It Couldn’t Be Helped Ch. 05

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Crystal was still on her knees sitting back and as I looked at her, despite the fact that she just redefined the word ‘satisfied’ to me, I could still feel myself burning for her. My body was temporarily content but my mind raged at the injustice of not feeling or touching the sexy brown body in front of me. But first things first I thought, I needed to give up the props first.

“Crystal, damn girl” I said almost bewildered

“That was so…It was so..” I stammered as I rifled through my vocabulary trying to find the right adjective to meet her deed.

“God..” I said shaking my head in wonder before trying again “It was”

“Yummy” Crystal said more as a statement than a suggestion as she smiled at me provocatively.

“No” I said smiling back at her “Yummy doesn’t cut it.”

“Speak for yourself” She shot back smiling before she started blushing.

I heard her calling my cum “yummy” and that was it. My mind then told my body point blank “Listen dude, I’m outta here. I’m going to get some of this black woman now. Your sorry ass can catch up later.”

I was still sitting with my back against the wall while Crystal was on her knees to my left.

“Speaking of ‘Yummy'” I said softly “Come here.”

“Why?” Crystal asked teasingly as the sparkle in her eyes brightened from my request.

“A man has gotta eat too.” I said grinning.

Crystal smiled and sat up. She swung her left knee over my lap and straddled my thighs. That action brought her breasts parallel to my face and I gazed at them like a man possessed. Her breasts were so full and firm wrapped tightly in her velvet like ebony skin. I could see bumps of excitement protruding from her dark areolas while her thick half inch nipples had me painting a bulls eye on those bad boys instantly.

Crystal sat back down on my thighs but then something happened between us. We didn’t kiss or even say a word.

We just stared at each other and started touching.

We touched but there was an unsaid patience between us. The car and her falling to her knees had taken the edge off and allowed us to afford the luxury of savoring. But there was also something else. Something internal in each of us and it wasn’t just our evolving emotions. It was something just as personal and just as powerful.

It was an aura of rebellious discovery.

I glided my fingertips across her soft brown cheeks, her chin, and her lips. I stroked her coarse hair and from there to her neck, her shoulder blades, and her arms. Crystal did the same to me, gliding her hands softly across my white face, my shoulders, my arms, and through my hair. Our eyes gazed into each other while our jaws practically dropped in our laps.

I was “really” touching my first black woman and she was “really” touching her first white man. Not just in a sexual sense because it’s easy to get turned on by contrasting skins or to have the sexual act highlight the contrast. We were already both gloriously and happily guilty of that. This touching was different.

It was confronting and then celebrating our differences.

It was having the courage to open our minds up to self discovery while giving the finger to how we were raised and programmed. It was each of us shedding the bullshit and judging for ourselves by ourselves. Not just for a taste like we were an experiment or a fling, but rather to see if what we had inside ourselves as individuals, in addition to what we felt for each other, was deeper than the sea of prejudice we lived in.

It was me finding her ebony skin beautiful, not just because my white hand offered an exciting contrast to it or because it was suppose to be taboo, but because it was on her and beautiful all by itself. It was Crystal being intoxicated running her hands through my hair, not because it was new or was attached to a white face, but because it was on me and she loved how it felt in her hands.

Those precious moments with Crystal sitting on my lap changed me forever. It was there that I realized there wasn’t a label that applied to me or her when compared to how she felt against my touch. There wasn’t an epithet or slur that anyone could ever utter to me that could challenge the security and depth of her caresses. I never felt more independent, more real, more alive, or more human in my life. I just know that the more we discovered and celebrated our racial differences, the more irrelevant they became.

Crystal was a beautiful and sexy ebony woman. Her race and the color of her skin enhanced her to me, drove me crazy, made me lust after her like no other. Yet the second I felt her heart beating against my fingertips, the second I felt her warm breath against my hand, the second I contemplated all the things that made her special to me, no matter how hard twenty years of programming made me try, I couldn’t see the color of her skin anymore in the context I was “suppose” to. I wasn’t afraid of nor did I give a shit anymore about the repercussions of being with her.

I just Kadıköy Yabancı Escort wanted to be with her. Period.

“You are so beautiful, Crystal” I said softly still gazing into her eyes and touching her neck “I want to look at you forever.” I whispered.

That phrase wasn’t a declaration of beauty; it was a declaration of love. I just didn’t have the guts to drop the BIG four letter word on her yet. Rome wasn’t built in a day anyway.

Crystal blushed basking in my words. Then she spoke confirming to me that I wasn’t alone when it came to caressing induced revelations.

“We’re gonna make it, Sean” She said firmly her eyes sparkling with adoration “I feel it now. I know it now. But most of all because..”

“I want it now too, Crystal” I said cutting her off and finishing her sentence “More than anything, girl, I just want my shot at the title.”

“That’s all I need” I said softly but confidently “Just one shot.”

Crystal tilted her head and smiled. She recognized the boxing lingo and then offered sweetly

“What if I told you that you already were my champ?” She asked softly gazing into me.

“Then I’d quit fighting and retire on top” I said grinning “and take my CBA crown with me to the grave.”

Crystal got the retiring part but I could tell I lost her with the acronym.

“CBA?” she inquired “what the hell is that?” she asked smiling.

“Crystal’s Black Ass” I replied with a straight face until we both burst into laughter.

Crystal slapped me playfully in the arm and shook her head. Her eyes and her smile just poured affection into me.

“You’re so crazy, Sean” She said still giggling and shaking her head “Crystal’s black ass crown.”

“I don’t have no crown” she said smiling mischievously “but I do have this”

Crystal rose up and kissed me softly. A series of lip only kisses that were as emotional as they were sexy. We moved our heads back and forth repositioning them after each kiss making sure every bit our lips got attention.

“And I have these” Crystal said pushing her chest out and looking down at her breasts and then back up at me. She grabbed both my wrists and then sat back down on my thighs. Her eyes burned into mine as I overdosed from the reality that an older and beautiful woman was going to make me touch her. Not let me touch her, but make me touch her. We are talking Every Young Man’s Fantasy 101 here. And Crystal was making me live it.

She slid her hands down my wrists to the back of my hands and put them on her flat tummy. Crystal looked at me longingly and then used her hands to guide my hands up her soft tummy until her thumbs grazed her brown breasts while my hands agonizingly were still underneath them.

I was completely under her spell when Crystal then slowly pulled my white hands completely under, through, and then on top of her hot ebony breasts. She broke eye contact, arched her back, squeezed her hands along with mine, and moaned “Ohhhhh.”

It turned me on so bad I wanted to scream.

I could feel Crystal’s hard nipples in between my fingers as I felt her full breasts for the first time. Her hands were still on top of mine and although I appreciated the escort, I now wanted them out of my way. As if she possessed ESP, Crystal let go of my hands and I immediately began kneading her breasts with soft yet determined strokes. The warmth and feel of her skin and the fullness of her 36C breasts drove me insane. I literally wanted to squeeze them until they popped like a balloon. I had to make a conscious effort not to squeeze her too hard as I grinded my teeth trying to deflect the animal lust her breasts ignited in me.

I took my fingertips and softly ran them in circles around her areolas. Crystal shuddered and started swaying her body side to side purposefully making her breasts rock back and forth so my fingers would graze her nipples. I then planted my hands lightly on both breasts and opened my fingers wide. Crystal arched her back and began heaving her ebony breasts back and forth as her dark nipples raked across each of my white fingers before popping out in the spaces between them. The sight paralyzed me making my mouth water at the thought of devouring every inch of her chocolate mounds.

She continued swaying until I felt her nipples pop up between my middle and forefingers. Like two pairs of scissors closing and cutting, I clamped my fingers around her nipples and squeezed firmly watching them swell in between my white digits from the pressure. Crystal moaned loudly and arched her back even more pressing more of her luscious brown breasts into my hands. Meanwhile, having moments earlier come to the realization that we could now have our cake and eat it too, we both stared like a pair junkies at the awesome contrast between my white hands and her hot ebony breasts.

I desperately wanted them in my mouth but before I could act Crystal struck a pose with me that obliterated any logical thought I had left in me. As I squeezed Kadıköy Yeni Escort and pinched her rock hard nipples, Crystal put one hand on the wall above my shoulder and the other she started running through her hair holding her elbow out. She then arched her back more and moaned from my touch rolling her neck back and forth as her face pointed towards the ceiling sending her black hair rocking back and forth.

I have never seen a more beautiful or erotic sight in my life.

Like a rabid dog I lunged forward pressing her breasts together and began devouring every bit those ebony mounds that I could. Crystal loved my crazed assault and she let me know it from the start.

“Yesssssss, Sean!” Crystal hissed “Ohhhh..Suck them baby! They’re yours!” She moaned loudly

Her hard nipples were helpless as I rolled them over and over into my mouth and sucked on them with every bit of pressure my lungs could produce. My saliva shined off her breasts and my chin as my face hungrily slid back and forth engulfing each chocolate mound over and over.

“Oh Yeah baby that’s it!” She cooed “Eat my black titties baby! Oh hell yeah! Bi..”

Before Crystal could get the ‘T’ in ‘bite’ out of her mouth I clamped my teeth around her left nipple and bit down pulling away from her as I bit.

“Ahhhh Ohhhhh Shit!” Crystal bellowed as her hand slammed into the wall behind me while her other latched onto my hair pulling my face even more into her bosom.

From one fat nipple to the next I kept biting and devouring as much of her ebony breasts as I could feverishly jam into my mouth. Right then I noticed my body had came back online as I felt my cock twitching and enlarging. Crystal kept moaning loudly and swinging her head side to side as her hair flew everywhere.

Crystal then frantically grabbed my hair behind my head and yanked down pushing my face upwards. She lunged forward with so much force that if we had hit foreheads we both would have been knocked out. But her aim was true and her mouth was opened so wide that it immediately encompassed mine. Her tongue rammed straight down to the back of my throat and we began kissing hungrily.

After a while Crystal broke our kiss and just burned her lust filled eyes into mine. She pushed back against me and stood up extending her hand for mine.

“Take me to bed, baby” She said eagerly yet authoritatively.

This was my first real equality test. So far it had been Crystal being the aggressor, Crystal setting the agenda, and Crystal leading the way. I guess it was natural for me to concede all those things to her because that had always been our disposition. Whether I liked it or not, the big sister aura was real and it was almost instinct for me to just defer to her. Plus, I was loving her aggressiveness and I really relished being the prey. It turned me on to no end watching her go get what she wanted which, of course, was me.

Still, however, I wasn’t going to let that message to be legitimized. I wasn’t going to allow us, especially in light of our new status, to set the precedent where she dictated the who, what, where, when, and whys. I may have been six years younger and six years less educated than her and as much as I respected her and her accomplishments, that didn’t equate to her having the right of way when it came to us or my desires. There was only one person on the planet that endeared that kind of fear and obedience from me and his name was Dad. Crystal, meanwhile, was about to find out that she wasn’t him.

“I don’t think so, girl” I informed her while standing up.

I threw one arm around her waist and swooped up her long ebony legs with the other and picked her up. She felt as light as a feather to me.

“I got other plans for you” I said looking into her eyes as I began carrying her over to my big beige couch.

At first Crystal reacted with a look of almost complete shock. She obviously wasn’t expecting me to grab the reins of power so abruptly and it caught her off guard. Her mouth was wide open and she looked at me like she couldn’t believe she had just been deposed by my verbal and physical coup de tat. As I made my way to the sofa, however, her shocked demeanor vanished. In its place came a look of hungry and happy consent culminating in a big old Kool Aid smile and a flurry of kisses to my face and neck.

I set her down on her back across the length of the couch while I knelt down on the floor beside her. The sight of her black hair splashed against the light exterior of my sofa and the depth of her dark brown skin exploding into my eyes had me grinding my teeth in anticipation.

I pressed my weight against the front of the sofa and leaned over her and our lips met instantly. Crystal wrapped both arms around my head and pulled my face into hers while I cradled her head with one arm and began touching her tight ebony body with the other.

I ran my free hand down her neck and through her cleavage until I scooped up handfuls of her breasts Kadıköy Masaj Salonu and began squeezing and twisting them. I worked over her nipples pinching them in between my thumb and forefingers causing her to moan loudly and violently suck my tongue deep into her mouth. Crystal was in flames now and her whole body squirmed back and forth as her legs began opening and closing like a wind blown shutter.

I pulled her hands down from out of my hair and placed them on her breasts.

“Press those beautiful breasts together, baby” I ordered “Show them to me.”

Crystal’s eyes sparkled and she moaned gleefully before mashing them together putting her thick nipples practically side by side. I immediately pounced on her dark nipples running my tongue around her areolas and sucking and biting them hungrily. Crystal arched her back off the couch moaning and squirming even more.

I then started running my hand down her stomach and clamped it firmly on her inner thigh. I stroked one thigh tenderly again and again before raking my hand across her drenched pussy and clamping on to the other thigh. Crystal moaned loudly and then gasped when she realized my hand wasn’t staying put between her legs. I began stroking that thigh when I felt her hand leave her breast and latch onto my hand and pull it towards her pussy.

“What, girl” I said coyly after popping her nipple loudly out of my mouth “You think you are the only one who gets to take their time? You think I don’t get to take you down piece by piece like you did me?”

“Think again” I said grinning breaking out of her grip.

“Please, Sean, baby” Crystal gasped “Please” she echoed again revealing a vulnerability I hadn’t seen before while confirming I did infact have power. This was new ground for us and I loved it. The days of my being intimidated by her were now officially over. Thus, having accomplished my mental mission while also being a sucker for good manners, I decided it was time to give her what she wanted.

But she was going to get it my way.

“Is this what you want, Crystal?” I said looking into her eyes while sliding my hand slowly onto her bubbling ebony pussy. I let my hand encompass her entire shaved mound as my fingers caressed the folds of her slit while my middle finger grazed her opening.

“Oh yessssss…” Crystal moaned slamming one hand into the back of the sofa while lifting her ass up to increase the pressure my hand was applying. Her thrust pushing her eager pussy more into my hand as I felt her hot juices leaking out of her.

“You want Sean to play with this pussy don’t you baby?” I cooed as I began stroking the length of her pussy. My hand bottomed out against the couch as I slid all five digits up against her dripping slit and spread her swollen lips wide open. Again and again I smeared her molten juices all over her smooth and puffy mound.

Crystal moaned loudly and I watched as her hand began digging into the sofa. I started rubbing my hand around her pussy in circles brushing against her thick clit trying to get as much moisture out of her as I could without actually entering her. Crystal gyrated all over the couch getting hotter and hotter saturating my hand as I became even more drunk with power. She hadn’t given me an intelligible response to my question yet so I felt the need to extract one from her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you, Crystal” I said before raising my wet hand off her juicy ebony pussy and flattening my fingers together. I whipped my hand back down firmly slapping her pussy across her clit and slit as the sound of wet skin getting whacked bounced off our ears.

“Oooooooohh” Crystal belted out shooting herself up onto her hands while her eyes locked on to my white hand in between her brown legs. She moaned loudly at the sight until it became a helpless whimper and she crashed back down on her back.

“Excuse me?” I said firmly as the crack of my hand smacking her pussy again echoed throughout the room making her cry out and sending her skyward again.

“Yes! Yes baby! I love this shit!” Crystal wailed flinging her arms around me and sloppily and feverishly licking and biting my lips.

“God damn I love you playing with my pussy” she hissed to me gasping.

“Good” I said totally obsessed with the thought of what I was about to tell her.

“Because I am going to eat your tight black pussy right now like no other.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh” Crystal whined with a half excited and half helpless tone before crashing back down on her back.

I stayed on my knees at the base of the couch and grabbed her right leg under her knee. I pulled her leg out spinning her around and then draped her leg over my shoulder putting me in between her legs. Crystal’s sleek brown legs hung off the couch until she clamped her heels into my waist. This cause her knees to bow out and I immediately put both hands on her inner thighs and began stroking her inner thighs from top to bottom while eagerly anticipating my first proper introduction to Crystal’s sweet ebony pussy.

Crystal was now lying diagonally across my sofa with her head in the corner between the armrest and back. Thus far I had been obsessed with her lower body and when I glanced up at her face I saw something that both surprised me and honestly, pleased me.

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