It’s Time for a Family Swap Ch. 05

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This is a fictional story based on my fantasies about two families. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 18. I prefer stories with a plot that get us involved in the story and then leads to sex rather than stories with just wild sex. My stories are bit lengthy and usually have everything like gay sex, lesbianism, threesomes, groupsex and mainly incest. If they do not suit you please give these a pass. Enjoy the story.

So far we have seen how Rahul and Akram reveal to each other about their feelings towards each other’s mom. And then how they end up finding out about their parents secret and end up watching them in a groupsex. Next we saw how Rahul convinced Akram to have gay sex with him and how Rahul ended up having sex with his own father. Next we saw how Rahul, Raghu, Akram, Akbar end up having a gay orgy and how Rahul and Akram convince their dads to help them fuck their moms. Then we saw how Rahul’s family and Akram’s family end up in a wild sex session.


We woke up later in the evening. We spent rest of the day talking about all the wild experiences our parents had, and the fantasies and fetishes I and Akram have. We planned to fulfill all of them and many more in the coming days. We decided to stay naked until we returned home. Next day we ended up having another round of crazy sex in an orgy.

I and Akram ended up fucking my mom, Ruhi aunty and my dad. Then both of us got fucked by Akbar uncle and my dad. While we were getting fucked by our dads, our moms were having sex with each other, in front of us to tempt us more. Then we four guys were standing next to each other and mom and Ruhi aunty took turns to suck each cock. It was a crazy day filled with lot of sex and passion.

Once we returned home, our sex sessions had to be discreet due to the presence of Sona and Pari at our homes. I would go into my parents’ bedroom in the night after Sona went to sleep. All three of us would end up having some wild sex. I would fuck both my mom and dad, then they would together suck and clean my cock. Then I and mom together would suck dad’s cock and share his cum. Sometimes I and dad would fuck mom in both her holes in a sandwich position. Other times she would take one of us in pussy and other in her mouth. We were having the time of our life.

I would visit Akram’s place almost every second day to have sex with Ruhi aunty and Akbar uncle. Akbar uncle would enjoy fucking me and I would enjoy fucking Ruhi aunty in all her holes. Sometimes I and Akram would fill both her pussy and asshole in front of Akbar uncle. He would rub his cock looking at us and then give it to his wife to suck it. Even Akram would visit my place every other day to enjoy my mom.

Everything was going fine but we always had that fear of getting caught by Sona and Pari. And what will happen if they find out about us. So we had to be very careful whenever Sona and Pari were around. On one of the weekends, when all six of us went to our farm house to have our regular group sex session, I came up with a plan. After we had sex, all of us were sitting naked in the hall and were chatting about some stuff.

Me: “So guys, I have an idea to make our sessions more frequent.”

Mom: “What is it?”

Me: “Why don’t we involve Sona and Pari too? Then we won’t have to hide anything from anyone and can have sex more openly with anyone at any time we like.”

Ruhi: “What? Are you crazy? How can we let our daughters join in this?”

Dad: “Yes. How can we have sex with our daughters?”

Me: “Oh. Come on. We have already been having sex within the family for a few days and we did all sorts of crazy stuff already. This is nothing more than what we have already been doing.”

Akbar: “ummm… That’s true. Sons are fucking their mothers already. So, I guess there is nothing wrong in fathers fucking daughters and brothers their sisters.”

Me: “Yes uncle. This will help us bond more and enjoy sex more openly.”

Mom: “Alright. That’s fine. I think it is ok as long as we don’t force them and they join us on their own will. How do you plan to involve them?”

Me: “You leave that to me and Akram mom. We won’t force them but will see to it that they join by themselves.”

Ruhi: “Ok. That is good. If only that does happen, it will be lovely. Then we will no longer require these trips to farm house. We can nicely enjoy at home only. Good luck beta.”

Me: “Thanks aunty. I love you guys. Let’s hope it works.”

Akram: “I am sure we will make it work brother. It worked on our parents. I am sure our sisters will join soon.”

With that we gave a group hug to each other. I dint really have a plan in my mind but many ideas were running around. The first step was clear though. I had to figure out if Pari was interested in me and Sona in Akram. Then I thought we could take it from there. I asked mom and Ruhi aunty to figure out what Pari thinks about me and Sona about Akram, as we were their brother’s best friend and also best friend’s niğde escort brother.

After a week, I finally heard from mom and Ruhi aunty. They let me know that though both the girls did not open up that much, they felt like Sona had a crush on Akram and Pari on me. That was the good news I was looking for and I was very happy to hear it. From that day, both I and Akram started diverting our attention on to the girls. Until then all our focus was on our moms but from that day we decided to woo each other’s sister.

After working very hard for a couple of months and showing all my love on Pari, and getting direct and indirect hints from her, I was finally able to gather all her attention towards me. I was finally confident enough to ask her out. In the process of wooing her, even I got very attracted to her. Until then she was just a normal girl who was my best friend’s sister.

But I started appreciating her beauty only when I started flirting with her. She looked like the actress Parineeti chopra, a little short, a little plump, and very fair just like her mother. Her sharp nose was the prominent feature on her face which had pink lips and beautiful eyes. She had fat in the right places making her curves sexy. Her boobs were not anywhere close to her mom’s but they were of decent size and firm. She would often wear shorts at home, showing away her silky smooth thighs. Just imagining her was making me horny.

On the other hand, Akram was also making good progress with my sister. I started observing my sister too, lately. She would always be in shorts at home. She was tall, with sexy legs which were worth dying for. She was a little brownish in color and was skinnier than Pari. She would often wear padded up bras to make her boobs appear bigger than they actually are, which were not even as big as Pari’s, although they were still big enough to enjoy them. She looked very much like the actress Sonam Kapoor.

One day I, Akram, Pari and Sona had decided to go to a club, where I and Akram were going to ask the girls out. When we asked the girls to be our girlfriends, they initially teased us without giving any reply but ended up saying yes at the end of the night. We were worried in the beginning but when we heard yes we got very excited and we kissed our respective girlfriends right there. They were a little embarrassed to be kissed in front of their brothers but we dint bother.

After being in a relationship for a few days, it was finally time to make my move. I planned such that our parents were not home and I bought Pari to my place, and Akram bought Sona to his place. It was just us couples present at our homes for the night. Pari was dressed in a sleeveless knee length frock. We bought take away food and some drinks. I started playing a nice romantic track.

After having a few drinks, we started dancing to the tune. I took her into my arms and slowly started kissing her and making out with her. She responded with biting my lower lip. I replied by biting her upper lip. Then we kept on kissing for 5 more minutes during which our tongues were fighting with each other.

After kissing on her lips, I started kissing on her cheeks, her sharp nose, her eyes, her forehead and then I slowly moved on to her neck. She was feeling a ticklish effect when I kissed on her neck and pushed me away. I grabbed her and held her tighter, while kissing on her neck again. After fighting for a minute she gave up, and started kissing and biting my ears.

I proceeded to place my hands on her boobs and started cupping them from over her frock. She was taken aback as she was not expecting this. But she quickly regained her senses and pushed her hands into my t-shirt and started kneading and scratching my back. I continued caressing her boobs for a few more minutes before I unzipped her frock’s zip on the back. As soon as I unzipped, it automatically slid from over her shoulders and dropped on to the ground.

She was now just in her bra and panty in front of me. She felt a little shy and tried to cover her boobs with one hand and her panty with the other. I was just staring at her and was lost in admiring her beauty, cursing myself that why I haven’t I paid any attention to her earlier. Her smooth and delicate waist was inviting me to bite it. Her padded bra making her cleavage appear even sexier than it already was. My cock stiffened up in my pants.

Me: “Come on baby, why are you trying to hide such an amazing body?”

Pari: “I don’t know. I feel shy. No guy has seen me like this. Stop staring like that. I feel awkward.”

Me: “I am not staring baby. I am admiring your beauty. And I have literally seen you like this a million times. Just that you were much younger. But you look much sexier now. I can’t wait any longer to kiss every part of your body.”

I moved towards her and started kissing her everywhere. Her boobs. Her waist. Her navel. Her thighs. I turned her and started kissing everywhere on her back. escort niğde Biting her back, leaving marks on it. She shouted in pain. She pushed me away.

Pari: “It hurts. Slow down baby. And why am I the only one almost naked? Why do you still have your clothes on?”

Me: “I was lost in admiring your beauty baby.”

I immediately removed all my clothes. Including my underwear and with that my cock came out. She gasped looking at it.

Me: “Have you seen one before?”

Pari: “No. Only in porn.”

Me: “Oh. My poor baby. It will be much better in real life. Come feel it.”

With that I moved closer to her and took her hands in mine and made her hold my cock. She held it for a couple of minutes and started stroking it. I enjoyed the feel. While she was enjoying my cock, I couldn’t hold any longer and unhooked her bra and started kneading her boobs. They were the smallest I have seen so far but they were big enough for me to enjoy. Her nipples were pink in color, just like her mom’s. I took her nipples in between my fingers and pinched them. She shouted in pain.

After both of us played with each other’s parts for a bit, I asked her if she wanted to suck my cock which she right away declined. I thought to myself she is going to learn, as she will have to suck not one or two but four cocks. I proceeded to take her boob into my mouth and started sucking it. I licked her nipples which made her go wild.

After sucking and playing with her boobs for a while, I made her sleep on a bed and removed her panty. She felt shy again and covered it with both her hands. I removed her hands and admired her pink pussy. Her pussy was just like her mom’s. Only that no cock has entered it before. I proceeded to kiss her pussy and lick it. After licking all over her pussy and thighs, I pushed my tongue into her pussy and started tongue fucking her.

She was moaning in pleasure. She was already very wet. She dint last very long and cummed all over my tongue and face. I licked it clean and swallowed all of it. She was surprised to see me swallow all of her cum.

Pari: “I thought that happens only in porn.”

Me: “It tastes really good baby. Don’t worry, you will learn a lot more in future.”

After giving her an orgasm, she was ready to get fucked for the first time in her life. I slowly positioned my cock over her pussy. She was hesitating as she heard it would pain, but I convinced her and with one push, I pushed all of my long cock into her. She shouted in pain and begged me to remove it. I waited for a few seconds until she was relieved of the pain and then started stroking slowly. After stroking for a good few minutes and giving her an orgasm, I ended up cumming in her.

She was pissed at me for cumming in her and was worried she might get pregnant. I calmed her saying there were a lot ways to avoid pregnancy and asked her to not worry. I wanted to fuck in her asshole but I knew she was not ready for it yet. So I fucked her again in her pussy after which we were tired and fell asleep. We woke after an hour and started talking..

Me: “So did you like it Pari? Was it like what you imagined?”

Pari: “Yes Rahul. I loved it. Thanks for showing me the ultimate pleasure. I have heard so much about it but never knew what to expect. I am so happy I got to experience it today. You were amazing.”

Me: “Thanks Pari. You were amazing too. I am glad that I could make you happy. I would love to do it more frequently.”

Pari: “ummm.. I would love it too. Hope we will be able to.”

Me: “Don’t worry about that. I will take care of that. So tell me what kind of stuff do you like to watch or experience?”

Pari: “ummm.. “

Me: “Don’t worry baby. It’s only me. You can share anything. I will also share with you. Ok. Let me start. I love sex, a lot. Different kinds of it. I want to experience and explore so many things, like threesomes, group sex, sex in a swimming pool, etc.”

Pari: “What!! Threesomes and all? You are crazy!”

Me: “No Pari. I am not crazy. Sex should never be restricted. It is meant to be experienced in an open way. Only then you will enjoy it to the maximum. Don’t tell me you never watched threesomes and group sex or lesbian porn?”

Pari: “ummm.. To be honest I did watch. I was feeling embarrassed to tell you. Even I liked the threesome videos I saw. Especially the videos where one girl enjoys with two guys and all.”

Me: “You naughty girl. You don’t have to be embarrassed with me baby. I am very open regarding sex. You can tell me all of your darkest desires as well as crazy stuff you did.”

Pari: “You are such a sweetheart baby. I am so lucky to have you.”

Me: “No. I am lucky to have such a sweet and pretty girl like you. Alright to make you more comfortable shall I tell you a secret?”

Pari: “oh. Yes. I am all ears.”

Me: “ummm… I am a bisexual. I even enjoy sex with guys. You want to know another crazy thing? Even your brother is bisexual. niğde escort bayan We have had sex a lot of times.”

She was shell shocked and was staring at me like I was a ghost. She was lost.

Me: “ummm.. It’s all common baby. People our age tend to explore a lot of stuff. Just that not many people open up about it. Quite a few boys enjoy sex with each other for various reasons but they never tell it to anyone. I am sure you girls must be doing something crazy too. You and my sister never did anything related to sex?”

Pari: “ummm.. I am still shocked about your secret. I never expected that of all the things in the world, my brother and boyfriend have sex too. With each other. That’s crazy. To be honest, I and Sona teased each other a few times and kissed a couple of times but nothing beyond that.”

Me: “oh my dear poor Pari. It’s alright. Don’t be so shocked. You have just been introduced to the world of sex. A lot of crazy things happen. It’s just that people never tell their secrets out.”

Pari: “oh really? May be I will learn with time and experience. And I have you to teach me all of that.”

Me: “Yes. My darling. I am here to teach you a lot of stuff and make you experience heaven right here on earth.”

Pari: “I am looking forward to it baby.”

Me: “Yes. Should I tell you another crazy thing about the world of sex? Have you ever heard about incest?”

Pari: “No. What is it Rahul?”

Me: “It is sex between family members. Like mother-son, father-daughter, brother-sister. It is considered taboo in most of the places but it is also considered the most exciting and pleasurable of all types of sex. A lot of families do it but never talk about it as the society frowns upon it.”

Pari: “What? Really people do that? That sounds so weird and disgusting. Within the family?”

Me: “Oh yes. People do it. It sounds weird and disgusting because you have been brainwashed in such a way since childhood. But once you experience it, you will not want to stop doing it.”

Pari: “ummm.. Really? I don’t know. I can’t imagine it.”

Me: “ummm.. It’s ok baby. Don’t worry about it now. Anyways tell me about your experience while kissing my sister? You dint want to go beyond it? Wasn’t interested in lesbian sex? You know what, it is one of my fantasies to see two girls having sex.”

Pari: “ummm.. I can imagine. Looks like you have a lot of fantasies my dear boyfriend. But unfortunately we never went beyond kissing. Somehow we never had the zeal to go beyond.”

Me: “Maybe you should try it sometime. I heard it is amazing. Only a girl can understand another girl’s needs completely. I am sure you will enjoy it. I really enjoy with your brother. He makes me very happy.”

Pari: “I am sure he does. And looks like you will enjoy a lot more, if I have sex with another girl. I thought of you as an innocent boy, but looks like you are one naughty bastard with all the fetishes in the world.”

Me: “I warned you Pari. I am a sex craving maniac. I want to explore and experience so many things related to sex and I want you to be a part of it my darling.”

Pari: “I hope I will be able to keep up to your sexual energy. I also would love to be a part of it and enjoy various experiences.”

With that we slept. Next day morning we woke up and freshened up. We went to Pari’s place. Akram and Sona were waiting for us. All four of us had our breakfast. Then the girls went to Pari’s bedroom to catch up and I and Akram went to his room.

Me: “So? What happened?”

Akram: “It was success. I fucked your sister like crazy. She enjoyed it a lot. Then I slowly bought the topics of lesbian sex and incest. She was shocked but was intrigued. I think she will join us soon.”

Me: “That’s amazing my brother. So how was my sister? Her boobs? Pussy?”

Akram: “Very eager to find out I see. Why are you in a hurry? You will enjoy her sooner or later.”

Me: “You bastard. At least tell me if her boobs are big enough to enjoy. She always wears those padded bras and I can’t really figure out her size.”

Akram: “haha. She has good boobs bro. Nothing compared to your mom. But I am sure they will make you happy. How about my sister?”

Me: “She was amazing. I loved fucking her. She was also intrigued by incest. I am sure she will join us soon too.”

Akram: “Hope so brother. I can’t wait to fuck her.”

Me: “Soon brother.”

As we were done talking, Akram’s parents also joined us. They were curious to know about the updates from the previous night. But I was eager to fuck Ruhi aunty as I hadn’t fucked her in a few days.

Me: “ah Ruhi aunty. You look so lovely. I haven’t had sex with you in few days. I will give you all the updates while fucking you. Come here.”

I pulled her towards me and removed her saree. I was busy sucking her boobs while Akram was explaining his story to his parents. After he was done telling his part, I pushed Ruhi aunty on to bed and pushed my cock into her pussy. While stroking my cock in her pussy..

Me: “Your daughter was amazing aunty. Her pussy is just like yours, neatly shaved and pink in color but very hard to enter as it has not been fucked before. Her boobs were not as big as yours but I enjoyed them. I am sure she will join us soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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