Jack and Vinnie: The Morning After

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Female Ejaculation

Jack woke up to the sound of his alarm with a pounding headache and a bad taste in his mouth. That wine had been a bad idea but it had been worth it… He reached over to the bedside table to swat the offending noise, annoyed at himself for having forgotten to turn it off the night before. He’d booked the week off work; there was absolutely no need to be waking up so early. He rolled over, hoping that it hadn’t woken Vinnie but was surprised when he found an empty space beside him. He could hear him milling about in the kitchen so he rubbed his eyes, got out of bed then padded downstairs to see what he was up to.

He watched his lover skipping happily around making a bacon and egg sandwich, wearing just his tight fitting boxers that left little to the imagination. Jack loved that he felt so comfortable in his home to be able to help himself to whatever was in the fridge and wander around in next to nothing. He had contemplated asking him to move in permanently many times; Vinnie still lived at home with his big family and in Jack’s opinion, it wasn’t cool at his age. Although being ten years older, he had been independent from a young age and thought it was about time Vinnie did the same and flew the nest. Little by little, he’d been leaving more of his stuff at his but they had never actually had the conversation.

“You better be making one for me as well,” Jack said, creeping up behind him and sliding his strong arms around his waist.

“Err… yeah, sure I was,” giggled Vinnie, who was the world’s worst liar.

Jack shook his head and playfully tickled him, “Fibber. Want a cuppa?”

“Go on then,” Vinnie went back to the fridge to get more ingredients for another hangover-busting sandwich.

“How are you feeling?” asked Jack, spying the bags under his eyes and guessing the previous night’s wine and cider had taken its toll.

“I’ll be OK once I’ve had some food. I’m a bit tired. I think we need a duvet day,” Vinnie answered as he cracked two more eggs into the frying pan.

Jack agreed. He was tired too. Not surprising after what they had done the night before: he had fucked him in the shower then they’d gone to bed, downed a bottle of wine and Vinnie had returned the favour. They hadn’t slept until it was light. It had been fun but no further pee had been involved and nothing had been spoken about it. Jack wanted to rectify that.

There was no plan for the rest of the day aside from lounging on the sofa, watching box sets and playing video games, which sounded good, although Jack was eager to explore their new kink. He had all sorts of ideas swimming around his head but he didn’t want to freak Vinnie out. A lot of alcohol had been flowing the night before, perhaps he wouldn’t be so keen in the cold sobriety of morning. Knowing how proud he was, he may well have been feeling embarrassed about the whole thing — it didn’t get much more humiliating than pissing yourself in public. Poor Vinnie.

He made them both a strong cup of tea, purposely using big mugs and sat down in the living room on the leather sofa to munch their breakfast. He found himself wondering if Vinnie had been for his morning piss yet then consequently asked himself how these new desires of his had manifested so fiercely overnight.

He couldn’t think of anything else. He longed to see Vinnie wet himself again but equally wanted to do it himself to get the full experience. The little squirt in his boxers the night before didn’t count.

He was unsure of how to approach the situation but filling both their bladders up with tea would be a swell start.

“Last night was amazing, wasn’t it?” he said, tenderly stroking his unruly black hair as he tested the waters, so to speak.

“Yeah,” sighed Vinnie dreamily. “Fuck am I paying for it now though! I’m never drinking again.”

“Sure, until next weekend. I know you love your cider,” giggled Jack.

He must have been feeling rough. The fact that he hadn’t even bothered to comb his hair or get dressed when he usually took so much pride in his appearance, spoke volumes.

“We’ll take it easy today… You don’t have to get up for anything,” Jack added, wondering if he would be able to translate what he really meant which was, you lie there and piss yourself.

He really wanted to watch him sully those tight little white underpants he was wearing. His cock was tingling at the mere thought of it.

“Thanks lover,” Vinnie said, seemingly oblivious as he stretched out on the couch, nestling his head into Jack’s smooth muscular chest.

He browsed through the channels on the TV, settling on a garbage reality show. Jack paid no attention and instead gazed at the beautiful, slender body spread out next to him. They’d fucked twice and it looked as though Vinnie was worn out — aside from a smile, he didn’t react when he ran his hand up and down his side and softly massaged his hip. Normally, Jack would have been tired too and happy to spend the day snuggled up watching TV but he had desires that needed to be quenched.

“Don’t forget your tea babe,” tire escort he reminded him, a wry smile on his face.

Vinnie nodded and slurped noisily from his mug, unaware of Jack’s agenda or choosing to ignore it. Jack reached over to the coffee table and did the same. He hadn’t peed since before he’d gone to sleep and his bladder was twinging but he wanted to hold on until he was bursting… and he wanted to go in his clothes just like Vinnie had so he could satisfy his perverse curiosity. Whilst they drank their tea, he kept his eyes on his perfectly toned body and continued running his palm up and down his bare skin, tracing the thin hairline on his chest that he loved so much — he had just the right amount of body hair, not too much and not too little, then settled on his soft nipple, twiddling it until it was erect. His cock rose and pressed against his loose fit pyjama pants and into the small of his back. Vinnie turned his head and gave him a little giggle then went back to watching TV, appreciating the affection but too hungover and sluggish to give anything in return.

“I’ll get you some water. You need to stay hydrated after all that booze,” Jack said.

“Hey, you ain’t at work now,” Vinnie snapped at him, knowing that Jack was a doctor and sometimes forgot that he was off duty. But then he saw the corners of his lips curl into a knowing smile and wondered if there was more to him fussing than just him forgetting to take his work hat off.

“Yeah…” he grinned. “Actually a nice pint of cold water is what I could do with right now.”

Jack happily obliged and got himself one too.

They drank their water quickly and it wasn’t long before Vinnie fidgeted then sat up: the toilet was summoning him. He had an idea that Jack would rather him stay put but he wasn’t a hundred percent sure and didn’t want to run the risk of embarrassing himself again. Although there was only a small fraction of doubt in his mind, he had to be certain of Jack’s intentions.

“Where are you going babe?” Jack reached up and took hold of his arm when he stood up.

“I need the toilet,” Vinnie answered.

“So…” Jack’s smile widened so there was no room for uncertainty. “I told you, you don’t need to get up for anything.”

Vinnie slowly sat back down, “OK…”

Jack wrapped his arm around his waist to pull him in next to him. They had both skirted around the issue but now it was time to act upon it.

“Hold it in as long as you can… Lets see who can go the longest, shall we? I enjoyed yesterday so much, I want to try some more,” Jack’s cheeks heated up at voicing his kinky desires out loud.

Although he knew Vinnie pretty well, and could take an educated guess that he would have a positive response, there was still a part of him that worried; he could have just as easily recoiled in horror. This sort of thing wasn’t for everyone… Yet the smile on Vinnie’s face dispelled his worries…

“I’m still thirsty,” he smirked. “Damn hangover.”

Jack nodded and refilled their glasses. Time to put their kidneys into overdrive.

He needed to go quite badly too and necking his third drink only accelerated him further toward the prize. He snuggled into Vinnie and went back to playing with his nipples, enjoying the little strands of hair around them while he planted soft kisses on his neck. He couldn’t get enough of him. It came as a surprise to him that he was so horny given his hangover — his urges obviously outweighed his sore head.

Vinnie felt his erection digging into him and rolled over to face him, no longer able to resist. His slender hands wandered up to curl his wavy blonde hair around his fingers and rope him in for a kiss. Jack was a great kisser; his movements were slow and deep and his eyes drifted shut as he lost himself, focussing on nothing but him and leaving no question of his love for him. The feel of his moist, rose petal lips made him go weak every time.

Jack’s palms slid down his sides and settled on the waistband of his boxers. He looked down with admiration at the outline of the cock lurking within, only semi-hard. He normally had no problem rising to the occasion but judging by his increasingly frequent squirming, his urgency was hindering him.

“Pee for me baby. I know you need to,” Jack whispered seductively in his ear.

“How about you fuck me first?” Vinnie said, rather abruptly.

He pulled off his underwear and flipped onto his hands and knees, nudging his ass toward him.

Jack knew him well enough to see his insecurity and his stalling tactics. Even though he was the quieter of the two, Jack was definitely more self assured. It was never said out loud but he took care of Vinnie and always reassured him when he needed it (even when he didn’t know), and Vinnie liked being looked after by an older guy. He was scared to let go; shreds of embarrassment and shame still clung to him from the night before. He needed coaxing.

“Aww babe, why are you so tense?” Jack teased him as he circled his tightened torbalı escort asshole with his fingertip. “Its gonna be tricky to fuck you when you’re all clenched like that.”

“I’m trying not to piss myself,” Vinnie replied sharply.

A depraved smile snaked across Jack’s face as his hand slithered underneath him, stroking his cock on the way and settled between his silky, neatly trimmed pubic hair and his belly, directly where his bladder was and being a doctor, he was excruciatingly accurate.

“Don’t worry, I’d love it if you did and I thought that was the name of the game,” he smirked, using two fingers to put the teeniest bit of pressure on him.

“Stop it!” squealed Vinnie. He rolled over onto his back and hastily crossed his legs. “That’s cheating.”

Jack sighed. If there was a time to let go, it was now but Vinnie was still holding on. Damn, why did he have to be so stubborn? Vinnie’s dark brown eyes widened with fear. Although every part of his rational mind told him that it would be fine — it was what Jack wanted and in all the time they had been together, he’d never done anything to make him feel uncomfortable — there was still a bit of him that worried he would judge him or worse, laugh at him. Jack had a pretty good idea of what he was thinking and knew he would have to take the lead to give him some encouragement. That was OK. He wanted to pee just as much.

He positioned himself so he was straddling Vinnie’s belly.

“You might be able to keep it in but I can’t hold it anymore,” he grinned. “You’re having it.”

He couldn’t actually believe what he was about to do, something he hadn’t done since childhood, or the fact that he was so turned on by it but now that the time had come, he was nervous too. It was different from peeing in the shower, that had come easily to him since they’d already been wet. He could understand Vinnie’s predicament.

“Come on, I thought you were bursting,” Vinnie said on noticing his hesitation. His expression softened and he smiled, now that he was assured, a fresh wave of excitement surged through him.

“You know… I wouldn’t do this with anyone else,” Jack said.

“You better not!” cried Vinnie.

“You know what I mean. I mean I really trust you. I’ve never done this before. Its a bit… erm…”

“Stop talking and piss!” Vinnie interrupted, being the impatient guy that he was.

Jack tried not to overthink and pushed past his nerves, allowing a trickle to escape. He looked down with a timid smile and waited for the evidence to show through. Moments later a spot of the grey cotton material darkened and the golden liquid dripped through onto Vinnie’s skin. Seeing his face light up absolved him of any shame or apprehension he may have had and he felt grateful that he was lucky enough to have found someone who not only shared the same strain of kinkiness but embraced it perfectly too.

It gave him the green light to increase his trickle to a steady stream. His clothes clung to his skin and soaked up the wetness spreading slowly down his legs to his bent knees. They both watched, enchanted by the liquid dripping through onto Vinnie’s skin and consequently rolling down his sides onto the sofa. Jack hadn’t thought about that but quickly dismissed any concerns. It was leather — it would wipe off easily. Not that he really cared at that moment anyway: it didn’t stop him peeing. He kept control and maintained a slow flow because he wanted to savour every last drop. If he completely let go and allowed it all to spurt out like his body wanted to, the whole depraved experience would be over far too quickly and he couldn’t have that.

“Its going up my back!” Vinnie squealed.

Jack tittered at his offerings pooling around him, slowly creeping upwards and claiming the tips of his hair. His nerves and excitement made his heart beat so hard against his ribs, he felt it would burst out of his chest. A whole range of feelings surged through him: guilt, shame, but the one that was the most prominent was pleasure; the very best kind. Fuck, yeah.

His cock rose the instant he had expelled the contents of his bladder. He knew that when he fucked Vinnie, it wouldn’t take him long to cum. He couldn’t wait.

“Why do I find this so sexy?” laughed Vinnie, running his hands up and down Jack’s soaked thighs.

He was loving the feel of his sodden pyjamas against his skin. He sat up to kiss him and felt the warm pee rolling back down his body then he broke away and squirmed when a sharp twinge reminded him of his own desperation.

“I still need to go,” he winced.

Jack was desperate too but in a different way — he was desperate to bury his aching cock in his ass.

“Well what’s stopping you? Come on babe, pee for me, or are you gonna try and hang on while I fuck you?” Jack purred, he didn’t care either way now.

It would be a challenge, one Vinnie wasn’t sure he could win but it would be fun to try. And now that Jack had pissed himself in front of him, he didn’t feel so urla escort self conscious. He got back onto his hands and knees and looked back at him with an enticing glint in his eyes. Jack wriggled out of his soggy bottoms and flicked them onto the floor to unleash his cock, which was standing to attention and shimmering with pee. A bubble of pre-cum had already formed on the tip; perfect for moistening Vinnie’s clenched asshole. He scooped it off with his finger and softly rubbed his hot ring, reminding him with a twisted smile, “You know you’re gonna have to relax a bit? I’ll never get my dick in otherwise.”

Jack’s cock was like the rest of him, big and broad and they were both well aware of it. Jack was a modest guy but he knew he was blessed with a great body.

Vinnie was bursting. His bladder wasn’t strong and he knew relaxing the muscles in his ass would make him wet himself too. But he was craving for him to be inside him, almost as much as he was craving a toilet. Jack took hold of his cock and poised it in front of his lubed hole.

“Relax baby…” he said softly.

Vinnie did as he was told and unclenched with a sigh. He managed to hold on but not for long. A shriek and a guilty dribble escaped him when Jack pushed his cock inside him with one firm shove, not like the way he usually entered him where he eased himself in gently.

His leg glistened as pee trickled down it, just a small leak before Jack felt his muscle tighten around his member like a clenching fist. Vinnie was rising to the challenge and didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of a full piss just yet but nothing could stop Jack’s determination.

“I told you to relax,” he said, taking a firmer tone.

He began to fuck him slowly and deeply in the hope that stubborn Vinnie would give way but when that didn’t work, his hand delved underneath to exert pressure on his bladder. Vinnie was prepared — Jack had tried that trick before but he was not expecting him to seal the deal by spanking his butt cheek hard and taking him by surprise. That did it.

“Arh! You fucker!” he cried.

The unmistakable patter of piss could be heard against the sofa.

“That’s it baby, you pee for me,” Jack praised him, feeling a warm wave travel down his spine and ignite his nether regions. He shuddered. “Oh yeah… You know how to get me going don’t you?”

“You do for me too!” chuckled Vinnie.

Jack’s hand travelled back down to his semi inflated cock. It was soaking wet and difficult to grasp but when he did the sensation of his hot pee flowing through his fingers and pooling in his palm excited him even more.

Vinnie had been tempted to try and stop himself going anymore but knowing how much Jack was enjoying it, he decided to keep on. He couldn’t deny that he was enjoying it too, more than he thought he would but just hearing Jack’s soft, appreciative vocals alone was enough. Their piss mixed together and spilled over the side of the sofa like a spring waterfall down to the laminate flooring.

Jack held onto Vinnie’s slippery cock to start pumping and gripped his hip with his other hand. He needed to cum… The contents of his aching balls were demanding a release. He had to comply so with low grunts, he quickened his thrusts. Now that his bladder was empty, Vinnie could fully enjoy the feel of his love muscle inside him and Jack found it more pleasurable too since he was unclenched.

“That feel good?” Jack asked him.

“Fuck yeah,” he groaned. “Harder.”

“Sure thing baby…”

Vinnie dropped to his elbows into the pool of piss and pointed his ass upwards for him to burrow at the angle he liked most. His appreciative moans turned to shrieks of joy. The sound of wet skin slapping together increased as his clean-shaven crotch pounded Vinnie’s rear end. His eyes drifted shut and his face twisted with pleasure in a way that did not look comfortable or natural each time Jack’s cock penetrated him that little bit further. Jack knew that face all too well; it was his ‘I’m gonna cum any second’ face. And he did.

“Oh shit…Oh…fuck, fuck fuck,” he let out a long moan as he erupted, dribbling most of it into Jack’s hand but also squirting a substantial amount into the golden pool beneath them.

Jack gave him a gentle squeeze to drain every last drop then withdrew his hand and admired the elixir of pee and cum pooled in his palm. Vinnie’s collective bodily fluids were equally as beautiful as the rest of him. Jack pulled out and slapped them all in the centre of his crack then sneaked two fingers into his widened hole to give him some extra lube of his own brand. He was going to need it for what he was about to receive.

“You ready for this babe?” a perverse grin spread over Jack’s face.

Vinnie was still panting as he recovered and had no defence when Jack shoved his cock back in to ravage him at an unprecedented speed. He needed to cum too.

Vinnie’s moaned something inaudible as the bigger guy savagely nailed his sensitive body.

Jack sped up his movements and gave him another firm spank. It wasn’t something he usually did but it wasn’t the first new thing he was discovering he enjoyed. Vinnie had no complaints either and begged for more — there was nothing wrong with a little bit of rough. His enthusiastic cries grew each time his palm struck him with a loud crack.

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