Instinct and Immorality Ch. 07

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Big Dick

*** All persons engaged in sex in this story are at least 18. Thank you for reading.


Mia, 46, mom, sex worker

Rick, 28, Mia’s son

Luxi, 25, author, sex worker.

Officer Diane Prady, 44, cop, bouncer

Curtis Prady, 20, Officer Prady’s son

Katie Kim, 29, freelance financial crimes investigator and recovery specialist.

Roxy Schuster, 41, boat pilot, ex-sex worker.

Luke Schuster, 19, Roxy’s son

Jahanna Schuster, 18, Roxy’s niece, OnlyFans model

Ryan Schuster, 43, Jahanna’s father, Roxy’s brother

Chapter Seven

“Fuck me, Ricky. Please.”

Mom had too much to drink, so I picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. I laid her on her bed and put my hand on her forehead. As I suspected, she had a fever.

“Mom, why did you fuck so many people?”

Mom has the post-orgy flu, which happens after you have sexual contact with a house full of swingers. In her case, I’m guessing it was about thirty. But it could be more.

The sex club required mandatory testing, but only for sexual diseases. Everything else was available for the taking.

“Ricky, please, just fuck me once so I can get to sleep.”

Mom reached for my crotch in another attempt to keep the party going. She fellated me on the way home, and then got mad at me for not staying hard after my eruption.

She’s been clinically diagnosed as a sex addict, and experiences frequent sexual manias, where she has the uncontrollable urge for sexual stimulation. But I’ve never seen it this bad.

“Mom, where is your vibe?”

“Bottom drawer.”

I opened her nightstand, picked up her magic wand, and plugged it in. She snatched it from my hand, placing the vibrating head on her crotch.

“That’s more like it,” slurred mom.

It was almost 4 am, when our freeloading housemate, Luxi, poked her head in the door to see what all the noise was about.

“What’s going on?”

Luxi is currently employed at the same massage “boutique” as my mom. She’s attractive, but in a scary way, looking like a pasty Mylie Cyrus, and adorned with dozens of tattoos and assorted face and body piercings.

“Luxi, can you get two ice packs and some fresh towels?”

“Sure.” Luxi was nude, which was her standard attire for any time of day or night. She scurried off to the kitchen.

I sat on the edge of the bed and watched my mother express her deep love for her magic wand. When she’s in the middle of a sexual mania, her orgasms happen very quickly, separated by one-minute intermissions. And she can’t stop herself.

“Oh fuck!” Mom turned up the speed of the vibrator and held it tightly into her crotch with two hands.

Luxi returned with icepacks and towels, and I waited for my mom’s orgasm to finish before I snatched the vibrator from her hand and put it out of reach, on the dresser.

“Mom, lift up.”

I placed a towel and an ice pack underneath the small of her back, then put the other on her mons pubis. She taught me to do this for her, as cold packs were the most effective way to get her out of her sexual mania.

“Fuck, Ricky! That’s too cold!”

Mom took control of the ice pack on her pussy and came down from her three-hour catharsis, which started in the sex club.

And it was now time for my talk, because I was both embarrassed and angry. I can’t believe we got kicked out of the sex club on our very first night.

“Mom, what is wrong with you?”

“It’s not my fault, Ricky. I’ve never been to a fucking orgy with so many stupid rules. It’s like going to Japan.”

“Mom, when a couple is having sex, you don’t force your way into the middle.”

My mother kept barging into active sexual unions with no warning, and was reported three times. And that’s when we were asked to leave.

“Everyone did that, Ricky, it wasn’t just me.”

“That was in the puppy pile, mom. But outside the puppy pile, you had to get some form of consent. At least a nod or a smile.”

“Everyone loved it when I joined in.”

“Not true, mom. When you stick your finger up pussies with a cock already inside, at least let them know you’re there. But you just snuck up behind them and did it.”

“I’ve been going to orgies since before you were born. I’ve never seen so many fucking uptight assholes in my life.”

There was no sense in arguing with her, especially when she’s drunk. Once I finally realized that my opinion doesn’t matter, we don’t fight as much.

“All right,” I sighed, “you win. It was all their fault.”

“I don’t like your smart-ass tone, Ricky.”

“Fine, I’m going to bed.”

“Give me the vibrator.”

I rolled my eyes, unplugged the vibrator, and took it with me.

“I’ll give it back in the morning.”

“You’re the worst fucking son in the world, Ricky! The worst!”

“That’s too bad mom, because I’m the only one you got.”

I turned off the light and closed the door. Luxi was dying to know about our first night at the sex club and followed me to the refrigerator.

“What happened?”

“My mom got drunk and basically forced grup seks yapan gaziantep escort herself into a bunch of couples having sex.”

“But it’s a sex club. What the fuck do people expect?”

“Most people were fine.” I filled up a glass with water and took a much-needed sip. “But some weren’t. And when she gets into her sexual manias, she’s all over everyone.”

Besides working as a Las Vegas sex worker, Luxi is also a budding author. She’s compiling a book based on the endless stories of incest she heard while in prison. And she is devoting an entire chapter to my mom.

Since she does all her writing on the kitchen island, she keeps her laptop there. She opened it up and began typing.

“How many people did your mom fuck?”

“Well, as usual, mom was the star of the show. Guys were hitting on her as soon as we walked in. I mean, young guys, half her age.”

“Wait, they have single men there? I thought it was an incest club?”

“They don’t allow single males or females. But most of the people go there to fuck around. Like swingers. Most of the action was in the orgy room, which was mostly sex between people that didn’t know each other.”

“So, your mom was in the puppy pile?”

“Of course. She didn’t refuse a single cock.”

“Fuck or suck?”

“Uh huh. And then she ended up getting pissed on.”

“You mean they had a place for golden showers?”

“That’s right. It was very popular. They had a large shower that holds about twenty people in the back of the orgy room. But I don’t know how she could do that. I mean, she never even saw those guys before. And those guys sit in that bathroom and drink beer all night.”

“It’s human nature, Rick. It’s how women get pregnant.”

“It was piss, Luxi. It has nothing to do with fertility.”

“You’re wrong. The first principle of getting pregnant is to ingest male substances into our bodies. It’s why women love cum. It’s why we will even drink piss.”

I’ve heard the theory that swallowing cum reduces the female immune response to sperm. But piss? Luxi has a thousand theories, and they are all crazy.

“Wait, are you saying that women drink piss to get pregnant?”

“It’s the same principle as sperm.”

“But piss can make you sick.”

“Rick, you get piss in your mouth every time you eat pussy.”

“Yeah, but just a little.”

“Well, I drink it in small quantities. It helps me lose weight and gets rid of my acne.”

“You’re fucking kidding me.”

“No, seriously.”

“Whose piss?”

“Male. Female urine doesn’t have any effect. It’s easy to find guys at the massage parlor to help me out. And they pay extra, too.”

It was just another conversation with Luxi, and I didn’t want to hear the rest. I finished my glass of water and put it on the counter.

“Sounds interesting, Luxi. But I have never been to a urinal where I didn’t have to hold my breath. Anyway, I’m tired, so I’m going to bed.”

“Wait, Rick. Do you need to piss now?”

Luxi has a very cynical sense of humor, so I looked at her carefully. She didn’t seem to be joking. But I have no desire to piss in her mouth, so I’m just going to laugh this off.

“You’re a funny girl.”

“No, I mean it.”

“Nah, I’m tired, Luxi. Maybe some other time. When’s your birthday?”

I walked off quickly. Golden showers were very popular at the sex club. Guys were holding beer bottles and hopping around, waiting for the next girl to show up and get on her knees.

But I don’t see the appeal. I’ve never run into any woman that likes to drink piss, but then again, Luxi is the filthiest female I’ve ever known. And I don’t mean messy. I mean filthy.

She takes off her sanitary pads and leaves them next to the bathroom sink. I once picked one up and sniffed it. Once.

She leaves her dildos and butt plugs on the bathroom counter and doesn’t think anything of it. And she’s the only woman that I’ve ever seen piss on a toilet seat and not wipe it off.

So I’ll pass on this. But since I really had to piss, I rushed into my master bath and turned on the light. The toilet and bidet were in their own little room, and the toilet seat was already up, so I bellied up to the bar.

I pulled my zipper down and pulled it out.


“Wait!” shouted Luxi, who poked her head into the door and caught me in mid-squirt.

She reached around and gripped my cock at the base, stopping the flow. And that hurts. She put down the toilet seat and sat down, facing my cock. I was leaking from my urethra, and she licked the drips right up.

It’s pretty easy to get a girl to piss on you. Heck, they can really get into it, especially if they hate men. But they rarely like to receive. And even more rarely, drink. But Luxi is a unicorn.

“All right,” I said like I was doing her a favor, “open your mouth.”

Still squeezing the base of my cock, she moved her mouth into docking position.

“Okay, Rick, I just want a little. Do it slow.”

She looked up at me, her mouth open and willing. grup seks yapan gaziantep escort bayan I struggled to get started, but finally, I got it to trickle out. It accidentally landed on her thigh, and she quickly took my cock into her mouth.

It’s a strange sensation urinating into a woman’s mouth. Especially with a tongue stud. As requested, I did it slowly, and it trickled in and gathered up on her tongue. Then I felt her swallow it.

This can’t be healthy. Suddenly, she had enough, then pulled her mouth off my cock and directed it at her tits, which I proceeded to coat with my urine. My piss dripped down her breasts, over her studded nipples, and right over her Gothic tattoo which consisted of a single word: “I N C E S T”.

It meandered down her midriff, then over the “Daddy” tattoo on her mons. And finally, just like the Mississippi delta, it dripped off her camel toe and out into the toilet.

“Rick, your piss tastes like shit,” she said. “You eat too much junk.”

“I’m not changing my diet just so you can enjoy my piss, Luxi. I didn’t ask you to drink it.”

“That’s not very nice. How many girls you know would do this for you?”

“Luxi, you don’t stop a guy in the middle of a piss and grab his cock and squeeze. It’s painful.”

“You’re a wimp, Rick.”

Luxi stood, grabbed a bath towel off the rack, then wiped the urine off her face and body. She put the towel back on the rack.

“Um, Rick, I have a favor to ask.”

I knew it. This was too easy. You never piss in a woman’s mouth, even when they ask you to. For some reason, they think you owe them.


“Um, my mom is visiting Las Vegas and needs a place to stay.”

“Your mom?”

“Yeah. Just for a week. She’ll be very quiet. She’ll even help around the house.”

This was a terrible idea. Luxi has yet to pay me the first-month’s rent she owes me for her room. And I wouldn’t mind it, except that she never stays in her room. She’s taken control of the entire house, and the only time I come out of my room is when she goes to work.

Otherwise, I get caught up in some sort of favor, like pissing in her mouth or letting her mother stay at my house.

And there was a good chance that hell would freeze over before Luxi’s mother went back to her home. If she had a home.

* * *

It’s always a bad sign when you have a half-dozen text messages on your phone from the same person.

Since I was at the sex club last night, I didn’t turn on my phone until this morning. And the texts were all from my coworker, Roxy. It appears that the passionate honeymoon she was having with her son was over.

I called her and she answered before I heard it ring.

“Where the fuck have you been, Ricky?”

“Sorry, I was busy last night. What happened?”

“I broke up with Luke.”

“Your son?”

“Of course, my son.”

I sighed. I don’t know how I’ve gotten dragged so deeply into Roxy’s world of never-ending insanity. She’s just a co-worker. She pilots the boat I work on. And now she’s taken over my life, just like my solar panel salesman.

“What happened?”

“Well, the motherfucker had some of his lowlife friends over and broke into my gummies. He handed them out like candy and then they ate every fucking thing in the house. So I kicked them all out and told my son to go to the market. And then he told me to fuck off and that he didn’t want me anymore.”


“He said I was moody and temperamental. Said I was a drama queen.”

“Unbelievable. What did you say?”

“I kicked the motherfucker out.”


“Yeah, he’s never welcome here again, Ricky. I tried to call you, but you didn’t answer. So I called my brother.”

“The one you had sex with?”


“I thought you didn’t like him?”

“I wanted a man’s perspective, Ricky.”

“So what did he say?”

“He said I was right. Told me not to let him come back.”

“That’s seems a little harsh, Roxy. Your son gets into your gummies all the time, and you never kicked him out before.”

“I hate inconsiderate men, Ricky. I didn’t even notice my son was such a selfish prick until we had sex.”

Sons get away with murder. Their moms never even notice that they’re assholes. But boyfriends walk on eggshells.

Just two days ago, Roxy and Luke began their passionate journey through life. Roxy was sure that Luke was the answer to a lifetime of man trouble. But now her son was just another man causing her trouble.

But I still had a question. Twenty years ago, Roxy had a lot of THC-induced sex with her brother.

“So did your brother want to fuck?”

“He’s always been after me, Ricky. That’s why I never return his texts. But I was so upset last night that I needed to talk to someone.”

“Did you admit to having sex with Luke?”

“Ricky, my brother still sends me his dick pics. I told him everything.”

“What did he say?”

“He said he understood, then wanted to take me out to dinner.”

“Didn’t you think that was grup seks yapan gaziantep bayan escort suspicious?”

“Suspicious? You mean, if a guy buys you dinner, he really wants to fuck you?”

“Very funny. So, what happened next?”

“Well, about an hour later, he showed up at my doorstep. With my niece.”

“Your niece?”

“Yes, his daughter.”

“Did you know he had a daughter?”

“Of course, but I’ve only seen her twice in my life.”

“Is she legal?”

“Jesus, is that all you guys worry about? Whether a girl is legal or not?”

“Hey, I don’t make the laws.”

“It’s a good thing. Anyway, she’s legal. Barely. But I was planning on an evening alone with my brother. I even douched which I never do anymore.”

“Wow. So you really were gonna fuck him?”

“Yeah, Ricky. What’s the big deal, we used to do it all the time. And I really needed to get fucked. I was in one of those moods.”

“Okay, so then what?”

“We went to dinner, and I invited them to stay the night. You know, hoping my niece would go to bed early and leave us alone.”

“And did she?”

“Well, this is where it gets interesting. We were talking in the living room, and she fell asleep on the couch.”

“What time was it?”

“It wasn’t even ten. But my brother was sitting next to me on the love seat, and as soon as she closed her eyes, he grabbed my tits.”

“In front of his daughter?”

“She was asleep.”

“What did you do?”

“I told him we should go to my room, but he said that Jahanna is a heavy sleeper.”

“Her name is Jahanna?”

“Yes, when we were younger, every time our mom fell asleep on the couch my brother would start playing with my tits. So this was no big deal to me.”

“So you fucked him right there?”

“I was horny as hell, Ricky.”

“And she didn’t wake up?”


“Well, what?”

“She did. She wasn’t asleep at all. They planned it.”

“Oh my god. So, he wanted her to watch?”

“More than that.”

I was speechless. Roxy’s told me so many sordid stories that they could fill up the scripts of a thousand porno movies.

“It runs in my family, Ricky.”

“What does she look like?”

“Pretty. German face. Blond. Small tits, but luscious young skin. I’ve never seen such shiny skin in my life.”

“Wow. And you were still on the loveseat with your brother?”

“That’s right, I was laying back and he was sucking my tits.”

“And she was watching you?”

“For a minute. Until my brother told her to undress. And she’s got a fucking eighteen-year-old body, Ricky. A fucking babymaker. And her long blond hair was draped over her tiny tits.”

“Wow, she sounds beautiful.”

“High class beautiful, Ricky.”

“So were you tempted?”

“I’m not a prude, I can get into pussy. I told you that. But the adrenaline just fucking knocked me over. I’ve never felt like a full-ass lesbian until I saw my niece. Stunning pussy, Ricky. Best pussy I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen them all.”

I gulped. Roxy stripped for about fifteen years. She’s seen thousands of pussies, but I’ve never heard her talk so glowingly about one.

“What was so good about it?”

“Blond pussy hair, Ricky. I love blond pussy hair. And just a light fuzz. She didn’t even shave. It just grew like that. It was a fucking work of art, and between you and me, pussies aren’t exactly artwork.”

“Was she standing up?”

“Yeah, just a fucking amazing body, Ricky. I can’t even remember seeing a woman that gorgeous. But I think most of my attraction was because she was my niece. I got the fucking incest bug, Ricky. I got it real bad.”

“Didn’t you feel it was wrong?”

“Oh fuck yeah. It was so fucking wrong. But that’s what really gets me off, Ricky. I just love evil sex.”

I gulped. Roxy sounded like she was masturbating while telling me her story.

“Then what?”

“Well, I got up and left my brother on the loveseat with his hand on his cock. Walked right up to her. I normally don’t get excited kissing women, Ricky.”

“And she let you do it?”

“All the young girls today are bi, Ricky. They don’t have the same fucking hang-ups their mothers had.”

“How was the kiss?”

“Unbelievable. A big fucking rush. She’s just oozing estrogen from her skin. I’ve never tasted such beautiful lips in my life. I just started sucking her tongue. Bobbing my head, Ricky, just like I was sucking a cock. She thought I was crazy, but she still let me.”

“What was your brother doing?”

“Just jerking. They had it all planned. So I switched it up on them.”

“What does that mean?”

“I told her to go sit next to her father.”

“Did she?”

“Didn’t even think about it.”

“So they’ve done this before?”

“Obviously. As soon as she sat down, she reached for her father’s cock and put her hand around it. And then she spread her legs and looked at me.”

“She wanted you to lick her?”

“I’ve never been so attracted to a pussy in my life. A fucking puffy mons with that light blond fuzz all over it. And that fucking clit of hers was big, and I love big clits. They’re like tiny cocks.”

“So you licked her?”

“I couldn’t help myself. And her pussy was fertile, Ricky.”

“How can you tell?”

“Luteinizing hormone. The stuff that makes pussy taste sweeter during ovulation.”


“Holy fuck she was. And I buried my tongue in it. I’ve never tingled eating pussy, Ricky. Not until her. And she was making out with her father like it was their honeymoon. She is a big-time daddy’s girl.”

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