Jessica, Anal Bitch Ch. 02

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When Jessica awoke around 11am the next day, she discovered herself lying down on the couch with a blanket over her. Tom was sitting across from her in his easy chair watching TV and sipping coffee.

“Good morning, Tom,” greeted Jessica. “I think I slept straight through the night!”

“Morning! Yeah, you were out! Of course, I think it’s safe to say I gave you a run for your money,” Tom replied, tooting his own horn.

“I had this dream where I was surrounded by cock. All kinds…white, black, circumcised and uncircumcised, mostly large (blushing)…They were all pointing at me, and prodding me to suck or stroke them, and I did my best, but it was like they never stopped coming. I’d get one to ejaculate, and then it was replaced by another… While it was amusing and great being desired by countless men, in a way it was daunting having too much cock needing relief,” she said.

“Ah, so you are into the gangbang idea. Excellent! Yes, don’t worry too much about too much cock. First of all, I don’t know that many guys, at least ones that I can vouch for that are clean, and most guys don’t just keep going expecting to be pleasured for hours on end. Plus, it’s poor gangbang etiquette anyway…” he replied.

“Do you mind if I get something to eat out of your fridge?” she asked.

“Help yourself. I’m a little low, but you should be able to find eggs and sliced bread,” he replied.

About 12 minutes later, she emerged from the kitchen with eggs and toast for the both of them.

“Here you go, Tom. I hope you like your eggs scrambled!” she said, handing him a plate with eggs and toast.

“Oh, thank you, Jessica. You’re too kind,” he said, noshing the food like a starving person.

When she finished eating, she went to the bathroom before planning to head home. However, when she emerged from the bathroom, she was surprised to see she and Tom were no longer alone.

“Oh, hi! I’m Jessica, and you are?” she asked the two guys standing and sipping coffee with Tom.

“Jessica, this is Bill, and that’s Mike,” Tom said. “These are two of the friends I was talking about last night.”

“Last night?” Jessica asked, confused.

“Yes, last night, when we discussing some of my friends and hobbies,” he replied.

It suddenly dawned on her, in no uncertain terms, these guys were here to meet Jessica, and likely hoping to get really acquainted.

While Jessica was standing there, unsure of what was happening, or how to react, another guy walked through the door.

“Hey Ron! You know Bill and Mike. This is Jessica,” Tom said.

“Charmed,” Ron said.

Jessica smiled, again, unsure of how to react in this situation. It was about 12 noon, she had nothing going on, and neither did it seem any of the four guys that now inhabited the living room.

“So Jake’s out back, cooking up burgers and brats by the pool. Why don’t you all head back and see if they’re ready? I got beers in a cooler out there as well,” Tom said.

The three guys Jessica just met all started to head back out through the kitchen to the backyard, leaving Jessica and Tom.

“Why don’t you stay awhile and get to know the guys. No pressure, just beer and brats, and some conversation. You don’t have anywhere to be right now, do ya?” Tom asked.

“No, I supposed not. I just don’t think I’m ready to get into anything too wild right now,” Jessica cautioned.

“Of course not. Whatever you like. Let’s head back and see how it’s going,” Tom encouraged, slinging an arm over Jessica’s shoulder.

When they got out back, they could see the four guys hanging out. Jake was still at the barbecue, a beer in one hand, and a spatula in the other. Bill was chatting with him while Mike and Ron were taking off their shirt and shoes to jump in the pool. It was already 85 degrees Fahrenheit out, so it was actually a great day for a swim.

Everybody’s eyes casually glanced toward Jessica as she came outside. She was wearing her clothes that she’d been wearing last night… short shorts, tank top, basic clothes for the unseasonably warm Mississippi weather, made for looking relatively sexy and easy, given the purpose of wearing them when coming over the night prior.

The guys were generally impressed with her figure. Slender with perky B-cup breasts, longish legs, blond pony tail, and generally fit.

One thing that was already out the window was the anonymity aspect. She didn’t want the whole world to know she was putting out for anonymous sex. Fortunately she didn’t recognize any of the guys there, and it hadn’t exactly gotten to last names.

Bill handed a beer to both Tom and Jessica.

“Thanks,” she said.

“No problem,” Bill replied. “So, what is it you do these days, Jessica?”

“Oh, I’m in sales. Fortunately I’m able to keep working almanbahis from home what with the global pandemic and everything,” Jessica replied.

“Oh nice. Yeah, most of us here are in some kind of retail. Expect for Mike who works at the university, and Jake here who actually manages a church over on west Hwy 98,” Bill said.

“How’s the water, you two?” Tom asked the two guys who were already splashing around.

Ron replied, “Oh it’s great! Perfect actually! Y’all should get in here!”

“Not so fast,” Jake said. “The food’s finally ready!”

It wasn’t ten seconds after Jessica finished her brat and had thrown it in the trash that Bill sneaked up behind her, picked her up and threw her into the pool.

Everybody around got a good laugh at the whole thing while Jessica had no recourse but to pout in a cute way and blow it off.

Then for the next twenty minutes or so they all played in the water.

When she got out of the pool, she went straight for the bathroom she’d used the night prior to shower. However, when she nudged the door open, she found Mike with his cock in his hand beating off.

Blushing, Jessica said, “Oh, sorry! I didn’t realize there was someone in here!”

She reached over to grab the towel she’d used last night, looked back at Mike’s cock one last time, then quickly left the room.

She headed to the back room where she’d been fucked by Tom to towel off, except when she got back there she found Jake dripping some of the lube from the table onto his already hard cock in order to stroke himself off.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” she exclaimed, staring at his cock the entire time, then turning to head back to the living room.

When she got to the living room, she found Ron and Bill hanging out with their shirts off, drinking a beer and hanging out.

“What’s the matter, Jessica?” Bill asked, picking up on the fact that Jessica appeared a little flustered.

“Oh nothing, I wanted to dry off in the bathroom, but it was occupied, that’s all,” she replied.

“They’ll probably be out soon,” he replied. “Let me give you hand with that towel. You’re still soaked.”

She walked over to him while he gave her a good drying. While he dried her hair a bit, she bent her head down to give him better access to her hair only to see a huge bulge in his shorts. She glanced over at Ron only to find the same thing. “Jesus,” she thought to herself, “these guys really came ready to go.”

She thought to herself what she wanted out of this. Here were five guys that clearly were ready for action. Seeing those two guys with their cocks out, while embarrassing, had actually been quite mesmerizing. It was unfortunate that they would have to jack themselves off when she was there and potentially up for the task, she thought to herself. Without thinking it through, perhaps from the beer, or the loneliness waiting for her at home, she reached her hand out and gently caressed the outside of Bill’s shorts to encounter the bulging cock begging to be taken out and sucked.

Bill looked down at Jessica who was staring at his bulge while her hand gently touched it. He looked over at Ron who gave him a knowing look and came over to “help” out.

“You’re soaked to the bone in these clothes,” Ron said. “It might be a good idea to get you out of them and throw them in the dryer.”

With zero resistance, Jessica glanced at him with that bitch-in-heat look, and raised both arms so that he could lift her tank top off.

Before you could say Jack Robinson, Jessica was down to her bra and panties which were also soaked through allowing the guys (of which all five were now in the room) to have a clear look at her nipples and pubic hair. Two of the guys already had their cocks out (Jake and Mike from before), and the rest started getting naked in front of her. Apparently it was on.

Without being asked, Jessica sank to her knees like the sub slut Tom accused her of being, and quickly got surrounded by five hard cocks arrayed in a semicircle.

She was pleasantly surprised with the view. While there wasn’t any ethnic variety as she’d enjoyed in her dream, each of the guys was at least six inches in length with average girth, with at least one of them measuring to what looked like eight inches and thick.

“Oh, wow, Guys! Are these for me?” she asked, coyly.

“They’re all yours, Sweetheart,” said Tom.

She grabbed the two outside cocks with her two hands while she began to work the middle cock with her mouth while resting on her knees.

“Oh, fuck yeah, suck it,” the middle man let out as she nursed his cock before moving on to the cock to the right, followed by the cock to the left. She persisted to try to leave no cock alone for more than 30 seconds while she alternated her almanbahis yeni giriş mouth and hands among her hard friends as best she could.

After about three minutes, Ron peeled off when she wasn’t attending to him and got down below her so she could sit on his face while he proceeded to eat her out.

“Oh Ron, ungh, that’s so good,” she got out before Mike put her head back on his cock and then fucked her face while holding both sides of her head for about 10 seconds and then gently casting her head off his cock. The natives were getting restless.

She went to sucking and stroking the other cocks while Mike started stroking his cock and slapping her a little. He would smack a breast, force her head deeper on whoever she was sucking, smack the other breast, etc.

Regardless of treatment, she persisted in sucking and stroking and enjoying the oral attention she was getting from Ron. He wasn’t the best salad tosser, but he was definitely trying.

Suddenly, the guys took a step back from Jessica who was still straddling her new friend, Ron. She looked around and saw Tom lying down on the floor on top of a blanket. He beckoned for her to come over and straddle his cock. Suffering from greedy-pussy syndrome (or nymphomania as it’s more commonly known) she needed no further encouragement as she sauntered over to Tom and aimed his hard cock at her wanting hole. She lowered herself down fairly quickly given she was already super horny from the smorgasbord of cock and prepped well by Ron’s tongue. She got into a steady rhythm from the get go, rising and descending on Tom’s hardness while the other four surrounded the two of them.

She proceeded to jerk and suck the cocks around her to the best of her ability while she essentially began slamming her ass down onto Tom’s soft pelvis repeatedly in rapid succession. After about five minutes, the man of the house built up his ejaculate until he finally unloaded his fresh seed into his new fuck toy. Jessica could feel the orgasm building by the stiffening of Tom’s erect penis, causing her orgasm to well up inside as well, resulting in a mutual orgasm that was appreciated by all the hard bystanders.

“Oh!!” they both called out, as they came in and on one another.

Mike took the initiative and picked her up off of Tom, carrying her over to the couch. He got her to straddle him with him on bottom and her on top. Given she was already well lubed and loosened, she went right to work riding his cock. Ron got on the couch as well and stood over Mike so that she could suck his cock while she rode Mike.

Jessica suddenly reflected on the fact that she was locked in a double-penetration, just like when she was 18 and in high school. While there were obvious similarities, all these men clearly had much more experience in bed than the two she’d been with more than 10 years ago. She was enjoying it more this time as well simply because she was more comfortable with sex, and again, she didn’t know these guys to worry about her high school reputation.

As can be expected in a gangbang, especially when there’s a slut with a used pucker sticking out like it was now while straddling Mike, it doesn’t take long for a guy to take his chances to stick his cock in her ass. Today was no exception. Bill, his cock freshly slicked with Tom’s supply of lubricant, proceeded to push his cock against Jessica’s butthole. Time stopped as everyone allowed Bill to push his cock slowly in and out of Jessica’s hole, getting her re-acclimated to being penetrated from behind.

Jessica held still while Mike was in her snatch, Ron was in her mouth, and now Bill was inside her ass. Today was full of firsts for Jessica. She couldn’t believe what she was doing. Like a good party slut, she focused on the task at hand: suck and stick her ass out while the three penetrate her to their hearts content.

For Jessica, the feeling was unreal. Their hands were all over her. Mike kept slapping her tits, which were beet red at this point. Bill kept slapping her ass as well. Cock was everywhere, and eight-inch Jake was waiting for his chance at bat, slowly stroking while the four of them went at it.

Jessica, in the meantime, started losing count of the orgasms she’d been having throughout the experience. The friction caused by one cock in her snatch and another in her ass was sending ripples of pleasure throughout her body. The gratification of these lusty guys feasting their eyes on her body and waiting their turn to penetrate a vacant hole made her feel powerful and sexy…a sex goddess with the power to steal men from their wives and usurp their husbands’ semen from their loins, semen promised years ago through marriage.

Bill was next to blow his load, right up Jessica’s ass. When he pulled out, semen spilled out of her gaping almanbahis giriş hole, and dribbled down onto Mike’s balls and onto the couch. Ron, taking note of the vacancy, pulled his cock from Jessica’s greedy mouth, jumped off the couch, and aimed his hard cock at her slowly closing gape, slipping in easily after the pounding Bill had given her and the cummy lube he’d left behind.

“Oh!” she let out as Ron’s cock replaced the vacuum left by Bill.

Lonely Jake got up on the couch where Ron had been and offered his large cock for Jessica to feast on. Staring at his cock in front of her face, as if waking from a trance for a moment, she remembered this cock from the group when she’d been on her knees sucking and stroking all the cocks. She happily opened her growingly sore mouth to accept the large meat that Jake offered to her. Grabbing her head with both hands, one behind her head, the other under her chin just above her neck, he started to work his cock into her throat. He was amazed at how open her throat was…he could never get more than 3 or 4 inches into his wife’s mouth. Of course, that was years ago back when she would still try. Now he was a good 6 inches or more deep down this slut’s gullet.

Mike, looking up at Ron, basically force feeding his cock to Jessica, and Jessica taking it like a champion whore, lost his stamina and unloaded his jack as deep as he could into her womb.

“Aaaagh!” he shouted, furiously pounding as hard as he could, challenging as it was being on bottom, spurring yet another one of Jessica’s many orgasms of the afternoon. Their combined juices continued to make a mess out of Tom’s couch as Jessica’s crotch became a sloppy disaster of sexual fluids.

After Mike’s soft dick fell out of Jessica’s sloppy cunt, Jake had the idea to roll over and have Jessica sit on his dick with her cunt exposed for all the guys to see. Naturally, she had to let go of Ron’s cock with her mouth to make it happen. He then jumped off the couch to gaze at her sopping, sore pussy with the rest of the guys.

This was the first look Jessica had at the group since blowing them all in a circle. She noticed they all had that lusty, glazed look in their eyes while they were either drinking a beer, filming the action (in the case of Tom) with a cell phone, or stroking their dick before deciding what to do next (Jake). Sure enough, without much hesitation, with Ron in Jessica’s ass, pounding it out, Jake stepped up and aimed his eight-inch and thick tool at Jessica’s pussy. Ron paused while Jake steadily and smoothly pushed all the way in, sending a shiver through Jessica’s body as she felt more full with cock than she had ever felt before.

Ron tried to help Jessica hold her hips up a little so he had some leverage to pound into her ass while Jake entered her standing. Jessica, the fuck vessel, held steady while the two men used her body like a blow up doll, pounding her like a disposable (or recyclable) piece of plastic. Jessica was in the zone, eyes closed, taking every thrust they would give her as she submitted her sex to them at their disposal.

Ron eventually came first. The pressure of Jake’s dick filling her pussy produced additional pressure beyond that of the realized fantasy of fucking this whore in her ass, enough to send Ron over the edge without too much effort. With his cock now falling out of her ass, the rest was up to Jake.

“You wanna do doggy, or you prefer missionary?” Jake asked Jessica.

“I don’t care how you fuck me…” Jessica started, “but I want you in my ass!”

Given that no man needs to be told twice to fuck a woman in the ass, once Jessica had flipped over into the doggy position and stuck her ass out like the whore she’d become, Jake proceeded to insert his big fat cock into that gaping asshole of hers.

Not a moment later, Jake was pounding out his frustrations into Jessica’s ass, filling her insides completely in a violent onslaught, repurposing her excretory system into a fuck hole to be stretched beyond its nature, becoming the orifice any good whore should have for her John.

Not having fucked ass before, Jake came fairly quickly, especially given the abandon he’d adopted as he fucked the shit out of her. Jessica, an anal whore in heat, came at the same time, shouting, “Oh, fuck yeah, oooohhhhh, fuck me you bastard! Fill my ass up with your cum! Oooohhhhh!!” as she slapped her clit and frigged her pussy to enhance her climax.

Tom was glad his phone was in full working order and the battery had been full. He’d captured a better part of this interaction, and especially reveled in this final moment of Jessica getting used like a piece of fuck meat, and enjoying it like a dirty street bitch in heat.

Jessica, after all the excitement, essentially collapsed in a heap on the couch, exhausted from the biggest fucking of her life. One by one, the men, all due back at their homes, departed Tom’s house and drove away, leaving Tom who went to take a shower, and Jessica, drenched in cum and a bit of blood and shit, napping off her big day.

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