In Mrs. Weller’s Office

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To be honest, I was surprised that I even got the job at the law firm.

I interviewed with Mrs. Weller, one of the firm’s partners and struggled to concentrate during the entire meeting. I was sure that she caught my eyes following her sexy black stockings from the hem of her skirt down to her patent leather pumps. I walked out thinking that I missed out on a good job, but at least I was glad that I got to look at a hot woman.

That night, I couldn’t stop thinking about her legs. As I lay in bed, I stroked my cock and fantasized about her standing in front of me. In minutes, I was shooting my hot come all over my stomach.

So it was great news when Mrs. Weller called me several days later and offered me the job as a legal assistant. It is essentially a gopher for the attorneys, but it pays pretty well for a guy just out of college.

I had been working for two weeks when Mrs. Weller summoned me into her office. She was on the phone and motioned for me to sit on her leather couch. As she walked around her large walnut desk, I glanced around the office. She was in her late 40’s but obviously a good lawyer, as she had risen to become a partner at the firm in only a few years. The office held a lot of the typical signs of success. The wet bar, the leather furniture, original art on the wall all told visitors that this was a successful lady.

My eyes returned to Mrs. Weller as she hung up the phone and came round her desk. She closed her office door and then sat next to me on the couch. Her black skirt fell halfway down her thigh and she wore black high heels with no stockings. It took all of my concentration not to look down at her legs and feet. Instead, I looked directly at her face. Her green eyes were framed by black rectangular glasses, and her chestnut hair was pulled back into a bun.

“Chris, I am concerned that you have been acting inappropriately lately,” she said sternly. I was stunned! I had been completely professional in every…. Unless….

“I have noticed that you have been stealing glances at the women in the office, Chris. That can be construed as sexual harassment and we cannot allow that here.”

I tried to reply, but just stuttered… manisa escort “I … I haven’t…”

“Chris!” she snapped. “I’ve seen the way you stare at me!” She stood up in front of me. I tried not to look at her body, but I couldn’t help it. She stood straight and arched her back a little, which just pushed her breasts out from behind her clean white blouse.

“I’m afraid that only have two options,” she said. “I can fire you immediately, or I can send you through a sexual harassment training course,” she said firmly. “I would really like to keep you here. You do have potential. Will you agree to the sexual harassment training?”

I nodded, feeling boxed in and without any choice in the matter.

“Good. We’ll begin immediately,” she said. “Stand up.”

I did as she commanded.

“Remove your belt and pull down your pants,” she instructed. I was embarrassed, but did as she said.

“Good, Chris, I’m glad you are cooperative. Pull down your underwear and let me see your cock.”

I pulled my underwear down around my knees. My face flushed in humiliation. As she looked it over, my cock began to swell.

“Such a pretty cock, Chris,” she said, now much softer. “Show me how you stroke it.”

I gripped my cock and slowly began to pull it. Mrs. Weller sat back against her desk and spread her legs, pushing her skirt farther up her thighs. She watched my hand move up and down on my cock for a few seconds before looking up into my face. “Such a good boy, Chris. Get on your knees and come over to me.”

I did as I was told, shuffling on my knees over until I was looking almost straight up at her.

“Lick my feet and legs,” she said. It was embarrassing, but my cock was as hard as it had ever been. Her smooth legs felt so good as I caressed them, kissed them and licked them. As I did, Mrs. Weller spread her legs wider. She grabbed the back of my hair and pushed my face up into her pussy. I was surprised to feel no underwear, but I quickly forgot about it as she pushed my mouth onto her wet pussy. She let out a moan as I pushed my tongue up inside her folds.

“Ohhh. You are such a naughty slut, Chris,” she moaned. mavişehir escort “Lick my pussy, Chris. That’s it.”

My face was soaked with her juice as she ground my tongue and chin against her. “Lick my wet pussy until I come on you, Chris. That’s it you little slut!” she said, now pushing her pussy into me. In minutes, she was gushing cum all over my mouth and chin. Her body shuddered and relaxed.

She grabbed my hair and pulled me up to my feet. I thought I was going to get to fuck her, but she had other plans. “Stroke your cock, slut,” she ordered. I was so horny, I did what I was told. She turned around and put her elbows on her desk, with her round ass in the air, using a hand to pull her skirt up round her waist. “Come all over my ass, slut!” she commanded. “And don’t cum on my clean skirt!” Hearing her orders sent me to climax, and I shot wads of white hot cum across the crack of her ass and her tight anus. My knees buckled, but I caught myself with my hand on her back.

“You naughty boy,” she said, craning her head around to look at me. “You made a big mess on Mrs. Weller. You’ll have to clean it up.” I started to stand up to find a tissue when she ordered me to lie o my back. As I did, she squatted over me, lowering her ass onto my mouth. “Lick up your cum, you slut,” she snapped, rubbing my hot cum across my face. I started licking my come off of her ass as it dripped across her asshole. She moaned and I began licking faster. At that moment I wanted only to please her. I licked every drop of cum from her ass and she stood up.

“Good boy,” she said, rubbing her pussy. “You must like the taste of hot cum to lick up that much. Do you?”

I didn’t know what to say.

“I asked you a question, slut!” she barked. I nodded in shame.

“That’s what I thought,” she said, leaning across her desk to push her intercom button. “Greg, come in here please,” she ordered into the intercom. I started to jump up. God, I couldn’t let anybody see me like this! But it was too late. Greg, Mrs. Weller’s assistant, must have been right outside the door. He came in and shut the door behind him, staring at me laying there on the carpet menderes escort with my pants around my ankles and my own come smeared across my face.

“Greg, please sit down and pull your cock out. Our little slut Chris says he loves to eat come and I want him to try yours.” Greg did as he was told. He had a big smile as he pulled out his hard cock. “Chris, crawl over to Greg and suck his big cock. And I want you to show me what a slut you are!”

I was humiliated but I did as I was told. On my hands and knees, I took Greg’s big cock into my mouth and started bobbing my mouth up and down on it. It felt so good, filling my mouth, and I started moaning as Greg grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my cum-covered face. “Oh yeah, slut, suck my big cock. God, you are such a whore!” Chris started egging me on. “Make me come in your slut mouth, that’s it! I’m going to fill up your slut mouth with my cum!”

In minutes, I felt his cock twitch, and he sent streams of hot cum into my mouth. It spilled out over my chin and down my cheek. He moaned loudly as he came. “Oh, fuck yes, Chris, suck all my cum, oh yes,” he moaned, “still pushing his big dick in nout of my lips.

“What a dirty slut,” I heard Mrs. Weller say from behind me. Now clean up your mess again.” I licked the cum off of Greg’s balls and cock before he pushed his cock back in his pants and left the office.

I was completely humiliated, waiting on my hands and knees with another man’s come in my mouth and on my face. But I was as horny as I had ever been in my life, and my cock was rock hard again.

Mrs. Weller kneeled behind me, pushing her crotch up against my ass. She reached around and started stroking my cock as she began humping my ass. “I bet you’d like it if I was wearing a big strap-on cock right now, wouldn’t you, slut?” she whispered in my ear. I had to nod. Thinking about her fucking me with a hard cock made me moan loudly as she jacked me off. She pumped her body hard into me as she jerked me. I quivered as I shot my second load across her carpet.

She made me lick my come from the carpet before telling me to get dressed. As she straightened herself up, she told me that this was how she taught sluts like me to respect women. “The training sessions will continue until you learn to respect women,” she said. “Now get back to work. And next time you come into my office, I trust you will be prepared for more training!”

I nodded, exhausted, embarrassed, and looking forward to the next session.

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