Jennifer Goes Solo in the Shower

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Jennifer came home from the gym, every layer of clothing soaked through with sweat. She had run on the treadmill, lifted weights, stretched, and chilled-out in yoga, and it still wasn’t enough to burn off this excess energy she’d had all day. She knew what the problem was: it had been about a month since she and Tyler had broken up, and she hadn’t seen a real live cock in that entire time.

At the gym, she had watched the guys lifting weights, and admired the muscles on a few of them—especially the guy she liked to call Rock (after Rock Hudson, the 1950s sex symbol), although she didn’t know his real name. She was too shy to talk to him in person, and her breakup with Tyler was still too fresh for her to get used to the idea of a new guy. But she sure did like the look of him, with his square jaw and full head of black, wavy hair. She didn’t know anything about him, but she thought he looked smart and serious. Knowing nothing was kind of fun—it allowed her to project all her favorite attributes onto this man.

She especially liked to watch him do squats, the way his ass shoved forward and back during the movement always made her think about how all those gluteal muscles would allow him to push inside her so hard and fast.

She liked to stretch on the mats in front of the weightlifting area. She was very flexible, and she would usually get at least a few comments as she dropped over into a backbend or slid out into full splits. Many of the younger guys would try to flirt with her, but boys didn’t turn her on. She liked grown men. And she didn’t like lame opening lines like, “How did you get so flexible?” The guys didn’t want to know the answer, which was, “I have stretched every day for about 25 years, so I got better at it.”

No, she liked Rock’s strong silence. She caught him looking at her from time to time, but so far, that was all it was. She watched his muscles, he watched her bendability.

She took a few minutes to put dinner on the stove. Cut up a potato and onion, throw in some lentils and vegetable broth. Wait thirty minutes. Potato soup: healthy, low-fat, cheap, vegetarian, and boring. She had to admit it. She’d rather be eating a big steak after fucking Rock, but sometimes there’s a gap between what we want, and what we’ve got.

Once dinner was started, she headed to the bathroom, peeled off her sweaty gym gear and tossed it aside. She turned on the shower and stopped to check herself out. Not bad for thirty, she thought. She had a tiny waist and large, full breasts. The first time Tyler had taken bursa evi olan escort her bra off, he had said he was surprised by how big they were. That’s because she always had them pinned down under a sports bra. The damn things mash you down. Her belly muscles were tight and well-defined, and when she moved her legs, she could see the pattern of her quads and glutes. Jennifer liked her body naked; she actually wished it were socially acceptable to walk around nude, or at least topless.

She felt so hidden all the time—like she had a nice body, and no one could see it under the clothes she had to wear to work, and she had a dirty mind, but no one knew it, because it was never okay to make sex jokes in the office, and she was horny as hell, with no one to fuck, because she couldn’t manage the courage to just walk up to a man and say, “Hello.”

She sighed and stepped into the shower, letting the steaming water run through her hair and pour over her face. She washed her hair, remembering the time her salon had hired that hot eighteen year-old boy to wash the ladies’ hair. That kid had taken his time massaging all the womens’ hair. A few times, Jennifer thought she was going to come right in the shampoo chair, because he’d done such a good job with just rubbing her head.

“Man, that kid must have made some good money on tips,” she thought. She also imagined that he got more than a few phone numbers from the cougars who went to the salon.

The slippery soap bubbles ran down her body, trailing white lather from her shoulders to her breasts and down to her cunt. She grabbed the bath pouf and shower gel and slowly scrubbed away the day, taking a few minutes longer than she really needed to on her nipples, watching them turn hard and long under the rough bath pouf. Then, she picked up her razor and removed the day’s stubble. She moved it carefully over her cunt, taking care to keep everything smooth and soft.

The put the razor down, and ran her hands over her body. She was smooth and soft all over. She rubbed her hand over her pussy, enjoying the smooth feel of the freshly shaved skin there. She closed her eyes and imagined it was Rock’s hand, and that he was standing naked in the shower with her, and the idea aroused her so much that she felt her cunt stretching out and opening up.

She grabbed her pussy harder with her left hand and put her right hand on her left breast, pinching the nipple between her thumb and forefinger, stretching it out and releasing it back until altıparmak escort it lengthened and hardened under her touch. She moved her hand to the other nipple, making soft circles around the big, pink areola while she cupped her left hand over her pussy lips and pressed against them, rubbing her clit from the outside.

Her nipples were so hard now, she wished Rock was there to suck on them, and she imagined seeing his firm jaw working as he sucked on her tits, his hand on her pussy, enjoying the feel of her hot, soft skin. She knew Rock wouldn’t be patient, so she slid two fingers between her labia, and was rewarded with the silky-smooth skin of her clit and the inner lips.

She moaned as she slid her fingers around, up and down, teasing herself. Her slick skin felt so good under her fingers. She pinched her nipples harder as she began to rub her clit with two fingers. The steaming shower water rushed down her body and over her pussy; the warmth and the movement of water added to her arousal. She took her clit between her thumb and forefinger and rolled it between them, base to tip, trapping that hard little pleasure bud and stimulating every nerve ending in it as she rolled, up and down, up and down.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she cried out. This was her favorite technique—guaranteed to get her off in about four seconds. She came pretty quickly that first time, and then slid two fingers of her right hand inside (she was too tight now to fit three) to feel her pussy contracting over and over again. She imagined Rock’s hand inside of her, and wiggled her fingers around, stretching her cunt out and feeling the continuing pulsing of her vaginal walls. Her juices flowed over her hands and washed away in the shower water.

She stopped for a moment, and disconnected the shower wand from its stand on the wall, so that she could get comfortable reclining in the tub. She turned the water as hot as she could stand it, and pulled the drain closed so the tub began to fill.

Now that she was in a more comfortable position, she could get her fingers further inside of her. She liked how tight and wet she was after coming, and she wondered how Rock would like that, with those quivering walls contracting over and over again on his cock.

Jennifer wondered what his cock looked like: she imagined it long and fat, of course. It would be straight and insistent when fully erect. Would he be circumcised, or not? Either way, she would love to take it in her mouth and suck on it, finding every ridge and vein gemlik escort with her tongue. She’d love to lick his balls—she imagined sucking him right after their workout, when they were both sweaty, and his cock would taste like salt and smell like man.

“Oooh,” she began to moan again. She squirmed in the tub, her eyes firmly closed, imagining Rock’s hard, salty body pressed against her. If he were with her, she’d suck that cock with all the energy she had, savoring the taste like the world’s best candy. Nothing turned her on more than sucking a man’s dick, feeling him get harder in her mouth, hearing him moan.

But in the absence of a man, her hand was doing a pretty good job. She took the showerhead, set it on the “massage” setting, and directed it right over her clit with her left hand, so that the hot water throbbed onto her.

Then with her right hand, she curled her fingers upward and stroked, finding the beautiful spongy area on the top wall that she loved so much. She moved slow at first, then harder and faster. She slid another finger in so that her pussy was stretched tight.

“Oh, my God,” she cried out. “I’m going to come! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!” She was imagining Rock inside her now, and he was banging her hard and fast.

“Fuck me, Rock, fuck me hard! Ohohohoh, Fuck the shit out of me!”

She worked her hand in and out of her pussy so fast, she could hear the wet sound “slap, slap, slap,” of her palm on her cunt and hear the noise as the water splashed around her pussy.

“Ah, Ah, Ah!” Jennifer came again and felt her pussy contract tight around her fingers. But she wasn’t done yet; she knew there would be more if she just kept going. Without giving herself a break, she kept on fucking herself, and dropped the showerhead so she could rub her clit with her other hand.

She arched her back, writhed and contorted, and finally came again amid a series of full-body spasms and shrieking. Pussy juice squirted out of her cunt like a shower, and the longer she rubbed, the more it flowed, spewing above the water level and clouding the tub. She rubbed as long as she could stand it, until moving her fingers at all became exquisite torture. If Rock were there, she imagined he would keep on fucking her anyway, and she would finally see what lay on the other side of that intense orgasm, but for now, she just lay on her back in the tub, glad that she didn’t have to put any words together or do anything that required thinking for the rest of the night.

Once her pussy stopped convulsing, which took about 10 minutes, she drained the water and rinsed herself off. While she was patting her body dry with a towel, she promised herself that she absolutely would talk to Rock the next time she saw him in the gym. If they had such great imaginary sex together, surely they would do all right in person.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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