Izzy Wants a Married Man

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I was on vaca, bored and horny. I had plan do just read some erotic stories in hopes of edging and cumming all day. My vibrators had all be charged already in preparation for the long day of blissful orgasms. However, I was craving for more than just the words on a page or the ten loaded porn videos. The link said, “Fuck in your town tonight.” And that was what I really wanted. To get fucked.

After a tedious free registration I was allowed to browse and see who was online now. I however refused to pay $29 for the chance of my pussy getting used and hoped someone would just tip me. I used the most seductive picture of me as my profile: my beautiful perky 38Cs, hanging out of a sexy black bra, pushed together, with very clear hard nipples.

Messages were already flooding my inbox. I was able to preview the messages and see a profile picture of each of the senders. Some were of huge cocks, some beer belly, and some where even brave enough to share their faces.

Three profiles caught my eyes right away, not because of their cheesy pick up line, but because they all had bodies and cocks I found to be absolutely beautiful. This was the kind of man I wanted to fuck me.

The first guy, Tyler, lived two hours away. I was able to convince him to send me a naughty video. I even saved it and watched it on replay that night, listening to him moan my name and then call me his dirty slut while jacking off to the idea of fucking me. There were at least six ropes of cum that I wished had been in my mouth instead.

The second guy was going to be in town for the holidays. He was 24 and looked like a sexy version of Adam Driver. He was 6’3, lean, tuzla escort and ripped, and his cock was huge. He also sent me a video telling me how excited he was to fuck my pussy. Neither matches and fuck session happened.

However, my third guy, Jake, proved to be the match I needed. When we first starting chatting I didn’t think it would work because he lived more than 10 miles from where I lived, at least a 30 minute drive, but he was persistent.

I found out within the first few encounters that many of the men on this site was married. After a few flirty exchanges, I decided to be brave and ask the dreaded question, “Are you married?” A part of me hoped he wasn’t because I was already lusting after his body. He quickly responded, “Yes.”

My heart sank for a second. Just my luck. As my heart was telling me this was wrong, my body was saying something else. I couldn’t believe it but in that moment I had never been so sexually arouse, knowing that a married man was flirting his way with me with the possibility of him fucking me. It had been a fantasy of mine to get used by a married man, I just didn’t know that my day had final arrive.

The flirty messages soon turned graphic.

“I want to run my tongue up and down your pussy, stopping only to suck on your clit. Swirl my tongue along the tip of your hard clit. Kissing and sucking it until you whimper and ask for more. And when you’re pussy is all wet and ready, I’m going to slowly tease you with my cock until I hear you beg me to fuck you.”

It was two days of foreplay: dirty graphic messages of how he’d fuck me, pictures of me tuzla escort bayan naked on my bed, videos of him masturbating in the shower, images of my throbbing clit. So much masturbation in those two days.

Neither of us could take it anymore.

Jake: I am picking up a dish from a restaurant by your place. Are you free to meet up?

I was hesitant, but agreed.

Me: Text me when your close by. I’m going on a walk. You can be my Uber ride. I’ll jump in the back seat and play with my pussy as you watch from your rear view mirror.

Jake: You’re making hard while I’m standing in line.

While on my walk, I was starting to regret my decision. What if he kidnapped me? What if he’s ugly? He had sent me some pictures, but being married, he was very discreet and it was hard to determine if he was good looking or not. What if his wife is in the car with him? And they call me a home-wrecker? All these what-ifs faded when the blue sedan pulled up beside me.

“Did you call for an Uber?”

I couldn’t help but smile. He was attractive and funny. I jumped into the backseat, thought about playing with myself and changed my mind. I leaned forward and begin to undo his pants. We kissed; it was passionate but naughty.

He quickly helped pull his cock out for me to stroke.

“Where are we going?”

“Up ahead to a parking lot.”

As he speed ahead I continued to stroke his cock. “You like it, don’t you? Like how this slut plays with your cock?”

“Yes, yes…”

“Get in the front,” Jake whispered between kisses as we parked.

I quickly moved to the front, leaned escort tuzla over and took his whole cock in my mouth.

“Damn. Wow. Yes. Oh my god.”

I choked on it as I came up for air, I whispered, “Does your wife suck your cock like this?”

“No…she doesn’t suck my cock.”

It made me want his cock even more. But we were interrupted by a pedestrian. We both quickly got up from our seats. When the woman was out of sight Jake pulled down my leggings.

“I want to taste that pussy.” His devoured my pussy. I tried to stop from screaming, afraid that if I made too much noise, walkers in the distance would hear me. I came quickly.

“I want to fuck you,” Jake said.

“There’s another parking lot we can go to. It’s more secluded.”

As Jake drove us, he continued to finger my pussy as I played with him and kissed him. When we finally made it to the other parking lot, Jake couldn’t wait any longer. He pushed me down on his cock, and fucked my mouth. I could barely breathe but it didn’t matter, he was a man on a mission. His wife wasn’t sexually satisfying him, and I wanted to be a dirty naughty slut. Jake pushed my head and held it down as he filled my mouth with his cum. I made sure to squeeze his balls as he came and I swallowed every drop of him. I enjoyed tasting him.

“Shit. I have to get going.” In that time, his phone had rung four times. It was probably was his wife, but I didn’t care. I pulled his fingers toward my pussy and had him finger me as he drove me back home. I wanted to come one more time.

“Put in three fingers,” I insisted. Jake’s eye widen; he was more than willing to obliged. My legs spread wide, one on his lap and the other on the dashboard, as he pounded my pussy with three fingers. I finally came, a loud moan followed by short small whimpers.

We were on my street again. I pulled up my leggings, lend over and gave him another passionate kiss.

“Merry Christmas!” I said as I shut the door behind me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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