Izzy’s Hookups with a Stranger

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I have to admit, I had no real intentions of hooking up with anyone on my short three day trip to visit my friend who lived in DC, but when my friend realized they couldn’t get work off, I decided it was best to waste time by swiping.

I swiped on him, Calum, without glancing at his other pictures. He’s bio stated that he was a masseuse, which screamed “I’m a fuck boy.” The conversation moved slowed, so I went to bed that night without a cock.

I was shocked to wake up to a dick pic followed by a video of Calum jerking himself. His hands methodically squeezing and moving it up and down faster and faster until I heard the moan followed by ropes and ropes of clear, white cum. He slowly stroked himself, squeezing out every last drop. My pussy was drenched.

“How big is it?” I quickly texted back, while rubbing my juices over my throbbing clit.

“Ten inches long and 6-7 inches round. It’s too big for a lot of girls.”

“Yeah, I think you’ll destroy my pussy,” I responded, even though I knew I wanted it already.

I had plans to sit by the pool and tan so I quickly put on my royal blue bikini and snapped a quick picture for Calum, making sure to showcase my eryaman escort 36Cs; my nipples were hard and visible through the the thin fabric.

He immediately responded, “Need company? A swimming buddy? Help putting on some tanning lotion?” Followed by a new video of him stroking himself.

I’m could feel the wetness forming beneath my bikini bottom thinking of his hard thick cock using my pussy. I quickly jumped in the pool to hide the wet spot forming between my legs; there were several other people in the pool area.

When I returned, there was another text. “I’d love to give you a massage, and maybe a happy ending…”

The more he flirted, the more excited I got about him fucking me. I turned over on my stomach and this time snapped a picture with a view of my ass.

“I should between your legs right now. I’d love to taste it.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. I have a top-tier tongue game and I want to taste how sweet you are.”

Before I knew it, I had sent him the address to my hotel. I needed Calum; I’d never had a huge dick before; my pussy needed a tongue to clean up the mess it was already making; I was ready and wanted to be used by him.

I escort ankara impatiently waited for him to arrive. The plan was for him to join me in the pool; we would do all the foreplay in public. My pussy was throbbing as I watched the door for him. Time seemed to move by so slow that I drifted off to sleep in the hot sun.

My mind was so obsessed with the massive cock that would for sure stretch my pussy open wide that I was dreaming of it. The biggest cock I had ever had was seven inches, above average, but hadn’t quite satisfy me the way I thought it would. I awoke with my right hand rubbing my clit.

“That was quite the show,” a voice from my right said. I quickly moved my hands and sat up straight. The pool was empty now. It was just me and Calum.

“That was embarrassing,” I laughed.

“Not at all. It was sexy. I was thinking you might need a little help,” Calum suggested. His hands were already between my legs already. I scooted over and gave him room to sit next to me.

He leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss. “I’m Calum.”

Barely audible and lost in lust, I mumbled my name. But it didn’t matter anymore, I was going to be his slut sincan escort the rest of day.

He moved my bikini bottom to the side, exposing my pussy.

“Mmm…” he moaned, as his massaged my clit and then slipped a finger in, followed by a second. I began to move my hips in motion with his fingers.

“Not yet,” Calam said as he pulled out. He then tasted my pussy by licking one of his fingers. “Mmm…” Calum then pushed his other finger down my throat. I had forgotten how I tasted.

He pulled me closer, taking is finger out of my mouth and back into my pussy. “Look at you, so eager to be fucked.” He devilishly smiled. He was then on his knees, prying my pussy open, getting a good look of it before he drove his tongue into it.

He wasn’t lying; his tongue game was top-tiered.

“Suck on my clit,” I commanded. He inserted two fingers into my pussy and then massaged the insides as he sucked on my clit. My legs opened wide, as my hips began to thrust up and down against his face. My soft moans began to turn into hard short breaths; I was on the edge as he slobbered all over me.

“I’m cumming!!!!!!!” I moaned.

His fingers, now three of them, were fucking me even harder as my body clamped up as I came. When I finally relaxed, Calum pulled out his fingers, reached them towards my lips. He cleaned my pussy with his tongue as I sucked on his fingers.

I was ready for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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