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A wife, a picnic table, and four drunken friends – a good time was had by all.

In an earlier story I told how three of my friends ended up dancing with and fucking my beautiful wife Anna. Well after that night, the thought of repeating the experience with the other wives was always a topic that came up whenever we were out drinking on our own.

Here’s how we all got to take good care of Steve’s wife Kate, as told by Steve:-

The weekend was here at last, we had arranged to go out for a boys weekend in the country – a spot of walking, maybe some swimming, a considerable amount of drinking and of course some eating, camping overnight (mainly to sober up), before travelling home the next day.

On the Saturday morning we were up bright and early, and we each packed our overnight bags. Kate was going out clubbing with her friend, so she was travelling fairly light. A short skirt, crop top, skimpy bra and knickers went into the bag, together with all her make-up, lotions and potions. She also put a mini skirt and t-shirt top in to travel home on Sunday. She was wearing a pair of shorts, loose blouse, bra and knickers.

We set off, and after driving for about an hour, we got a call from her friend to say her mother had been taken into hospital, and she was going to have to cancel. So now we had a dilemma. I didn’t have time to take her home and meet the guys for the trip, and anyway she had no where to go.

So it looked as if we were both going to miss out. Anyway, I called Paul, and told him the bad news, and was a little surprised when he suggested that she come with us. I told him she wouldn’t go for it, but he suggested I ask, so I did.

I explained to her that we were meeting at a remote car park, in the dales, and would be hiking about three hours before setting up camp near a lake where we would camp there for the night before hiking back the next day.

To my surprise she agreed to come along, rather than spoil my weekend.

The guys were pleasantly surprised to see how Kate was dressed when we arrived, and while each of us took it in turns to lead the hike, the other three always followed behind Kate, watching her cute arse in those tight shorts.

We pushed on up and down the hills, on a warm summer day, and reached the lakeside at about 1pm.

We cracked open the beers from the cooler and drank as we pitched the tent. We were all joking about whose sleeping bag Kate was going to share that night, and volunteering to keep her warm. She took the ribbing in good part as we set up camp and had another couple of beers and a bite to eat.

Then we announced that we were going down to the lake for a swim. Kate pointed out that she didn’t have a suit with her, and was greeted with a chorus of “neither do we” from the four of us as we raced of towards the lake stripping our shirts and shorts off on the way. Soon Kate was staring at four naked arses as we ran into the lake for a swim.

“I’m not stripping off for you lot to ogle” she said, and she went into the tent and came out again a couple of minutes later wearing her shorts and just her bra. She came down to the water and joined us for a swim. The bra wasn’t anything fancy, just a plain white one, and even when it was wet it kept her nipples from view, although you could see their rock hard outline poking through a little bit.

We all messed and swam for an hour or so before getting out and Kate made nothing of walking back to the camp with four naked men and she got a pretty good look at us all as we dried off outside the tent before she went inside to change.

When she came back out she had the short skirt and crop top on. I knew then that we were in for a treat that night.

We cooked up a meal and settled down to eat and drink the night away.

Sitting down on the floor like that Kate couldn’t keep her knickers out of view. It didn’t matter which way she turned, or moved, one of us would keep getting a flash now and then, and as the night air cooled, her nipples hardened again under her skimpy crop top. We were shifting some alcohol between us, and chatting over old times, hunting trips and the like, when Paul started on about when we had been out hunting deer and how we had to hang them from branches in the tree’s to stop foxes getting at them during the night.

Kate made some funny remark about men and ropes and their fantasies and suddenly the talk turned to sex, and centred around Kate. They were asking all sorts of questions about what she liked and didn’t like, and she was giving as good as she got with a drunken bravado. Eventually they got her to admit she’d thought about bondage in the past, but never tried it, and that the thought of being tied down and at someone’s mercy turned her on.

Paul suggested that we should try tying her up then, to see if she enjoyed it.

“You guys wouldn’t dare.” She said. Well it was the wrong thing to say really. An attractive woman out in the woods on a hot summers night with four blokes, and Beylikdüzü escort all five of us the other side of some serious drinking.

“Come on guys,” said Paul, and he made a grab for Kate. She seemed to sober up at that point, and realised that maybe she had pushed too far. She slipped out of Paul’s reach, and went to get up. But John and Carl were too quick for her, and by the time she had made her feet, they each had hold of one of her arms. Paul grabbed her legs, and they lifted her off the ground and started to carry her to the nearest tree.

“Grab the ropes” Paul shouted to me, and without thinking I picked them up and followed them to the table. Paul dropped her legs to the ground, and giving her a quick tap behind the knees, which made her kneel down. John and Carl stretched her arms above her head as Paul took one of the ropes from me and tied her wrists together. Then he threw the end of the rope over a branch and the three of them pulled the rope over until Kate was standing on tip toe, with her arms stretched high above her head.

The short skirt she was wearing just about covered her dignity, and her breasts were thrusting against the tight crop top she was wearing.

“So you thought you could tease us all night without any payback” said Paul “you’re not so cocky now are you – all tied up and nowhere to go. We’ll just leave you hanging around for awhile while we have another beer”. We made our way back to the campfire, with Kate shouting all kinds of abuse at us as we left her hanging there, standing on tiptoes.

“If you carry on shouting like that we’ll have t find a way of shutting you up,” said Paul. Then he turned to me and quietly asked, “How far do we go?”

In my drunken state, all I could think about was my lovely little wife taking four dicks, just like Paul’ wife Anna had done after the poker game “We’ve all been talking about us fucking another of the wives, so tonight we can all have Kate” I replied.

He didn’t ask again. “Let’s shut her up,” he said, and the three of them went back to my wife. “You gonna be quiet?” he asked her.

“Not till you let me down” she replied.

“Well then, we have a problem don’t we” he said. “We won’t get you down till you’re quiet, and you won’t shut up till we get you down. I guess we’ll have to gag you.”

“Let’s stuff her knickers in her mouth” cried John.

Not for the first time, my wife said, “You wouldn’t dare”, and not for the first time she was wrong. As she struggled against her ropes, and made it as difficult as she could, John pulled her skirt up, took hold of her knickers and pulled them off. Now she was hanging there with her hairy pussy exposed to the four of us, and after John rolled her knickers into a ball he forced them into her mouth to muffle her cries.

“Lovely pussy” said Carl, “I bet those tits are nice and firm too” and with that he unfastened the halter neck on Kate’s crop top, and peeled it down to expose her taught breasts. He pulled it down and off her body, then unzipped her skirt and pulled that off too, leaving her hanging there naked and gagged.

“Lets have her on the picnic table then” said Paul, “grab her legs boys.” John and Carl followed Paul’s order, and took a leg each. Paul unfasten the rope from the tree, and keeping her hands bound together, they lifted her over to the picnic table.

I could see a look of fear in Kate’s face now. I think it had dawned on her that the guys were now out of control, and I wasn’t going to intervene to save her. She struggled valiantly, but they got her laid on the table, and Paul soon had her hands tied tightly down. John and Carl were still holding her legs, stretching them open, and Paul tied first one, and then the other to different legs on the picnic table.

Kate was stretched out over the table, her head hanging down over one side, and her legs wide open the other end. Paul knelt between her legs, and started to lick at her pussy lips. Meanwhile John and Carl were both sucking on one of her tits.

I decided to join in, and slipped out of my shorts – my seven-inch dick was rock hard. I walked over to the table, pulled the knickers out of her mouth, and slipped my dick in. She still couldn’t speak, but now she was being used sexually like she had never been used before.

As I started to pump my cock in and out of Kate’s mouth, I looked down between her legs to see Paul’s tongue darting in and out of her pussy. He looked up and saw me. “She’s getting all wet and ready down here.” He said. John and Carl were still sucking on her nipples as well.

Seeing three other men using my wife was a hell of a turn on for me. Knowing that she was enjoying it as well made it even better. I pushed my dick deep into her mouth till I could feel her nose nudging my balls, then told the other three to get naked for a gangbang.

They didn’t need telling twice. They all stepped out of their shorts, and for the second time today my wife had four naked men around her. Beylikdüzü escort The only difference was that this time she was tied naked and helpless to a picnic table. I was already fucking her face, and there was no doubt in my mind that we were all going to fuck her before the night was out.

Paul stepped back between Kate’s legs. His rock hard dick standing proud in front of him. “I’ve wanted to fuck Kate since the first day I met her, but never thought I’d get the chance.” He said, as he gently nudged his dick against her wet and waiting pussy.

Slowly, oh so slowly, he edged it into her pussy. Gently easing it in and out, in and out, with each thrust taking it a little deeper. Soon the head of his dick was out of sight, and my wife’s pussy lips were wrapped around another mans cock for the first time since we were married.

As his dick slipped deeper into her pussy I fucked her face harder and deeper. I could feel the tip of my dick hitting the back of her throat as I fucked her face.

Paul’s cock slid slowly from view and as he finally got fully embedded in her pussy I pulled my cock from her mouth and erupted a stream of come into her mouth and face. She swallowed all the cum that was in her mouth, and the rest was over her cheeks and in her hair.

I stepped away from the picnic table and grabbed a beer. John took my place at the top of the table and offered his cock to my wife. She opened her mouth and he pushed forward.

Have you ever watched a woman sucking a man? I hadn’t. I’d seen porn films of course, but this was the real thing. This was my wife laid there, with two of my best friends fucking her. Paul was slamming his cock into her now, fast and furious. Every stroke bringing his cock to the very edge of her pussy before thrusting hard and fast to bury himself to the hilt in her sweet pussy. John was just stood there letting Kate suck his dick. He was pushing it deep into her mouth, slowly and rhythmically. You could see her cheeks bulge out when his dick didn’t go straight down her throat. I found that a very sexy sight.

Paul was getting close to blowing his load, I could see it in his face, and his thrusts became slower and more deliberate, as he fulfilled his fantasy of fucking my wife. Then his arse cheeks tightened, and he sank his dick right up to the hilt in her tight pussy as he came. He stayed between her legs for a few seconds after he filled her pussy with his seed before pulling out.

Her pussy was puffed and red, and I could see his semen leaking out and down over her cheeks onto the picnic table.

Carl took Paul’s place between her thighs, and sank his cock into her waiting pussy. John had obviously been holding back while Paul was finishing his fucking of Kate, because when Paul moved away from her he upped the pace at which he was fucking her face. Time and time again he pulled his cock right out of her mouth so that only the head was resting on her lips, before pushing it right back down her throat again. He was leaning forward gripping her tits with both hands as he slid in and out of her mouth.

Carl started to fuck her pussy at the same pace, so as John slammed his dick into her throat Carl was buried to the hilt in her pussy. They both seemed to be thrusting deeper ands faster, as if they were trying to get their dick’s to meet in the middle.

John was the first to come, with his dick halfway down Kate’s throat he shot his load of spunk deep inside her. She couldn’t swallow it as fast as he was pumping it, and she gagged on his cock and spunk seeped out of her mouth and down her cheeks. When he finished shooting his load he pulled his dick out of her mouth and joined me a Paul for a beer as we watched Carl continue to fuck Kate.

Kate had cum all over her face and in her hair, and it looked fantastic, as we watched her tied and helpless as Carl plunged his dick deep inside her. His pace continued to quicken, then he pulled out just as he came. The first spurt of his cum hit her pussy lips full on, and the rest arced up over her stomach and tits.

When he stopped pumping his spunk all over my lovely wife, Carl joined us and grabbed a beer. “Okay guys, let me up” called my wife. “Shut the fuck up” said Paul. “You should have realised by now that you’re our fuck toy now, and we’ll let you go when we are good and ready, and not before”

We all went back to our beer and Paul asked if I was OK with what had just happened. Sure I replied it’s been a fantasy of mine for a long time to see Kate gang fucked, and spit roast. Carl and John both joined in the conversation, and we talked about the finer points of fucking in general, and Kate in particular, as we downed our beers.

“Come on boys” called Kate, “I’m thirsty and uncomfortable. Untie me”

Paul stood up and picked up the bottle of wine we’d opened for her earlier. “Well if you’d like a little drink, I’ll bring you the wine”

He held the bottle to her mouth and poured wine in until she started to Escort Beylikdüzü cough.

“If you’re going to spit it out we may as well waste the rest of it” and her poured the wine over her face and body washing away our cum. Then he moved to the other end of the table and placed the wine bottle at her pussy lips.

“How much do you think she can take?” he asked. Kate strained her head up and looking straight at Paul begged him not to use the bottle on her.

“Five say’s you can’t get it past the shoulder label of the bottle” said Carl.

“Any raise on five” asked Paul.

“Ten says the main label won’t get sticky from her” added John.

“What do you think?” Paul said, looking directly at me.

“My money’s on getting the label sticky” I replied.

We gathered round the table as Paul started to ease the neck of the bottle into Kate’s pussy. It wasn’t that long since Paul and Carl had had their dicks up her pussy, and she was still wet and sticky, so the bottle slid in quite easily. It quickly reached the shoulder of the bottle, and Paul gently worked it round and round until her pussy was wet and wide enough for the bottle to slip deeper.

“Get your money out Carl” he said, as he worked it deeper.

Six inches of bottle was now out of sight, and the label was getting close to her pussy lips.

“Your turn to pay up” Paul said to John, as the label started to disappear into her pussy.

Have you ever measured a wine bottle? I did when we got home. Seven and a half inches round at the shoulder label, and when the main label started to disappear inside her lips she was already taking nine inches in depth and the full ten inch circumference of the bottle.

Paul was now slowly fucking her with the bottle, Kate was moaning quietly, probably through a mixture of pain and pleasure. About half the label was now pushing in and out of her pussy. Over ten inches of bottle in both directions stretching her pussy wide as Paul fucked her with the bottle.

The four of us were again sporting rock hard dicks. Carl was the first to move, positioning himself at her head and offering her his dick to suck. Kate opened her mouth and he pushed it deep down her throat. Paul pulled the bottle out of her pussy. You could plainly see Kate’s juices streaked down the green glass of the bottle. He then invited John to fuck her. He didn’t take asking twice. He stood between her legs and slipped his cock into her stretched pussy. John and Carl started to fuck her in unison. Pulling out and thrusting deep at the same time, as if they were trying to make their dicks meet in the middle.

Again I watched avidly as Carl’s cock slid in and out of her mouth, his balls slapping against her nose as he repeatedly sank it to the hilt down her throat. I swear I could see her throat bulging each time he pushed his cock deep inside her. John was fucking her pussy, matching Carl stroke for stroke. As we had all filled her with our cum once, the second time around took longer, and Kate’s mouth and pussy took a longer and harder battering from the two of them.

John was the first to cum, ramming his dick deep into her pussy before unloading his spunk into her. I watched as his arse cheeks spasmed six or seven times, knowing that each spasm was another shot of spunk. Watching John fill her pussy obviously tipped Carl over the edge, and he started to fill her mouth and throat with his sticky seed. Again Kate was unable to swallow, as his cock was halfway down her throat, and his spunk dribbled slowly out of the corners of her mouth as he stayed embedded in her throat while he pumped and pumped.

Then Paul and I took their places. I moved between my wife’s leg and slipped my aching cock into her wet and sloppy pussy while Paul offered his cock to her mouth and she greedily started to suck. Even though this was the second time around, the events of the night already had me close to boiling point, and it wasn’t long before I was ready to cum again. As I felt my balls tighten I slipped my cock from her pussy and shot my cum over her pussy hair and stomach.

Meanwhile Paul was having a leisurely blow job, not really thrusting at all himself, just standing there as Kate moved her mouth and tongue around his dick. Once I had cum he took control of proceeding though and started to fuck her face with some urgency until he too pulled his cock away from her lips and shot his cum over her face and breasts.

We untied Kate and took her down to the water where we all had a cool dip to was off the sweat and cum from our fucking, and then made our way back to the tent, where we were to sleep.

Kate slipped into the sleeping bag with me and the five of us talked for a while. Kate asked if any of us had experienced anything like tonight before, and admitted that while she had been very reticent at first she had got into it and ended up really enjoying being the centre of attention of the four of us. She also told us that she was a little sore from the forceful fucking of her pussy and her face.

She asked if we’d done anything like it before, and we told her about the poker game and the four of us watching Anna strip and then fucking her. Then she asked if we planned to do the same with Jenny and Dawn………

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