In Search of Squirt Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Chapter One – The night it started.

Anneke and I had been together for a year. She was awesome. She had a cute smiley face, blond hair, a fantastic pair of boobs about the size of watermelons that hung beautifully and a great figure all round. I wasn’t too bad myself. I was a brunette with quite long hair. Slightly smaller but also more rounded tits that Anneke.

That evening I woke up from an amazing dream about Anneke to find that she was furiously licking and sucking my pussy. It was streaming wet and she was pressing her face in hard trying to get her tongue in as far it could go drinking every drop juice that it produced.

I checked the clock, it was 2am. I had had a bikini wax the day before and Anneke loves it when my pussy is smooth but I had been too tired to play when we went to bed last night and I fell straight to sleep. Anneke obviously couldn’t wait until the morning for a bit of fun.

“You cheeky bitch” I mumbled.

She looked up with her lips wrapped around my pussy lips and I could see a smile in her eyes. My pussy has relatively large flaps – I was a bit self conscious about this at first but Anneke seems to love them – the hornier I get the more they hang out and I could feel them being sucked in her mouth whilst her tongue slid between them as far as it can go.

“How does it taste?” I asked.

She pulled her face off and gasped for breath. She had my juice all round her mouth and nose; a sticky strand of juice still joined her bottom lip to my pussy. “Incredible. Want to try?” she responded.

She kissed my pussy and then slid her body up so we were face to face. The smell of my pussy got stronger and stronger and I could see it’s juices on her lips, cheeks, chin and nose. She kissed me slowly and passionately, pushing her tongue deep inside my mouth. I had only been awake a couple of minutes so my mouth was still quite dry but it was amazing to taste my pussy juices on Anneke’s tongue. ‘Is it wrong to enjoy to taste of your own pussy juices?’ I thought, but then agreed with myself that it was fine because it was transported by Anneke’s beautiful tongue.

We carried on kissing passionately and I placed my hands on her bum cheeks and took a firm grasp. She had fantastic perfect round ass cheeks (mind you, so do I). I grinded my pussy against hers and we started to moan. I was still feeling incredibly wet and I was looking forward to getting stuck in to Aneke’s pussy now that I was in the mood. I reached from behind between her legs to rub her sumo web tools pussy but she grabbed my hand, pulled away from the kiss and told me to hold on a moment. She got up off me, pulled the duvet over her and got on her knees and elbows facing away from me. I couldn’t see anything as the duvet was covering her.

“Okay, what are you waiting for, come on in,” she said.

I climbed under the duvet and my face and hands found their way to Anneke’s ass in the air. My two hands quickly explored her posture by running down either side of her back. Her back was curving down with her head and elbows against the bed. I put my fingers near her face and sucked them, I pulled them out, ran my hands down either side of her chest massaging her boobs as they went passed which caused Anneke to let out a little moan. I brought my hands back around to her ass which was sticking out in the air as far as it could. This got me very excited and I pressed against her ass cheeks pushing them apart to expose her asshole as much I could. I rested my nose on her dry spread asshole and inhaled deeply. It smelt fantastic, slightly musty and another smell I can’t quite describe and of course the exciting pungent smell of her pussy was coming through too. I’m not sure how but this turned me on even more. I had an urge to start furiously face fucking her but I held back to maintain the suspense.

After gently running my nose on her asshole a few times to get a sense of it, I gently kissed her asshole with my lips, resisting the urge to get my tongue involved, and instead slowly moved my kisses down to her pussy. She has a puffy pussy, quite different to mine, with not much in the way of flaps. I absolutely adore it. Anneka hadn’t had a bikini wax for a while and stubbly hair was come through, not that I minded. I kissed her pussy up and down with my lips and without getting my tongue involved enjoying it’s dryness. I nuzzled my nose between the two perfect puffy sides of her vagina and my nose broke through the dry seal and got soaked in her pussy juices. I couldn’t hold my tongue back any more as I was dyeing to taste what I could smell. I stuck out my tongue and placed it on her clit trying to apply as much pressure as I could. I felt a shudder go through her body. My tongue then travelled upwards deep in to her pussy as far as it could go (omg it tasted incredible) and I resisted moving it around inside but carried on moving upwards.

I licked slowly across her perineum knowing that I was shortly sumowebtools going to arrive at her asshole. My hands were still spreading her ass cheeks so her asshole was stretched. I slid my tongue around to the right of her hole and ran it up along the wrinkles on the edge of her bum hole and then around the top slowly circling the point of my tongue getting closer and closer in. My tongue soon arrived at the bulge of her sphincter and the flavour got stronger and her body got more excited. My tongue then rested still on the entrance to her ass. It was spread out but it wasn’t open; there was a lot of tension keeping firmly closed. I enjoyed the suspense a moment more and then slowly pushed my tongue in. Anneka let out a loud long moan. Her ass was tight and it took some pushing to get in, and my tongue could feel pressure on all sides. The taste was incredible. Once I was in I rested my lips around her asshole and let my tongue slide in and out, in and out with the gyrations of her body. The walls of her asshole began to relax and I could get my tongue in and out easier and deeper. The deepness to Anneka’s thrusting also grew. She would push her ass back so my tongue was as deep as it could go and hold it there whilst my tongue licked around inside. Then she would slide forward to the point where my tongue would come out completely. Her ass was soaking and I could hear a squelch every I went in or out of her. We carried on like this for a couple of minutes. I could feel her hole dilate more and more to the point where I could feel her hole was slightly open even when my tongue wasn’t in it.

I moved my mouth down to her pussy and lost control licking her insides. Meanwhile I had my nose resting against her open asshole to get a deep smell. Her pussy was soaking. I took my right hand and starting to rub her clit and her body started to quiver and her high pitched moans grew loader and loader. We carried on for a minute or two until her body collapsed with exhaustion. She mumbled a few words and started to fall asleep there and then. My pussy was still soaking but aching for some attention.

“Do you not want to finish me off?” I asked a bit sulkily worried I was go to be left hanging.

“Oh babe, thank you so much. You’ve completely shattered me out and I just want to lie here. How about you masturbate on me?” she responded in a moan.

Hmm, this was the best I was going to get I thought and I couldn’t wait any longer. Anneka was now lying on her back and so I put my knees either side of her face so that my pussy was directly above her mouth, and so that we could see each other eye to eye. Her eyes were barely open but I heard her mumble something like “that looks nice”. My pussy flaps were hanging down above her face and I started to rub my clit. I quickly lost control and I was frigging myself faster and faster with my flaps flicking all over the place. I moved two fingers inside and finger fucked myself. Anneka’s eyes were still half open and she had a smile on her face. My pussy was dripping wet and occasionally drops would land on her face. “Squirt that gorgeous pussy on my face” she moaned, which got me really going.

A moment later the most incredible bolt ran through me and pussy felt like it was going to explode. My fingers were forced out of my convulsing pussy and I automatically started rubbing my clit instead. When I looked down I could see I was squirting my juices faster than piss all over Anneka’s face. She opened her mouth to take it in but also gasped for breath. It went on for about three seconds and I completely lost control of body and was panting and moaning at the top of my voice. I momentarily stopped whilst I caught my breath and balance but then a second later and another rush came with another long squirt. Anneka pulled me down on to her face and stuck her tongue inside my pussy. Now I could feel the squirts coming out of my body but I couldn’t see them as they were going straight in to the warmth of her mouth. She gasped for breath again and my juices came flowing out of the side of her mouth. Once she had caught her her breath I rubbed her head against my pussy whilst she kissed it. I rubbed my clit to get the last few drops out. She sucked my full flaps in her mouth back and forth a few times to get all the juices off. I pulled away and fell on my back exhausted.

“I love it when you squirt like that.” she said. “it tastes so incredible, and there’s so much of it. I don’t know where it comes from. I wish we could make me squirt like that.”

It was true that Anneke had never squirted and I was also disappointed by this. We had tried everything. I thought back to the time I first squirted. It was back at college with a boy I used to date before I realised I was a lesbian. He had a huge cock and we always had amazing sex. 9 out of 10 times I would squirt over his dick or on his face.

“Have you ever tried cock?” I asked even though I knew the answer.

“Shut up” she said waving the comment off embarrassed.

“I’m serious, why don’t we give it a go? It might be fun.”

“Good night.” she said and rolled over and went to sleep. I wasn’t sure whether that meant she was keen or what but the idea was planted now.

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