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Kat opened the door of the cab and stepped onto the sidewalk. Leaning into the driver’s window she peeled off a couple of notes, passing them to the driver, feeling his eyes appraising the swell of her ample breasts. She picked up her small sports bag and walked across to the apartment building, adding a little more sway to her walk, so that she could show off her curvy, womanly body. As she reached the doorway, Kat dipped into her purse and took out an envelope. Inside the envelope was a magnetic key card. She slid the card into the slot and listened for the click of the door lock being released. Pushing through the doorway, she made her way across the deserted lobby and into the elevator. She punched the button for the fifth floor and, as the car hummed upwards, she smoothed the front of her button through dress over the curves of her body. The elevator came to a halt, with a soft bump, and the doors opened with an almost inaudible swishing sound.

Stepping into a short hallway, Kat strode confidently to the doorway at the far end. It swung open, silently, and she stepped through into an elegantly furnished vestibule. She turned at the rattling click of a key being turned in the lock and found herself facing a rather imposing man, dressed in a dark suit with a vest, cut after the English style, single breasted with a matching vest. A gold chain stretched across the front of the vest between the two pockets. Smiling coolly, the man plucked a gold watch out of his pocket, on the end of the chain and flipped the cover open. Closing the watch with a snap and returning it to his vest pocket, he smiled more broadly and spoke.

“Good day to you, my dear Kat. My name is James and I shall be your guide for today and the first part of your stay with us,” he told her, his voice sounding very English, the pronunciation clipped and correct.

“Hello, James,” Kat replied, “How do you know my name?”

“You are the only respondent with an appointment for this afternoon,” he informed her.

Turning, he led the way to a pale wood door, set in the far corner of the vestibule. Gesturing for Kat to take a seat in one of the comfortable chairs facing the window, he lowered his six-foot frame into the opposite chair. From a table by the arm of his chair, James picked up a slim file. Opening it to the second page, he glanced over the letter that she had written, in reply to the advertisement in the evening paper.

“You say in your letter that you are finding life a little dull and mundane. So you answered the advertisement we placed, asking for prospective Adventurers for our society. You realise what sort of adventures we expect to be having, do you not?” James questioned her.

“As the ad was placed in the contacts pages, I assume they will be sexual adventures,” Kat replied, smiling.

James returned her smile and closed the folder with a clear snap. Standing up he held out a hand and helped her to her feet. Dropping the folder on the table, he led her through a second door into a tiny closet, with a second door at the opposite end. The door had no handle, just a push-button lock and a single silvery coloured plaque with the single word ‘Initiation’ engraved on the metal. James punched a code into the lock and pushed the door open. Kat followed him into a room with subdued, shadowless lighting, dominated by a low, leather-topped couch. The top surface of the couch was sculptured and fitted with short straps and leather cuffs. Kat placed her bag on the floor and looked into James’ eyes. Deep within the black pupils, she could see a glimmer of cruelty, mingled with lust and desire. James reached out and slowly, using just his fingertips, unfastened the top button of her dress. Kat held his gaze with her eyes as he moved his hand lower and lower, unfastening each button as though he was uncovering priceless treasure. When his fingers reached her waist, he lifted both hands and pushed the cloth of her dress over her shoulders so that it slid to the floor.

Kat had dressed to excite and tantalise, with her ripe breasts cradled in a soft, black silk bra, trimmed with lace with a fastening between her generous breasts. Around her waist, a matching garterbelt held up black silk stockings and her pussy was covered by a triangular scrap of lace, barely large enough to cover her erect, swollen clit, tied with bows at each side of her hips. James reached out again and unfastened the front of her bra, letting her full, ripe breasts tumble out and tremble with every breath she took. He moved his hands lower down her belly and pinched the end of each bow between his fingertips, tugging gently so that they came unfastened. Kat shook her head, shaking the tumble of brown waves over her shoulders and shivering as she felt the slick material clinging to her smooth skinned pussy. James pulled the silk away and peeled it from her skin.

“Kneel on the bench, on your knees and elbows,” James instructed her.

Kat fitted her shins and forearms into the sculpted hollows in the leather covered pad on top of the couch. She felt the tips of her nipples brush against the chill leather and a gasp slipped from between her lips. James fastened her wrists and ankles to the top Betturkey of the couch with the leather cuffs, buckling them firmly but not tight enough to cause pain. The hollows in the couch were wide enough to spread Kat’s arms and thighs, giving James an unhindered view of her ass and pussy, while the tips of her erect nipples would just brush against the leather top of the couch.

James pushed a switch and the couch lowered and tilted a little, raising her ass higher, as her whole body was lowered, on the couch, closer to the floor. James moved behind her and unfastened a panel at the bottom of the couch making a broad notch in the leather platform, so that he could stand right against her ass and the backs of her thighs. Kat swallowed nervously as she realised just how vulnerable she had become, fastened by stout leather bands to this strange device. James ran his fingertips along the silky skin on the inside of her thighs, until they reached the beautifully defined lips of her pussy.

Kat drew a sharp hiss of breath through her lips as James gently parted the damp, clinging lips of her pussy, drawing back the hood that her clit was peeking from under. Then he slowly ran his finger along her bare crack until he was caressing the cleft of her ass, the tip of his finger damp from her pussy. James crossed to the other side of the room and carefully took his jacket and vest off, then removed his tie. Hanging them neatly on the back of a chair, he opened a concealed cupboard and took out a metal tray. Choosing quickly, he arrayed a selection of vibrators and dildos on the metal surface and then took a bottle of lubricant and placed it alongside them. One of the dildos was as thick as his wrist, while the smallest was as narrow as a pencil. Opening another cupboard, he selected a handful of tiny golden clamps, like minute handcuffs and a spool of thick silk thread. James crossed to the couch and slid his hand between the leather and Kat’s breasts, running his fingertips over the hard points of her nipples. Kat moaned, deep in the back of her throat, as James squeezed her nipple between his finger and thumb. She arched her back, feeling the tug of the cuffs around her wrists and ankles and her nipples stretched in his grip. Kat heard a metallic click as James picked one of the clamps from the tray and, pulling her nipple with thumb and forefinger, closed it around the base, squeezing tightly. When he released his grip, the hard bud was squeezed by the metal, keeping the tissue erect and swollen. James brushed the tip of his finger across the hard point of her nipple, making Kat’s breath hiss between her teeth. He slid his hand to her other breast, cradling the firm globe and trapping her nipple between his fingers. Kat moaned as James pulled gently on her nipple, then yelped as he pinched harder. Reaching out to the tray, James chose another golden clamp and, with a flick of his fingertips, fastened it around the base pf her erect nipple. Now both of her nipples were tightly clamped, swollen and sensitive. James picked up the smallest of the vibrators and flicked the switch in the base. The pencil-thin rod hummed and he touched the tip against the point of her nipple, making her whole body tense, as though electricity was coursing along her nerves. Her skin flushed pinkly and the air was filled with the sweet tang of her pussy as her juices flooded over the tender lips.

James moved silently around the couch, prowling like a hungry panther. Kat stiffened as he rested a hand gently on her buttock, his fingertips teasing the cleft of her ass open. The tight ring of her anus opened a little, inviting him to caress and probe the dark rosebud. James stood behind her and slid both of his hands over Kat’s buttocks, his strong fingers curling around them and sliding between her spread thighs. Kat’s belly tightened as his fingertips teased the lips of her pussy apart and he reached inside to run his fingers along her oozing slit. Kat shuddered as his clever, knowing caresses teased even more moisture from her hungry passage. James’ fingers pressed firmly, opening the hot moist lips of her pussy and dipping into the tight passage. Kat felt one fingertip, then two, easing their way inside her, stretching her slowly, gently, but inexorably until he was working the length of his two fingers in and out of her passage. Kat felt the tightening of her passage around his delving fingers as he pushed and twisted them inside her. Her pussy was flooded with her juices, heavy droplets sliding over the soft skin inside her thighs to wet the lace at the tops of her stockings. The wet, slurping sound of James easing his fingers from between the tender lips of her bubbling pussy sounded loud, even over the long, drawn-out moan that rose from her chest. The points of her nipples were even harder and the clamps bit cruelly into her tender buds.

“Your cunt is so hot and wet,” James whispered into her ear, “and your nipples so hard and swollen. How do you like your initiation, so far?”

“Oh God!” she whimpered, “I need to cum so badly. I need to be fucked hard in my cunt.”

“Not yet,” he murmured, “We’ve barely started.”

Kat felt the hard, pointed tip Betturkey Giriş of a vibrator spreading the lips of her pussy and then stretching her, as James pressed upon the base, forcing the latex covered rod slowly into her dripping pussy. She turned her head, trying to see which of them he had chosen to thrust deep into her cunt, but she could not bend her head to look between her thighs nor could she see around the curve of her hips. She felt the head of the vibrator parting the lips of her pussy as James slid it along the length of her juicy slit and then her tight passage, stretching as he pressed it deeper. The hard plastic slid easily inside, filling her cunt, and she sobbed as he pierced her yielding body.

“Urrgh, my cunt is so full,” she groaned, “I need to cum, fuck me, please fuck me hard.”

Sweat plastered her curly hair to the back of her neck and her forehead and glistened on her smooth skin. The leather beneath her breasts was sticky with the moisture, her nipples dragging against the surface. James pressed harder, forcing the tip of the vibrator deeper into her, until it was pressed against the mouth of her womb. Kat was panting, harsh grunting gasps sounding loudly in the quiet of the room. James flicked the switch in the base of the vibrator, setting it buzzing inside her. Kat arched as spasms raced through her body. The leather cuffs bit into her flesh as she strained against them and she moaned hoarsely. The throb of the vibrator, buried in her cunt, built inside her, making her writhe and squirm with her arousal. James smiled fiendishly, taking the slim vibrator that he had brushed against her nipples and touching the buzzing tip of the wand to her swollen clit. Kat screamed in joyous release and hot sweet nectar gushed from her pussy, over the soft skin of her thighs. Her whole body shuddered as spasm upon spasm of her orgasm swept through her.

“Oh Christ, Yes!” she screamed, “I’m cumming now.”

Kat slumped against the leather, gasping as her sweaty body moulded itself to the top of the couch. Her shrieks slowly faded to whimpers as her cunt tightened painfully around the vibrator, still buzzing, pressed against the opening to her womb. James removed the tip of the vibrating wand from the nub of her clit and then flicked the switch on the vibrator buried in her sweet cunt. Slowly, he eased the slippery plastic out of her oozing slit and cupped his hand over the bare mound of her pussy. The smooth skin was slick and hot, while the neatly trimmed ribbon of fuzz that pointed to her clit was sticky and matted.

Kat heard the rustle of clothing, as James unbuttoned his vest and shirt then his trousers, letting them fall into a heap on the floor. She groaned a feeble protest as she felt his fingers parting the lips of her pussy and the hot, velvety head of his cock nestled between them. She tried to shake her head in protest as she felt her pussy being stretched and filled with his cock, moaning softly as he penetrated and filled her tormented flesh. Her pussy ached from the spasms of her orgasm, but she felt it tighten around the fat shaft of James’ cock as he slid it gradually inside her. James nudged the tip of his cock deeper and deeper, until it was pressed against the mouth of her womb.

Rhythmically, James began to thrust, with long hard strokes, feeling the spasms ripping through Kat’s aching cunt.

“Please, James, no,” she gasped, “let me rest for a minute, I’m not ready for you yet.”

James just gripped her hips and pulled her back against him, driving the length of his cock deep into her cunt. Kat shuddered and moaned beneath her breath as she felt her nipples scraping across the damp, sticky leather. Her breaths became sharp pants, and then gasps, as James thrust deeply into her hot, dripping slit, the head of his cock tapping the opening to her womb with every thrust. James felt her cunt tighten around the shaft of his cock and heard the ragged grunting of her breath as Kat felt the orgasm building within, despite her reluctance to cum again. Stepping back, James withdrew his cock, slowly, teasingly slipping it from between the plump lips of her pussy.

“Not yet, Kat,” he admonished, “I’m not ready for you to cum again.”

Padding around to the head of the couch, James reached down and cradled her chin in the palm of his hand. Slowly, gently, but firmly, he squeezed her cheeks, forcing her lips into a pout. Taking hold of the base of his cock, he guided the tip between Kat’s lips and slid it gradually into her mouth, over her tongue and almost to the back of her throat. Kat could taste the sweet slippery nectar, from her pussy, smeared over his cock, mingled with the lemony, tart tang of his oozing pre-cum. Kat grunted and moaned softly in encouragement, the words muffled by the mass of his cock in her mouth. The taste of her cum, smeared over his cock excited her and she could feel the tightening of her cunt as she sucked him further into her mouth, gulping the head of his cock into the back of her throat. The ripple of her throat against the head of his cock made James stiffen and thrust into her mouth. Kat’s eyes watered but she still sucked gamely on the hard meat Betturkey Güncel Giriş in her mouth, swirling her tongue over the throbbing shaft. James rocked backwards and held her head between his palms, while his cock stiffened, and then began to jerk, as he sprayed thick slimy jets of hot cum over her tongue and into her throat. Kat swallowed, gulping his cum down greedily, but there was too much for her to swallow and James filled her mouth to overflowing, leaving sticky trails of goo dripping from her chin onto the leather of the couch.

James stepped back and his cock slipped from between her puffy, bruised-looking lips, trailing a long stream of cum from her lips. He was still firm, though not as hard and swollen as he had been a second earlier. The flushed meat of his cock was shiny and smeared with long rivulets of cum and spit, mixed with the thin coating of juices from her pussy. Kat was panting raggedly as the taste of his hot cum excited her still further, making her cunt spasm again and again. She groaned, in a mixture of frustration and need, as her empty passage clenched tightly, forcing the juices within to gush over the tops of her thighs and stockings. James stepped slowly along the table, running his fingertips along her bare, sweaty skin. The touch of his hand was just firm enough to let Kat feel his caress against her damp skin, making her wriggle and rub her throbbing, erect nipples against the damp leather of the couch.

Kat moaned as she felt the palm of his hand slide over the cure of her buttock, his fingertips gently widening the cleft between the cheeks of her ass, exposing the dark, puckered rosebud of her anus. James could feel the blood rushing back to his cock, making it stiffen and swell, as he watched the dark opening to her rear passage clench and open again, as though it was winking encouragingly. Dipping his finger into a jar of cool, lubricating jelly, he smoothed the slippery unction over the dark circle of her asshole, gently stroking the tip of his finger across the sensitive skin and then, very gently, eased the length of his finger inside her ass, sliding it past the first and then the second knuckle, pushing and twisting as he probed gently but deeply.

Kat moaned softly, her breath almost an inaudible sigh, as James gradually probed her rectum, stretching the ring of her anus. The feel of his finger exploring her back passage excited her, making her tight cunt ripple in pleasure. She whimpered as James eased his finger out of the dark hot passage, imploring him to carry on and not to torment her with his knowing, insidiously pleasurable caresses. James ignored her plaintive sounds and very slowly used the tips of his fingers to spread the cheeks of her ass and open the ring of her asshole. Grasping the base of his cock, he guided the head between her buttocks and pressed it against the centre of her asshole. She could feel the head of James’ cock spreading the tight ring of her anus as he pushed slowly into her back passage. Pushing back and panting, Kat tried to force herself further onto his swollen cock. Kat yelped as the ridge of James’ cock head slipped past the tight ring of her asshole and into her rectum, the sound becoming a long, bubbling sigh as she felt him filling her with his thick cock.

James’ hands tightened on her hips as he thrust, slowly but forcefully, driving his cock to its full length into her backside. Kat trembled, from head to toe, as his cock invaded her bowel, stretching her tight ring and probing deeply into her backside. James eased his grip on her hips and brought the hard palm of his hand down onto her rounded buttock with a stinging slap, the sound filling the room like a rifle shot. Kat’s body contorted in a long, orgasmic spasm as dark sparks of pain, from the reddening hand priunt on the cheek of her ass shot directly to her clit and cunt. The spasm of her cunt and ass caressed his cock and he began to spray more cum into her ass, thinner streams of slippery liquid this time, but still enough to fill her ass until it overflowed and trickled down the inside of her thighs. The sensation of having her ass filled with James’ cock and cum pushed Kat into a tempestuous orgasm, ripping screams of frustration, then release, from her throat as her body was wracked by spasm upon spasm.

James’ cock softened and shrank inside her as the spurts became weaker, emptying his engorged sac into her ass. Thin trails oozed from her asshole, dribbling down the inside of her thighs to mingle with the drying streaks of cum already there. James stepped back and the tip of his cock slid from the embrace of her asshole, leaving a sticky stain along the cleft of her backside. James took a robe from the back of the door and shrugged it on, then unfastened the cuffs around Kat’s wrists and ankles. Gently, almost tenderly, he helped her to swivel around and sit upon the edge of the couch, her limbs still trembling as the waves of her release subsided. Looking into the depths of her soft brown eyes, he brushed the matted hair away from her face and then reached forward. With two practised flicks of his finger an thumb, he released the clamps from her left and right nipples, letting them fall into the palm of his hand. The sudden rush of blood from the swollen sensitive points dragged a final, whimpering orgasm from her. Kat shuddered, her eyes wet as she looked deep into James’ and she felt the oozing wetness from her pussy and ass sticking her tender flesh to the leather couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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