Indian Boy Seduces Men in Train

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That day I had shaved my armpits, hands and legs and worn a skimpy top. The goal was clear…to get a fat cock up my hungry ass and be used just as a fuck toy.

Let me tell you something about myself. I am an Indian boy, 19, having a slender frame, soft features, full lips, gay and sex obsessed. Unlike what people think, living in a country where sex is taboo, makes you crave for it even more. Coming back, I was always gay and I knew it. I knew that my 5″ cock was useless and that my large ass and shapely body was made to please men and men only. I spent the first few years of my puberty fantasizing and stuffing myself with objects, all the while imagining being used by matured men. I took a few more years to become the slut that I am today. Back to that day now..

In case you guys don’t know, Indian trains are shit crowded. Sweaty men all compressed one against the other. The back of each man closely pressing the front of the one behind him. This is a place no less than heaven, if you ask me. So there I was standing in a short sleeveless t-shirt, which exposed my armpits and cheekily gave a peek of my navel and the thongs within. Also, my body showed no trace of a single hair, which would make guessing my intentions a piece of cake. I was enjoying the stares of men looking at me with sex hungry eyes, when I felt it. A hand. First, just a brush against my firm ass. I shrugged it off, as these things were common in local trains. But to my surprise, (and happiness topkapı escort too!!) the hand started pressing against my ass with firmer grip, at each jerk of the train. I obviously didn’t oppose. This made him bolder. Soon his hand was in my jeans and teasing my asshole. He went crazy and had an obvious erection when he found out that I was wearing thongs. He started pressing his cock against my ass, and I reverted by pressing and rubbing my ass against his cock. He was happy and planted a wet kiss on my armpits. (My armpits were open as I was holding the bar above). People in front of me watched with shock, as I let his saliva slide down my smooth armpit…

The station arrived. Everyone started getting down and so did I. I wanted to see my tormentor and my lover. We got down and he kept holding my hand. I saw him. He was a middle aged man, about 38, rough looks,a bit bald, a thick mustache and a typical pot belly. Perfect!!

We exchanged small talks, all the while he kept pulling me close to him by keeping his hand on my waist. He asked me if I would like to see his home. My heart skipped a beat. “Yes”, said I, without wasting a second. He chuckled, seeing my desperation. We began walking out of the station. He walked behind me since he wanted to see my ass in action and I didn’t disappoint. I swayed my ass, like a teenage girl for him. We hired a rickshaw. As you know rickshaws are open vehicles. Anyone standing 10 feet away can watch what’s going on inside. fatih escort And this man had kept his hand on my thigh, very close to my cock the whole time. He was fondling my cheeks and kissing me, in almost full public. We reach his home. He was certainly a middle class man. The people in the compound of the building I was entering were giving me weird looks, they probably hadn’t seen a boy wearing short tops and thongs.

We arrived at his door, that’s when I came to know his name, it was Ramesh. We entered in and as soon as he had closed the door, he pushed me against the door and began kissing me with everything he had. His hands were searching my entire body, moving up my ass and cock, teasing my armpits and navel. When suddenly I heard a sound from within. I was shocked. I pulled away from the kiss and looked to find two men looking at me wildly. Turns out there were Ramesh’s room mates, Pratik and Ashish. They gave a broad smile while eying me,I knew what was next. I was finally gonna be the slut I wanted to be for all these years.

Ramesh pulled me by my hair and made me kneel down in front of Pratik. “Lick, bitch”, was all he said. I went at it without a thought, licking through his pants hungrily like a true bitch. They all were pleased. Pratik took out his cock and I began deepthroating him. Ashish wanted to get in on the action too and pulled down my jeans, and he was mighty pleased to find my things and a cute butt hole within. He started fingering eyüp escort it and wetting it with his saliva. I was on the moon. Next he started inserting his 10″ cock into my ass and being the slut I was, I took it in, in the first stroke itself. All of them were surprised and Ramesh slapped me saying, “Slut”. Pratik and Ramesh soon came inside me and I took it all. It was Ramesh’s turn next.

He mounted me and inserted his foot in my mouth, commanding me to lick it. I obeyed instantly, worshiping his foot and licking it from every angle and in every crevice. This excited him enough and he came on my ass crack. He kissed it and then kissed me with the same cum filled mouth and I was more than happy to have his cum laced with the smell of my own ass. Over the day, they all used me three times more. Finally they let me go, but had a plan for me. They didn’t give me back my jeans. They said “A slut like you shouldn’t cover her legs and ass fully. All you should wear is this” and handed me a very short skirt. I tried begging them to give it back, but they threatened to not even allow me to wear the skirt. I had no option but to listen.

I wore the skirt, it did little to cover my round ass. Even if I walked a little fast, everyone on the street would know that I was a grown boy and was wearing thongs. Not to mention that they would at all times get a view of my ass cheeks. I didn’t have a choice though, I stepped out. The cool night breeze brushed against my exposed legs, and traveled up my crotch and ass. I got gazing looks from everyone on the street, but at that point I didn’t care. Beneath the cute girly face, loaded with dry cum, was a boy who was now only a slut to be used by others.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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