Insatiable Tina

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She watched him come in weekend after weekend with a new date. He was handsome, and charming from what the other waitresses said about him, she’d never gotten to wait on him. Tonight, however, he came in alone. He always sat in the same corner booth, it gave him complete view of the club: the dance floor, the bar and the door. She watched as he sat there waiting for his waitress, and she made her move. Tina called over Sue the waitress who should be taking his order at that minute.

“Sue, I want to trade sections with you tonight, I want to wait on Prince Charming” she said coyly. Sue was briefly hesitant but when Tina placed a fifty in her hand, Sue smiled.

“Sure Tina whatever you want” Sue wondered why Tina was so interested. Some of the other girls said Tina was insatiable; her hunger for men uncontrolled, and Tina was not trying to control it either. Some of the girls said she should join a sex-aholics group.

*** ***

He watched as the waitress approached the table. The pale pink blouse she wore reminded him of a mans shirt, only this one seemed to hug in just the right spots, her short black skirt teased his eyes as her hips swayed seductively. Her blouse was unbuttoned, all but the two buttons in front of her breasts, and her smooth bronze stomach teased him as he tried to figure out what charm was on her belly button ring. He watched as she glided though the crowded club, the hemline of her skirt pushing up just enough to tease his eyes with the lacey tops of her thigh highs. If he hadn’t seen the lace tops he would have sworn she wasn’t wearing any stockings. He felt his cock jump, as she got closer, he thought to himself, thank god I’m behind this table so she can’t see my reaction.

“Good evening sir, I am Tina, your waitress this evening” she said delicately. Her lips seemed to seduce the words that flowed from them, as she followed with “May I get you a drink?”

“Uhhh yeah, um I would like a Corona please, with lime, in the bottle” he said, sounding boyishly shy. God her name sounded familiar where had he heard her name before??

“Yes sir, that will be right up” she said as she turned on her heels and headed towards the bar. Tina smiled to herself as she could feel him watching her walk away, she wiggled her ass just a little more to tease him. She knew she would have to have this man tonight.

As she disappeared through the crowd he decided to go to the men’s room and relieve himself. He stood there doing his thing when he noticed something written on the wall. When he was finished he went over and read it.

“Tina is the hottest bitch in this place,” he read aloud, unintentionally. A stranger next to him laughed gently and nodded his head.

“I heard she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose, if you know what I mean” the stranger whispered before leaving the restroom. He laughed at the strangers comment and felt his cock throb a little at the idea. That pretty waitress on her knees being a cock-sucking slut, it was enough to make a man ache. He headed back to the table.

*** ***

As he got to the table, she too approached, handing him his beer. Her back was towards a mirrored post and as she bent over the table to give him the beer, her ass was turned up slightly, giving him an unforgettable view in the mirrors. Tina, this sweet looking waitress, was either panty less or wearing a thong. He licked his lips at the thought. Smiling at her he pays her for the beer and tells her to keep the change.

“Thank you handsome,” she says smiling coyly as she tucks the money in her apron.

“So how come your alone tonight? Usually I see you in here with some pretty thing all over you”

“I am between dates, and just hanging cumlouder porno out,” he says. His eyes obviously moving over her body, but stopping at her thighs and breasts, he’s trying not to be obvious as he feels himself aroused by her appearance and scent.

“Hmm I see,” she says as she leans down onto the table and whispers “Listen handsome, I’ve got a break coming up in a few minutes, want to duck outside away from the people and noise with me??”

“I am just planning on drinking a beer or two, I don’t smoke,” he says shyly, wondering if she’s really being that forward with him, “nice outfit tonight by the way”

She smiles as she licks her lips seductively, twirling around, pushing the skirt up just a little more on those thighs. She says, “Thanks, the boss said with enough positive feedback all the girls will be wearing this”

“Well I think it would definitely bring business up,” he says smirking.

“Oh and handsome, if you come with me outside, you may want a cigarette afterwards” she whispers to him teasingly.

“I may take you up on that to see if what I heard is true,” he says as he sips more of the beer.

“Hold that thought, I have an order up,” she says before heading towards the bar. She turns and says, “I will be back before I go on break”

“I’ll be here,” he says as he watches her ass wiggle as she walks away. His eyes don’t leave her as she flirts with the bartender a little, and then fills up her drink tray, heading off to another section of the bar. She comes back to the table without her drink tray or apron, lights a cigarette and looks him over.

“You think about much?” she asks coyly.

“Think about what?” he asks her as she looks him over. She reaches down puts her hand over his and pulls it towards her thighs, then up her skirt and between her legs. He moans gently as he feels the soft, bald, moist skin of her cunt.

“About whether or not you want some of this,” she says grinding into his hand, then dropping his hand away.

“Damn it is true,” he says as he brings his hand to his mouth, licking and sucking his fingertips so he can taste her. Smiling she walks away, knowing if he wants her he will follow. He gets up after a second and follows her slowly, as she heads out a side door marked ‘ Emergency Exit’. He is surprised to see it leads to an enclosed employee parking lot. He holds the door looking for something to keep it from locking them out.

“Don’t worry about the door its keypad entry, and I have a code,” she whispers, turning in her heels and licking and sucking gently at his neck, grinding her body against his.

“I heard you were a party girl, it looks like that’s true,” he says as his hands pull her closer to his body. “How come you have never talked to me before?”

“You always have some pretty thing with you, don’t want to cause you any trouble, but tonight your alone” she says as her hands roam over his cock, gripping at the zipper of his pants and pulling it down. Stroking at his cock gently as she continues to move her mouth on his neck, his hands find her ass below the skirt and he gropes and squeezes it.

“Damn you don’t waste time do you?” he whispers into her ear as her mouth and hands tease him to nearly a full erection. Suddenly she squats in front of him, her hand pulling his cock out and towards her mouth. She takes it all in, sucking hard as she pushes her mouth further down. He leans back against the wall as she works on him.

“Uhhh fuck yeah, damn girl!!” he moans loudly then asks, “You always like this?”

“Only when I want something, and right now I want you,” she whispers after pulling off his cock a moment. She goes back to fucking his cock czech amateurs porno in and out of her mouth quickly, sucking hard. He gets harder in her mouth as she works on his cock.

Reaching back she pulls out the two pens holding her fiery red hair in a bun, letting the curls fall down around her face and over her shoulders. She looks up at him with a mouth full of cock and smiles. Pulling back slowly and stroking the shaft with her tongue, she starts to focus on the purple head of his cock. Licking all around it like it’s an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, flicking her tongue over it again and again. He looks down at her face, lit by the dim lights of the parking lot. He can’t see much but he can tell she likes sucking his cock, he sees it in her eyes. His hand rests on the back of her head, fingers woven in the curls. She moans suddenly, and he looks down past her face, noticing that she’s pushed up her black skirt, giving her fingers access to her bald cunt. He is shocked as he listens to her abusing her cunt with her fingers, fucking hard and loud as she sucks his cock harder and harder.

“Oh yeah, finger that hot little cunt” he moans as he watches her. He pulls her mouth deeper onto his cock, throbbing in her mouth as he releases a small amount of pre-cum. He watches as she starts to rub her slit harder, pinching at the clit. Then he hears what sounds like someone peeing on the pavement as she gasps into his cock. He is both shocked and aroused that she could cum while sucking his cock and fingering herself. He gasps as he watches her wet fingers moving over her cunt. She takes him into her throat each time his cock moves into her mouth, then without warning she pulls away and stands up, bending over a black mustang, she looks over her shoulder at him.

“FUCK ME NOW” she moans out as he stares in shock of what he sees. Stroking his cock as he looks at the perfect bald pink lips of her cunt, pressed against the cold black hood of that car, her own creamy white cum dripping out of her and onto the hood of the car. He reaches out and rubs her cunt with his hand, grinding his palm into her.

“I don’t have any rubbers and don’t want to knock you up,” he moans, aching to be inside her.

“You can pull out and cum on my ass, or cum in my mouth, just fuck me now” she moans. With that he grabs her hips and sinks his cock deep inside the velvety warmth of her pink folds. She gasps as he fills her with cock.

“Damn your tight, and so very wet” he moans, “you always cum like this?”

“Like what?? Like that much or while I am giving a stranger head??” she asks with a giggle. He pushes down on her lower back and pulls her hips towards him starting to fuck her harder.

“Both” he says to her as he sinks in her cunt to his balls. He feels her finger sliding around the outside of her cunt, teasing at the lips, she’s making it soaking wet as he pumps in and out of her harder, pressing her into the hood of the car.

“Yes to both” she whispers as her finger works the outside of her pussy. When her finger is wet enough she looks over her shoulder at him, smiling as she rubs the wet finger along her asshole, then pushes it in. Gasping she starts to fuck her asshole slowly as she watches his face. He gasps as he watches her fucking her asshole while he fills her cunt. One of his hands planted on her back holding her down, the other reaches back and pushes her ass cheeks apart so he can watch her finger her asshole better.

“You like that don’t you? You like watching a dirty little slut finger fuck her asshole while you take her cunt” she hisses at him, watching his face for a reaction.

“Mmmmm you are a dirty slut like the bathroom wall czech casting porno said” he whispers into her ear, “I thought they were just talking shit.” As he takes shorter but harder strokes into her, his balls hitting her clit each time.

“Yeah I am but just for the men I like,” she says, “Besides I bet you like dirty girls don’t you handsome?” She pushes a second finger into her asshole as he watches.

“When I can find one, most claim to be but aren’t” he moans as he watches her. He starts to feel closer to his orgasm, and slows down some more.

“Do you think I’m all talk handsome??” she asks him.

“It doesn’t look like it,” he says “you know I can feel those fingers each time I slide into this wet cunt, right?”

“Fuck me harder I don’t have a long break,” she moans out. Then she has a naughty thought.

“Oh I know what will make you cum hard and fast” she says coyly. “Want me to show you how this dirty little cunt can make you cum hard and fast?” he stops, shocked at what she’s said.

“What did you say??” he asks as his cock throbs inside her. He can’t believe she just called herself a cunt. Her cunt clenches at his cock, almost sucking at him.

“Do you want me to show you how this dirty little cunt can make you cum hard and fast?” she repeats to him. Pushing him off her, grabbing the head of his cock and pushing it into her asshole. Then with a quick surprising thrust she takes him balls deep into her ass. Gasping as she rams back onto his cock, feeling him stretching her asshole out. His breath quickens as he leans over her, biting at her neck.

“Your ass is hot bitch, I love it,” he moans against the skin of her neck.

“I am such a dirty little slut, picking up a stranger and letting him fuck my cunt then my ass right here where any one could watch us” she moans out as he strokes into her. Her body relaxes, allowing him to use her now, for his pleasure.

“Fuck me deeper, handsome, fuck me like the dirty cunt I am” she cries out. His hands roaming over her body stop as she says this.

“Can you take it?” he asks her, pushing his cock as deep into her ass as he can get. He picks up the pace fucking her harder, burying his mouth into her neck. The sounds of his passion vibrating through her entire body as he rams deeper and deeper into her asshole, his hand finds her cunt and rubs along it, stroking and petting. She squeals as his hand finds her clit and rubs it, her knees and legs start to quiver as he moves in and out of her. She cums on his hand, soaking the fingers with her cum. Quickly, she pulls his hand away from her cunt, towards her mouth, she licks every finger clean but one, leaving it for him, as she gasps.

“Fuck I love how my cunt tastes, I want to taste your cum too” she moans out. Pushing back against him, virtually bucking him off her, she pushes his back to the wall and squats back down in front of him. She takes his cock deep into her throat and sucks greedily at him. Loud slurping sounds fill the nights air as she works his cock taking it deeper and sucking harder then ever.

“Oh shit you’re a hot slut,” he moans as his cock throbs and starts to spurt into her mouth. He watches to see if she can drink it all, she does, one little drop escapes her mouth but she catches it with her fingers and pulls it back to her mouth. His entire body quivers under her tongue, she doesn’t stop sucking till his cock stops throbbing in her mouth.

Standing up she picks up the two pens that were in her hair, pulls her red curls back into a neat bun, straightens her blouse and skirt, while looking at her reflection in the shine of the black mustang. She walks to the keypad and punches in her code as he adjusts himself.

“Hey handsome, ever want to do this again? Come back without a date,” she says as the door opens.

“Thanks Tina, I will remember that,” he says as he watches her, looking just as good as before, moving back through the crowd. He makes his way to the exit, thinking he may be back dateless soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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