Irish Hospitality Ch. 08

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Twos company, Threes a crowd and Fours an Orgy! Five?

Tom watched Eva walk back towards her offices as he enjoyed the sight of her rear end. He turned tail with the scenery drawings under his arm. Arriving at the workshop, Tom locked himself inside for the rest of the workday. He listed materials for the set construction, only having contact with the UPS delivery man who had banged the big door of the workshop to get his attention when he delivered his tools. Tom found himself united with his collection of woodworking tools, an emotional surprise. He checked them over and busied himself for the rest of the afternoon, honing cutting edges on planes and chisels.

He drove around to the house, entered through the boot room and stripped for a shower. On reaching the shower room, he found Eva under a showerhead soaping her body, as Sal shampooed her hair, both beautiful women, naked, wet and sensual as the water hit their bodies, both unaware of Toms presence. Tom once again became rock hard as his cock throbbed and his pulse raced given the sight before him, turning him on.

Sal rinsed Eva’s hair and turned her to face her, French kissing her passionately as their mouths devoured each other, their tongues and lips mashing together in their lust. Toms view of the two beautiful, naked, wet women had Tom wanking his eight inches of solid manhood. He was so turned-on as their hands slipped over each other bodies, gliding across wet breasts, bums, hips, shoulders as they kissed, moans emanated from deep in their throats, animalistic noises. The couple were sliding their pussies on the thighs, all action, all-consuming, all driving them on in their lust-driven pursuit of conclusions. Inevitably they climaxed within a couple of minutes of each other, Sal first throwing her head back and gasped for breath as she held Eva tighter, noticeably trembling. Eva groaned and buried her head in Sal ample bosom wallowing in her soft flesh.

Both the naked, orgasming beauties became unstable on their legs. Tom moved forward, surprising both of them. Their passion had caused them not to observe by them, to this point. He held them steady with an arm around each of their waists, his hard cock on Sal hip, his grip firm as he helped them to regain balance as they came down from their sexual high, slowly reacting to his presence by embracing him under the cascading water from the drench shower head. Sal took his hard cock in her hand and wanked him slowly, enjoying the ridges and ripples of his manhood as Eva stretched up on tiptoes and kissed him, a wet sensual kiss. He felt stimulated from watching their lovemaking, with one caressing his balls and the other wanking his cock, his come shoot over both the beautiful women, several jets covered their hands and arms. He kissed them both in a three-way passionate snog.

Only after getting back to his room did it occur to Tom that all of his sexual activities that day had been certainly in some instances and most probably being filmed in most others. He would investigate the cellar later when he returned from his night out.

I arrived at the arranged meeting place, the garage, with Olga beside me in the works truck, finding Ashine and Morven waiting. Both looked a million dollars, made up, short skirts, hair styled, legs tanned, bare and toned in high heels.

Olga opened the door, slid across the bench seat and beckoned escort izmir them to get in. Morven sat on her lap with Ashine squashed in next to her and closed the door.

It was very cosy. The perfume of three women filled the cab with a heady cocktail of aromas.

Morgan directed me. We travelled miles, Olga and I questioned her constantly about where we were going, we ultimately arrived in Cork, she advised me to park in the car park of the Jury Inn Hotel. Ashine slipped out of the truck, went into the rear of the hotel, returning as we had all got out and straightened our clothing. She put a parking permit inside the windscreen.

Morven took charge leading us hand in hand to a bar a short walk away. I was allowed a glass of coke as I was driving. The three ladies had pints of Murphys stout.

Olga became amused as Ashine and Morven dominated my time, hugging me and kissing me. They clung to me.

Morvan decided we were moving venues. We went around the first street corner and to the front of a queue of twenty people, all waiting to be allowed entrance to ‘The Club L’.

Ashine passed a note to the doorman who, on reading its contents, let us through the entrance door. He led us to a corner booth at the rear of the packed club, a reserved table. He removed the reserved notice replacing it with a VIP sign as we sat down. The music was loud and had lots of base to it. Ashine, who seemed to have everything organised, pulled the doorman to her and spoke in his ear. Nodding his understanding, she kissed his cheek.

It was impossible to talk as the DJ just played track after track. A round of drinks arrived.

Morven pulled me into the thong of clubbers dancing to the music, holding me in a clinch in no time, rubbing her body up and down mine. She kissed me, no mistaking her desires, tongue fencing kisses, bum squeezing gripping me.

I could feel her hard nipples on my chest. My cock responded as she rubbed her body on me. We gyrated in a sexual dance in the middle of the dance area, getting hotter and hotter for each other. Another couple was very close. Near enough to be in invading our space. We both noticed together. Both, looking at the same time as each other to discover Ashine and Olga, French kissing deeply. Lost in lust for each other, sexually really turned on, as Ashine had her hand between their bodies rubbing Olga pussy. Morven and I laughed and continued our sexual rubbing and kissing.

A few minutes later, Morven and I watched Ashine bring Olga to orgasm on the dance floor, shaking and trembled as she rode her fingers and hand. We steadied her, still kissing each other, as were Ashine and Olga.

We got back to our table. Olga immediately wrapped herself all over me, her hands only interested in my cock as she felt me up under the table. The sisters were it appeared intent on giving each other mouth to mouth stimulation while massaging the braless boobs of their sister, both getting worked up by the minute. Passions at fever pitch Ashine and Morven dragged Olga to the dancing mob and gave me a show of simulated sex on the dance floor. The randy two sisters wandering hands were all over Olga. She gave back as good as she got feeling both of them up, as she became a sister sandwich. Dirty humping dancing!

They had her writhing. Olga had the two sibling hands front and back, up her skirt, fingering her as izmir escort bayan they kissed her neck, ears and mouth. The well-practised pair had their prey orgasming again, with me as an audience and few others too, who realised what was happening. They were attracting interest from the clubbers. Intervening in their pornographic display, I shouted over the music that we should leave. They realised I was right. They pulled themselves together as we left the club, Ashine kissing the doorman and thanking him as we left it.

We walked quickly back the way we arrived. I followed behind the three ladies, Olga between the sisters, appreciating the sight of sensual Olga hands groping Ashine and Morven bums as the pair kissed her neck, ears and mouth as we walked back to the truck.

I expected to get into the truck, to hit the road back to Kinsale. I followed the girls but was surprised to be going into the hotel reception with them, where Ashine picked up a room key from Weronika Czerwinska, Assistant Manageress, her corporate name badge indicated. Ashine introduced her to us as her good friend, Weronika had the looks of a typical Polish fashion model. Morven kissed her warmly as she cheek kissed us continental fashion.

We went to the lift. Ashine somehow knowing her way around the hotel. Weronika squashed in the small space meant for four with us. On the sixth floor, Ashine led the way to room six hundred and ten, in which Weronika showed us the facilities. Her professional, broken English was enchanting was her figure. I had three gorgeous women with me, yet I was attracted to another.

Ashine locked the room door as Morven, Olga and I looked at the view from the window of the top floor room over Cork City and the river Ashine and Weronika kissed passionately. Amazing to watch, as in no time they were naked lying on the bed Weronikas uniform removed, riding each other thighs, rubbing their pussies on toned hard-muscled legs as they panted with the endeavour to get each other off.

Olga had her skimpy dress pushed up around her trim waist, with her panties lowered to her knee, had Morven pinned up the room height window with what few clothes she had been wearing pooled in a pile at her feet. They were finger fucking each other wet cunts as they kissed in a lust-filled display of raw sensuality. The room smelled of perfume and sex.

As the crescendo of the noise of four women climaxing intensified, so did my need and cock.

Olga and Morven joined Weronika and Ahinie on the king-sized bed. Ashine demanded me to strip off, I did, knowing I would be balls deep in a beautiful woman. “Get on the bed, Tom,” she smiled, “Weronika needs a fucking.”

She guided my cock to her friends pussy lips that were moist with excitement. I entered her slowly, pushed in inch by inch of my eight-inch rock hard cock, as my three dates stoked and caressed my body, my bum, balls and sucked Weronikas perfect sized tits, her hard nipples showing her aroused state of mind.

I watched her face contort in pleasure overload as we fucked, responding to my thrusts matched as we both enjoyed our coupling, her eyes widening in shock as I hit her cervix, her vagina muscles squeezed my cock as I ploughed her cunt. Her legs wrapped around my hips, pulling me into her more as she reached her climax, fucking her through it, prolonging her pleasure till she went limp izmir escortlar beneath me. Amazing! What a woman she was, what a sensational fuck she was, stunningly beautiful and sensual.

Olga had my cock in her mouth as soon as I withdrew from Weronikas dribbling cunt, sucking and lapping her juices from my still hard rod, devouring it with purpose. Ashine and Morven were lavishing their tongues in each other in a sixty-nine position with Morven over her sister, their moans indicating their pleasure. Exciting to witness the incestuous lesbian act between two gorgeous sisters.

On deciding my cock was devoid of Weronikas juices, Olga started to drink from the source as I lay kissing Weronika, her subject of desire. She lapped, sucked, probed, kissed and fingered Weronika with a lust-crazed fervour, which between Weronikas and my kisses, I watched with growing need to fuck her. Disengaging from the Polish beauty, I positioned myself at her pert bum, not resisting to savour her taboo rosebud. Everything about her was flawless, her tight sphincter muscle being no exception, perfectly formed, symmetrical skin folds at the centre, slightly darker than the surrounding skin. I commenced worshipping her arse as my lover sated her lesbian thirst on the well-fucked Weronika

Worship her bum hole I did. For several minutes, licking, kissing, biting, her bum cheeks, sucking, licking, probing her bum hole. Eliciting gasps and moan from her and Weronika, as Olga increased her assault on her well-stimulated cunt and clitoris, sending her to another climax.

Not being able to resist any longer, I plunged my cock into her, causing her to push back with force, her need being as much as mine as we fucked fiercely in unison. She milked my cock with her vaginal muscles, simultaneously forcing her tongue into Weronika and rubbing her nose on her sensitive clit. She was delirious with sensations caused by Olga. All this, happening with our audience of the naked sisters.

My two partners in lust orgasmed together, tipping me over the crest, pulling out of my lover, showering her perspiration covered back with my come, eight or nine bursts which diminished as my balls emptied. Olga slid up Weronika, kissing her lesbian lover passionately as the sisters licked up the semen and sweat from her back and bum.

Ashine and Morven shared the spunk with Olga and Weronika in a wild snowballing session, slobbering semen between them. An extreme conclusion to our orgy, so I thought.

The sisters had other ideas. Noticing my cock, half-mast, they commenced to fellate me back to hardness, soon achieving their quest, two mouths being better than one. Especially as they alternated between fellating me and sucking my festivals.

“Lie back as I fuck you!” Morven instructed as she straddled me and slowly sank on my shaft, taking my cock fully into her wet hole. Ashine mounted my head. Engulfing my face with her fleshy wet-cunt. They rode me in tandem, satisfying their lust with my body. They used me. They both came, swopping ends and did the same, tandem fucking. Using me, no doubt kissing each other as they did. Lost in what was happening, only noticing how different the sisters tasted, till they both shifted sideways and forward feeling, my testicles lapped.

Olga came into my view and licked Morven puckered anus. Going into overdrive, she was sucking and licking her rosebud as though her life depended on it. Both sisters shuddered through orgasms, collapsed off my exhausted body to be comforted by Olga and Weronika with kisses and inappropriate fingering and caresses.

I fell asleep.

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