I Am Woman

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One of my secret fantasies that I’ve never told anyone is my desire to live one day as a woman so that I can know what it’s really like to have lesbian sex. It’s such an enormous frustration to have this desire for woman-on-woman contact and be forever denied a truly immersive role. While a man may join two women in sexual play, he can never be one of them and must always be only an observer of that special connection between two women, never a participant. And so I present this little tale wherein my ultimate fantasy is realized…

* * * * *

“Mmm, that’s it, lover… oh, lick my clit, I’m going to come… don’t stop… please don’t stop!”

I watched as the hot, slutty blonde arched her back high and climaxed hard, squealing and moaning her delight as her sultry brunette lover sucked and licked hungrily at her pussy. When she was finally spent, the two women held and kissed each other tenderly, letting their tongues and lips caress while they held one another’s naked bodies in a hot picture of lesbian lust.

The scene faded to black, and the credits began to roll. I switched off the TV with a sigh of resignation and tossed aside a tube sock which was, regrettably, still perfectly fit to wear. Eighty minutes of lesbian porn had just utterly failed to get me off. Instead of exciting me as it once did, the sight of two women fucking each other had become a source of unassailable frustration. I glared accusingly at my semi-erect cock, knowing that as long as I possessed such an appendage, my thirst for lesbian love – the real, true experience – could never be satisfied.

I had tried what I could, starting at a young age with Penthouse magazines and then renting or buying videos as soon as I was old enough to do so. The advent of the Internet in my early twenties expanded my lesbian porn collection considerably, and after several years I had amassed over a hundred thousand images and at least eight hundred video clips (my favorites were the few that I found which showed lesbian sex from the first-person perspective of one of the two women involved). As time went on, I discovered the two-on-one lapdance, and that more often than not the girls would let you touch them, so I began to fuel my fantasies with actual experience. Finally, I reached the pinnacle when I had my first real threesome with a couple of hired escorts.

And that was as far as I could go. I knew I had hit a brick wall, and could never really have actual lesbian sex.

Of course, I never told anyone about this unquenchable need. I knew that it would be misunderstood, and that anyone would assume that I was a transsexual or something. That wasn’t it at all! I simply wanted to fully indulge myself in my favorite fantasy, and know what a woman felt when she made love to another woman. I considered some pretty wild schemes, like hiring a whore and asking her to treat me like a woman (which sounded pretty stupid to me), or cross-dressing and putting on makeup so I could at least kiss another girl and pretend to be one myself (which sounded even stupider). I started going into sex chatrooms and assuming a woman’s role, having lesbian cybersex with other people who were probably also lying about their identity, but that got old pretty fast.

I had pretty much accepted the idea that my role in a lesbian sexcapade would be always limited to that of an observer until one very strange night when I woke up to the shock of my life.

Let me clarify that for a moment – to this day, I’m not 100% certain that I really woke up. I’d been feeling out of sorts that day and so went to bed at about 6:00 PM. My sleep had been plagued by strange dreams, some of them erotic, some just plain surreal. I know that something happened that night between midnight and four AM, but it’s entirely possible that I was hallucinating the key elements. Since I didn’t take any pictures or talk to anyone I know, it’ll always remain a mystery.

I didn’t know what had happened at first, just that I awoke with a curious new overall sensation that didn’t go away. I didn’t feel sick any more, but there was something definitely not right; a heaviness in my chest, a slight weakness, and when I swung my legs to the floor the bed seemed like it had gotten two inches higher during the night.

I rubbed my eyes and stepped carefully through the dark to the bathroom, only to find a naked woman in there with me.

I jumped back, nearly stumbling over the tub and falling flat on my ass. The realization that I’d seen a reflection made me look around to see where this strange woman was, and when my hair whipped me in the face I just about lost my head. Somehow, I kept from screaming out loud.

Struggling to my feet, I slapped my hand on the lightswitch and stared at the astonished, undeniably feminine face that looked back at me from the mirror.

The strangeness of what I saw was beyond description. It was me, no doubt about it. The same eyes, and the same skin tone and hair color. My face was a bit slimmer and more delicate, but it was my face – even the little scar on my chin was still there, though the stubble I’d gone to bed with wasn’t. My hair porno izle had inexplicably grown from a 1/2-inch buzzcut to flowing waves that reached the middle of my back.

I noticed all these details shortly after I got over the idea of the C-cups attached to my chest.

They were nice, no doubt about it. Round and firm, with wide pink nipples. I touched them and they were real. My hands traveled down my body, feeling a waist that had grown slimmer, hips that had become wider, legs that were smooth as silk. And between my legs…

No doubt about it – Johnson was gone. I didn’t yet dare to touch what had taken his place, but there was no denying what the mirror told me, especially since it was shaved smooth.

Oddly enough, once the panic of my initial reaction faded, I found myself calm and collected. If I had awakened and found a large bruise on my shoulder or something, I would have been more agitated than I was to find myself gender-switched. Perhaps it was simply that my brain had no idea what to do with a situation like this one.

I came to several decisions at once.

One was that I would definitely not wake up my wife. If I had gone insane and was imagining this, I somehow didn’t want it confirmed. If it was real, she would absolutely freak out in much the same way I probably would if she suddenly became a man, and that wouldn’t do either of us any good.

Two was that I was not going to just go back to sleep. There was every possibility that I’d been given the chance of a lifetime, the opportunity to see things from a previously unknowable perspective, and I was damned if I would give it up.

Three was that a previously impossible fantasy had come within my reach.

I raided my wife’s wardrobe for anything I could wear, my own clothes having become both too large and too masculine. I was a good fourteen inches taller than my wife as a man; my transformation seemed to have shortened me by about half that amount. Fortunately, we seemed to have the same waist size, and in a few minutes I was dressed in a pair of her shorts, one of my own T-shirts tied off at the waist, and some sandals that were too large for her and too small for me. The bra I was forced to go without, but my new breasts felt firm enough to hold their own without support.

Speaking of which, the novelty of having my own breasts proved too fascinating to just pass over. I spent a minute or so holding and stroking them, squeezing gently, and enjoying the greater sensitivity of my new nipples. It was a self-indulgent moment, but it taught me a few things about breasts that I suppose only direct experience can show. My gender-switch was proving usefully educational almost from moment one. After only a few minutes, I gained enormous insight on how to properly pleasure a woman through her tits.

I tried to tie back my hair but proved hopeless at it, and in the end just brushed it and let it hang loose. Makeup was also a problem. I had seen my wife apply it to herself hundreds of times, but there’s a world of difference between seeing it done and doing it. Fortunately, her skin tone varies with the season, and I was able to find a base shade that matched me among her discards. I cringed away from the mascera but managed to apply eyeshadow and a brush of blush. The lips were no difficulty, and I took the liberty of using a bright red gloss that I had given her some time ago. In the end, I managed to do a presentable job, and I looked good enough for a night on the town.

It had been just about midnight when I’d awakened, and by the time I was done getting ready to go out it was getting close to one o’clock. I borrowed a purse from my wife, stuffed it with my hidden cash stash (which I used for buying porn and taking to titty bars) and left the house quietly. I noticed with some amusement that my nipples hardened in the night air and that it felt really good. I thought about what it would be like to have a pretty woman suck them, and felt a new sensation between my legs, a tingling that was nothing like the surge of a growing hard-on but more like a pleasant itch that needed massaging.

Since my clothes weren’t exactly appropriate garb for a decent strip club or even a private “modeling studio”, I had no choice but to put in a little shopping time. At one in the morning, my choice of venues were somewhat limited. I went to Wal-Mart.

The store was nearly empty, but still open. I didn’t have the slightest idea what size I was apart from the fact that my wife’s shorts fit me, but after a few try-ons and a little help from a measuring tape, I found a decent pair of black slacks, some low heels that I could walk in without risking my neck, and a black sleeveless silk shirt that showed some decent cleavage. I changed in the ladies’ room (I very nearly went into the men’s room by mistake!).

My secret stash of money was the result of months of putting away a bit here and there, but when would I find a better opportunity to spend it all? I decided to give myself a full evening of sexual fun, and to start with a strip club I had been to twice as a man, a medium-high-class little place called amatör porno “Treasures”.

* * * * *

“Welcome to Treasures, Miss,” the valet said to me as he opened my door. “Are you meeting someone here?”

“I’m on my own tonight,” I replied. My eyes widened slightly at the sound of my own voice – it was the first time I’d spoken since awakening in my new form, and I was startled at the higher, more liquid tone.

The valet seemed not to notice my disorientation, and expressed no surprise over the idea of a woman coming alone to a strip club. “Well, I hope you enjoy yourself,” he said with a smile. “Here’s your ticket.”

I took the slip and headed inside, feeling a little lightheaded as I considered what was about to happen. I was a woman going out for entertainment in the form of other sexy women. At the moment I stepped through the doors to the club, I entered my ultimate fantasy at long last.

I was a lesbian.

The girl at the front smiled at me, and I felt weak in the knees. “Hi, welcome to Treasures!” she said brightly. “We don’t charge a cover for women. Go on in, have a great time!”

“I intend to,” I replied, and entered the club.

I felt caught up in the atmosphere almost immediately, as the darkened room and the mixed scent of perfume, beer, and a touch of sweat wafted over me. The crowd was fairly sparse, and the girls were mingling about but there were plenty who hadn’t hooked up with lapdances or such. I suddenly realized that I could easily be mistaken for one of them – not by the girls themselves, as I was sure they knew who they worked with, but by one of the men. I wasn’t sure how I would handle being propositioned by a guy.

Feeling rather self-conscious as only a woman in a traditionally man’s place can, I made my way to the main stage and sat down to watch the nubile young girl sex her way around the catwalk, spinning on the poles and shaking her assets. She caught my eye and smiled, and when I pulled out a dollar she came over my way.

“Hi, how are you tonight?” asked the smiling, pretty naked girl as she crouched down in front of me, her knees apart and her breasts bare before me.

“Feeling great,” I answered, and I felt the tingling in between my legs again as I heard my own feminine voice and hers trading flirts. “You’re a very sexy girl, you know.”

“Thank you!” she said, her eyes twinkling. “I take it you like pretty girls?”

“Mm-hm,” I replied, slipping the dollar into her panties.

“Well, I’ll be watching for you later, then. Thanks!” She gave me a few close-up bump-and-grinds, and then stood up to dance some more.

I felt ready to try a lapdance, my first as a woman, and so left my seat by the stage and took one further back. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was approached by one of the girls, and sure enough I waited only a few minutes.

“Hi sweetie! Were you looking for some company tonight?”

I looked up, and saw a petite Asian girl, in a red tight-fitting dress and gloves, with chopsticks pinning up her hair. I considered for a moment, but decided she wasn’t what I wanted. “I’m just enjoying the show,” I said with a smile.

She smiled back, and moved on to her next potential customer. A moment later a hot waitress came by for my drink order, and I asked for a peppermint schnapps – I definitely needed something to quiet my nerves! It felt strange to be so excited and turned on, but not to feel that twisting member hardening in my pants. All I felt was a constant tingling, something that demanded touching. It was a constant effort not to give in and start stroking myself.

Suddenly, before I really knew what was happening, a cute brunette came up to me and pecked a quick kiss on my cheek. She smiled easily and looked into my eyes. “Hi there,” she said.

“Hi yourself,” I replied, a bit taken aback but excited by her forward attitude.

“You’re really pretty, can I sit with you for a bit?”

I liked her style more and more. “Sure,” I said. “Pull up a chair.”

“I’ll take this one,” she said as she lowered herself into my lap. This girl definitely kept me off-balance! “I’m Susie, what’s your name?”

“Michelle,” I said, picking the first thing that came into my head.

“It’s great to see you here tonight, Michelle. I really like performing for another woman, it’s so erotic.”

“I agree,” I said, getting more excited by the moment over my first real lesbian encounter.

Susie was a brunette with nice, long curly hair, and a scattering a cute freckles across her face. That and her playful demeanor made her seem young and sexy without being slutty, and I could tell she had a nice body. She was wearing a simple little black dress, a contrast to the more exotic costumes a lot of the other girls wore. Her kiss still lingered on my cheek, and I wondered if she might be willing to kiss or be kissed anywhere else…

“So, have you ever been here before?” Susie asked.

How to answer that one? “No,” I decided. “Actually, this is my first time in a place like this.”

“Really?” she said, an eyebrow raised. “Well, I’ll have anal porno to be extra good to you, then. I don’t think I’ve ever given a woman her first lapdance before… I’d love to show you how much fun it can be.”

Susie enhanced the offer by giving me a free peek at her breast, pulling down her dress so that I could see the nipple and stroking the bare skin with her fingertips. My own breasts seemed to grow warm with excitement as I thought of touching her, maybe even kissing her.

“Lead the way,” I said, my voice a bit husky with anticipation.

She gave me a dazzling smile and another kiss on the cheek, and we went hand in hand over to the other side of the club, where it was much darker and packed tightly with high-backed sofas. I had been back there before, but never as “Michelle”. I felt the eyes of the men on me, momentarily distracted from their own “dancing partners”, as they realized that there would be some girl-on-girl action happening right nearby.

“I’d like a really out-of-the-way spot,” I said. “I don’t want these guys watching.”

“Don’t worry, sweetie, I have a favorite corner. No one will see.”

Susie brought me back through the maze of sofas to the furthest one from the stage, and I immediately claimed it as my favorite as well. It faced the wall and was oriented such that no one could look around the side. It was also directly under one of the dim recessed lights, making it a little brighter than the others. It was perfect.

I sat down and Susie sat with me, her legs across my lap. “We’ll wait for the next song to get started,” she said. “So, are you into guys too, or just girls?”

“Girls only,” I said. “But, I think any woman in your company would probably say that.”

“Stop it!” she said playfully. “You’re making me all embarassed. So, what made you come in tonight?”

“Well… let’s just say I had a sudden opportunity to indulge in a little fantasy fulfillment.”

“Which fantasies are those?” she asked with a smile and narrowed eyes.

How could I possibly explain? After all, there was no way she would believe that I’d been a woman for only a little over an hour. “I’ve always wanted to go somewhere where I could be surrounded by pretty girls and have then come up to me and invite me to make out,” I improvised. “It’s hard for me to take the initiative, since I never know if the woman I want is into it too.”

“Well, it’s a good thing you came here then,” Susie said. “Because I’m definitely into it, baby.”

A thrill ran through me as the next song began and Susie advanced on me, putting a leg over my lap and straddling me. A simple hook between her breasts came undone at the touch of her slender fingers, and her lovely tits emerged, full and soft with enticing nipples barely darker than her surrounding skin. A slight shrug let the dress fall from her shoulders and bared her to the waist.

She gyrated to the music, rocking in circles in my lap and tossing her hair slightly this way and that. Her deep brown eyes stayed locked on mine, and I liked that; it made it feel as though she were really into it. I put my hands on her waist and felt her move, enjoying the soft and smooth feel of her skin and the warmth of her body.

Suddenly she leaned into me and touched her lips to mine.

An electric shock seemed to run through me, firing up my entire body and tingling every las nerve ending. She slipped her tongue between her lips and I accepted it, caressing her with mine in return. Nothing had ever turned me on so much as my first real lesbian kiss, the feel of my soft and feminine lips against hers. It was all I could do to maintain control and not surrender completely to that moment of passion, forgetting that I wasn’t alone in a bed with a lover but in a strip club with a private dancer.

“I think you like that,” she whispered through lips that still caressed my own.

“Yes,” I breathed, unable to say more.

“I like it too,” she said, and I felt her smile. She kissed me some more, letting her tongue slide deep into my mouth, and then I felt her breasts press against… my own.

Again I felt myself nearly overcome with arousal as I felt this new sensation that I had seen and imagined so many times, but never known. I wished we could both be naked together, lying back on a soft bed instead of this sofa, alone instead of surrounded by people. When Susie pulled up and raised her breasts to my lips, I did what came naturally, licking the nipples into my mouth and sucking gently on the delicious little buds. When she pulled back for a moment, I saw a perfect kiss-mark left behind on her right breast, and it gave me a new surge of excitement.

The way I was becoming aroused was as new to me as everything else. I was used to feeling intense power in my cock, a need to thrust and penetrate, and a rush of blood to my face that was probably one of the reasons why I so enjoyed deep kissing. My new body felt the rush all over, and when Susie touched me it was like waves of fresh excitement spreading from those points throughout my whole body. The desires that came with a throbbing cock were gone; in their place was a need to embrace and welcome my lover into me, to put both arms and legs around her and draw her inside. It was an intense struggle to keep from giving in to these new and powerful desires, and maintain the decorum necessary in the place I was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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