Intersexed Man Fucks Girlfriend Ch. 01

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When my girlfriend found out that I was intersexed she could not pull her clothes or mine off fast enough. She just had to see my dick, her curiosity was more than she could control. She pulled at my jeans as I lay back on the couch, telling her that she should take it slow because this was going to be shocking to her. I already knew that woman are clueless until they get inside my jeans, and then they have that moment where they are puzzled for just a moment. Then they go absolutely crazy on me!

I leaned back as Jill rubbed her hands in my groin, getting on her knees with her long blond hair flowing over her shoulders. She looked up at me questioningly, when she realized that I had a artificial phallus that the docs had given me to wear for a limp penis because the growth and positioning of mine did not allow for me to fill my pants the way other men do she was a bit suprised. I moved her hand away from rubbing it through my jeans, looked her in the eyes, and told her it was not my prick, my prick was underneath it…she was shocked for a second, unzipped my pants and slid my jeans down my legs, taking my briefs with them. She looked puzzled for a second and I pulled my skin aside, where a woman would have vaginal lips, my testicle sack were in that position hiding my dick. I pulled them aside, one side empty, no testicle there, the other side my nut sat lower by my butt cheek. I spread the skin and my 2 in dick came popping up, foreskin slipping back and the mushroom head poking out. She took her hand rubbed it with her fingers, then leaned her head down and took me in her mouth. She began to suck me, flickering her tongue all over my small but slowly hardening prick. My pre cum leaked out of the hole that sat right behind narlıdere escort the base of my dick,, where the rest of my shaft was buried. She saw the cum leaking out, like a small little river, my testicle unloading the spunk that it was overflowing with. The tube from my nut lead directly to a point on the side of this opening, what appeared like a female opening, and she took her tongue and licked it up, drawing more and more of it to cum out of me, as she began to deep throat my small and firm shaft into her mouth. I grew to a point where her mouth became full, and she could bury her head into my groin without choking. Women loved to deep throat my prick, because they never choked, and they could lick and suck all over it while keeping themselves fulfilled.

I began to rub my hands threw her hair, and bucking up into her waiting mouth. I talked to her, asking her if she liked it, as she began to hump her hand and cum in her panties just sucking my cock like wild! I told her what a good bitch she was, and she just went crazy all over my cock. She would scream and release into another orgasim, loosing more control and taking my thrusts harder and harder into her face. I just fucked the hell out of her waiting mouth, as she stayed on her knees letting me drive my cock into her throat.

I did not unload there, I was a long way from unloading. One nice thing about my dick is the staying power is unbelievable! I could fuck for hours before blowing off. She finally found her lips growing numb from all the head she was giving me, so I had her climb up on the couch, and straddle me sideways, and I buried my little thick prick into the wet moist snatch of hers. She screamed and came ödemiş escort the second she felt his head enter into her pussy zone. She could not get enough of my dick and I knew it.

I humped her hard, and just kept driving it in and out of her. She lay there and took the fucking that I was giving her, with out a bit of mercy. I told her what a good whore she was being for me, and that my dick loved her hot wet pussy. She kept it spread for me as she lay sideways and I slammed it home over and over. My nut was swelling and full, I could feel it aching as I was pounding her fucking twat. But I was not going to blow this load quickly, it was gonna build to a mass amount even with my cum seeping out of my front opening where testicle leaked. I knew later she would want to explore that hole and see how much of it was like the one that she had. Her’s was a a pussy, mine was simply my front hole, second hole, how I referred to it. She just laid there and felt the leakage soaking down her pussy, and her pussy juices mixing with my cum.

She exploded several times around my dick, her pussy lips quivering and quaking all around my cock. I finally laid her on the floor and got on top of her with my hips over her shoulder area and leaned down hanging my cock into her face. She opened her mouth and I spread my skin lowering my cock into her face. She took it into her mouth, and I would pull back and put the tip of my dick at her lips, rubbing lightly and then pulling away, telling her to beg for it, and beg she did. She would tell me to please give it to her, how bad she wanted, needed to suck it some more. So finally I told her to open up, and I began to fuck her face from above. I just rocked seferihisar escort my dick in and out of her, humping my ass at full speed, slamming into her mouth, then shoving it in, and holding it there while it would have short explosions of cum, squirting in her mouth. She would swallow and beg for more, which I gladly gave her. Her chin was soaked from my load as I pulled away, still hard and ready for more. I would have to wait only a minute or two before I could rise to the full occasion again. But when I did she took it in and sucked me off again.

That evening after all the fucking she asked me if she could explore some more. I told her sure, and she reached her hand down, and slid down to look at my groin. I laid back with my hands behind my head on the pillow and let her explore away. She spread my skin, the area some call lips, but that are for my missing and present testicle. She rubbed my cock and watched it jerk around, and start to grow a little. And then she took a finger and put it inside my front hole. She wanted to finger fuck me there and I lay there and let her. When she was done fingering around my hole and exploring, my dick was getting hard again, and I mounted her again, taking her pussy with my stabbing prick. It did not go deep but my slamming and humping tore her ass up as I fucked her silly on this little dick of mine. She said she had heard that it was the motion of the ocean and I had sure proven that right. She could not get enough of my cock. But she was after my ass too.

I knew in a matter of time she was going to take my body over and tare my ass up. Another place I can dump a load from, and have no idea why. But when a woman puts a dildo up my ass and fucks me, my ass shoots out cum wads like no tomorrow.

She told me the next morning after sucking me some more in the shower, that she wanted to see a dude take my ass with a thick prick, told her I was going to have to think about that one…but nothing was out of question. She is a fuck partner, so I figured fucking is what we should do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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