Janet , Debbie Go Shopping

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Janet and Debbie had plans to go shopping this evening and they began getting ready for it. Debbie made the comment to Janet that they were going to be getting dressed for the first time in days and Janet told her that it was too bad because she wouldn’t be able to see Debbie’s tits and pussy whenever she wanted and that she enjoyed them being naked all the time at home, but would she not wear a bra or panty’s? Debbie told her that she had no intentions of wearing either of them anyway. Janet gave her a big grin and told her, “That’s my girl.” Debbie ask Janet if she were going to wear a bra and panty’s and Janet told he, “of course not, you know better then that sweetheart, then ask her, shall we go?”

As they were getting in the car, Janet’s shirt hiked up above her waist, enough to expose her pussy and she didn’t bother to pull it down and Debbie told her that she thought that was very sexy. As soon as they were in the seats, Debbie reached over and started massaging Janet’s pussy. Janet let out a small moan as Debbie stuck two fingers in her pussy and began finger fucking her. Janet’s pussy was soaked and Debbie took her fingers out of Janet’s pussy, licked them off and that caused Janet to have an orgasm! Janet turned around in the seat with her back facing the door and pulled Debbie’s head straight to her pussy and told Debbie, “to eat my pussy, you got me so fucking wet and horny, please eat my pussy before we go to the store, I want you to lick and eat my pussy right this minute.

Debbie didn’t need any prodding and she started licking and eating Janet’s pussy. Janet spread her legs as wide as she could get them so Debbie could get at her pussy better. Debbie’s tongue was working its wonders on Janet’s pussy. Licking her pussy lips, then driving her tongue into Janet’s pussy! Fuck, Janet was thrashing on the seat and Debbie didn’t have a hard time bringing Janet to an orgasm and she did! Janet went wild as an orgasm hit her and she locked her legs around Debbie’s head and held her tight to her pussy until the orgasm subsided! Janet turned back around in the seat and told Debbie that they better get going or they would never get to the store.

Debbie smiled at Janet and told her that would be fine with her. They could go back into the house, get naked and eat each other’s pussy! Janet laughed at that, but had to agree with Debbie that it was a very good idea, and they would do exactly that as soon as they got back from the store. Debbie’s pussy was getting wet and she was horny, so she stuck two fingers in her pussy and started finger fucking herself as Janet pulled out of the driveway and took off down the road. Debbie finger fucked herself to a huge orgasm just as they were pulling in the parking lot of the store.. Debbie put her fingers up to Janet’s mouth and she licked them clean. Janet smiled at Debbie and told her that she should eat her pussy right there in the parking lot just for that.

Debbie turned in her seat, pulled her skirt up, spread her legs and told Janet to eat away! Janet told Debbie not to tempt her and got out of the car and told Debbie to cum on in the store, that she would make up for it and more as soon as they got home! As they were walking into the store, Janet reached over and patted Debbie on the ass and winked at her and told her that was a tease and if she had her way she would have gotten their dildo and fucked her in her ass with it right in the car!! Debbie laughed and told her that she couldn’t be that lucky and Janet told her to just wait until they got home. As they were walking through the store, Debbie seen a handsome, black guy looking at the jeans. She told Janet to go ahead and she would catch up with her, that she just got an idea.

Janet told her where she would be and took off. Debbie strolled over the rack of jeans, looked at the black guy and smiled. He smiled and winked back at her and she knew right then what she was going to do. She went around the rack next to him and pretended to look through the jeans and as she was doing so, rubbed her leg against his. That turned her on a little more, when she reached over him and let her tit brush against his arm, she got hot!

As she drew her arm back, she happened to look at his crotch and noticed a bulge in his pants. She reached down and grabbed his cock and started rubbing it through his pants and he just stood there and moaned. Debbie could feel his cock getting hard and it didn’t take long before it was as hard as a piece of steel and it was big! Debbie squeezed his cock and told him that she had gotten his cock hard and now she should do something about it! The guy was staring at her tits, her nipples had gotten hard and were poking out of her blouse. He spoke to Debbie, but he was talking to her tits!

That made Debbie ever hornier, so she looked around and seen that no one was watching, moved into the center of the cloths rack, unzipped the guy’s pants, reached in and took his cock out. It was so big that she had a slight problem getting it out. She whispered to the black guy bayan escort gaziantep to move closer into the cloths rack and when he did, Debbie unbuckled his pants just enough to get his huge cock out, but it was so big it got stuck in the elastic. As she was pulling his pants down and out just enough to get the guys cock out, it sprang free and hit her right between the eyes! Debbie stroked his cock a few times, then started licking it from the base to the tip of its head. She noticed a drop of pre cum at the tip so she flicked out her tongue and licked it off. As she moved her mouth away from his cock, a thin string of pre cum ran from the tip of his cock to her bottom lip. She took a good look at his huge black cock and drove her mouth straight onto as much as she could get in her mouth.

She could feel the guy’s knees starting to buckle, but he reached for the cloths rack and steadied himself as Debbie gently began bobbing her head on his cock. Fuck, it felt so good. He wished he could see his black cock going in and out of the white woman’s mouth that was sucking his cock. He couldn’t believe he was getting a blowjob right there in the store! Some woman walked by and gave him a strange look as if she knew what was going on, but he could have given a fuck less what she thought. She wasn’t the one sucking his cock! As Debbie’s was sucking his cock, she reached up and took his balls in her hand and began squeezing and massaging them. She could almost feel them full of cum just waiting to be let loose. She knew that when he did blow his nut that she was going to swallow every delicious drop of cum that came pouring from his cock! Debbie kept a smooth, slow rhythm on his cock. She didn’t want him to cum to soon.

She loved the feeling of her mouth full of black cock or any cock for that matter, the hardness of it in her mouth, the texture of its color and the feeling of it as she ran her mouth up and down its length. When it was buried in her mouth, she could feel the coarse, black, kinky hairs tickling her nose and she would wiggle her head back and forth just a little so they would tickle her nose more. She held her mouth on his cock that way for a few seconds before she began bobbing her head back and forth on his cock again. He knew that he couldn’t take much more and whispered that to Debbie. She slowed just a bit, enough so that she would make him last a little longer.

She wanted his black cock in her mouth as long as she could have it and didn’t want him to cum yet. She took his cock out of her mouth and began licking it all over, kissing it as she went up and down its length. When she reached the base of it, she took one of his balls in her mouth and began sucking on it before moving to the other one and doing the same to it. She tried to get them both in her mouth, but his balls were way to big and she couldn’t get them both in her mouth. Debbie licked all over his balls before returning to his cock, running her tongue up to the head and lowering her mouth onto his cock again. She was going to suck his cock now until he filled her belly with hot, delicious cum and she was going to drink it all!

Debbie’s pussy was soaked as she bobbed her head on the guys delicious, black cock. Debbie looked down at his cock sticking out of her mouth, it was a shiny, black, gorgeous piece of meat and she could see the veins popping out of the hard skin! Fuck, it was lovely! Debbie pulled his cock out of her mouth and began nipping the head of his cock with her teeth. That sent shivers through the black’s man body and Debbie could feel him tremble.

She was ready for his hot, creamy, gooey cum to fill her belly and filled her mouth with black cock and began sucking, bobbing her head on his cock, turning her head back and forth as her mouth began its journey back up to the head op his cock. Sucking harder and faster, she knew he couldn’t last for long. Debbie was giving the best blow job she hard ever given so far. She knew she was getting better at sucking cock. She had sucked enough since she had moved in with Janet and she had no intentions of stopping. Debbie also knew that she loved to suck cock now, not any particular cock, but any cock. With out warning, no twitch or jerk of his cock, cum exploded into Debbie’s mouth. She almost chocked on it so much shot out in the first stream!

Stream after stream shot into Debbie’s mouth and she managed to swallow every drop! She kept her mouth on his cock until she was sure that she had all the cum she was going to get, then she cleaned his cock off with her tongue. Debbie let his cock fall out of her mouth, gave it a big, sloppy, wet kiss, took it in her hand and stuffed his balls and cock back into his pants. When she came out from the cloths rack, he was still hanging onto the bar, sweat pouring off his forehead. It took his a few minutes to gather his wits back, then he told Debbie that she was a fantastic cocksucker and that was the best blow job he had ever gotten and it was the most exciting cim cif gaziantep escort bayan one he had ever had, with it being in the store. He told her that she had balls to suck his cock there.

Debbie told him that he had a lovely cock and that she really enjoyed sucking it and that was the very first time she had sucked cock like she had just done and she thought it was so exciting too. Then, he ask her if her pussy were as good as her mouth. Debbie told him that he would have to make that choice for himself and if he would take her to his car, he could find out! He told her to follow him to his car. He had a big Buick, so the back seat had a lot of room. He opened the door for Debbie and as she was getting in the car, her skirt pulled up, exposing her hairy, white pussy. One look at Debbie’s white pussy and the black guy could feel his cock stirring and knew that it would be hard again in a few seconds. Debbie moved over so he could get in and as soon as he started getting in, she grabbed his cock and began rubbing it through his pants.

He leaned over and kissed Debbie and when he did, he reached for her tit and began massaging it. Debbie stuck her tongue in his mouth and he began flicking her tongue with his. He reached for the buttons on Debbie’s blouse and began unbuttoning them one at a time until he had them all unbuttoned and slipped her blouse off and laid it on the front seat. Shit, her tits were small, but he knew that anything over a mouthful was a waste. He drove his mouth right for her tits, licking and sucking each nipple until they were as hard as his cock! Then he took one whole tit in his mouth. Debbie thought it was lovely. His black lips on her white tit. She was ready for an orgasm and she knew it, she could feel it building. Debbie reached for his belt and undone it, then hooked her thumbs under his t-shirt and pulled it off before going back to his pants. She unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned the single button, unzipped them and told him to raise his ass up so she could pull his pants off.

He lifted his ass off the seat and Debbie pulled his pants off and when she did, his cock popped free and hit her in the cheek. He told her, “no fair” and reached for her skirt, unbuttoned and unzipped it and pulled it off her and laid it on the front seat with her blouse. Debbie kicked her shoes off, moved around in the seat and with just her socks on, spread her legs, one over the back of the front seat and the other over the top of the back seat and told him “to cum fuck this horny white woman, she wanted his cock and she wanted it now, please fill her pussy with black cock and let her feel his balls hitting her ass as he was fucking her, put his cock in her white pussy and fuck her, fill her pussy with cum like he had filled her belly with cum.” That white pussy he had his eyes locked on looked so good! He wasted no time! He crawled between her legs, she took his cock in her hand and aimed it for her pussy and with one lunge, buried it deep in her pussy. Debbie just moaned as his cock slid in her pussy and she wrapped her arms around him to hold him tight to her. Her 34b tits were mashed to his chest.

His cock buried to the hilt in her pussy. He began pounding her pussy! Debbie just lay there, loving the feeling his cock was giving her, it felt so good! Debbie flexed her pussy muscles on his cock, making it feel tighter and better. Damn, this guy was good! He was pounding her pussy uncontrollably now, thrust after thrust and telling her how good her pussy was and not only was she a fantastic cocksucker, she was a great fuck too. That took Debbie over the edge and she had to fight the urge to scream as a huge orgasm over took her and she lunged her pussy up to fill it with as much cock as she could! She kept her ass off the seat until the orgasm passed. Her pussy and her legs were soaked with her pussy juices and they were starting to make a big wet spot on the seat.

Fuck the seat, he went back to pounding her pussy as soon as her ass hit the seat again, only now, Debbie was matching him stroke for stroke. Debbie took her legs off the seat backs and wrapped them around his back, locking her ankles together so he couldn’t get away, as if he even wanted to. Suddenly, he gave a big shove, pushed his cock as far in Debbie’s pussy as he could and blew his load. Debbie could feel his cum splashing against the walls of her pussy, soaking and filling her pussy with his hot cum! Fuck, was he cumming. Squirt after squirt. He cum almost as much as her had in her mouth just a short while ago. Debbie began having another orgasm and her pussy tried to suck every drop of cum from his cock before she relaxed and fell back onto the seat.

They both agreed that it was a very good fuck and well worth it. Before getting dressed, they kissed and Debbie went back into the store to look for Janet, holding all the cum in her pussy. She had plans for it! Halfway in the store Debbie realized that she had fucked and sucked a man, cinsel bilgiler a black man at that and she never found out his name. She was becoming a real slut and she smiled at that thought. She found Janet in the store and as Janet seen her coming up the aisle, she knew that Debbie had done something, her face was aglow. Debbie told her how she had sucked the guy’s cock and then they had fucked in his car. Janet told Debbie that she was a real slut and Debbie busted out laughing and told Janet that was what she was thinking the same thing on her way back in the store. Then she told Janet that she had something special for here. Janet ask what, Debbie looked around and pulled her skirt up enough so that Janet could see the guys cum leaking out of Debbie’s pussy down her legs.

Janet looked at Debbie and told her, “lets go to the car, I want to eat your pussy with that guys cum in it.” Debbie told Janet, that that was the reason she had saved as much of his cum as she could! Janet and Debbie went out to the car and Janet moved it to the back of the parking lot, while Debbie got in the back seat and spread her legs waiting for Janet to stop the car and come into the back seat with her. She was very horny and as soon as Janet got the car parked, got into the back seat with Debbie. As Janet was getting between Debbie’s legs, Debbie took Janet’s head in her hands and pulled her face to her warm, wet, cum filled pussy. Janet covered Debbie’s pussy with her mouth and began licking and eating Debbie’s pussy. Debbie’s pussy literally fucking Janet’s face, bucking, thrusting onto Janet’s face as Janet was licking and swallowing as much cum as was left in Debbie’s pussy, then licked all she could from Debbie’s legs!

Neither had noticed, but two young men walked past the car and one of them had seen two women doing something, so he called his friend back and they went up to the car and seen one woman eating the other’s pussy. Their cocks got hard instantly, harder than either could remember as they stood there, watching Janet eating Debbie’s pussy. Debbie opened her eyes and seen them, but she didn’t give a fuck, all she was concerned about was Janet’s tongue licking and fucking her pussy. She whispered to Janet that they had an audience and that made Janet eat Debbie’s pussy that much harder. Debbie opened her eyes all the way and looked straight at the young men! They were rooted where they were standing and Debbie knew that they were playing with their cocks, so she opened the door and ask the guys, “how old are you guys?” and they both answered, “I am 20 and my friend just turned 19”, then Debbie told them both, “why don’t you two get in the front and watch so you can get a better look at Janet eating my pussy, don’t be afraid, we don’t bite, cum on, get in?”

One of the guys grabbed the other and soon they were in the seat getting a close look at one woman eating another’s pussy, two pair of tits, one pair laying flat, jiggling on Debbie’s chest and the other, so big to them, swaying, and jiggling on Janet’s chest, two pussy’s, one neatly trimmed and the other, very hairy. They had seen pictures in magazines, but never dreamed they would see it for real. Both guys had taken their cocks out and were jacking off. Debbie looked up at them and smiled as Janet was licking and sucking her pussy, her hips raising up to mash her pussy in Janet’s face. They were putting on a show for the guys. Debbie shook and moaned as another orgasm hit her.

Janet licking, fucking Debbie’s pussy with her tongue, drinking Debbie’s juices as they were flowing freely from Debbie’s pussy. When Debbie laid still, the orgasm had passed and she was panting, moaning softly, Janet took her mouth from Debbie’s pussy and she smiled at the guys, her face wet and covered with Debbie’s juices. The guys went nuts. Janet told the guys to stop jacking off, that she and Debbie would jack them off it they wanted them too! They guys could not believe this was happening! They had just watched these two women, one eating the other’s pussy and now they were going to get jacked off by these two beautiful whore’s.

Janet climbed into the front seat and told one of the guys to get in the back with Debbie, it didn’t matter which one, as one of them was climbing over the seat, Janet reached up and gave his cock a little squeeze. The guy sprang over the seat and fell onto Debbie. Debbie laughed and told him that he must be a horny one, he still had his cloths on. Janet and Debbie told the guys to get their cloths off and let them see their cocks. Both guys, embarrassed, but doing just as the women had told them, started taking their cloths off. When they were both naked, sitting their, red faced with both their cocks pointing at the sky, Janet and Debbie, took the young men’s cock in their hands.

Damn, did it feel good when the women put their hands on their cocks. It felt so much better than their hands. The guy in the back seat with Debbie forgot about his friend in the front with the other woman, as Debbie began stroking his cock. He didn’t even have time to warn Debbie before his cock erupted, squirting cum all over Debbie’s hand! She continued to jack him off until his cock quit squirting cum, then took her hand from his cock and licked the cum from her hand. Fuck, the guy thought, this couldn’t be real, but he looked at his still hard cock and Debbie licking his cum from her hand and knew that this could not be a dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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