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The room is still. Almost too still. It bears the strangest and most delicate sort of sensual calm…almost the kind that is only written about in books, but never truly felt in any sort of touchable reality. The blankets on the bed are smooth, the pillows could not be any softer — the perfect place for two lovers to abide and pass away the hours in one another’s arms.

But there was something so perfect about where we lay. Tucked down on the floor, our pillows tossed here and there, the gentle caress of a soft cotton blanket barely covering the back of our legs…the cool breeze from the window whispering over us like a strange and appropriate prelude to what is to come. Me resting gently on my stomach, my hair flooding over my back and over my shoulders. You lying beside me, Your gentle fingers tracing some strange pattern down my spine and over the curve of my full hips.

The bonds from our earlier encounter lay scattered around the room, but neither one of us is willing to move from our place to retrieve them. The heady and delicate aroma of sex and intimacy hangs like a whisper in air.

I can feel the designs becoming more and more intricate as your touch becomes lighter and lighter…as Your fingers tease right above the slopping Starzbet cleft of my ass, your other hand sliding up to rest, palm down, against my cheek. Your eyes are locked into mine, as though some spell holds You fast in my gaze…no, our gaze. We are starting to melt together….to meld into one strange sort of being.

Your lips come closer to my face, resting momentarily against my forehead…starting to make their way down over my face, brushing over each of my now-closed eyelids. You lean into my ear, a gentle purring growl escaping Your mouth and flooding my senses. Gently, you reach out your fingers to brush the hair from off my shoulders, revealing my smooth, pale skin to Your sight.

Softly, more like a dance than anything else, You press yourself against me, effortlessly turning me onto my side so that our faces are mere inches from one another. Resting one large, strong dark hand on my waist, sliding one of Your legs atop of mine, drawing me into the powerful cleft of Your warm body. Gently easing your pelvis between my legs, moving your hand down over my neck and cradling the back of my head in your hand as you press your mouth against mine wordlessly. Your tongue teasing…pressing…probing….slipping Starzbet Giriş easily in between my lips, speaking volumes against my tongue. Your pelvis presses into my body, a soft groan escaping from Your mouth into mine as our lower bodies brush together.

With the softest press, You guide your hips against mine as Your fingers slide down from the back of my head and caress gently over my breasts, stopping to tug ever-so-lightly against my nipples as they harden in the cool air of the room. My gentle whimpers spur you onward as Your hands move from one breast to another, repeating the gentle teasing again and again…a heady rush of lust and the simplest whisper of love flooding your senses. My hands are against Your chest, kissing and caressing Your body, flicking my tongue over Your skin, causing You to groan and shudder against me.

Without a word, You lift my body against Yours, guiding Your now rock-hard cock against the growing dampness between my thighs. Gently, softly, You press into me, causing us both to groan and tremble against one another. It is here that time seems to stop…my entire mind is rushing and frozen, all at once. My fingers tremble as they seek a hold in Your shoulder, my Starzbet Güncel Giriş head falling back as our torsos press together, our nipples brushing and causing our moans to increase in volume and strength.

Not one of us has spoken a word. You move incredibly slowly, pressing deeper and deeper into me. Suddenly, You break the silence with two lone words…almost a groan, almost a moan, almost a cry…

“My love.”

A spell seems to break. A rush of emotion…passion….fire….lust…..all released at once as our bodies press together, our moans rising up to flood the room. Only two words are spoken between us….Your name on my lips, and my name on Yours. Nothing else can be brought to mind…You are all I can see, all I can feel. I am everything in Your mind, fully encompassing Your body and soul…as we move together for what seems like minutes….or is it perhaps a hundred hours.

“I love you.”

Who spoke the words is a mystery. The dam is broken to its final degree. Our pleasure rocks us, causing us to fall apart and clutch at one another, drawing You deeper into me, my hips pressed full against Yours as we cry out, our pleasure caressing us in such a powerful embrace that we are overwhelmed with a strange sort of lustful emotion that neither of us understands.

Panting, gasping, a light sheen of sweat covering us both, we collapse back against our makeshift bed, our bodies still entangled and attached at the most intimate and primal levels.

“I love you.”

“I love You.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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