Introducing Susan

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Susan had never been happier. She was luxuriating on top of her new bed in her new bedroom. She had dreaded the end of High School and the return from boarding at her all girls’ school. It wasn’t that she had loved school so much; if anything she was a bit of a loner and hadn’t made any really close friends. But the end of term, the end of her school years, meant a return to her step-father’s home and his increasingly lewd friends. Ever since her eighteenth birthday six months ago they had made no secret of ogling her when she was home for the weekends. They made every excuse to see up her skirt, stare down her blouse, or rub themselves against her as they passed her anywhere in the house. When her mother had died over ten years ago she had been sent to boarding school which she really didn’t mind because she hated her step-father but she was eighteen now and school was finished.

On the last day, just after her graduation ceremony, she had been approached by Marie, her gym teacher. All the other girls were celebrating with their families; she was alone. Her step-father had claimed he was too busy at work to attend so, once she had received her certificate, all she wanted to do was escape the obvious joy of all the happy families packed into the school hall. That was when her life had changed.

“Susan, could I speak to you for a moment?”

The schoolgirl smiled at the sound of the only real friend she had and turned to see Marie approach her.

“Congratulations, you’ve done very well,” smiled the 30 year old gym teacher, wrapping her arms around the surprised girl, giving her a very unprofessional hug. Steeping back, she kept her hands on Susan’s shoulders and smiled warmly at the young girl.

“I’ve got some news for you; I hope you will think it’s good news. I’ve been speaking to your step-father and suggested that you spend the summer with me. We agreed that you need a woman’s influence in your life right now and that we could spend the next few months being girly as I teach you all about the right clothes to wear, make up, everything. Is that ok? Do you mind?”

Did she mind? It was the best news Susan had ever heard! All her Christmases and birthdays had just arrived in the one day. She hugged Marie back with even more ferocity than the teacher had hugged her moments earlier. She didn’t know what to say but simply held on to this wonderful woman and allowed her joyful tears to flow. She neither saw nor cared about the stares from her classmates and their families. She was in love with Marie already but she had put it down to a schoolgirl crush and had never imagined that she would even see her beloved gym mistress after today.

Marie smiled as she took the girl by the hand and led her from the school to her parked car. She had longed to share this news with Susan but her step-father had kept her impatiently waiting until the last possible moment and she had only received his call as the graduation ceremony had begun. Now, as she opened the door for the excited girl, she watched as Susan’s short skirt rose up her thighs as she swung her legs into the car. Marie knew the delights the girl’s five foot three, slim body had in store for her because she had lusted after Susan for a couple of months now, watching her changing for gym, but had known she couldn’t afford to make her move before now.

Susan was amazed at the speed in which her life had changed. She noticed that her luggage was already piled high on the back seat of Marie’s car and realised that her teacher was taking care of everything. She smiled warmly as the older woman got into her seat and started the car. Pulling out of the large school gates, she took one look back and grinned to herself at how lucky she was and how thankful she was to the school for bringing this angel to her rescue.

Marie was trying to concentrate on the road but all she could really think about was the way Susan’s skirt was inching up her smooth thighs. As the overjoyed youngster bounced about in her seat like an excited child, her skirt had ridden up so high that one more inch and the naughty gym teacher would have been looking at the schoolgirl’s knickers. She didn’t think she could deal with that as well as drive the car, so she reached out and placed one hand on her passenger’s pale skinned thigh and held her in place.

Susan nearly jumped when she felt her gym teacher touching her, even if it was to calm her down. She had longed for someone to touch her for so long now and the fact that it was Marie who was doing so made her feel quite moist between her legs and she began to squirm once more. She was excited again but for a very different reason now. She had lusted after her gym mistress in the way only an eighteen year old, innocent girl can lust after one of her female teachers. She knew that whenever Marie had spoken to her at school she had felt the same feelings that she was feeling now.

Her knickers would be wet again and her breasts had started to tingle. They Antep Escort Bayan weren’t huge, in fact they were quite small, but the one part of her body that she did like was her puffy nipples. No-one else at school or at home had ever noticed them as she made sure she covered them up by always wearing a thick padded sports bra; but she knew how sensitive they were and she could feel them rubbing against the cotton of her bra every time the car went over a bump.

Unbeknown to Susan, Marie had indeed seen those gorgeous nipples. In fact, it was the sight of them about a month ago as the girl had reached out for her towel from her shower after gym class that had encouraged her to bring her plan to fruition. She already had her eye on Susan but when the girl had inadvertently revealed herself to her steam-secluded teacher, Marie had gone straight to the empty staff room, pulled down her shorts and masturbated furiously. She knew she could have been caught at any moment but that had only added to the intensity of her lust and she had plunged her fingers in and out of her dripping pussy, furiously rubbing herself to a very quick and very violent orgasm. Now this young treasure was sitting in her car beside her and they had the whole summer ahead of them.

As she turned her car off the main road, Susan looked in awe at the building they were approaching. The drive up to the main door was every bit as long as the one at her boarding school and she turned to her smiling teacher in shock. Marie was used to this reaction and had expected it; her parents had been incredibly wealthy and, when they had both died in a car accident, they whole estate had been bequeathed to her.

She leaped out of the car as soon as it had stopped and ran round to open the other door for Susan. The schoolgirl was still too stunned to speak and allowed Marie to take her by the hand and lead her up the stairs to the large front door.

“Let me show you to your new bedroom.”

And now here she was, rolling about like a child on the biggest, most comfortable bed she had ever known. Marie had excused herself and gone for a shower to allow the girl time to get used to her new surroundings. She didn’t think she would ever get used to having a bedroom that was almost as big as her step-father’s entire flat but she was looking forward to trying.

She heard Marie’s bedroom door opening, having obviously finished her shower, and Susan lay facing the door wanting to welcome her new guardian with a big smile. When her gym teacher opened the door however, the smile was replaced with a look of absolute shock. Marie was standing in the doorway, naked as the day she was born. Her body wasn’t that of a new born, though. The startled girl could only stare at the athletic body that she had only ever seen before in her “teacher’s clothes” or gym wear. She knew that Marie was beautiful but the reality of seeing her naked breasts, her long legs and her beautiful pussy was too much for the girl. She scampered back to the other end of the bed and pressed herself against the headboard.

“Sorry, Susan, I only wanted to ask what you would like to eat. What’s wrong? You look frightened.”

“You…you’re naked,” stumbled the girl.

“Oh, is that all. Don’t worry; I quite often walk around naked. I suppose I’ve just got used to living alone. I thought you would be used to seeing other girls naked from the changing rooms at school. If it bothers you, I’ll go and get dressed.”

“, it doesn’t bother me. You just took me by surprise.” Susan didn’t want to seem like she was the innocent young girl that she was but she couldn’t take her eyes off Marie’s gorgeous body. “I think you’re beautiful.”

“Well, thank you, Susan. That’s very sweet. The fact is, I think you’re very beautiful too.”

Saying this, she walked across the thick carpet and sat down on the edge of the bed, never once taking her eyes from the terrified girl sitting facing her. Susan’s eyes were wide with innocence and yet Marie was sure she could see some of the teenage lust that she was desperate to arouse. She was obviously more than a little nervous, but looked her gym teacher straight in the eyes and Marie decided that the time had come much sooner than she had even dared to hope for.

She could feel the weight of the schoolgirl’s stare as it examined her fit, toned body and then had to bite her bottom lip not to smile when Susan began to blush at being caught staring. Once she thought she could control herself, Marie did smile back, trying to encourage the girl to look as much as she wanted.

“Susan, did you have a girlfriend at school?”

The girl hung her head in embarrassment, no. She had stumbled upon two older girls kissing once in the changing room but they had hardly even noticed she was there.

“Apart from the girls at school, have you seen anyone else naked?”

Susan blushed an even deeper shade of red. Since she had turned eighteen her step-father had taken great delight in embarrassing her by walking out of his shower straight to his bedroom without even wrapping a towel around his waist. She thought he was ugly and she hated him, but how could she explain all that to her beloved, naked, teacher.

“Don’t worry, Susan. You have nothing to be ashamed about. If you let me, I am going to show you how wonderful it is to be naked with another person. Would that be all right?”

The poor girl’s head was in a whirl as she tried to make sense of all this but she knew her knickers were soaking between her legs and she knew that she wanted to take her lead from this gorgeous woman sitting beside her. She nodded her head and was rewarded with a huge smile from her teacher who was about to teach her things she could never have learned in school.

“Susan,” the older woman said, “I am going to make this the most incredible experience of your young life but, remember, you can tell me to stop at any stage. I will not force you to do anything you don’t want to. Ok?”

Susan couldn’t imagine ever saying no to this amazing woman. It all seemed a bit strange but she was determined to do everything Marie wanted her to do. Still, though, she was embarrassed as she nodded, her eyes still cast to the floor. Marie gently put her hand under the girl’s chin and lifted her gaze to meet her own.

“Susan, I am going to teach you how to make love. Would you like that?”

The schoolgirl’s knickers flooded again as she trembled but answered, “Yes,” her voice low and hesitant. Marie just smiled then, looking into the schoolgirl’s eyes, she gently kissed her. She was so desperate to fuck this girl that she had to physically force herself to go much, much slower than she wanted to. She kissed Susan on the eyelids, on her cheeks, even on her nose and chin. Finally, she ever so softly moved her lips to those of former pupil. Just as she felt Susan start to respond to the kiss, she stopped.

Susan looked alarmed at the interruption to their kiss but saw that Marie was smiling and relaxed in the knowledge that she hadn’t done anything wrong. That was her first ever kiss and all she could think was that she wanted so much more. Her gym teacher was about to fulfill that wish.

Reaching over, Marie loosened the schoolgirl’s uniform tie and dropped it to the floor, discarded for ever. As her new young lover trembled beneath her, she slowly undid the buttons of Susan’s white blouse and opened it wide to reveal the functional sports bra that she already knew Susan favoured. Marie leaned forward and, inhaling the teenage girl’s scent that she already knew so well, she planted a very soft kiss between the girl’s small breasts. Kissing around the limits of the bra, she heard Susan moaning in unknown pleasure and, taking encouragement from that, she slipped the girls bra down of her gorgeous breasts.

Susan took a deep breath as she looked down to see her gym teacher cup her breasts and begin to roll her engorged nipples between her fingers. Her head fell back on to the pillow again but she instinctively reached up to put her hands over Marie’s and joined in as the other woman played with her breasts and nipples. Marie couldn’t believe how quickly the young girl was taking to this but smiled as she showed her how to touch herself, tweaking and rolling her nipples, teasing them, pleasuring them. Susan’s knickers might have been soaking but Marie knew hers would have been too – if she had been wearing any.

Leaving Susan’s hands to play with her new toys, Marie began to kiss her again. She kissed the distracted girl on the lips once more, this time her tongue pushing into the warmth within, her tongue joined Susan’s as they fought together, tasting each other.

Dragging herself away from the schoolgirl’s lips, she kissed her way down her neck, her throat, kissing and sucking, as Susan moaned in new delight. The girl’s eyes were now closed as her teacher moved eagerly to her breasts and prised her young pupil’s hands away.

Marie cupped her breasts once more as her thumbs stroked her incredible nipples. She knew she had to taste those breasts and teased the girl by blowing her hot breath over her sensitive tips. Susan moaned in pleasure again, she couldn’t stop herself; neither could she stop her hands as they involuntarily found the back of Marie’s head and pulled her closer to her tingling breasts. Marie reached out with her wet tongue and teased each nipple in turn, clamping her lips around them and sucking hard, so tempted to bite down. The girl had never known feelings like it and her back arched, trying to feed her lover with as much of her breast as she could take. As Marie suckled on one breast, her fingers rolled the nipple of the other between her fingers, keeping the girl in a perpetual state of bliss.

Marie knew by experience that now was the time to move on to the next big step. Keeping her mouth alternating between breasts, she reached round behind the girl’s waist and opened the button on her waistband. Susan caught her breath in surprise but, as her teacher swirled her tongue around her nipples once more, she aided in her own seduction by lifting her bottom off the bed, making it easier for the older woman to slide her school skirt down over her hips. Now she was dressed in only her white knickers and knee high white socks.

“Shall we?” asked Marie, her hands now on the girl’s soaked knickers.

Susan blushed once more; she knew her teacher could see how wet her knickers were but she bit her bottom lip and nodded.

Marie smiled as she slowly peeled the sodden garment from the girl’s dripping pussy and down over her slender legs. Again she had to forcefully restrain herself from diving straight in to taste the girl’s hairy cunt but, she reminded herself, get it right the first time and she will be mine forever. She held the schoolgirl’s knickers in her hand, looked Susan in the eye, and brought them to her face. The girl blushed redder than ever before but Marie smiled as she took a deep breath in and her senses were filled with the scent of her lover’s arousal. She saw that the poor girl was embarrassed and dropped her knickers to the floor.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Susan; they smell wonderful and making them wet like that is perfectly normal. I will let you sniff mine later.”

The poor girl smiled weakly. She wasn’t sure she would know what to do with a pair of soiled knickers; she had only ever put her own straight into the laundry. But she was prepared to do anything for this woman and if sniffing knickers was what she wanted then that is what Susan would do.

Marie could see the girl was struggling with that but kissed her tenderly and took all Susan’s doubts away. Climbing on to the bed, she knelt between her pupil’s open legs and simply smiled that smile that told Susan everything was going to be all right. She reached forward and eased the girl’s thighs apart. Taking a moment just to savour the sight of her wet pussy, Marie was amazed to see her clit was already sticking out of its protective hood, ready to be kissed. She felt intoxicated but knew she couldn’t start there.

She began kissing up Susan’s right thigh, along her belly, and down her left thigh. The girl was squirming at the soft touch of each kiss but, somehow, knew there was more to come. Moving back up her thigh, Marie stopped this time at her moist pussy and planted the very first kiss that pussy had ever received. She once more inhaled deeply to drink in the musky smell of the girl’s arousal before slipping her tongue along Susan’s wet lips.

Susan nearly jumped off the bed when she felt the woman’s wet tongue touch her equally wet pussy and gripped the sheets to hold herself in place. Marie licked from the bottom of the girl’s slit to the top before pushing her tongue into the young girl’s wet cunt. If she didn’t know any better she would have been frightened by the intensity of Susan’s shrieks but she knew they were only going to get louder as she continued the pursuit of her goal – the girl’s very first orgasm.

Lowering herself until she was lying flat on the bed, she lifted the girl’s legs on to her shoulders and resumed her seduction. While she used her nose to rub Susan’s clit, her tongue probed inside the girl, twisting and tasting, while her hands held the girl’s already thrusting hips tight so she could not escape that insistent tongue. As she alternated between the girl’s pussy and clit, Susan’s whole body was bucking in response, building towards that amazing first climax.

Marie had only one question left to ask, even though she was sure of the answer. She gently inserted a finger into the girl’s pussy, and found that she was, as suspected, indeed, a virgin. She began to use her fingers to very slowly open up the girl’s lips, wider than they had ever been. Keeping her young lover on the brink of ecstasy with her tongue, she looked up from between Susan’s legs to see the girl had learned her lesson well and was playing with her own nipples, even rougher than she would have done herself. Reaching up, she took one of Susan’s hands and brought it down to feel her own pussy.

But Susan was a quick learner and she knew where the best place was. She immediately went to her clit and Marie had to slow her down, taking her fingers and showing her how to be gentle. As she began to play with her own clit for the very first time, Marie returned to her pussy licking, savouring once more the taste of those flowing juices.

Seeing that Susan was going to cum soon as her fingers were now rubbing her clit furiously, she took two fingers and placed them inside her slit, pushing up until they reached her hymen. As the girl’s body arched in pleasure and her screams of ecstasy filled the room, Marie pushed her fingers deeper and broke through her hymen. Susan was almost unaware of what happened. Her body shuddered, trembled and gradually began to recover.

Lifting her head from the pillows, she looked down at her teacher and all she could do was offer a very sheepish grin.

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