If They Only Knew Ch. 1 , 2

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Chapter One

Christopher moved into his new house with his family in early November. It was on the afternoon of their move in day that he first saw Tracy. She arrived home to her house just next door, and glanced at him over her shoulder as she walked up her driveway. He felt his heart sink as their eyes met. There was something about her. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Was it how she walked, was it her friendly smile as she looked briefly at him, was it her beauty? He couldn’t figure out exactly what it was, but from that day on, she became his fantasy.

Little did he know (and perhaps in tragedy), as she walked into her house that very same day, she fell back against the door, and played back in her head again and again the look that he gave her. Was it his smile, was it the look in his eyes, was it the way he made her heart sink? She couldn’t explain it, but from that day on, he became her fantasy.

Mrs. Harrod arrived at the door just two weeks after the Browns moved in, bearing a delightful basket of seasonal fruit. Christopher answered the door.

“Hello there.”

“Hi. My name is Mrs. Harrod, from next door. It’s been two weeks since you and your family moved in, and consider this your official welcome to the neighbourhood gift. Is your mom home?”

“Sure, just a sec.”

Christopher stepped back from the door, and yelled: “Mom!”

Seconds later, Mrs. Brown was at the door.

“Well hello,” exclaimed Mrs. Brown, and with that Christopher expressed his pleasure at meeting Mrs. Harrod with a warm smile and went back upstairs.

“Was that her mother?” he pondered as he entered his room again, locking the door behind him.

Chapter Two

Gazing out of his window at the trees in the small ravine behind their house, Christopher began to get hard again as he returned to where he was with her before the doorbell rang.

As he had imagined before, he was in her room, and she was getting undressed in front of him. She was looking right at him as she slowly reached for the base of her burgundy turtleneck sweater. A sweater that hugged her torso and framed her breasts so perfectly, it was as if her entire body was the beautiful and provocative pedestal upon which her exquisite face and flowing hair sat; her sweater formed a beautiful container from whose top the world’s most beautiful flowers bloomed.

With a look in her eyes that would drive most any man wild, she slowly raised her sweater. For Christopher, it was as if time stood still. With each inch of milky white flesh that was exposed – first her stomach, then her supple breasts, then her perfectly aligned chest and shoulders framing the nape of her neck. And what a neck it was. As if drawn by a world famous artist, the lines of her torso and the shadows cast by her breasts created Escort bayan an iconic view of perfection and beauty – he began to feel the pressure of his engorged cock pushing against the fly of his pants. Almost in pain and agony out of his absolute desire to touch her, and with his heart racing, he reached out and imagined touched her breast. Christopher was on his bed now. With his eyes closed, he slowly stroked his member, as he visualized the scene before him.

If he only knew.

At that very moment, and not more than twenty feet away, Tracy lay on her bed. As if she were writing the next chapter in the same book of lust, love, and unbridled passion, Tracy also imagined Christopher in her room.

Raising on her toes, and resting a hand on his chest – and what a chest it was – as he stood before her, she imagined whispering in his ear:

“I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you.”

The words rolled off her tongue so delicately and smoothly, they belied the fervour with which she had wanted him to fulfill her desire. She wanted him to fuck her. She wanted to feel weightless, as though her entire body fell away, and all that was left was the exquisite feeling of his hard cock fucking her tight hole.

Tracy was so turned on by the thought of her fantasy within her fantasy, she could feel the pressure building at her core as she continued to rhythmically finger fuck herself. She was so wet and with her right hand hard at work, she traced the side of her torso with her left and ran it over breast. She let out a small moan as her middle finger passed over the spot of her pussy between her engorged clit and her hungry hole again and again. She loved to finger fuck herself and think of him. Tracy could feel her sweet pussy juice dripping down into the crack of her ass as she continued to imagine Christopher there with her. She continued:

Still on her toes, Christopher reached behind her with his left hand and placed it firmly on the small of her back. She felt herself being slowly pulled into him. Tracy knew then what it must feel like to be a baby in womb. As he pulled her into him, she felt such a feeling of warmth and safety. With her head resting on his massive chest, and only his left arm around her, she felt totally safe.

With her hands still at her side, her cheeks flushed and her heart was racing. She felt so hot, and the entire area between the top of her thighs and her belly button was on fire. With her head on his chest, she could feel the pounding of his heart.

He reached down and put his other hand on the curve of her ass, and she felt him exhale from pleasure. His warm breath tickled her neck. As she slowly pulled her head back, their eyes locked. She could see the desire in his eyes. She could feel the bulge of his crotch pushing against the Bayan Escort top of her pelvis. Without speaking a word, they continued to intently stare at each other. He looked at her like no one had ever done so before. She felt defenseless under his gaze, and yet she felt safe and protected.

Their stare broke as Tracy raised her arms from her side and put them around his neck. She raised her soft lips to gently kiss the side of his neck. As she did so, she was ambushed by his scent. It was as if she her entire nasal passage had been permeated by an intoxicating pheromone that invoked the same feeling as when he gazed into her eyes, and at the same time made her even wetter.

Tracy started to breath faster. He leaned forward and their lips met, at first gently, and then more forcefully. As if a spark in a room filled w/ explosive passion, the first soft kiss that Christopher placed on Tracy’s full lips set off such frenzy within her. Tracy felt her inhibitions fall away, and all that now mattered was that they come together and share each other’s passion and fury.

What before had been incredible attraction, had now become absolute passion and pain; pain stemming from his lack of integration with her. Tracy wanted him in her. She felt her wet cunt expanding inside to accommodate him, without him even being in her.

If only she knew.

Back in his room, Christopher was at nearly the same point in his fantasy. As he stroked his now fully engorged cock, he felt its tip burn from the pressure that was building inside of him. He got up onto his knees on his bed, and closing his eyes again, he continued to imagine being with Tracy.

He leaned forward and kissed her. Their lips met, at first gently, and then more forcefully. Kissing Tracy sent shocks down his spine, and he could feel himself getting even harder. He lowered and took her in his arms and lay her on the bed.

He continued to kiss her, and he felt a frenzy building inside of him. Christopher began to trace the outline of her tongue with his, and as he lay beside her, he reached down to unbutton her pants. She started to rock her pelvis as she reached down and began to stroke his cock from the outside of his pants. She could feel how hard he was.

With Tracy’s pants now off, he moved on top of her and they continued to kiss. She put her legs up and around his pelvis and slowly they began to dry fuck. With their groins grinding together, their breathing became intense. Tracy whispered in his ear:

“I want you to eat me.”

Consumed in passion and almost breathless in anticipation, Christopher began to move slowly towards Tracy’s dripping crotch, giving her small kisses all the way down. As he descended past her belly button, he became distinctly aware of her smell. It drove him near crazy. The scent of her Escort sweet pussy juices made him almost lose control, and it took every bit of his power not to drive is hard cock into her right then.

Christopher slowly kissed the inside of her thighs. Making his way from her knees to the edge of her wet pussy, skipping over it, and then kissing the opposite thigh. Twelve minutes past and Tracy could take it no more. Grabbing at his head, she sternly moved him into place.

“Tongue-fuck my tight pussy,” she gasped under her breath in a whisper.

Christopher began to slowly lick her. Her taste and smell filled his mouth and nose. He licked slowly, in smooth upward strokes. Tracy began to rock her hips again. As Christopher continued to lap up her flowing juices with his tongue, he slowly ran his fingers around the entrance of her hole. Tracy moaned when he began to simultaneously lick and finger-fuck her, not too deep though, as Christopher wanted her to get even more hungry for his big cock that was soon to come.

Christopher couldn’t take it any more. He had to have her. With one last slow thigh-quibbling lick, he began to rise up on her. Christopher kissed her again, as he did before, but now neither of them could wait any longer.

With his pants now off, she reached down and took hold of his cylinder. She guided him to her, and he slowly penetrated. As he filled more and more of her with his engorged eight-inch cock, they both moaned out of absolute pleasure.

Acting as one and now fully integrated, Tracy produced a gasp of please with each slow thrust. Christopher had never known such pleasure as he felt her tight pussy swallow his cock whole as if it were pulling him in. They fit together as if two adjacent and perfectly aligned pieces in a puzzle of passion and love.

What started out as slow, steady, and smooth penetration, quickly regressed into passionate and raw fucking. With each drive she lifted her hips to accommodate him even further. They could both feel each other building as Tracy whispered in his ear:

“Fuck me harder,” she moans.

Christopher slowed and in defiance of her plea he switched positions and lay beside her. This way, Christopher had a clear view of her magnificent landscape. He entered her again. This time, there was no holding back. The two lovers couldn’t get any closer as they lay together intertwined, him inside of her, her thrusting him even further in by pulling at the back of his thigh.

And then it happened. With their lips locked, his right hand gently massaging her engorged clit, and his cock thrusting powerfully into her hungry hole, they came together in a mind-blowing explosion of orgasmic bliss.

And with that, Tracy and Christopher both fell back on their respective beds, oblivious to the fantastical passion they has both just mutually imagined and wondering what the other was doing right then, and hoping, and yearning, that one day, just maybe, they will have their fantasies come true.

If they only knew.

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