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It was late in the afternoon as the young woman walked to the front door of her home and slowly opened it. She had had a long, busy day and she wanted nothing more than have a long soak in her bath. Her boss had been trying to hit on her all day and although she thought that he was kind of cute she didn’t want to have to be pressured into having sex with him by being pushed against a wall and having his hands all over her pussy. She hated to admit it but she had gotten wet when he had done that and even when she thought of it now she felt her juices begin to flow.

She walked into her place, closing the door behind her and practically ran to her bedroom. She put her stuff onto the chair near the door to her bedroom and took off her suit jacket. She threw that onto the bed and wondered why she wanted to be out of her clothing so quickly. It seemed as if some part of her wanted to be naked as soon as possible and as soon as she took off her skirt she knew what part it was, she could smell it. She looked down and wondered how she hadn’t noticed how wet and aroused she was…. it came as a shock.

She reached down and took off her panties and as she did her hand slowly brushed near her clit, sending a shock of pleasure shooting up her spine. She let out a small moan, knowing what had caused her to become aroused like this. Her boss had actually gotten her worked up and she hated that her body had given in so easily. She had been trying to tell herself that she didn’t want him- that he was too old for her and that she didn’t want anything to do with him but her body was giving her another message entirely. It wanted him.

She took her clothes off quickly and walked into the bathroom, filling it up with water. After she was sure that it was full enough and warm enough she lowered herself into the water and grabbed her washing gel. She loved the smell of it and as she ran her hands over her body she closed her eyes and let her mind wander. Where her mind wandered to was a complete shock to her and what it pictured shocked her even more.

She was in her boss’ office and she was completely naked, bent over a desk with her boss’ cock deep in her ass. She had never had a thought like this in her life and she found that it was turning her on more than anything in her life. She opened her eyes and let out a moan, finding that her hand had gone down to her pussy that was wet and not just with water. She slowly ran her fingers over the lips of her pussy and let out a low moan of pleasure. Her pussy let out a tingle of pleasure everytime she ran her fingers over them and she ran her fingers over them with a little more pressure.

There was one part however that wanted to be touched- one part that was calling out to her; one part that was practically screaming, her clit. She didn’t want to touch her clit yet though as she knew as soon as she did she wouldn’t be able to stop herself Antalya Escort and she would have a powerful orgasm she could feel was building within her. She ran one finger along the middle of her slit and smiled when it slid inside her easily. She slid that finger into her pussy and began to slowly move it, loving the feeling of her finger moving inside her pussy but she wished that she had more… she wished that she had a toy or a cock- something she wanted more than anything right now.

She slowly slid another finger into her pussy and felt as the muscles of her pussy clamped down onto them. She closed her eyes as she moved her fingers in and out of her pussy and slowly turned them; feeling every small ridge and her knuckles as she partially opened and closed them while she slid them in and out. She slide her fingers out of her pussy and moved them up to her lips, hoping that the water hadn’t washed off anything. As she ran her tongue over her fingers she was delighted to find that the taste, although faint was still there. She loved to taste herself on her fingers when ever she masturbated and she wondered what her boss would think of the way she tasted.

With that thought her hand dived back under the water with a slight splash and as if with a mind of its own went straight to her clit. She moaned out loudly when she ran her fingers over her clit and she lifted her ass off the bottom of the bathtub. Her hand began to move quickly and she knew that if she didn’t stop then she would orgasm and she didn’t want to do that yet. Her hand had other plans though and it moved quickly over her clit and she knew she was close and getting closer with every movement of her hand.

Her other hand shot out and gripped the bathtub and she began to moan loudly as she felt her orgasm building within her. She then let out a scream and lifted her ass almost out of the water as her orgasm hit her with force. She felt every muscle within her pussy clench and felt almost every bit of energy leave her body. As soon as it was over she fell into the water with a splash and found to her shock that her hand was still going and she could feel another orgasm building up. She looked down between her legs and watched her hand moving over her clit.

She lay back and knew that she wanted to orgasm, she wanted to cum more than anything but she didn’t want to do it here. She might end up looking like a prune if she did that and she wanted to go to her bed, she wanted to masturbate on the bed and watch herself in the mirror. She hadn’t really considered herself a voyeur before but she was so turned on that she wanted to see herself masturbating more than anything. She slowly pulled herself out of the bathtub, not caring about the water dripping onto the floor and walked towards her bedroom.

As soon as she got to the door of the bedroom though she stopped for sitting on the bed Antalya Escort Bayan was her boyfriend John. He looked at her with a grin and then got up off the bed. He moved towards her and put one finger onto her lips, stopping her from talking before she could say a thing. He walked behind her and placed his hands onto her waist and moved closer to her ass and she let out a gasp when she felt his cock pressed against her ass. She then realized what he had been doing- he had been sitting there and listening to her as she masturbated in the bathtub.

John began to rub his cock against her ass and she began to moan and turned her head to look back at him and said, “Please, fuck me. I need your cock inside me now.”

John smiled at her and said, “Not yet Jennifer. You want it so badly right now but I want you begging for it.”

Before Jennifer could make another sound John moved her slowly to the bed and pushed her face down onto it. She began to move but she then felt his hands on her back and heard him say that she wasn’t to move. She tried to look back but found that in the position that she was in couldn’t see a thing. Jennifer then felt her legs being pulled apart and before she even knew what was coming felt John’s tongue move slowly across the slit of her pussy. Jennifer let out a gasp as she felt John’s tongue slowly slide into her pussy then begin to move about.

Jennifer gripped the bed as John began to slowly tongue fuck her but she got a great shock when she felt his fingers on her clit. She almost screamed out in pleasure as he moved them over the nub of her clit ever quicker. She loved how he was making her feel and he knew just how to make her feel extremely good. He slid his tongue out of her pussy and began to run his tongue over her clit, making her gasp and begin to plead. She wanted release, she needed to cum and John knew it. He stopped and leaned forward, “Not yet hon…. you aren’t going to cum just yet.”

Jennifer let out a slight whimper at that before she felt John move off the bed. She started to move but then she heard him say that she was to stay where she was and she knew better than to move then. She then heard the zip on John’s pants open and she knew, rather she hoped what was coming next. She heard the rustle of clothes and heard them hit the floor before she felt John’s weight get back onto the bed. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “I love you.”

Before Jennifer could say anything as a reply she let out a gasp as she felt John’s cock slide into her pussy. She heard him let out a sigh as he slid his cock deep into her pussy and she let out a sigh of her own. His cock felt so wonderful inside her pussy and she wanted nothing more than to be fucked by him so hard and deep that it would make her scream out with every stroke.

Just then she felt him slide his cock almost out of her and she was about Escort Antalya to let out a whimper but before she could John slammed his cock back into her and she gasped. He had never done that before to her and she found that she loved it! She moved her head from the bed and said, “Oh god John, do that again. Please.”

She felt him slide his cock out again before slamming it back into her pussy and Jennifer could hear the squelching sound that it made with a smile.

John continued to fuck Jennifer like that but knew that she wanted more as he could see the way that her hips were moving; were rocking up and down. She wanted to be fucked and fucked hard and he wanted to do it to her but he had told himself that he wanted to tease her. He had made that decision when he had come home earlier and heard her moaning out loud and the water splashing about. He moved his hips forward again and sank his cock into her dripping wet pussy and said, “Jen… be prepared to scream out as you cum.”

Jennifer let out a sigh of contentment as John began to fuck her slowly, sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. She began to move her hips against his cock and let out a loud moan as she gripped the sheets harder. John started to slide his cock in and out of her faster at that point and he knew for some reason that he wasn’t going to last long, not with the way that Jennifer was going. Her pussy was squeezing his cock and he was amazed with how tight she felt as she had never felt this tight before. It was as if he was fucking an entirely different person right now but he really didn’t care at this point as to why she was so horny and why she wanted to be fucked so hard.

He began to fuck her harder and faster at that point, listening to the sounds that his cock was making as it slid in and out of her wet pussy. He could feel how wet she was as her juices were practically dripping off his balls. He could feel that the sheets beneath the two of them were becoming wet and wondered what had made her so turned on but that thought was ripped from his head as Jennifer closed her legs around him and screamed out with an orgasm that ripped through the air of the room. He felt her pussy grip his cock even harder and it felt as though she was trying to milk his cock. Suddenly he felt a familiar feeling deep within himself and slid his cock deep into her and began to cum inside Jennifer’s pussy.

Jennifer let out another slight scream as another orgasm ripped through her…. she didn’t even realize that was possible. She had just orgasmed from feeling John cum deep inside her! She fell onto the bed and then smiled when she felt John almost fall onto her. They were both exhausted and didn’t have enough energy to even speak. Neither of them had had sex that primal, that powerful before and as they thought about it they wondered what the next time was going to be like. It hadn’t taken them long to cum but what had happened in that short time was enough to make them fall asleep.

As they drifted into sleep, John began to dream about what had just happened but unknown to him Jennifer began to dream about being fucked by her boss and she began to get turned on again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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