there in the dark of the hedge waiting for that damn light to go off. I could see the big Dane by the back door. I rubbed my dripping pussy in anticipation of being with this magnificent Dane until the light went off. I waited another ten grueling minutes before I approached the gate. As soon as he saw me he whimpered and headed for the gate to greet me. I opened the gate and let him follow me down the alley. I knew that I better take him to the park, so that his whimpering wouldn’t wake anyone up. I was so horny by the time we reached the park I could hardly wait. I let him stick his nose in my crotch and lick me once. I eased under him keeping his tongue against my pussy lips and started working on his huge cock. He already had three inches protruding from his sheath. I took him into my wanting mouth. After a few pulsating strokes, there was more of him than I could take down my throat. I suddenly was frightened at his size and wondering if I had made a wrong decision. But my lust took over and I rolled on all fours under his immense body. I rotated my hips upward so that my pussy was positioned for entry. I pushed back opening my cunt lips on the end of his cock. He thrust forward entering me on total instinct. Wow was he big. He had been whimpering the whole time we were licking each other, but when he started humping me, all he could do was pant. He was driving me hard, slapping his big balls against my cheeks. After I knew I could take all of him, I started thrusting my hips back into him as hard as I could. He was filling every nook and cranny of my pussy. It felt so….so good. The end of his cocks was pushing my cervix forward stretching me to my limits. It was painful and at the same time intensely erotic and sensual. I was an orgasm maniac. I must have cum five times in the first two minutes of his thrusting. As soon as my vision would reappear another strong orgasm would build and let go vibrating my whole body. I could hardly stay on my hands and feet. As he felt me wither, he gripped me around the waist and held me suspended over the floor continuing to thrust deeply. As my sensual systems started to even out and let me fully enjoy being royally f*****, I could feel his knot starting to grow. I wanted to desperately tie with him I braced myself against the bench in front of me and slammed my pussy into his thrust. We held our opposite pressures on my pussy until his knot slipped into my cunt. I came immediately, one huge glorious peaking orgasm that kept vibrating inside me for two minutes. He was starting to slow down, so I clamped my vagina down on his knot and he started thrusting again. He could only move about two inches inside me now and the rest of his thrust moved my whole body back and forth. I don’t know how I was holding his entire enormous shaft with that big knot, but I managed. He slowed his thrusting signaling that he was going to cum. I knew he would make one rapid thrust marking the beginning of his orgasm. When he did I slammed my pussy back at him. He howled and let me have the full fury of his balls. He felt like a hot fire hose inside me. Pulsing and squirting inside me over and over again. I didn’t think he was ever going to stop. I really didn’t want him to stop. I felt my stomach extend as he blew up my vagina with his sperm. Not a drop passed his knot. It was glorious. When he finally pulled out of me I ate as much of his cum as I could get on my hands. We lay together in the park for a long time not moving. I had planned to take him twice, but I don’t think either of us was up to it. I slowly got up and took him back to his yard. We kissed and nuzzled at the gate and I promised him to return. I walked very slowly back to my house. By the time I got home, I was in ecstasy. I showered and went to work. I was leaking his cum from my pussy so I had to wear a pad all day. Whenever I went to the bathroom I would smell and taste him on the pad. I couldn’t wait to go home and see him again. I drove by the house on the way home hoping to get a look at him in the daylight. He wasn’t in the yard. I had goose pimples on my skin by midnight when I left the house. I went by and fed my regulars and continued on to his yard. My heart skipped a beat when I saw him on the porch. I crept in and found the porch locked tight. I couldn’t believe it. They had taken him away from me. We kissed through the screen. He started whimpering and pacing. He was making so much noise that the light came on trapping me in the yard. I bent down and eased to the corner of the house just as the light on the porch came on. He scratched at the screen and the man let him out. He said he better quite down or he would be put in the house. As soon as the light went out the dog came around the corner and found me. He nosed my pussy and gave me a really good licking. We stayed there, licking and caressing each other until things settled down and then we left for the park. I had to stop several times on the way and let him lick me. I was really worked up. I laid across the bench on my back opening my legs to allow him full access to my dripping snatch. He dove in with his tongue. After a few minutes of intense licking inside my cunt, I was close to cumming. I stopped him and brought him over me on the bench so I could get my mouth on his wonderful cock. I got him really hot and bothered and then guided him back to where his cock was lined up with my pussy. I raised my cunt upward placing my lips directly in front of his cock. As soon as he felt my flesh on the end of his shaft he pushed forward gently entering me. He stroked slowly until he had his entire length inside my pussy and then he started picking up speed and intensity. We replayed every detail of last night’s adventure. We did manage to treat each other twice. We were totally exhausted by the time I got him back to his yard. The sun was coming up when I got to my back door. I was really glad it was Saturday. I slept till noon, dreaming of Danes.

After several weeks of enjoying sex with the huge Dane, I continued to make my way through this new area of my neighborhood. I located four new partners in the process. All of them were excellent lovers taking me to multiple orgasms. As I made my way, it became apparent that it was too far to take my partners to the park anymore. There just wasn’t enough time to get there, have our pleasures and return. I needed another hideout for our adventures. The neighborhood backed onto a large wooded area. I don’t know how big, but I figured that it went to the river three miles away. I found a spot just inside the edge of the woods. It was away from any trails, had some brush surrounding it that hid the small clearing well.

It was my fourth trip into the woods that I first spotted him. I just caught a glimpse of a dog shape moving in the trees watching the two of us fucking. On the next trip, my partner could smell him. He had marked that area. My partner was uncomfortable and couldn’t settle down. We moved back into the alley emptying into the woods and had a great time. When my partner trotted off down the alley, I could see this dark dog looking at me from the woods. I approached him to see if I could make contact. I was intrigued by this peeping Tom. When I got close I could see that this was a wolf not a dog. He wasn’t afraid of me at all. He kept his keen eyes locked with mine. It was almost hypnotic. I lost what fear I had of wolves. I got close and spilled some urine and wiped my hand through my pussy and smeared it on the urine soaked spot on the tree. I moved back to see what he would do. He moved up from the woods and took several long sniffs at my odor. The way he moved his body told me that he liked what he was smelling, but didn’t quite know what to make of a human leaving her scent on a tree for him. I dropped down on all fours trying to indicate to him that I was not a threat. He moved cautiously toward me and I did the same. I met him like I had seen other dogs meet, first standing side by side so that your sex parts could be sniffed and then moving back to face each other and go nose to nose. This move worked perfectly. He sniffed and then stuck his nose between my legs getting a small taste of my essence. I looked between his legs spying a nice large shield. When we went nose to nose, I licked him vigorously on the mouth. He tentatively gave me a lick. He backed away and circled me several times ending up sniffing and licking my pussy. His tongue was wonderful. I opened my legs inviting him to continue. He backed away again and trotted off into the woods. I saw him turn and howl before he disappeared into the night.

Being the slut I am here was another conquest. My imagination started painting a picture of this cunning wild animal with all of his raw taking me. I shuttered at the thought and knew then I had to mate with Wolf. On the way home, I started playing out a strategy. The next afternoon, I took a walk in the woods. There were a number of trails, both human and animal. Wherever I could spot his sign, I left some urine marking my interest in him. I never spotted him, nor did I find any signs of other wolves in the area. He probably was on his own. I left for home and rested until midnight. At midnight I made my way back into the woods on a trail I new he frequented more than the others. I myself was in heat. I left some fresh pee and some juices from my period. I wasn’t wearing any protection, so I left a trail with the juices running down my leg and dripping on the ground as I walked back to my spot. All of this was making me really horny. I sat in the middle of my spot silently waiting. A couple of hours had passed and I was on the verge of giving up when I heard a distant howl. It came from the direction I had left my trail, so I knew he had discovered my scent. The first indication I received of his presence was his panting that I could hear from the darkness beyond the edge my spot. I quickly got on all fours and moved around. I could hear him in the brush circling me. Then I heard him getting closer to me, closer yet, then I could feel his hot breath on my backside. I whined in pleasure of his closeness. He came up beside me and looked deeply into my eyes. I could sense the question in his mind. Who is this human that is interested in me? He backed up sniffing and licking at my wetness. I whimpered my pleasure opening my legs to invite him to mount me. He came back around to my face and I started licking him profusely. He still seemed tentative. I rotated around and stuck my pussy into his face. He breathed deeply and I felt him move to get on my back. He mounted and I positioned my cunt to take his shaft. He was already pumping so I guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy. He entered me and started driving to find the bottom of my wetness. He was so hot. Hotter than a dog. He was a magnificent lover. He was very deliberate with his thrust sensing my pleasure zones. He would stroke and thrust in a pattern that brought me close to climax, then he would change the pattern applying pressure to other areas of my vagina letting me calm down and then he would move back to bring me close to orgasm again. We were at it about fifteen minutes when I could feel his knot growing at the entrance to my pussy. I opened my legs further and pressed back indicating that I wanted him to thrust his knot into me locking us gloriously together. He pumped deeply for a couple more minutes, then applied pressure to my pussy squeezing his knot slowly into my vagina. It was so deliberate and sensual that I came when my vagina locked on the other side of his knot. Wolf started thrusting deeply again. The intensity of his stokes started to gain momentum that I knew would bring him to climax. I started matching his strokes elevating his pleasure. Soon I could feel his knot getting engorged inside me and his cock was pressing firmly against my cervix. Sex hikayeleri He shot his load as we climaxed together. He was all that I had hoped.

When we untied, I ate his cum and licked and loved on him indicating my pleasure. He really tasted good, almost sweet. He licked me once and headed back into the woods.

The next night I marked my trail and continued to walk the woods leaving a trail from the fluids draining from my pussy. I heard him howling in the distance. I howled in return. I waited and heard his howls getting closer. When I heard him close I started running, playing hard to get. He was on my trail and soon over took me. Running behind me he nipped at my skirt. When I didn’t stop, he grabbed my waist with his front legs and rode me to a stop. I went down on my hands and knees. He immediately went after my pussy. After licking me he mounted me and started thrusting into me with a fury. I responded by matching his thrust and pushed his knot into me immediately. I was full of his cock wanting for him to punish my pussy for running from him. He sensed my desire and started to really pound my cunt. I had never been pounded like the one Wolf was giving me. I enjoyed every minute of it. When he emptied himself into me I had another strong orgasm from his pounding. He stayed with me for a long time, licking and caressing each other before we split up.

This became our routine from then on. I would mark a trail. Then try to hide from him. Of course I was always found. Sometimes, I would set up a back track trail like a wild animal that is being chased. As he passed, I would lunge out of the darkness at him. He would growl and become the aggressor. I would become submissive and he would have his way with me, rewarding me thoroughly for my cleverness.

Since we were outside of the neighborhood, my adventures were no longer limited to nighttime. I would meet up with him and we would play our games during the daytime. On several occasions we had to hide from people walking the trails. This added to the excitement of our relationship. On one occasion, I could hear some kids approaching. We were in the middle of an intense encounter when they got really close. We were locked together. We remained motionless for a good ten minutes while these three boys stood there boasting to each other before they moved on down the trail. They were so close I could have spit on one of them. It was so exciting; I had an orgasm right then and there biting my tongue to not make any noise. When they left we finished our fucking bringing Wolf to a huge climax. He emptied into me for minutes. I loved every hot squirt of his cum. When he released me, I clamped down to close my pussy and inserted a tampax to save as much cum as I could. I loved the feel of his cum inside me. So Hot. When I got home and no longer felt the heat of his cum, I emptied into a small glass and drank every last bit of cum I could get my mouth on. I licked the glass until it was squeaky clean.

Needless to say Wolf and I are very close. We have our adventures at least three times a week. I want to lure him to my house for long weekend of continuous sex, but so far I have only gotten him to the park. I’ll get there it is just going to take time.


I have to admit it; I’m still a dog slut. After sixteen months of lovemaking with almost every dog in the near vicinity, I’m still totally wanton of nothing but dogs. I have cut myself off socially from people with the exception of friendships that I have made with other women that love dogs in the same way that I do. I cherish my relationship with Wolf. He and his pack are still one of my main attractions.

Since the first story explaining my slutty dog exploits, I have continued my nightly escapades. I continually widen the circle that I cover satisfying my desire for new lovers. I can’t cover it all anymore in one night, neither can I service all my lovers in one night. I have actually gone to a quadrant system, taking one night for each quadrant and one night for Wolf. I am on the verge of having to split it again into five or six slices. You can’t imagine how horny my dog friends are after waiting four nights before I can get back to them. The up side is I really get hammered by all of them. They are so full of cum, I am drenched every night and my pussy leaks all the time. Thank goodness for pads. My skin, my hair and my body profit from all of this cum. Like Nan says in her stories, the hormones in dog cum mix very well with female hormones. My body has never been is such good condition. My skin glistens with the moisture and oils that escape through the pores. My hair is thicker and a richer color than a year ago. There are so many benefits.

It is so fantastic now! I have so many lovers. I mean out and out lovers. We kiss, pet, play around and especially make very passionate love to each other. I average about fifteen lovers a night on weeknights. Over twenty on the weekends. Many weekend mornings the first rays of the sun are coming up when I enter my rear yard gate ending the night.

The lovers that can’t wait four days show up at my gate about the time I get up from my evening sleep. I have a doggie door so they can come into the yard through the gate. I bring them in the house feed, doctor and play with them. Then give them a roll in the hay before they leave. That’s always a good start to the evening.

I know that most people would have a hard time understanding my lust for dogs, but I can’t help myself. The more I have the more I want. I love to service all of the ones I have, but finding and taking new ones is a priority. I just love the conquest. Teaching a new dog to respond and make love to a woman is a real trip. The ones that are harder to get going are the ones that I enjoy the most. So the area keeps getting larger and the numbers keep growing. Some dogs go back to their own kind after the newness wears off, but most stay with me. They really like fucking a woman. They get so electrically charged by my wanton desire. I don’t turn down their advances and will do anything they want. In this mood they really get cranked up sexually licking my pussy and shoving their hot cocks into me. Some of them get on and off in disbelief, only to get on again and shove me full of their cocks. They get into this pattern until the instant that their cocks touch my pussy lips they start shooting their loads. Others just stay at me and fill me up. Dismount and lick me only to get on again and pound them selves into another orgasm filling me once more. Doing this until they are exhausted. Sex drives their behavior completely. I love watching it and being a part of it.

I have met some really nice women through my encounters with their pets. Most of them are married and keep their doggie relationship hidden from their spouse. So their dog lover sleeps in the backyard. I find their lover and get serviced by him too. When I get laid by one of their dogs, I can usually tell. I usually get caught at some point with my skirt up and my tail in the air when they sneak out late at night to have a roll with their pet. They are surprised when they find me getting it on with their lover. After the initial shock we usually become fast friends. I offer them a place to come and hang out with their dogs that is not so sneaky. Twice a month I arrange a dog orgy with multiple women and pets. Other times they just drop by while out for a walk with their pet and spend some time in one of my specially equipped bedrooms. They are not so apprehensive and tense once they see how many other women and in some cases their friends are enjoying dog love.

Wolf and I are lovers for life. I’ve managed to get him to my home on several occasions. He stays for several days until we can’t get it on any more. I usually take time off, so we are together continuously until he decides to leave. I roam the house naked and he mounts me whenever he wants, day or night. One of my favorite times with Wolf is when I’m having my period. He really gets turned on. He mounts me over and over again, each time filling me with his sperm. We both get so tired. He mounts me thrusting at my pussy until he empties his load and then we sleep together until he can do it again. This usually goes on for three to four days before he is totally exhausted and he has to leave for us to get some rest.

Wolf understands my need for multiple partners and doesn’t object. I now want to experience more of his kind. I can’t get the image of being surrounded by a pack of sex-frenzied wolves taking turns emptying their sperm into my body out of my mind. Every time I have this thought I have to masturbate it out of my conscientious. If I am at work I leave my desk and head to the restroom. I sit in one of the stalls, close my eyes and dream about one of my wolf gangbang stories while I masturbate. My evenings after one of these moments are extra special. I’m so horny that I turn very aggressive and go after my lovers with intense desire. They sense it and really give my pussy a workout.

I have learned so much from Wolf. I’m convinced that I can contact other wolves. So I’m going to leave for a four-week trip and see if I can get gang banged by a pack of wolves in the wild. I hope that my skills are good enough to make contact. I’ve spent time on the Internet researching wolf habitat and other information to lead me to a highly populated area. Montana is the state with the largest wolf population, so I’m heading there first. I have all my gear together and I will leave tomorrow. It’s early fall so school is in session. I don’t think that there will be many people around. I don’t want to feel restricted.

I land in Billings and I’m off to the west down I90 to Livingston, then south on 89 to Corwin Springs near Yellowstone. I arrived late in the afternoon and got my camp site set up down a dead end road about two miles outside of the official camp ground. No one was in the camp when I went through so I feel like I will be alone. That’s critical for my exploits. I set up camp and rested until 10:00pm. As the sunsets I take off on my first encounter mission. The coyotes are howling and in the distance I hear the mournful howl of a wolf. By dark I have found lots of sign and marked several spots with my urine. I’ve left a urine trail from these marks back to a small clearing where I will wait for them to come. I am prepared to spend the entire night here waiting if I have to. About 1:30am I start to hear wolf chatter in the distance at one of the places I marked. At 2:00am I can hear them circling the clearing. I make small whimpering sounds mimicking the females in Wolf’s pack and eventually a young male enters the clearing and circles me. On my knees I maintain eye contact with him and then turn and invite him for a closer look by turning my ass toward his face. He flashes in for a quick smell and then backs away. I crouch down to the ground and intensify my whimpers signifying that I am a willing female. He is still cautious but continues to circle slowly. After a few minutes three more males enter the clearing and begin circling. I keep low to the ground and the three close in and smell my pussy and back off. Finally the oldest looking one moves in placing his nose deep between my legs. In my low position I am fully open to his advances. He sniffs for several seconds plunging the length of his snout into my open pussy. He gives me one long luscious lick with his tongue. He turns around and departs from the clearing, the others following. A much larger and older male appears briefly in the clearing just as the others leave. He gives me one glance and backs away. I hear about fifteen wolves leave the area and I know that I’m done for the night. I go back to camp. I eat and read for the remainder of the night. The next morning I go to bed and sleep till the late afternoon. The weather is beautiful here. Cloudless skies, balmy temperatures and a full moon, just perfect for being naked in the woods. My timing couldn’t have been better. My period started when I got up this afternoon. That should give this pack something to get worked up over. I collect as much urine as I can produce. At 10:00pm I start my routine again. I marked the same spots and then went to my clearing. At 1:30am the pack showed up again. This time all of the males came in the clearing at once. I was frightened by the overall show of aggression and excited at the same time by the number of mature males in this pack. Their numbers were eight. Three of them were the oldest, two were middle aged and three were younger. They were all very handsome. The three oldest ones had deep chest and what I hoped was large equipment. I wanted to find out ASAP. I crouched down and whimpered my best imitation of a female in heat. The alpha male came in first and took a long deep sniff of my pussy and backed away. They all in a hierarchy did the same thing. Each one lingering for the smell, but not staying any longer than the alpha male. I think that they were still trying to figure out why this female woman was offering herself to them. The alpha male came in again, this time taking his time to get a good smell and licking the dripping juices from my cunt. His long thick tongue went deeply into my cavity and I whimpered for more. He stayed at it quite awhile and then backed off. This time the youngest came in. He smelled and licked me and then mounted me. I think he was the guinea pig. I didn’t move and let him search my rear with his penis until he made an entry. I pushed back at him driving his penis to his balls and after just a few strokes I could feel his sperm filling me. He backed off quickly and the alpha male came in smelling me and the sperm left behind by the youngest male. He mounted me and entered me with a rapid thrust. I pushed back sinking his knot inside my pussy. This drove him to pull back sharply until his knot was outside and he began to rapidly thrust into my waiting pussy. His penis was a really good size. Long and big in diameter. I guessed that he didn’t want to get locked to me this first time. I matched every thrust to keep him buried until I felt his penis enlarging and his sperm begin to jet into my pussy. It was so hot. I had a wonderful orgasm lasting until he pulled out of me. The other two large wolves took turns at me and then they left. What a pity, I was just getting warmed up. Maybe tomorrow night I can have some fun with them all. I cleaned up a little and crossed the small valley to another likely spot on the other side.

On top of the ridge, I found markings from another pack. I proceeded into their area marking several spots and spending the remainder on the night waiting in a clearing well inside their territory. At an hour before dawn they arrived. This group of males was quite noisy. They all burst into the clearing at once. What a sight to see. There were fifteen of them. Seven larger alpha males and then an assortment of younger ones down to a few that were probably one year old. Some of these wolves looked to have Husky blood in them. There were several that had a bright blue eye I could see in the moonlight. They were much larger than the others. They circled and chatted among themselves sniffing the air in the clearing. They could smell the other wolves on my skin and from the cum leaking from between my legs. They didn’t approach and after a few minutes left.

I returned to my camp, cleaned up and spent the morning drinking water and collecting urine. I awoke about 8:00pm to the sound of animal footsteps outside my tent. I opened the flap and saw three of the wolves from the first pack near my tent. I eased out of the tent on all fours and approached them as a willing female. They approached, gave me some greeting licks and trotted off into the woods in the direction of the clearing. I followed them up a trail and into a ravine, which from the signs was their home area. After about a mile we came onto a den with other females and their young. I couldn’t believe that they had invited me to their home ground. I got on all fours as I entered the area. The other females came to smell me. I still had the scent of the males on me from last night and none of them protested. I played with some of the pups waiting to see what would be next. Shortly after dark, the rest of the males arrived. They had two kills with them. The females and pups greeted them and hungrily ate at the offerings the males had brought. The alpha male approached me. I was on all fours and I took a very low position and whimpered to him. He greeted me with kisses to the face and I returned with kisses of my own… My period was running down my legs by this point, so I knew he and the others had picked up my scent. The alpha turned to my rear and stared to sniff and lick my wetness. He howled with the renewed taste of my essence… He licked me for a long time bringing me to a fitful orgasm. I relished his tongue. It was very long and he had already learned how to push the entire length deep into my pussy and wipe over my clit. He moved away and as the night before the youngest approached and mounted me first. This young one was a great thruster. He was not real fast, but he had a powerful jerk. He would pull almost his entire tool out of my pussy and then rapidly jam it all the way in until he bottomed out grinding his knot against my clit. He worked hard for about ten minutes and then blew his sperm into me with a howl. The others joined in his howling. One after the other the males took turns fucking me hard. All of them except the three alpha males. This was curious to me, but my mind was on giving each of these males a good fucking. I tried to lock with them, but each time I forced their knot into my vagina they would pull out, so I learned that they were not allowed this pleasure. After each of the younger males had taken me several times and had all laid down in exhaustion did the three large males move into action. These three were gorgeous males. Sleek and powerful. I had several orgasms during the bout with the younger ones, but the sight of these large males revitalized my passions. They had all been turned on by the action going on in front of them. Their penises were extended out of the sheath and their knots were partially enlarged. The first of them approached and mounted me thrusting rapidly to finds it’s mark. He entered my wet pussy with ease and buried his tool to the hilt. It really felt hot and very large compared to the younger ones. He stroked deeply, keeping his length buried inside me. He was great at grinding the end of his penis against the opening to my cervix. I could feel the hole in the end of his penis pushing over the protruding entrance. I hoped that I could lock him over it at the right time and let him blast my uterus and ovaries full of his sperm. After what seemed to be an hour, I could sense that he wanted to lock me up but couldn’t get his knot inside me. I leveraged myself against the ground, relaxed my pussy, and thrust rearward as he pushed forward. It hurt as his huge knot entered, but after it was in it was a wonderful experience. He howled as his knot entered my vagina. He really got into high gear thrusting rapidly. I was so full with his tool. I relaxed letting him grind and move to the fullest extent that my pussy could take. When I felt his penis start to enlarge for the final surge, I forced the hole in his cock over the protruding entrance to my cervix and then clamped down on his tool behind the knot with all my might. I could feel the protrusion disappear into the canal of his penis. The thought of what was about to happen to my uterus sent me into a violent orgasm. This big boy continued to pound at me as his penis continued to enlarge. I was so full that my entire vagina and cervix were just moving around inside my body taking his thrust rather than his penis moving in and out of them. I had never experienced this before. With a final lung he emptied his balls into my uterus. I could feel the hot fluid fill my cervix and surge up into my tubes. I had another orgasm as his jism spurted repeatedly into me. Nothing escaped. It was along time before he finally pulled free with a noticeable pop. The others howled and danced around at the sound.

The next large male didn’t waste any time mounting me. This guy had a hugely big diameter cock, but it wasn’t as long the first. He was a rapid thruster. He was rubbing heartily at my g-spot and after a few minutes I had a g-spot orgasm. My cum spurted all over his tool. I howled as the last streams of electricity ran through my muscles. All of the other females howled in unison and seemed excited by my reactions to their male lovers, yelping and dancing around. This invigorated me and I thrust backward hard forcing his knot deep into my vagina. When I did I trapped him like I had his brother and held him against the opening of my cervix while he shot wave and wave of cum into every crevice of my being. He finally dismounted with a loud pop and I laid onto the ground for a rest. After a few minutes the alpha male straddled over me. As I rose to my knees he entered me with one long thrust of his hips burying his tool inside my pussy. If I thought that the others were large, I had a big surprise. This alpha was not only the strongest of the pack, his equipment was enormous. Not that I minded in the least, it just surprised me. I don’t think that I have had a Great Dane any larger that this guy. The lips of my pussy were completely stretched to the maximum with just the diameter of his penis. I could tell with his first thrust he was planning to be at me for a long time. He wasn’t in it for a short ride. He thrust deeply and with authority, but had a pace that would keep him on the brink of blowing me full forever. He was a fantastic lover. He rubbed my g-spot until my whimpers were turning into howls then he would back off and apply pressure to the opening of my cervix, then on to my clitoris. He kept making rounds building my excitement and then backing off and building again using another erogenous zone. Finally, when I had just about had all I could take, I ground my g-spot on his tool and spurted what must have been a quart of cum all over him. That orgasm was so satisfying. I howled and howled. The entire group of females and pups sang with me. I wish I had this on video. Next trip I will try to manage it. As the last of the electricity from my orgasm raced through my body, I used the energy to help me push hard against his huge knot. I was over come with the desire to lock with him that the pain felt like an orgasm as I pushed his knot through the lips of my vagina and into my waiting canal. I looked under myself and could see the outline of his knot bulging from my belly just above my pelvic arch. As we moved back and forth I could watch the bulge progress up my belly and bottom out on the arch of my pelvis on its return. The sight of this drove my lust to new heights. I was totally consumed by loving this alpha. I would take anything that he gave me and howl with delight. Watching the bulge in my belly move up and down with his thrust brought me off three more times before he emptied himself in me. As his time neared He found the entrance to my cervix and buried the hole in his penis over the opening. When he climaxed, I felt the pulses shooting up into my tubes. He was so hot. Sikiş hikayeleri I could feel every ounce of his sperm as it exited his cock. When he finally released me he continued to stand over me and I moved down taking his penis in my mouth and caressing and cleaning every inch. The other females cleaned my pussy.

For the next twenty-four hours I was not allowed to leave. In between sleeps, the three large males continued to mount me and fill me with their glorious sperm. Several times I had an opportunity to start the lovemaking by getting my mouth on their tools. I was exhausted when I left, but I was filled to overflowing with satisfaction. This first experience was more than I had allowed my imagination to hope for.

I rested the next day. Reading and collecting urine. That evening I headed across the valley over the ridge to my next conquest, hoping that I could coax them into an orgy tonight.

As soon as I topped the ridge I started leaving a trail. I didn’t mark any particular spots; I just kept my tennis shoes soaked with urine so I was leaving a good trail. I moved deeper into their territory in the direction the pack had gone when they left me three nights before. I heard a howl in the distance and changed course slightly to intercept. As I got close to the spot where the howl had emanated from, I could hear footsteps behind me and in front of me. I got on all fours and howled softly, whimpering at the end. Within seconds there were five of the males alongside me sniffing and pushing their noses into my pussy. The oldest one mounted me and thrust his penis into my pussy with ease. With rapid thrust he emptied his balls after a couple minutes and then in order they each did the same. After they all finished with me, we kept moving forward down a small trail and then off into a ravine like before. Near the end of the ravine, I spotted several dens and a large gathering of females and pups. They all congregated around the males as we arrived and sniffed at me until they could smell the marks of the other males on my body, then they greeted me with licking and kissing. I gladly returned their caresses.

When the rest of the pack returned, I was the center of attention. The entire group of males surrounded me and proceeded to push their snouts and tongues into my pussy over and over again. You can’t imagine the intensity of excitement that you can generate with fifteen males constantly at your erogenous zones. When one male was finished another would replace his snout as I was traded off between them. I had an orgasm on about the third snout and just kept riding the same high through the rest of them. You can almost go into emotional overload. What a trip I was on. Like with the other pack, they started with the youngest working up to the five senior males. Only these five guys locked me up. I wish all of them had, but that was their practice. When it came time for the alpha male to mate me, I was really turned on by all the attention that my pussy had received… He was sitting with his large penis extended from the excitement. I crawled over to him and caressed his sheath and took the head of his penis in my mouth. His precum was very tasty. After a few stokes his knot was enlarging and I turned my pussy into his face and whimpered repeatedly. He rose and moved over me. I arched my back under him grasping his tool with my hand and thrusting the end of it into my wetness. He responded by burying everything that he had in me. His penis, his knot, everything. I could feel his ball sack against my ass and the hair on his sheath pressing into my pussy lips. I thought that I would loose it right then, but I held on. I wanted to f*** this alpha male till he howled to be let free. He was part husky. He had one sapphire blue eye and the other was a dark blue… His face was large with silver blue fir. He was quite a handsome wolf for the wilds. I guess a Husky had gotten loose in the past and passed on his genes to this pack. Several of the females were also blessed with his gene pool standing 6 inches taller than the others and having a single blue eye. His equipment was nice size; not as big as the one last night, but large enough to completely fill me. We ground our parts together intently for a while. He was not as experienced as the other alpha, but after I showed him the way with my hips he caught on and began to enjoy the lovemaking as much as I. His knot would squeeze in and out of my pussy, so we would grind the head of his penis against my cervix. This would put his knot deep inside me and bury his hairy sheath inside the opening to my vagina. It felt so good to have his rough hair rubbing inside me. On occasion I could feel the hair on my g-spot. Every time it brushed across it I would get a discharge of electricity running up and down my spine and through my legs. The tingling in the lips of my pussy was continuous. This is why I like dogs and wolves so much. Every one of them is different, bringing something new to the sexual experience. I have never been bored under a dog. I began to feel his knot grow so I started shoving hard, increasing the depth of his thrust penetrating my insides. I clamped on his shaft and buried his hole as the first blasts of cum found their way into my uterus and up into my tubes. This guy was extremely hot. Hotter than I had ever felt. I could feel his cum blasting through my tubes and running down the insides of my body. I had this pool of hot cum resting on the inside of my tummy muscles. One thing about Huskies, they can fill you over and over with cum. This guy kept shooting for ten minutes. I had several orgasms during the flooding this guy was giving me. He couldn’t completely lock me up, but I maintained my lock on his penis so I could get all of him and continue to work on him. He was whimpering when I released him. He lay down in front of me. I howled and buried his cock in my mouth to lick him clean. I stayed with this pack for two days, making love to all that I could arouse. I only left because I was so famished and dehydrated… It took a day and a half to recuperate.

That evening I located the first alpha male and his pack and made love to him again before I left. It was as intense as before. The next day while I packed my camp the youngest male showed up. I had a good time caressing and kissing him. I rewarded him with a goodbye f***. He locked with me this time and seemed quite pleased that he could do this. In a few years he would be quite the lover.

I moved my camp to the southwest. I backtracked to Livingston, then turned northwest on I90 to Belgrade, then south on 191 to a camping area adjacent to Hebgen Lake. This lake is on the west side of Yellowstone. I read that a lot of animals come out of the park to winter and have their young around the lake, so the wolves would congregate here. Along the way I noticed a number of coyotes. They seemed to be more wary of humans than the wolves had been, but I am determined to take one on. I made my camp near the base of a hill. In front of the hill was a stream and open country with ravines running through. Behind the camp was mountain terrain. On the other side of the mountain is Lake Hebgen. That evening I could hear both coyotes on the plain and wolves in the mountains. I decided to see what I could do with the coyotes first. I walked slowly through the plain until I came upon a ravine that showed signs of use. I slipped off into the ravine and marked several locations and then walked around with my shoes saturated in urine. I exited the ravine and waited at the top of the bank. After about an hour a lone coyote crossed my trail and came out of the ravine. He was cautious, but didn’t run off. He could smell me in the wind and my whimpers kept him interested. I tried to get close to him and kiss his face, but he backed away. So I lie on the ground and spread my legs to let my full aroma hit his sensitive nose. Once the odors landed on his nose he howled and came in to investigate me. He slowly placed his snout into my pussy and licked at me. As long as I was perfectly still he would stay at me and lick. If I moved, he would back off. I think that the wolf sperm still leaking from my pussy kept him from running. After about a half an hour he let me touch him. I got him to move close enough that I could caress his penis with my hands. I had it completely out of its sheath and slowly worked my head under his belly. I took him in my mouth and gave him the first blowjob of his life. He shot his load in my mouth. His cum was sweet to the senses and had good volume. I really wanted his cock inside me, but I couldn’t coax him to mount me. He slipped away into the night. I returned to camp and made a circle through the mountain area finding signs of at least three packs of wolves. This was going to be a great site. I left my calling card and returned to camp an hour after dawn. I slept through the day and woke at almost dark when a gentle rain shower came by. I stood in the rain and took a bath. Not with soap, but let the rain wash me off. I didn’t want to loose the wild scents my wolf partners had left behind. Although my bed sheets were getting dirty, I hadn’t changed bed linens or my cloths. I loved the smells of my wolf partners and the dried cum on the sheets. After a huge dinner, I started out to contact the coyote again. I went into the same area and left my urine trail, returning to the same spot where I had made contact. I wasn’t there more than fifteen minutes and my coyote friend arrived. He was still panting from being on a dead run to catch me. We kissed immediately and he howled a welcoming note to the night. He went straight for my crotch, not being cautious at all this time. I got in a 69 position and got his penis out of its sheath and took his cock in my mouth again. He became erect with my advances and I was getting rather turned on myself. I could feel the juices running out of my cunt. I rolled over and got on my knees with my pussy open and up in the air. He never let his nose leave my lips through my position change. I grabbed his front paws and placed him on my back. This started a natural hunching action, but I couldn’t get him close enough to enter me. He slid off and continued to lick my wetness. I let him go awhile and to my amazement he mounted me and started to thrust. I used my left hand to guide him to my entrance and got him started. As soon as the end of his penis felt my pussy, he slid his hips forward and pushed his tool all the way in. It felt great to have him inside me. I lowered the position my hips to give him maximum power with his legs. When I did he drove his knot home and started to pick up his rhythm. I had him locked inside me, but his knot moved forward and backward inside me. It felt wonderful as it stretched my vagina. His pace quickened after about five minutes and he howled as he emptied his ball inside me. His volume was quite large for such a small body, gushing out and running down the insides of my thighs. I had a great orgasm as the shots of jism left the end of his penis. He pulled out and lay down beside me. I rolled on my back and watched the stars appear in the east. After a short time he was up and licking me again. I could see his penis glistening in the moonlight. I rolled on my knees. As I arched my back, he jumped on me and drove his cock into my cum wet pussy with one motion. His pace was really intense this time and after just a couple of minutes he emptied himself again. I was just getting revved up when he shot his load. I was disappointed, but was enjoying the feel of his cum shots exploding inside me. He shot for a long time and seemed to release more sperm this time than before. I licked up as much of it as I could off my thighs. He dismounted, licked my face and disappeared into the night. I returned to camp, had some water and a light snack and headed up the mountain trail.

After about thirty minutes on the trail, I came across an area full of wolf sign. I left my mark on several trails leading from the small clearing and proceeded up the trail that went straight up the mountain. An hour from the clearing I could hear the wolves down below me. From what I could gather from their chatter they had discovered my scent. I sat down and listened. After what sounded like a conference, I could hear their paws pounding on the trail. I moved upward looking for a flat spot that would afford a location where I could make contact. I found a small flat spot about one hundred yards further up the trail. I dropped more urine around the perimeter and sat in the middle waiting. Thirty minutes later I caught glimpse of flashing eyes in the moonlight. I got on all fours and started whimpering. They moved in fast and began circling. I could see them stop and smell my urine-marked spots and lick their noses, tasting me. I put my chin near the ground hiking my ass into the air and opened my legs wide to let my odor release into the night air. There was hardly any wind and after a few minutes, my essence filled the clearing. I could see an almost continuous circle of wolves pacing around me. These guys looked huge. They had a different attitude than the packs I engaged with earlier. I think that these guys coming from the park were more natural. They seemed uninhibited and aggressive in a different way. I was a little frightened, but at this point I couldn’t back out. The first warm nose hit my pussy when I least expected it. I tightened on his nose and he just pushed it in further. He gnawed at my leather skirt. I guess the scent of the coyote was on me and he didn’t like it. When he couldn’t tear it off he went back to licking me. Another nose hit my wetness and the two of them gave me quite a licking. When the entire coyote scent was gone, one of them mounted me and the other tugged at my leather skirt. His penis entered me quite easily after all the licking I had gotten. He slammed his entire tool including his knot into me and started roughly ramming his entire length home stroke after stroke. It really felt good to have his balls slap my buttocks in rhythm with his stroking. I felt his knot growing, so I pushed back on him keeping him buried inside. He climaxed with a loud yep and a gush of cum soaked my insides. I had him locked inside me. He turned around behind me and started pulling hard to be released. I relaxed all that I could and he finally came free with a loud slurp. That sent the rest of them into a yelping frenzy that lasted about a minute. The second wolf mounted almost as the first one pulled free. He was about the same size as the first. Not quite filling me even with his entire tool buried inside me. I pumped back into him as he thrust at my pussy until I had my first orgasm. It felt good having a wolf cock in me again and at least fifteen waiting for their turn. The third in line came over and kissed my face. I returned his kisses. He moved around to my side and started gnawing at my blouse. He made a hole in the material and licked at my flesh. His long tongue found my nipples and sent me into an orgasmic spasm. My erect nipples got so hard that there was no dark circle around the nipple anymore. All of the dark flesh had been drawn up into the nipple, which was now very long and hard. Once they were fully erect he gnawed at them gently. I was in heaven, a wolf cock in my pussy and a wolf tongue on my tits. What more could a slut ask for. The second wolf pumped me full and like the first rudely pulled free with a slurp. The wolf on my tits remained and another from the circle mounted me and began thrusting. The wolf on my tits moved to the other side and began tearing at my blouse. He made a hole and worked on my other nipple. The guy in my cunt was working heavily on my g-spot and after a few strokes I had huge g-spot orgasm dumping my juices all over his tool. He dismounted for a few seconds and the two of them licked up my cum. The same one mounted me again pushing me back onto all fours. He buried his cock deeply into me and emptied himself into my vagina for several minutes, yelping and thrusting with each squirt of cum from the hole in the end of his penis. He didn’t lock with me and pulled out only to be replaced by the one eating at my nipples. For helping to send me on a nice high, I rewarded him by really meeting his thrust sharply. While I was paying attention to the one fucking my hole, two males started gnawing at my blouse. They shredded holes large enough that they could get their heads most of the way through the holes gaining better access to my nipples. They had my body on fire. I was thrusting hard into this wonderful cock and the other two were licking heartily at my nipples and non-existent breast. One of them was trying to swallow what little breast I have deeply into his mouth, jerk his head like he was milking me and then rack his teeth over the skin as he pulled away. He would catch my swollen nipple in his teeth and grind on it until it popped out of his mouth. Another wolf started licking my face and then went down the neck of my blouse and started competing for time on my nipples with the other two. My body was in full time use. I closed my eyes and pictured what this must look like. When the entire scene sank in I had another orgasm that rippled through my body for minutes. Every time my nipples were pulled or I felt the head of his cock against my cervix another shock wave of ecstasy shuddered through my body.

This workout continued for several hours. I had orgasm after raging orgasm while this pack of wolves used my body for their pleasure. The more that mounted me and gnawed at my clothing the more intense their sexual excitement grew. At one time I had five of them working on me. After a dismount by one of the larger males, I laid down to rest. The only rest I got was to get off my knees. They continued to lick at my breast and now my pussy. There were two of them on my pussy and three working on my nipples. I was still in attention overload. After about fifteen minutes, they started nipping my skin, so I knew it was back on my knees for more fucking. One of the large males was standing over me as I turned over and started to raise my hips. He bent down and thrust downward entering my pussy and literally pulling me up with the strength of his penis. It felt good to have yet another wolf cock in my body. What a slut I had become. The others continued to work on my breast. One of them got close with his haunches and I started massaging his penis. He was already erect and I finished exposing his knot and the rest of his penis. I pulled him toward me and got under him. I took his penis in my mouth and stroked back and forth with the rhythm of the one thrusting into my hole. I deep throated him several times getting a yelp of pleasure from him. He was shooting precum down my throat. It tasted so good. When I felt he was close to shooting his load I left him and did the same with the others. The male riding my butt had a huge cock. He was the first in this pack that could really grind on my cervix. We got into a wonderful rhythm. He would pull almost all the way out and then thrust sharply back in. His knot would slide through the lips of my pussy and then the hole in the end of his penis would ride over the entrance to my cervix. I could feel the protrusion go deeply into the hole in his penis. He would groan with pleasure as it slid inside his penis. After about ten minutes of this action his knot swelled so large that he could no longer pull out so I slammed into his cock grinding my hips until he howled and shot his super hot cum into my uterus for minutes. He turned around and dismounted me. We were locked, so all he could do is stand butt to butt. He was still panting from his lovemaking. Every inward breath was another shot of cum into my body. I was really on a high. These latter males continued to line up for a turn at me, each one locking with me and shooting loads of cum into my waiting uterus.

At dawn this pack of wonderful wolves was still hard at me. Now I could see what I had been in for. I counted thirty-two males in this pack. I was blown away at the number. Most of them by this point were lying around or sitting watching the show, but there were still ten of the largest males still paying close attention to the action and from all that I could gather, still in line. They all had erect penis’s protruding from their sheaths. Several of them had what appeared to be a genetic flaw. They had a sharp downward bend in the middle of their penis. When a shift from tit duty to fucking me duty occurred, I came face to face with the first of these bent cocks. While he licked at my breast, I studied this unusual trait. His cock was a bright blood red with large dark blue veins running the entire length. Most of the color in his knot was dark blue to sapphire. There were very large veins running over and around the knot. I got him close and took this tool into my mouth. With the downward bend I could use my tongue to continuously lick the head of his penis as it rode back and forth inside of my mouth. I forced the end of my tongue down into the hole in his penis. His body jerked as I did. When I pulled it out, he pushed closer to me signaling he wanted more. I gave him all that I had left with my mouth and brought him to the verge of orgasm several times. When he mounted me I was going to give him the ride of his life. I returned my attention to the one on top of me. His knot was outside of me and growing, so I thrust my hips upward and backward holding pressure against him until I felt it start to part my lips. At the right moment I jammed backwards driving his knot in until he was buried inside, then I let him pound his cock into my pussy. I looked underneath me and followed the outline of his knot up and down my belly. The sight sent electricity running up and down my legs. I arched my back and let him drive until he exploded. I came on the first shot of hot cum from his gun. He panted on top of me for ten glorious minutes continuing to shoot in me before his knot subsided enough for him to pull out. He stuck his nose in my cunt and drank everything he could get his tongue on. He licked me on the face and then moved away.

The crooked dick wolf moved around and mounted me. When his penis entered me, I could feel an intense pressure on the front wall of my vagina. As it grated across my g-spot I thought that I was going to lose it right then and there. But he moved on just in time to prevent me from exploding. After a few thrusts I got more comfortable with the change in pressure and began to enjoy him immensely. I found that I could arch my back upward and downward regulating the location of the pressure in my cunt. I got into a rhythm of bringing my self close to a g-spot orgasm and then arch up and let the feeling subside. I decided that before I let his knot in I was going to have a glorious g-spot orgasm using the crook in his penis on my g-spot and blow my cum all over him. I brought myself to the brink of an orgasm five or six times before I felt his knot and penis enlarging. I pressed my hips downward driving the end of his crooked penis hard against my g-spot. I rode him like this for several glorious minutes then blew my sweet load all over his hot cock. I drenched his sheath and legs. My cum was still spurting when I forced his huge knot inside me. It only made my orgasm last longer. I was still trembling Erotik hikaye when he shot his load.

I still had four wolves to go and the sun had been up for at least an hour. While the first of the crooked dick wolves waited for his knot to subside the other four were all over me. They were gnawing my clothes, licking at my legs and breast. They got so excited having to wait they started nibbling at my flesh and hair and growling at each other. Sometimes it stung a bit. They even bit and growled at the wolf stuck inside me. All he could do was wait. Finally he came out with a slurp and the most excited of the remaining ones literally jumped on and drove me hard with his cock. He had been shooting precum for awhile and he didn’t last long. He shot his load and continued to hump me, but the others growled and shoved him off. The next two went the same way. They were so worked up that they didn’t last long. They traded spots on my back several times emptying their loads into me each time before they went and lay down. It gave me time to rest and get ready for the finale.

The alpha male of this pack was quite handsome. He had a lot of blue-silver fur and a large round face. He was taller than the rest and had very powerful legs. His tail was full and fluffy. Under his sheath I could see the crook in his penis. This was going to be a treat for both of us. I crawled over to him and whimpered placing my face near his and kissed him. At first he didn’t return them, but after I kissed him several times on the mouth, he kissed back. I began massaging his sheath and worked his crooked cock out and got my mouth rapped around it. Man he tasted good. After awhile his precum started to flow. It was excellent. Very rich and creamy. I moved away from him placing my pussy squarely into his face. He heartily licked at my essence. I buried his tongue as deep as I could into my vagina and then let him pull it out. I was ready for him to mount me, but he wasn’t there yet. So I returned to his cock and deep throated him several times. He bit at my tits and licked my sides so I turned my pussy into his face again. He stood up and moved over me. As he did he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up further. I arched my back and pushed backward looking for his penis. As my pussy lips moved across his fir I felt the tip of his penis and shoved back. I felt him arch his back and he rammed his cock into me with all his force. The force he produced opened me up instantly and he buried his knot and all of his cock to the balls inside me. He was signaling me that I was in for a good fucking. I hoped so. I had to go through lots of wolves to get to him and I wasn’t going to disappoint him. I clamped down on his cock behind his knot and tried to hold him in. He arched his back and forced his knot right through the hold I had on him. I felt electric as it popped out only to have him ram it home again. After a few minutes of this he pulled back and concentrated on just pushing his knot into the entrance to my pussy. He applied pressure to my clit with his knot and moved his hips in a circular motion grinding the face of his knot on my clit. I had two orgasms while he did this. He pulled out and licked at my tits and pussy then remounted me when his knot had gone down. He repeated the same actions again before pulling out and licking me while his knot went down. He did this a total of four times. After the fourth, he mounted me and f***** me hard for about five minutes. He had the hair on the back of my head in his mouth and he used his strong neck to tug at me trying to force more of him in me. I regulated the arch in my back and brought myself close to another g-spot orgasm. I could feel his penis enlarging so I forced his knot in and made my own lustful thrust until his knot and penis completely filled my insides. We were now locked together. I looked underneath me following the bulge his knot made on my stomach at it moved up and down my belly. I positioned his knot so that the maximum amount of pressure was on my g-spot and ground his hardness into it until I exploded sending shots of cum all over his fir. I clamped down so hard on his knot with my pussy that he whimpered in pain. As the waves of electricity began to subside I started jamming myself onto his tool. I was so turned on I was trying to impale myself on his tool. I could feel my whole inside move as I ground his penis into my cervix. With the filling he was giving me, there was no room for him to move inside my vagina, I had to stretch and move to grind him to a climax. When he climaxed he howled and arched himself upward on his back legs. He took me up with him; coming to an almost standing position with me buried on his cock. I balanced us in a vertical position and relaxed my legs letting my weight bury me further on to his tool. I was in heaven. He shot wave after blissful wave of hot cum inside me for a long time. I held him in this vertical position until he nipped at my neck. Finally I let my weight down on all fours. When he stopped shooting he turned around and pulled his huge knot through my pussy lips bringing on another orgasm. He came around and kissed me on the lips several times before laying down. I followed him and cleaned our cum from his fir. He was still erect, so I deep throated him until he came in my mouth. He shot another huge load. It was all I could do to keep up with the volume, but I managed to swallow it all.

It was about ten in the morning when I started crawling from the clearing. Along the way I was mounted another five times in the clearing and four more times on the trail leading from the clearing before they left me alone and I could stand and walk toward my camp. When I stood, I realized that the wolves had shredded my blouse. I felt so free that I took it off and carried it to camp letting the sun warm my swollen breast. Their wonderful cum leaked down my legs all the way back to camp.

I got to camp about two in the afternoon. I was exhausted. I drank water and ate several small meals before going to sleep. I rested for three days, basking in the glow of all the loving that this pack had given me. I had small bruises all over me from the nipping that the wolves had done in their frenzy. I cherished every one of them. . My breasts were slightly bruised yellow and nipples were raw from all the attention. I had to go topless until I left because I couldn’t stand the fabric rubbing my nipples. I rubbed the cum leaking out of my pussy on them to keep the skin lubricated. Every time I rubbed them I would get a wonderful picture of the fucking that I had from these wonderful creatures. I went back to the clearing and left them food and water. The bruises were starting to disappear as I left.

I traveled back north to I-90, then northwest to Missoula. I turned south again in Missoula on 93 to Lost Trail Pass. I found a remote camping spot and prepared for another adventure. This area was more desert like than the other two, but from all my pre-work, this should be another excellent spot. There are semi-arid tree covered mountains here. They are just not as dense and there is little grass and shrubs. But I have seen abundant wildlife, so this should be a good spot.

I rested for the remainder of the afternoon and awoke to the howl of a wolf in the distance about dark.

About 11:30 p.m. I started up the mountain to see if I could make contact. I put down a urine trail making a wide circle around camp. At 4:00 am I could hear the pack near me. They had picked up my trail. I was sitting on the edge of a ravine. They came very close. I could hear them sniffing the air and yelping quietly in the brush surrounding me. I spread open my legs to get the maximum amount of scent in the air and started whimpering softly. After a few minutes I heard them leave. I was disappointed and returned to camp. Maybe there was too much civilization on my body for them.

I awoke that afternoon to the sound of Mule brays. I opened the flap on my tent to find three Mule’s standing in the clearing around my tent. They were beautiful animals. All three were a medium gray with black ears, mane and tail. They weren’t the least bit shy. In fact one of them was down right pushy. I got out of my tent and the tallest one walked straight up to me and stuck his big nose in my crotch. After one sniff he looked me square in the eye, like he was saying Ha! I found you. They must have reacted to my scent trail. He walked off, turned sideways and dropped his erect cock out of its sheath. We had a staring contest while I ate. All the time I was eating I kept thinking about how this sleek jet-black cock would feel in my pussy. I have never had any animals other than dogs. This feeling between my legs that he sparked was a new one for me. I couldn’t help letting my mind picture me suspended from the end of his jet-black shaft. I shook it off; I had work to do. So I cleaned up and started up the mountain again to see if I could find more wolf sign and maybe a den… The three Mules followed. After an hour of up hill walking I stopped in a group of large trees to rest. So far I hadn’t seen much sign of the wolves.

The same Mule walked up to me and stuck his nose in my crotch again. He licked at my pants and then walked off letting his penis out of its sheath like before. The images from earlier popped back into my mind, this time I couldn’t resist. I was pretty horny after the climb. I got up and approached him. I touched his face and started down his side toward that wonderful looking black cock. The thought of this jet-black cock protruding from my pussy was turning me on something awful. I knelt beside him taking his length in my hand. I used the cum leaking from my pussy to lubricate my hand so that I could slide it up and down his shaft. His hips bucked in rhythm with my strokes. He turned his head toward me sniffing the air to get a scent of my pussy. I stood bending over with my cunt in his face. He started licking me in earnest. By this time I was enjoying about five inches of his black cock in my mouth. His pre-cum was tasty and had quite a volume. He could fill my mouth about half full with one squirt. I was busily working my mouth and teeth over his cock and swallowing all the pre-cum that he offered. The Mule had his long tongue buried in my pussy. He could stiffen his tongue and bury about eight inches of it deep in my cunt and then relax it slurping across my g-spot and clit as he removed it. I couldn’t stand any more tonguing, so I rotated around and using my left hand guided his erect cock to the entrance of my pussy. Holding firm pressure I began to spread my pussy lips working the large head of his cock into my canal. Just as I got the head buried inside me he jerked his hips driving half his length in my wet pussy. I was on my tiptoes when he stopped lunging forward. He had me suspended on his wonderful tool. The feel of it was quite a surprise. I had never made love to anything but dogs, so this was all new to me. I planted my feet on the ground and started a slow back and forth rhythm with my legs exposing and burying his grand black cock in my cunt. I bent over so that I could see this jet-black cock sticking out of my pussy. It was all I had envisioned. As my pussy adjusted to his size I slowly leaned further into him burying an additional inch at a time while I continued to stroke on his penis. The stretching my pussy was taking really felt good. The head of his penis was against my cervix, but I hadn’t felt his sheath yet so I just kept thrusting and pushing back onto his cock. I thought that I was close to having his entire length inside me, so I pushed until I felt his sheath against my clit. I must have taken an additional three inches when I did this. My pussy was stretched to the limits in every way possible. I ground his sheath on my clit and the head of his cock on my cervix. This brought on a massive orgasm. I began pounding furiously on his cock as the flashes of electricity echoed through my body. I remember feeling the end of his cock enlarge through the daze of my own orgasm. My attention refocused just as the first shot of cum from his tool emptied inside me. It was hotter than I had ever felt before and the volume was massive. He squirted out of my pussy like a water hose at the same time filling up my uterus and running up into my tubes. There was wave after wave of his wonderful cum spurting from his cock. On every shot, he jerked his hips bringing me up on my tiptoes and stretching my insides further than ever before. When his shooting stopped I pulled off of his cock and knelt underneath him cleaning his cock with my mouth. He was still erect and I could see the mass of his penis. I had just ridden a huge twelve-inch dick. No wonder it was so much fun!

I headed back toward camp with my Mules in tow hoping that a wolf pack would appear. At camp I gave up on the wolves and concentrated on the Mules. I f***** the other two smaller males and took on the big one again. These guys were a real blast in more ways than one. I really liked the looks of their jet-black cocks protruding from my lily white hole.

So ended my adventure. I stayed in this spot for three days walking trails, leaving marks, and looking for wolves to no avail. I could get them close to me, but they were just too scared to approach. I’m glad that I had the three Mules. I gave them a good workout every day and every night after looking for wolves.

On the way back to Billings, I stopped at my first campsite and spent one night with the second pack of wolves I encountered. I really loved this group for their gentle way and most of all ” the size of their cocks and the longevity of their thrust”. This was an adventure I would never forget. I now have a plan to see if I can sample the equestrian facilities down the road from my home. Horses may be a new conquest in my future.

Admit It Chapter 3

By Shaman

It’s been a year since I left Montana after my four weeks into the world of wolves in the Wild West. My experiences there have proven invaluable to me and to Max. Our relationship has only deepened since my return. I learned so much. I now have taken my place in his pack fully part of the dynamics of pack life.

I am still the dog slut of my neighborhood. I love animals seven days a week. I use to go for quantity, but know I work on relationship building. I adjusted my routine to incorporate my role in the pack and make room for mules. I spend one night with my mules, four nights with Max and the rest on the streets with all my dog friends. My gate is still open to any and all that show up. Twice a month I host a rotating love feast with my fellow animal loving friends.

Our group encounters are the best. We rotate the hostess role. They are responsible planning and arranging a sexual encounter for the group. We have had encounters with our own pets to having a petting zoo to our disposal for a complete evening. The proprietor of the zoo is now a member of our group. She loves for make love to animals. Every encounter has been rewarding. I was really f*** good by an Urangatang. He was so powerful and big. I would like to spend a weekend with him.

When I came home from Montana, my first priority was Max. I spent the last three days of vacation with him. We not only mated; I established my relationship with the dominant female in his pack. Then I started my routine with all my other dog friends. Let’s just say after four weeks, they were some ready to see me. I am still leaking cum from those wonderful first nights back. I had them lined up. One off and one on for hours. I was really exhausted at the end of my first week back. But what a life for a slut like me. I pinch myself every day.

I wanted to integrate mules into my routine after my Montana experiences. I started searching local farms, ranches, and equestrian facilities in search of mules. I could find one her or there but not a group. I had some good times training them, but my real desire was to have a group of them. I tried a few horses, but found that a mule fits me better. Their height and equipment sizes are just perfect for me. Mules are long and just larger than a good sized human male making them filling but not too large that it takes a lot of effort to get them inside you. Believe me the last thing that a slut wants is to have to fight to get a good cock buried inside her when she is ready. Finally I located a group of mules at an equestrian center nearby. I started sneaking in after hours and sampling the benefits of being f***** by four horny mules. Once they got the hang of it, I have a hard time keeping them off of me. Once a week may not be enough for them or me. After I had them fully trained I took my group there when it was my turn to host the encounter. My friends had never been with a mule before. After that night, they all now sing praises for mules. They want to go back everytime I host. All I can recall from the evening is seeing my friends in threes sexually exploiting each of my mule studs. One riding the bridge of his nose, one bent over at the waist with all of the mules cock that she could bury inside and the other kissing and fondling the mules balls and sheath. When a mule shot his load they were there to lick up the drainage from their friends cunt. Quite a sight. The best news of the night was the fact that one of my friends knew the woman vet that owned the place. She knew that she too preferred dogs to men. The next day Wanda introduced me to Janet and I moved my lust for mules into the light of day. Literally, I could go to her place any time and have a building to myself and make passionate love to my mule friends. Janet came to check on me one evening when I had been locked up with my friends for over fours hours. She got worried that some thing might have happened. She found me buried to the sheath on the largest of the mules. My hair and the rest of my body were covered in cum. I had this starry-eyed look about me from too many orgasms. She brought me to my senses once the big mule had blown me full of cum again. She licked a little for herself. I even started participating with Janet taking on the dogs that were kenneled with her. She said there is nothing better for repeat business than giving a paying customer and little head and a good f*** to bring them back. The next week, Janet had increased the number of mules in the group to twelve. She said that a number of ranchers wanted to get rid of their mules so she gladly took them in. Now that she had an appreciation for their qualities she would gladly take any that were offered.

Janet and I had become best friends in a matter of weeks. I hung around helping out whenever I could. One night after we had made love to a number of mules and dogs I confided to her that I wished I could become pregnant with wolf pups. The wine had been flowing for a while and I just let it leak out. She too had a secret. She was doing reproductive research. I knew that a good part of her business was artificial insemination. In fact she was recognized as one of the top insemination doctors in the US. She said that she had discovered a way to isolate an enzyme from the recipient female and soak the eggs in the enzyme. After the treatment she had had no egg rejections. She said it was feasible for me to carry wolf pups. I was elated. Two days later she had worked out a scheme for implanting me. She said that she would take a blood sample and prepare the extract, she would treat the eggs and then implant them into my uterus at the same time as I dropped my own egg. At that time my uterus was most likely to attach the eggs. I could then mate with Max and have him fertilize me. I this didn’t work she could implant me with fertilized eggs. I told her that I wanted to carry Husky pups. So she arranged to have some eggs flown in. Next week Thursday was implant day. I was beside myself all week. On Thursday she implanted me with ten Husky eggs and said I had five days to be impregnated. On Friday evening I went to Max and mated with him constantly for the entire weekend. On Tuesday, Janet removed one of the eggs and declared me pregnant with pups. I was beside myself. The next twelve weeks were going to be quite an adventure. Janet told me that I would get the size of a four – five month pregnant woman. She asked me to take a leave of absence from work and stay with her so that she could monitor me 24 hours a day. She explained that my body was going to undergo significant changes in a twelve-week period that normally took 34 weeks. She didn’t want me to get into trouble. A week into my pregnancy I moved in with Janet. I worked in her business helping out. At one week the ultrasound could see the heartbeats. My uterus was doubling in size every other day. What an experience. At two weeks I felt movement. At three weeks the ultrasound revealed nine strong tiny pups attached to my uterus. I was so proud. At six weeks I told Janet that I wanted to have the pups in the wolf pack so that they would be accepted right away and the females that were nursing pups could take them over. We started introducing Janet to the pack so that she could be present. At the beginning of the twelfth week I stood naked in front of a full-length mirror. I was so turned on by what I saw. My normally non-existent breast had popped out to an A size and my stomach had pouched out to a five month pregnant woman. My only wish was that I was the size for nine months. I was so proud that Max had made me this way. I was overjoyed.

I had become quite an Internet star. Janet was posting my progress on the net including all the doctor statistics and picture records. Requests for impregnation were flowing in from all over the world. Right on time started having labor pains and Janet and I left foe the woods. We made it to the pack and three hours later I gave birth to nine wonderful Wolf/Husky pups. They all had a bright saffire blue eye and stock build. Six of them were male. Within a day, the nursing females had taken over their care. I did suckle them. I love the feeling of my breast filling with milk and then having my pups drain them. I was so proud of them.

Janet’s success was taking the both of us into a new direction. Not only were woman scheduling impregnation appointments, there was a demand for my puppies. A week after my first post pregnancy period, I had 20 husky eggs attached to my uterus and I was headed to see Max for impregnation. I stayed with him for six days. We f***** like there was no tomorrow. Janet examined me and pronounced me pregnant again.

I quit my regular job and Janet hired me on permanent staff. With 20 pups, things were happening very rapidly. At the end of two weeks I looked like I was four months pregnant and at six I was at nine months. Janet calculated that I was headed for a size equal to twins. At nine weeks I was approaching the size of twins. That night I went to Max and we made passionate love. He blasted me full of his cum twice. I had such a good time begin in his company. By twelve weeks I had eclipsed the twin mark. Again I stood in the mirror admiring Max’s handy work. My breast were at a B size and showing faint stretch marks and my tummy had these beautiful stretch marks radiating in circles around my navel that had turned inside out and was having a pregnancy of it’s own. A day later I gave birth to 20 glorious pups. Within four weeks they were all gone to excited zoofile parents. I was getting back to normal and enjoying my job with Janet working with the incimination clinic for women.

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