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Big Tits

It goes like this. I check in, and wait in the hotel room for a few minutes. Then there is a light rap on the door. Her rap.

I open the door and step aside. She walks in. The door clicks shut.

She turns to face me. Drops her purse on the floor. I’m in front of her and my hands go to her waist as her hands grasp my biceps. An immediate embrace and kiss.

She’s a good kisser, and I like to kiss. I kiss her slowly, exploring, savoring the taste of her mouth. Checking in. You can sense a lot from a kiss, from the body language that accompanies it. The nonverbal communication.

She is very glad to see me. She wants me to take control. She is aroused and wants me to make her take a good fucking.

Our mouths part, though we are still holding each other. I ask if she wants to use the restroom first.

She shakes her head, smiling.

“No, I’m good.”

She is wearing a blue sundress, and tan open-toe heels. She is on the smaller side, about 5’4″. She has fantastic red hair, it is thick, cut shoulder length. Her hair has natural waves but is not curly. Her hair has some grey in it and she now has her hair tinted slightly to match her natural color.

She is in her early 50s. She played varsity tennis in college, and continues to play regularly. It shows in her fit figure, her strong legs.

Physically, she is stunningly attractive.

I press her back against the wall of the room. This is how we both like to start. I kiss her again and let my hand stroke over her. Her shoulders and arms. Her waist and hips. Up the sides of her thighs. Over her breasts, lightly at first, then cupping and squeezing her breasts deliberately. She lets out a long gasping sigh as I grasp her breasts, emptying her tension, enjoying my touch.

I stroke my hand over her ass. She has a great ass, firm. She knows I like it, like squeezing it, like spanking it.

She knows that I am going to fuck her in her ass to finish.

Her hand is stroking my cock through my pants. I’m hard. I’m pretty much always hard around her.

“Come over to the couch,” I say. The hotel room has a couch. I always get a room with a couch. I walk over and sit down.

She follows me over. I motion, and she lies face down over my lap, gracefully stretching her legs out on the couch. She adjusts herself, anticipating the spanking.

I admire her body as I run my hands over her back and shoulders, over the backs of her legs, over her ass covered by her dress.

I run one hand into her hair and make a fist, tightening her scalp, pulling her head back just a fraction of an inch with a strong grip. She likes that and her breathing deepens. Her eyes close.

I reach down her legs and undo her heels, slipping them off her feet.

I massage and squeeze her ass. Then I slide the hem of her dress up and over her ass, to her waist. This exposes her panties. She is wearing bikini cut panties, midnight blue, which display her ass. She likes to dress up for me. She knows I enjoy looking at what she wears.

I stroke and squeeze her bottom for another minute. Then I rest one hand on her upper back, between her shoulder blades. My other hand raises and then I spank her crisply on her panty-clad ass.

She gasps. I spank her again, and she gasps again. First her left ass cheek, then her right, then across both. I go at an unhurried, rhythmic pace. I run my hand lightly over her bottom between spanks. I am not spanking her excessively hard, but I am not going easy either. I am giving her good, crisp, sensual spanks. They sting, and they arouse her further.

She likes it. Her gasps, the way she slightly shifts her weight, how she presses herself into my lap–all this gives me feedback, keeps us in sync.

After six or seven spanks I run my hand soothingly over her bottom. I slide my hand between her upper thighs, cupping her pussy. I gently stroke her pussy lips through the fabric of her underwear. She opens her thighs for me and arches herself, trying to press back against my fingers.

“Please,” she says.

I pull her blue panties down over her ass, then down her legs and off. Her pussy and ass are now fully exposed to me, her dress pushed up to around her stomach.

She has a lovely pussy. Her lips are engorged. Her clit is swollen, flushed with blood.

Again I place one hand on back. I spank her again, this time on her fully bare ass.

After another eight spanks, then I again run my fingers over her pussy. samsun escort She is lubricated, creamy. It excites me to feel her aroused pussy, hot and slick, needing to be attended to.

I slide one finger into her pussy, feeling her slick warmth.

“Oh, yes,” she shudders.

I move my finger slowly inside her.

“It’s good to see you,” I say.

“It’s good to see you too,” she moans. Then adds, “I am so oiled for you.”

She is clutching a pillow, her head turned sideways, pressing the side of her head into the couch.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” I ask. She likes that.

“Oh, yes,” she says, “I will be a good girl for you. I want to be a good girl for you. Please fuck your good girl any way you want to.”

I take my finger out of her pussy, and run it wetly over her swollen clit. She moans, “Aahhh.” I insert my finger again into her, pressing down firmly. Her hips twitch and she is close to orgasm. I remove my hand.

“Go lie on the bed,” I say. “Take off your dress and bra first. Then lie on your back. Spread your legs so I can lick your pussy.”

She complies, getting off my lap and walking over to the bed. She shrugs out of her dress, removes her bra, and then lies on her back on the bed, on top of the covers. She spreads her legs wide, bending her knees.

I walk over. I look down on her, drinking her in as I remove my clothes. She stares at my hard cock.

I lean over between her legs, placing my mouth on her inner thigh, halfway between her knee and her core. I lick up her inner thigh, pause a beat, and then slowly run my tongue up the length of her pussy lips.

To me, there is nothing better than licking pussy. I like everything about it, physically and psychologically.

I like to go slow. I use my tongue, my lips, occasionally my whole mouth. I use a lot of saliva. I lick her asshole. I lick her pussy and then her clit, up and down. I go lightly, wetly, slowly, deliberately.

Her pussy is being well licked.

“Oh, fuuuckk,” she says. Her fingers are clenching the bed cover.

I insert one finger into her, giving her something to grip onto, while I continue to lick. Her hips are moving involuntarily in short motions against my mouth. I rest my tongue over her clit, holding my tongue nearly stationary, giving only slight pulses with my tongue as I let her move herself against me.

She climaxes.

She cums in shuddering waves, giving gasping cries, pressing herself again and again against my tongue. My finger strokes inside her, drawing out her climax.

The feeling of a woman coming on your mouth is intensely delicious. I feel her wet pussy shuddering against my lips and tongue.

“Oh god,” she says as she slowly comes down from her climax. She looks at me.

“You’re a rock star at that,” she announces, her voice liquid honey.

We have known each other about three years. We see each other approximately once a month. We are affair partners.

She is married with kids in college, as am I. We are both committed to our spouses.

She is an administrator for a hospital chain. I am the CFO of an established tech company. We are both objectively successful by the standards of our modern Western society.

We move in entirely different circles and have no intersection in our normal lives.

We both have had prior affairs.

Everyone is trapped in the society they live in. Everyone. This is neither good nor bad, it is just a fact. You play the game. You adapt to various roles and become good at them. You lead a life that is accepted within than society. You gain significant benefits from doing so.

But… what if you’re a woman who does all that, yet still viscerally wants–needs–another man willing to bend her over and fuck her ass while telling her to take it like a dirty bitch? Or if you’re the man who needs to do that to another woman who wants it done to her?

These people are not bad people. They lead productive lives. They benefit their spouses and society. For whatever reason, they simply have an animal part of themselves. A part that needs an interlude from society, an interlude in which they can indulge that part. A short time away from all that, a time in which to satisfy that sweating, bestial part.

It has no meaning other than that.

We are not supposed to acknowledge this. But it is true.

If you are such a person and you are fortunate, you find a escort samsun compatible affair partner. It is difficult to do, but not impossible.

Here is what I like about her: she is calm, straightforward, even-tempered, kind, has a sense of humor, and is confident without being the least bit arrogant. She is very intelligent. I am a smart guy, and I am not falsely modest–she is smart as hell.

I knew she was a great affair partner the third time we met. After we’d fucked, I was rising from the hotel bed in order to take a shower. She looked at me and said, “Could I ask if you’re okay with doing something for me?”

“What?” I asked.

She wanted me to urinate on her. She wanted to come with me to the shower, kneel down in front of me, and have me piss on her. On her breasts, on her face, and in her mouth.

I considered that for a moment. I had never done that before. But while I didn’t find it particularly arousing, I had nothing against it either.

Everyone has things they won’t do, and you know immediately what they are. For example, I once had a girlfriend (not an affair partner) who wanted me to choke her unconscious during sex. I actually knew how to do that, having done jiu-jitsu for years and having accidentally choked people out while sparring and having been accidentally choked out when I didn’t tap soon enough. It is not painful when it’s a carotid choke. But I immediately knew I wouldn’t do that for her. Not intentionally, not even when explicitly desired by the other person.

But urinating, I was okay with.

Why did she want to be pissed on? That’s the wrong question. She just did.

I think it was Roger Ebert, the film critic who also wrote Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, who said there is no point in trying to determine why people have different fetishes. One person is aroused by feet; another likes wearing a mask. Ebert said the fetish is the thing in itself, and there is nothing behind it. It is just how that person desires.

“Yes, I’ll do that for you,” I said.

She liked it. I could tell it was something she wanted, as I stood over her in the shower, guiding a stream of urine across her face and into her open mouth. She swallowed several mouthfuls, and let the rest swirl around her mouth and flow out over her breasts and torso, then running down the shower drain.

That is what a good affair partner is: willing to ask you candidly to satisfy a sexual need. And willing to satisfy your sexual needs without judgment, and to enjoy doing so. Or, if they are not okay with something, telling you that straightforwardly.

But right now, in this hotel room, after having licked her to orgasm I am fully aroused and want to cum.

“Turn around and show your ass to me,” I say.

She gracefully rolls over onto her knees, facing away from me on the bed. I have her place a pillow under her torso. She bends her head down to the mattress, her bottom up to me.

“Put your hands behind your back,” I instruct.

She puts her hands behind her back. She knows that I am now going to cuff her wrists behind her back with leather cuffs that I have brought. I do so. Her pussy and ass are angled up to me, completely open for my use.

My cock is rock hard. I rub the head of my cock against her pussy, feeling how wet she is.

Then I insert just the head of my cock into her. Her pussy is tight and warm.

She moans and presses back, trying to get more penetration. But I am holding her hips and controlling her. Only when I am ready, do I slowly press inside her, filling her deliberately. Then I start fucking her slowly and deeply, letting her savor the sensation while wanting more.

She responds eagerly to my dominant slow fucking. I feel her pussy tightening. She is moaning.

From this angle, fucking her from behind, the head of my cock presses her cervix at the end of each slow, deep thrust.

“Tell me when you cum,” I order, “I want to hear you say it.”

“Uhhh, huhh” she moans. I give several more deep slow thrusts.

“Hraarrgh! C-cumming,” she shudders, her hips twitching, her pussy dripping on my shaft.

“Still… cumming,” she moans again.

After a minute I withdraw my cock from her pussy. I now press her firmly flat on the bed, on her stomach.

I take a bottle of lubricant, Astroglide, from the table next to the bed. I apply a small amount to her sphincter.

I straddle her, my legs on either samsun escort bayan side of her hips. I guide the head of my cock to touch her asshole, wet with the lubricant.

“You know what I’m going to do now,” I say.

“Yes,” she says.

She breathes out forcing her sphincter to relax as I slowly press the head of my hard cock into her. A moment’s resistance, and then my cock slips into her deliciously tight ass, opening her. The feeling is intensely erotic as her ass clenches my cock. Her ass is even warmer in temperature than her pussy.

I let her adjust to my cock for a moment. I start moving in slow, mini thrusts.

Her ass opens to me.

“Fuuuck,” she says.

She wants to be sodomized.

I like fucking her ass. I thrust into her firmly now. I grab a handful of her red hair, controlling her head.

I start her on a cascade of “yes” responses, as I fuck her. We both like this.

“You like my cock in your ass, don’t you?” I growl.


“You like being bent over.”


“With your hands tied behind your back.”

“Oh god, yes.”

“You know you are helpless to get away, don’t you?”


“You know I’m going to make you take it until I’m satisfied.”

“Huuh. Yes.”

“You’re a bitch who needs to be assfucked, aren’t you? A dirty bitch.”

“Ahhg, yes.”

“Tell me you’re my bitch.”

“Ahh, I’m your bitch. I’m your fucking dirty bitch.”

“You like it when I put you in your place, don’t you?”

“Yes, please, please.”

“You want my cum, don’t you?”

“Yes, oh fuck yes. Fuck, fuck yes.”

“Tell me you’re a good girl and I’ll give you my cum.”

“Please, I’m a good girl. Please, please fill my ass with your cum, I am a good girl for you and I need, need, need your cum. I’ll tighten my ass for you like a good girl, please let me have your hot cum.”

I feel my orgasm approaching. I am fucking hard and deep into her tight willing ass. Ravaging her. Using her for my pleasure.

She can tell from my breathing and thrusting that I am close.

“Tighten for me,” I say.


Face down, with her hands tied behind her back, she starts tightening and relaxing her ass in time with my thrusts, giving me even more pleasure. The first several times I assfucked her she couldn’t do this. Now she can.

She is moaning continuously, sexy and hot.

“That’s a good girl,” I say.

I thrust deep into her ass and hold myself there as I start to cum. I grunt powerfully as my hips thrust even deeper, rutting on her. I spurt into her.

“Oh god, thank you, fucking cum in me, oh please yes,” she cries, milking me with her ass.

The feeling of ejaculating into her hot ass is indescribably pleasurable. The moment lasts a long time, in its own time.

When I have finished cumming, I stay in her for a minute. I give her a few post-orgasm thrusts. She likes feeling my cock in her after I’ve cum.

“Tighten again for me,” I say.

She giggles and clenches her ass as tightly as she can, trying to get every last drip of semen from my cock.

Finally, I slowly withdraw from her ass.

I uncuff her wrists. She rolls onto her back. I give her a hand towel that I’d placed before on the table next to the bed, and she wipes between her legs. I clean myself with another hand towel.

There are two cold bottles of water also on the nightstand. I brought them to the hotel, as I always do when I get the room. We alternate who gets the room. I open one bottle and hand it to her, and open the other for myself. The water is refreshing.

I lie back on the bed and put my arm behind her as she cuddles into me. I stroke her lovely red hair.

The post-fuck cool-down is a pleasure to be savored. In a certain way it is the best part. I enjoy talking with her as we reset to our normal selves. Her observations are insightful. She is polite, calm, and kind.

When we are ready we will take a shower, either separately or together. Today she wants to join me, wants to receive my warm urine on her face, a need which I am happy to satisfy.

After we have finished showering, we dress. We kiss goodbye. We walk out the door of the hotel room and head our separate ways. She back to her normal life, me to mine.

We are all just going through life, being swept along by its currents. For most people, regardless of how good it may look from the outside, their internal perception is that life is a difficult business. It has at least as much sadness and struggle as it has happiness. Again, that is neither good nor bad, it is just how people are. At the end of your life, maybe the best you can hope for is to remember the scattered happy moments. Maybe an interlude like this.


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