I Used to Call Debbie My ‘Auntie’

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Another ‘short’ story along the theme of teenage boy and older woman. Mostly fantasy, but with elements of experience.


“How long is it since you moved next door Ed?”

Mum had just gone into the lounge to take a call on her mobile. Mrs Edwards, or Debbie, was sitting opposite me at the breakfast bar in the kitchen. It wasn’t unusual for her to come in for coffee after she’d had her breakfast, and when Keith, her husband, had left for work.

“Must be about seven or eight years, I’d just started secondary school so must be about that.” I replied.

Mum had got friendly with Debbie and Keith straightaway after moving in, and remained firm friends ever since, in fact Debbie was almost like an aunt, looking after me some days when mum needed to work. It was quite difficult at times after divorcing from dad.

“You’ve certainly grown up, this will be your last summer at home?”

“Yep,” I said casually, “off to Exeter in September.”

University would be a real change in my life, I was looking forward to it, but was slightly nervous at the same time.

“All those girls!” she said, with a wry smile on her face.

I actually blushed, but said nothing. I think Debbie enjoyed embarrassing me, especially in front of mum, and often they would giggle if there was any sexual innuendo. It would always end up with mum saying, “Oh don’t tease him.”

With mum in the next room Debbie pushed it.

“I’m sure they’ll be queuing up, make sure you’ve got plenty of condoms!”

I was glowing red hot and stood up from my stool to take my empty coffee mug to the sink.

With my back turned she continued, “Have you had a serious girlfriend yet?”

I knew what she meant, she was wanting me to reveal if I was still a virgin. She didn’t know I’d fucked several girls in my last year at school, but there was no way I would admit that.

“Not a serious one.”

I hoped that would satisfy her curiosity.

“Hmmmmmm, well lucky girls is all I can say.”

I was washing up the mug trying not to ‘face’ Debbie, but I suddenly realised that she was flirting with me, at least, I thought so. Or was she just enjoying my awkwardness.

At that moment mum reappeared.

“Sorry about that, it was work, they want me to go in, some sort of emergency, do you mind Debbie, I really have got to fly, Ed will look after you I’m sure.”

In a whirlwind mum was gathering up her bag, and car keys, and was out of the door.

“Your mum works too hard, that firm takes advantage of her!”

It was true, and I’d hoped she would slow down once I’d gone to uni.

“Let me help you with this breakfast stuff.” Debbie got up from her stool.

Debbie brought the plates and cutlery and placed them next to me at the sink.

“You wash, I’ll wipe,” she said as my face returned to normal.

“Ok, but there’s no need, I can do it, if you want to get back home.”

I glanced at her, and saw her smiling, “No, I’m in no hurry, and I won’t be able to do this for much longer, if you’re leaving the nest!”

Again I remained silent.

“I used to enjoy looking after you when you were younger.”

I looked away, and grunted slightly, “I guess so,” I said, not entirely sure where this was going.

I shuffled to one side as Debbie’s arm rubbed up against mine, as she reached for the next plate to dry. It happened twice more, and both times I moved a fraction, just to break the contact.

“Sorry,” she said the third time, “I’m always hassling Keith when he’s washing up, you’re more solid, I can’t knock you about.”

I kept thinking that this was sort of flirting, but it took me back to my younger years when we used to ‘play fight,’ in the garden, with mum, her and Keith.

Strangely she must have remembered the same thing.

“Are you still ticklish, I seem to remember Keith used to terrorise you.”

I deliberately stepped to one side, fearful of a poke in the ribs, and Debbie started giggling.

“Awwwww, you’re scared,” and as she said it, she did exactly what I’d expected. She reached out and poked her fingers into the side of my chest just below my armpit.

“Stop it,” and I put my hand in the bowl of washing water and flicked some up in her face. There was rather more water than I’d intended and it soaked both her face and her t-shirt.

Her retaliation was to dip her hand in the bowl and do the same to me. Water splashed across my chest, and so I did the same back again. This time it soaked her.

“Stop, stop!” she shouted, ‘it’s going everywhere.”

We both stood motionless for a second before we laughed out loud, and just carried on. This time she lunged forward to grab me, and to stop me reaching into the bowl. We ended up grappling in the middle of the kitchen, with her trying to tickle me, and me giggling uncontrollably.

“Stop it, it’s unfair,” I shouted.

“What’s unfair, you’re the strongest, but you seem to have lost all your strength!”

Debbie’s hands were Yeşilköy escort bayan everywhere, trying to get under my arms, poking around my ribs, squeezing the side of my waist. I was just a wriggling mess, with wet hands attempting to grab her wrists.

We were both soaked and I couldn’t help seeing a hint of her nipples protruding through her bra and through the wet cotton fabric of her t-shirt. It was all seen through the laughter of the ‘fight,’ but I suddenly became aware of starting to get an erection.

When I finally gathered all my resolve to resist the tickling, and stop her attempts to make me laugh, I took her in a sort of bear hug to keep her arms from searching out my vulnerable places. It was at that point that she must have felt my cock.

It was becoming harder by the second and was pressing into her stomach.

In a moment she stopped all attempts to tickle, and I was holding her with no resistance. Our faces were inches apart, and in that instant we both knew what was happening. It was like our ‘arousal’ was obvious to each other.

“This is awkward,” Debbie said, and I released my hold on her.

“Sorry,” I almost whispered it, and covered the bulge in my shorts by holding my hands in front of me.

Debbie saw me glance at her breasts through the transparency of her t-shirt.

“I think we both need a cold shower.”

It was a comment to defuse the sexual tension, and it should have, but instead she reached forward and took both my hands pulling them away from my body. My erection was at its height, the bulge in my shorts had got bigger.

I should have turned and gone upstairs to do exactly that, but my teenage hormones were surging. Reversing her grip on my hands I took one of hers and placed it directly on my crotch. I was fully expecting Debbie to snatch her hand away, but she stared straight back at me, impassively, and squeezed my cock gently through the fabric.

There was an imperceptible sigh from both of us, and a realisation that a line had been crossed.

Debbie was looking directly into my eyes as she slowly massaged me, gripping her fingers around it, and then, suddenly, she snatched her hands away, and stepped back.

“God! no we mustn’t… oh fuck, Ed, what are we doing?”

I stood there just staring, disappointed, but confused.

Pathetically I said, “Why not?”

Debbie looked shocked, “Because we mustn’t… oh my god, I’m fifty two and you’re eighteen, and it’s just wrong!”

“I wouldn’t say anything,” I responded, my words sounding even more pathetic.

“Just don’t,” she replied, “if I was younger…” and her voice drifted away.

“I’ll go and take a shower then, I won’t say anything to mum.” I turned to go upstairs, “let yourself out the back way, I’m sorry I soaked you.”

“I’m sorry Ed, I’m really sorry about… well you know.”

When I got to my bedroom I stripped out of my wet t-shirt and shorts, and lowering my boxers I saw my cock standing to attention. I grabbed it, smoothing the taught skin, bringing it back to its full potential. I knew I had to masturbate and decided that that would be in the shower. The bathroom was across the landing so carrying my towel I stepped through the doorway.

“Don’t say a word!”

Debbie’s voice was strained, and tension showed in her face.

My reaction was to cover myself with the towel, but pushing my chest she made me step backwards inside my room.

“If a word of this gets out we are both done for!”

I watched as she lifted her soaking wet t-shirt over her head, and undid her bra behind her back. Both her breasts fell forward, generous, but perhaps not quite as firm as they had once been.

“Lie down on the bed.”

Her instruction needed nothing adding as she unzipped her jeans revealing pale blue panties underneath. Tugging them downwards it showed a shaved pussy, and her pussy lips appeared plump and different to the girls I’d seen before.

I had no chance to react as she climbed onto the bed, placing her knees on either side of my legs, leaning forward to take my erection in both hands. Looking up at me she whispered, “Our secret!”

I moaned out loud as her mouth closed over the head of my cock.

“Oh fuck,” was all I could say as her mouth took me deeper.

I was in heaven. This was a blow job like no other I’d experienced, and very quickly I was saying, “Slow down, don’t make me cum.”

It seemed Debbie didn’t want that either. She stopped and squeezed the head of my cock tightly, almost hurting, it stopped any desire to cum.

Moving up my body she was kneeling and straddling my hips with my cock just below her pussy.

I looked up at her, feeling decidedly odd. My neighbour, my mum’s best friend, the woman who had looked after me for so many years, was about to let me fuck her.

Her breasts hung down, brushing my chest, the nipples I’d seen earlier, succulent, spongy, proud. Debbie’s eyes were fixed on mine, and I knew she wanted to kiss me. This felt even more odd Escort Yeşilyurt than being naked with her. Somehow even more personal so that when her lips touched mine I nervously pushed back. When I felt her tongue against mine, all fears were gone. We were both hungry to discover more and to seek the almost forbidden.

We kissed for minutes before I wanted to feel myself inside her. I tried lifting my hips towards her, but she wanted the control.

Lifting herself upwards she knelt above me, and slowly she smiled. I felt the wetness, the softness, the sumptuous feeling of her pussy as she lowered herself onto me.

Both of us groaned, and I think we both closed her eyes as I went deep inside her. She let her body weight sink down, and we looked at each other again.

“Our secret,” she repeated, and began to rotate her hips, grinding down on me. As her clit got its own stimulation she sighed again, and even though she wanted to be in control I knew I was going to make her cum.

I reached up to play with her breasts, play with her nipples. It had a magical effect. It brought pleasure to her face, and when I pinched her nipples she groaned out loud.

“Mrs Edwards I’m going to fuck you!” I declared.

It seemed to excite her, and she didn’t resist when I jerked my hips upwards and rolled her sideways. My cock almost slipped from her, and her disappointed, “Oh!” was silenced when I plunged back deep into her and she wrapped her legs behind my buttocks.

For minutes I pounded against her pussy, then slowing and watching her eyes tight shut, and her head flung back into the pillow, I knew she was cumming.

Bizarrely I wondered about wearing no condom, but when she whispered, ” I want you to cum inside me Ed,” all fears were gone.

I slowed almost to a stop as her body shivered beneath me in her first orgasm. I knew I could make her cum again, and when she pleaded, “Go on, don’t stop, cum in me!” I continued on.

Fucking her slowly and gently this time, I angled my body and rubbed her clit with the top of my cock, watching her face, trying to prolong her pleasure.

And then I couldn’t hold back. The feeling of inevitability, the pressure from deep inside, the release of tension, the muscular jerking made the spurts of semen erupt deep into her cunt. Everything happened at once. My hips holding firm against hers until every last drop was ejaculated.

“Oh god! Ed… what have we done… oh god that felt so good and it shouldn’t have done.”

I fell to one side, my cock seeping spunk, my balls wet from her pussy juices.

“Jesus you’re pouring out of me, for god’s sake give me a tissue or something, your mum’ll wonder what gone on in your bed.”

I giggled as I passed her a cotton handkerchief to wipe the spunk that was oozing from her pussy.

“I’m serious Ed, this was wrong, we mustn’t let on about this.”

“Ok, ok,” I kept repeating and reassuring her. “Look, I’m not gonna say a thing, so don’t worry. Go home and carry on as normal.”

“Hmmmm, I’m not sure I can.”

I watched as she stood up, still holding my handkerchief and she started to put her panties and jeans back on. Her damp bra and t-shirt were more difficult, but before she left she kissed me on the cheek which again seemed very odd.

When she’d gone I just lay there, trying to make sense of it all.


“Have a good day? What have you done? Sorry I had to disappear, they just can’t deal with some things at work.”

Mum came home around five, and I just muttered a simple reply before she was on her mobile to Debbie.

“I’m sorry I had to rush off this morning Debbie,” I heard her say, “Hope Ed didn’t kick you out straightaway.”

I couldn’t guess the reply, but imagined it was something flippant. If only mum knew the reality.

“Come round if Keith’s not gonna be back, we can finish our chat.”

I was going up to my room when mum said, “Debbie’s coming round this evening, Keith’s away on business the rest of the week, so I’ve invited her to share our pasta.”

I knew this would be the test of our discretion.

“Hi Ed,” Debbie didn’t catch my eye as she casually followed mum into the kitchen. I stayed in the lounge with my headphones on, and pretended not to hear when mum called to say the meal was ready.

Unfortunately she’d placed me sitting on the stool next to Debbie, across the breakfast bar from where she was sitting. Even before I’d taken my first bite I knew Debbie was up to her tricks.

Her knees splayed out as she sat on the stool in the same jeans she’d worn that morning. Her thigh immediately rubbed up against mine. No matter how much I edged away, her leg seemed to follow me. Eventually I just accepted the contact. When mum went to fetch a bottle of wine from the fridge, Debbie surreptitiously squeezed my crotch.

I glared at her while mum had her back turned, I knew her decision to keep ‘our secret,’ was going to be tested. I mouthed, “Stop it!” and the response was a Zeytinburnu escort smile and a wink.

“I hope Ed didn’t get rid of you too quickly this morning Debbie?”

Thank goodness she didn’t notice my blushing. Debbie casually replied, ” No, he entertained me with his usual wit!”

“He can be quite funny, and he can be very grown up these days!”

The two women were discussing me as though I wasn’t there.

“Oh he’s certainly grown up,” Debbie replied as I tried not to squirm on my stool.

Mum came back to her place, and looked across at both of us, smiling, and for a millisecond I thought we’d blown it.

“Too grown up sometimes, I often wonder what he gets up to on that computer of his.”

“Do you mind,” I butted in, “I am here!”

“That reminds me, could I borrow him tomorrow, while you’re at work, I’ve got this memory problem?”

Mum burst out laughing, and I cringed inwardly knowing Debbie was pushing limits.

“You’re a bit young for Alzheimers!”

“NO! I mean with my laptop, all the files are filling up the memory, and I need them reorganising.”

Mum looked at me, “You’re not doing anything tomorrow?”

I spluttered a reply, “No, I can go and take a look, I guess.”

“Mwah!” Debbie leaned over and kissed my cheek, making me blush, “Ooooh thank you, I’ll make you a nice lunch.”

I took in her familiar perfume, inhaling deeply, but it was time for me to escape, so I said I was going up to bed.

“See you around ten?” Debbie asked as I left the kitchen.

I nodded and made my escape, hearing Debbie and mum’s giggling increase as I climbed the stairs. Back in my room, I plunged my face into the pillow, taking in the smell of Debbie from where I’d fucked her earlier in the day, then feeling my cock grow. I resisted any more stimulation and eventually I fell asleep.


The sun shone through the gap in the curtains, my phone read 7.38am and my cock was rock hard.

“I’m off in five minutes, you awake?”

Mum’s voice calling up the stairs received a grunt from me.

“Don’t forget you’re going to Debbie’s at ten… and lock up!”

As if I could forget.

“Yes, ok, see you tonight,” I shouted back, and I heard mum gathering up her stuff, then the front door slamming shut.

I lay there for several minutes trying to ignore my erection. Of course it got even harder until I climbed out of bed and got into the shower.

I’d never really subscribed to the idea of cold showers ‘killing’ erections. Perhaps if you jumped into an ice cold lake or sea, but standing in a shower at home with images in your mind that wouldn’t go away, it never seemed to entirely work.

When I finally emerged and dried myself, and put on my shorts and t-shirt, I felt much calmer. Some orange juice and toast and marmalade didn’t use up the rest of the time before ten ‘o clock.

Debbie must have felt the same. The landline rang and half expecting a ‘cold call’ I was taken aback by her voice.

“I saw your mum go, I can’t wait until ten, come round now.”

The voice was insistent, full of tension, hoping I’d say ‘yes,’ and of course I said exactly that.

“See you in a minute.”

I made sure I’d got my key, and locked the kitchen door, before slipping out the back way. I didn’t necessarily want any of the neighbours seeing me enter Debbie’s house and not come out.

Almost the instant I tapped the glass window on her kitchen door it opened. Debbie was dressed only in a towelling robe, tied at the waist and I just knew that she was naked underneath.

“God, I’ve wanted you,” she said with almost desperation, as she flung her arms around me, and kissed me, her tongue fighting it’s way between my teeth.

She smelt divine, freshly showered, but with that familiar, expensive perfume emanating from every pore.

“Let’s go upstairs, I want you now.”

I had no chance to reply as she took my hand, half leading, half pulling me up the stairs. I’d only ever been into the bathroom in her house so when I entered her bedroom and saw Keith’s books on the bedside, and a few of his clothes folded over a chair I felt a wave of guilt flow over me.

Debbie sensed my reticence, and immediately took me in her arms again. Standing in the middle of the room she said quietly, “Don’t worry, I’ve told you it’s our secret, Keith won’t know, Chrissie won’t know.”

Then with both hands she began to unbuckle my belt.

My guilt vanished, replaced by desire, and as she unzipped me I tugged her bathrobe open. In moments we were on the bed and I was inside her.

“Fuck me!.. god… FUCK ME.. PLEASE ED!”

Debbie’s voice was pleading as I felt the warmth of her pussy engulf me. She was already massively wet, and my cock went deep. I looked down at her, her face so close, so filled with desire. I felt the soft calves of her legs, rubbing against my buttocks as she gripped me tightly inside her.

The intensity, the anticipation, both of us wanting this from yesterday, made the whole thing like a blur. I don’t think either of us knew how long it lasted, we just fucked. The bedroom seemed to resonate with the visceral sounds of sex. The pounding of my hips against her, the carnal noises of my cock repeatedly entering the excesses of her pussy, and the rhythmic banging of the headboard against the wall.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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