Jenna – Sweet Size Queen Ch. 07

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The early years of our marriage were filled with work, love, sex, understanding and experimentation. In due course we spent much more time working that playing or having sex. As our marriage matured and we matured along, Jenna and I decided to have a family. We were both doing well in our jobs and money was coming in much better for both of us.

We stopped all form of birth control and decided to let nature take its course. Jenna was indeed a fertile woman as one might suspect. After a few months, we learned that she was pregnant. Her massive breasts began to take on some slight changes at first. She said that they were getting larger early on in the pregnancy. This was a little earlier than normal as I understand.

We were both very happy and excited to have this new addition to our family on the way. Every few weeks I bought something sexy for Jenna to wear. I insisted that she was getting sexier each day as her belly began swelling. I gave her some very expensive sheer robes and cover-ups along with plenty of sexy panties. I wanted her to feel as pretty as possible and not think about the swelling baby bump as being unattractive. As her breasts begin to get more sensitive, they began getting even bigger. Her nipples in particular were becoming very prominent and so much thicker. The areolas widened and turned darker with each passing day.

We continued to have sex frequently. If anything, sex was better. We quit using the big dildo after about the six month mark and had more oral sex than usual. Her pussy was getting bigger and more sensitive also. Her desire was greater if that was possible. Just like so many other things, Jenna was a curve breaker in pregnancy as well. We worked out a system where I could fuck her breasts upside down to keep from putting too much weight on her belly. Of course, I was still required to clean up the cum between her breasts as always. This had always been one of my rewards for heavy cumming. I got to clean up the “mess” She could no longer squat over my face and drip her creampie into my waiting mouth, but after I came in her pussy, I would get right down there and suck the entire load back. Jenna jokingly told me that that was probably the reason I shot so much cum. She said that eating it back just made more and more for next time.

In the seventh month, I was a little concerned when her nipples had grown so much that they showed no matter what kind of clothing she wore. By now they were a good inch and a half long and about three fourths inch in diameter. I carefully refrained from calling them cow teats. She kept saying to me that there was no way I could consider them attractive. To me, they were much more than attractive, they were completely erotic.

In the ninth month, she was miserable. I was completely mesmerized by the changes in her body. I loved the full hips and big belly, put I especially loved her magnificent pregnant breasts. She was now a 36 K cup. As in her teen years when she wore only baggy clothing, she looked quite dumpy. She offset this with a great wardrobe selection. With her tummy growing out and her breasts growing everywhere, there was not much chance of looking lean considering that she was so short to begin with.

I got her to wear sheer bras around the house. She might wear a very baggy tee shirt over it, but underneath was sheer sexy bras and panties. Even with the sheer bra, her nipples made small tents in the thin fabric. She wore heavier clothes to work to try to keep everyone’s attention off her.

Then the blessed event happened and our daughter Jessica was born. Jess was a good sized baby to start with. Jenna’s lactating breasts produced so much milk that she had to begin pumping the excess on day two. The doctors told her that her milk production would reach equilibrium with the nursing demands in a few weeks. However her breasts were so tight and uncomfortable that she kept expressing and pumping. The supply was getting bigger each day. When she tried to stop, they hurt so badly.

After three weeks, the baby was growing and nursing longer. Jenna was feeling much better and even started wearing regular bras between feedings. Her breasts leaked so much that in about four hours, she would have to change shirts. The milk was drenching everything. She said that each evening her panties were even soaked with milk. I told her that that was the most erotic thing I had ever heard. She just rolled her eyes and told me I was a pervert. It seems aversion is Mother Nature’s birth control.

Six weeks after Jessica’s birth, Jenna was going back to work. We had found a single friend of my Mother’s who lived near us and wanted to baby sit for us. Since she lived near us and had her own transportation, we paid her a good salary and driving expenses. She even stayed over some nights if Jenna and I were extremely late from work.

With the nursing and excessive pumping, Jenna’s nipples were indeed a sight to behold. She kept trying to say she looked like a cow, while I kept telling her how sexy she was naked. By now the nursing and good exercise was helping with the baby weight. After two months, her tummy looked only uşak escort a little fuller than before her pregnancy. Her breasts on the other hand were absolutely enormous. They were always quite firm, but now they were so large that they hung well below her belly button. But they did not sag. Just protruded. It was amazing. When she walked without a bra, they bounced everywhere. Up and down, sideways. They just shook and quivered. They were so large they were taking on the shape of torpedoes. Oh, yes, with huge warhead on the tips.

Jenna was feeding the baby during the night and early morning. During the day she would pump or express five to six times in a normal day. If she tried to go longer, her breasts felt like they were going to explode. She would come home with three ice chests filled with milk bags iced down. She saved all she needed for the next day’s feeding and dumped the rest down the drain. Every night I saw her dumping the excess milk, I teased her and told her she was wasting nature’s precious resources. She would tell me that she was glad that I thought this was all so erotic because to her it was a pain in the butt.

Around eight weeks after the birth, a job came in for Jenna and Nancy. It was about ninety miles out in the country. Nancy wanted Jenna to head up the project. It was a very upscale horse ranch with a huge hacienda style main house, stable offices and workers homes. I was a great big money maker. By now Jenna had clearly shown that she had what it took in her business. Nancy was a little reluctant to commit Jenna all week, but she asked if she could commute at least three days a week.

On this schedule pumping or expressing milk was really a problem. Not only did she have to get up early and feed the baby, but she had to express more times due to the four and a half hours spent driving. Jenna really wanted to do this and it would take considerable sacrifices on both our parts.

One evening, Jenna came home around nine o’clock. She nursed the baby and then took a hot shower. She came directly to bed naked. She threw back the covers and told me to fuck her like a wild animal. This was the first time we had had sex after the baby was born. After minimal foreplay, Jenna mounted me and began riding me like a woman possessed. Her breasts were bouncing up and down as she fucked me hard and fast. She did not quite reach orgasm, but was getting close when I flooded her pussy with load after load of hot cum. She immediately moved up and covered my mouth with her entire engorged pussy lips. Her shaved pussy almost covered my mouth like an oxygen mask. Her clit was as hard as a rock and very distended. It was almost like a very small penis. She rode my face and mouth and bucked faster and faster jabbing my lips with the little girl cock. I was amazed at how much cum was inside her. She came three times before falling over sideways on the bed and breathing as if she had just completed a marathon.

After we rested, I asked her what had gotten into her. She first just tried to laugh it off by asking if she wasn’t allowed to make love to her husband. When I pressed her some more she finally admitted that she had experienced an incident on her long drive home that had made her so horny that she just had to have sex. I was most intrigued with what had turned on my just turned mom, Jenna.

She slowly explained that she had left the ranch without pumping or expressing, hoping she could make it home. About thirty minutes away, she felt that building pressure in her milk factories that made her pull over to the nearest truck stop. She took her pump bag and a small ice chest into the restroom to pump. Everything went well and she started back to her car. As she neared her car, she took her eyes off her path to see something on the ground. As she looked back around, she dropped her pump bag and jerked on the ice chest handle. It apparently was not fully locked. It jostled open when she jerked and pivoted open spilling ice and bags of milk onto the ground.

Just after this happened she noticed a nice looking man in ranchers jeans and western shirt. He had just filled up his truck with fuel and was about to go to the store. He abruptly stopped, seeing Jenna’s dilemma. He exclaimed, “Oh, my gosh, let me help you young lady.” He was already bending over to help her while she was picking up her other bag. After looking into the open pump bag and seeing the filled bags of mother’s milk, there came an awkward moment. Jenna said she was surprised at herself for blushing a little.

The man went ahead and loaded the bags back into the small chest. He told her that she had lost all her ice and that he had plenty in his ice chest. He took the chest and went to the back of his pickup. Jenna followed and told him that it was ok and that she probably would just throw the bags out since they had fallen out onto the ground. The man asked what was in them. He was kind of awkward as if he sort of already knew. Jenna said that he was really looking intently at her breasts while he was talking. It was as if the light bulb was coming on in his head. You could understand van escort his reluctance to look her in the eye after he had picked up the bags. She just smiled at his unease and told him that they were milk bags that she had expressed for her baby. However, she said that she had plenty of fresh and plenty frozen so that tossing these would not be too bad.

Jenna could tell that the man was excited but nervous as he continued to fumble with the ice. Finally, he told Jenna that he wished that she would not throw the bags out. He said that he was feeding an orphan calf in his feed lot and that he was using a supplement powder and feeding it through a large nipple and bottle. He was having trouble getting the calf to suck. Having grown up on the farm, Jenna knew exactly what he was talking about. Sometimes you can use corn syrup or other sweeteners to help the calf start taking the bottle.

The man, Tom, said that he hoped Jenna did not think of him as pervert, but the bags that she was about to throw away might just help the calf take the bottle better. Jenna of course, had never heard of feeding a calf human milk, but no one had ever tried it as far as either of them knew. She told Tom that he could try it once and see if it worked. Then he said that if it worked, it would only be a one time thing, for he was unlikely to see Jenna again. The light went off and Jenna told him that she would call him the following day to see. This would keep him from having Jenna’s number just in case the man was not on the up and up. Jenna took his number and promised to call him the following day.

She said that Tom thanked her and again hoped that she did not think him odd. He said that he was a widower, having lost his wife two years back to cancer. He said that taking care of his animals was his life now and that he missed his wife something terrible. Finally, he mentioned that seeing such a well endowed woman who was nursing a baby was such a wonderful occurrence that he was just beside himself. He was going on and on about how lovely Jenna is and how beautiful her body is. Jenna volunteered that even though she had accidentally spilled the ice chest, Tom seemed to be interested in her other “chest” also. Tom apologized for staring, but he said that he had never seen such wonderful breasts on a woman and that seeing her was the best thing that had happened to him since his wife had passed.

Jenna said that she was so hot on the rest of her drive home that she was soon leaking milk even though she had pumped at the truck stop. It had all come about so suddenly and I guess she was just ready for sex after the birth of the baby.

I asked her if she was really going to call the older man the next day. She asked what I thought. She said it was not like the man was stalking her or anything. After all, he had nothing to do with her spilling the ice chest. He was just being a gentleman by offering to help her. The milk was just a conversation starter that went on to some mutual interest.

I could not wait for her to come home the following evening. I was curious to see if she really would call the man and ask how his calf had liked her milk. I thought about it all of the next day. Finally, Jenna came home again around eight thirty. She nursed Jessica a put her down for bed around nine thirty. She went to take a take a bath and I followed. Jenna was wearing a tight maroon top which showed that she had experience some breast leakage at some point that day. I asked her if she had an accident. She just smiled and said that she felt tighter all day long no matter how many times she pumped.

While I draw her bath water, sometimes I undress her. That evening, I took special care first to notice her accident and then to un-hook her heavy duty bra. Her breasts flopped out as I lifted the bra over her head and out of the shoulder straps. I reached around and held her huge milk factories in my hands as I kissed the back of her neck. Next I loosened her skirt and dropped it around her ankles. I picked it up as she stepped out of it. The sexy panties were next. I complemented Jenna on how well she was shedding the baby fat. Her stomach was tightening and looking better each day. Her big breasts on the other hand were getting bigger each day. The nipples hung outward at a forty-five degree angle because her breasts had gotten so much bigger that it pushed them outward.

Her nipples were getting more prominent probably because of Jessica’s nursing but also the amount of pumping Jenna had to do during the day. I told her how lovely she looked and she replied,”Oh, yeah, just like a big cow.” I assured her that even though her breasts were a big as some cow udders, they looked a lot better on her. She smiled and said that she was glad that I felt that way, because she heard that some husbands were turned off by lactating mothers.

At any rate the “cow” reference gave me reason to bring up the man from the previous day. “Did you call Tom,” I asked. She looked like she did not want to answer, but finally admitted that she had.

“And?” I asked.

She answered, “He said that the calf erzincan escort nursed better than before.”


She said that he had invited her to the ranch to see the calf.

“Are you going to go?”



“Tomorrow”. “He asked if I could give him so more milk”

“Do you have plenty?”

“Yes, but he wants it warm”


“Yes, like straight from my breasts.”


“You heard me”

“Are you going to do that?”

“Honey, why don’t you leave Jessica with the sitter around four tomorrow and drive to the ranch and meet me there? I would give him some fresh milk if you were there to help me express it for him.”

“Wow, are you serious?”

“Would you meet me there?”

As I thought about it my cock was trying to burst out of my pajama shorts. As I helped Jenna bathe, she asked me again and told me it might be fun looking at Tom’s orphan calf. Somehow I heard myself asking for directions and we suddenly had a date. After I dried her off, we went to bed and made slow sweet love. She climbed on top and rode me. Then she leaned forward and placed her big distended nipple to my lips. I sucked it into my mouth and pulled about three times until warm milk began bathing my throat on the way down. I sucked and sucked pulling the sweet erotic mother’s milk into my waiting mouth. I switched breasts and her milk was flowing freely. Just a little pressure released a flood of warm nectar into my mouth.

She rolled over and I went down on her smooth pussy. I began nursing on the engorged clit just like I had the big nipples. Jenna came and came again. She was squeezing her own breasts as I sucked her pussy. The milk was spraying all over my head and neck as well as wetting all the bedding. Finally, she came on last time and seemed to go lifeless for a few seconds. As she came back around, she said, “Honey, I love you so much.”

I waited all day for Jenna to call me and let me know when to meet her. She called around three and said that she was leaving the ranch. We went over the directions. She said that if I left now, we should show up at about the same time. She told me not to worry, that she had already alerted Tom that I would be present. She had told him that she wanted to see the calf and that she had not pumped since mid-morning. She was full and ripe and would be ready when she got there.

I was at the gate waiting, when Jenna turned in. I saw a nice pickup coming up to the gate on the inside. Tom hit the automatic opener and turned around motioning for us to follow. When we parked, Tom somewhat awkwardly approached me and offered his hand. I shook it and introduced myself. He almost immediately began trying to apologize for his behavior. I cut him short and assured him that Jenna and I were both very open minded individuals. I assured him that even though the meeting with Jenna had been completely accidental, we were both interested in finding out what her milk and the orphan calf was all about. He said that he could warm the milk in the microwave later if she had second thoughts. I told him that Jenna and I had already talked and that she wanted the calf to have the freshest milk possible.

As to how we were going to deliver this product, I told Tom only Jenna knew for sure. Jenna was out of her car just after me and grabbed her bag. When she turned around, both Tom and I about lost our breath. She was dressed in tight black stretch pants which showed that she did not have any panties on either. He top was a very thin white scoop neck shirt. She was not wearing a bra. Her massive mounds filled out the thin top and her leaking nipples were already spotting her top.

There could be no mistaking the erotic overtones of this meeting. She greeted Tom and said that she saw we had already made our introductions. She said we need to get going before she ruined her top and we could talk later. Jenna started walking to the barn holding her bag. When we got to the barn, she asked Tom if he had made provisions for the clean pitcher to hold her milk. She also asked if he had a clean wash pan as she had requested. What she wanted to do was to express the milk first since her breasts were near bursting. She shed her top and told me I could start milking. She got on all fours and placed the pan under her hanging breasts. We then found out that I did not have room to express the milk, so Tom got a small foot stool that she could kneel on. Tom’s eyes were glued to her full hanging breasts and near popping nipples. He said that he had never seen such a lovely sight in all his fifty five years.

With minimum coaxing and some instructions, I quickly learned to milk the huge breasts and begin spraying milk into the shiny wash pan. I alternated holding her full breast and then pulling her distended reddish brown nipples. Her milk was coming faster and faster as my hands began cramping. She felt me losing grip and told me to rest while she pumped each breast with her hand. This was awkward since she was bracing herself on her other hand. She looked at Tom and asked if he minded lending his hands. Tom was uncomfortable and showed a really large bulge in his faded jeans. He had trouble getting on his knees with his cock bulging and straining. Jenna smiled at him and told him to relax. She said that he was making her milk balk with his hands shaking so much. She invited him to be firm and purposeful in his milking.

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