Jessica and Carol

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I arrived at Holly’s party around nine-thirty. We had a hug and a kiss and I began to mingle being as Holly was busy herself. I got myself a drink, and while standing at the bar a Blonde woman came up to my side and she was hot.

“You must be the famous Jessica, I am Carol.”

“Good to meet you Carol.” I coolly replied.

“I so love your hair Jessica it is such a great colour, and it really suits you.”

“Why thanks Carol, you look lovely yourself. So how long have you known Holly?” I asked.

“Oh we go back quite a bit we have a history, you know what I mean.” Carol replied.

I got a feeling that she was implying a sexual relationship at some point, she seemed to me to be a lesbian going by her approach towards me.

We chatted for a bit and I saw Andre and Mac over the other side of the room, I excused myself and went over to say hello being as I had not seen them since our adventure together.

“Hey there how you both doing?” I coolly asked.

“Well Jessica hi you are looking gorgeous this evening. We are good thanks.” Andre replied.

“Thanks Andre, my it is a bit of a rowdy lot, I don’t know many of these people come on tell me who they are I am interested.” I replied.

“OK then Jessica let me take you round the room, I will tell you the ones I know.” Andre answered.

“Now then over by the speakers, that tall guy he is the boyfriend of Megan she is that middle aged woman talking to Holly, she actually owns the club and escort company where we work.”

“Right OK Andre you’re doing well now who is next.”

“The short ebony girl over there is Candy, she is one of our strippers stroke escorts and the man she is with is Philip, he came with her he is one of our security men.”

“The two ebony girls over there they are Diana and Toni again they do the same work as Candy they are a right handful.”

“Yes but they sure are sexy Andre.” I replied.

I then pointed out Carol who was sitting talking to another woman. And Andre said she was one of Holly’s old flames.

That is all I needed to know which was why I played that game with Andre. There were some others around but Andre did not know them.

We carried on chatting for a while, and I turned around as someone was missing. Sugar! But as I turned, I saw him He was with those ebony girls.

Feeling a little bit jealous I waved and blew him a kiss but I was not going to go over to him as Holly had plans of her own with him.

Mac went to get some more drinks and I was alone with Andre, and I must say I would love a one on one with Him, he drove me crazy when we had our threesome. And it is so obvious I like him.

“So Andre how about you and me hooking up? or do you need Mac with you all the time?” I asked.

“Don’t be silly Jess he doe’s not have casino oyna to be with me everywhere, but I would love to spend some time with you, you really drove me nut’s the other week, and I will be honest I could just rip off your dress now and fuck you.”

“Oh my Andre tell you what give me a call on this number and we will arrange something.”

“Sure thing Jess I will look forward to it.”

I wanted Carol, and as the evening progressed I went and had a chat with Sugar I needed to get someone tonight so I arranged with him to leave with me just in case Carol was not up for a night with me. I then went over and sat myself down next to her my seduction was about to begin.

“Hi Carol, mind if I sit down?” I asked.

“Why sure Jessica join me.” Carol replied.

“You enjoying this evening?” I asked her.

“Well yes Jessica it has been very interesting, watching what people get up to with each other, they are a care free bunch.”

“Yes they sure are.” I replied knowing full well there were at least four people I had been with.

“I am pretty up front with things Carol, and well is there any one here who has hit your desires? I mean everyone seems to have pulled someone.”

“Tell the truth Jessica not really my appetite is a bit out of the ordinary.” She replied looking around the room.

“I see, don’t mind me asking what fills you up?”

“I am here looking for a woman Jessica.” Carol replied touching my leg as she looked around.

“OK, well what is so strange about that Carol? I mean that’s quite normal, if your a lesbian so what I mean I am Bi and I do not think it strange to be like that. In fact I love it.”

I went round the room with my eyes telling Carol what I had been up to with those I could see but leaving Holly out of it. I used this to let Carol know that I was attracted to her and wanted her.

“So if I was to say to you that I am attracted to you what would you say?” I asked stroking her leg.

“Well Jessica, leave here with me and we can go back to my place. I saw you earlier and I want you badly, very, very badly.” She replied.

I agreed like a bullet, but I had to say goodbye to Sugar and of course let him down, he should not be too upset as he had just fucked Holly.

I left with Carol, we went down stairs and into the car, then she had a surprise for me something I was so not expecting but it sounded good.

“Jessica now we are alone I need to mention when we get to my place we sort of won’t be alone. You see I have a partner, her name is Samantha and I came out tonight to pull for the both of us.”

“Oh I see, well so what is she like?” I asked.

“Well she is around our age (twenty four) she is blonde, very horny she has good tits, very slim.”

“OK Carol she sounds nice, I haven’t had two canlı casino women, it sounds like it could be fun.” I replied.

We finally arrived at Carol’s house we went up the drive, parked up and walked up the pathway Carol opened the front door and in we went.

It was a great looking place she must be doing well for herself, with that we went into the front room and there was Samantha she ran over to Carol and kissed her hotly.

“Sammie this is Jessica, Jessica this is Sammie.”

“Lovely to meet you Sammie.” I gestured. And I must say she was just as hot as Carol, they must be so good together in bed I thought.

“And you Jessica, tell me what do you do for a living? you look gorgeous like a actress or something. You look so bubbly and I love your hair.”

“Well thanks Sammie, well I am a singer, only in a club nothing in the charts but maybe one day.” I replied laughing.

“Wow that is so cool Jessica, I don’t do anything halfway as exciting I work in a office doing filing and all of those exciting things.”

“Well Sammie it is a job at the end of the day, and there will always be something better in the future for you I am sure.” I replied.

We all sat for a bit, on a large sofa, Carol and Sammie were together and I sat just away from them in the middle of it. We had a few drinks and they were really beginning to turn me on.

I wondered who was going to make the first move, but it was not to long to wait as they began to kiss each other and then went into the bedroom.

I followed a few minutes later, to see them both naked on the bed kneeling, kissing and fingering each other. I sat myself down as they both seemed oblivious to the fact that I had entered the room.

I must say I was loving the show as they took a sixty nine, their erotic moans were driving me crazy I just wanted to go and join them but I was enjoying what I was watching it was hot stuff.

I became so aroused I began touching my tits, breathing heavily as I became more rampant by watching two blondes making out. I pulled my dress off them, and offered them to my mouth as I watched those two girls on the bed.

I could take no more I wanted them badly I stood up and slid my dress off, leaving my heels on and walked over to the bed to join them.

As I put one knee onto it, Carol and Sammie broke off and knelt up to welcome me what a welcome it was too, two hot blondes in front of me one on one tit and one on the other, their mouth’s felt awesome as they sucked and licked my nipples.

As Sammie kissed my tit she worked her way up onto my shoulder and crawled her way behind me, from behind she began to massage my tits as Carol leant towards me and we French kissed, Sammie kissing my shoulder and neck made me kiss Carol harder and I took her tits in my hands.

I kaçak casino leant back as Sammie took my tits and offered my tongue to hers, she teased me with it, slowly taking mine into her mouth. Carol kissed my tits and fondled them better than any man could, I don’t really know what I mean by that the touch is just mind blowing.

Carol began to work her way down my body kissing and stroking, as Sammie continued behind me, we both continued kissing as I reached down to her pussy, Carol in the meantime had laid on her back and began to take my pussy with her mouth.

I just could not resist her and I fell forwards onto her and took her as well, her pussy felt so smooth and tight I teased her clit and this made her eat me harder I loved it so I went harder on her so she could do the same onto me. Sammie came round and on her knees faced me, moving in so I could take her as well which I did happily.

“Oh Jess so good awww yes” Sammie whispered.

I took them both one at a time with my mouth, as Carol continued on me her tongue felt so good as she licked me and sucked on my pussy.

We all changed position, I stood on the bed and bent my leg up onto the headboard, Sammie then laid on her back legs apart. I positioned myself so Sammie could get to me. Carol took Sammie.

I came off Sammie and knelt back onto the bed, Carol came behind me and took my tits, as she kissed my neck and shoulders. Sammie produced a dildo and began to tease me it was so good.

She slowly slid it into me the head of it felt so hard as she began to work it in and out of me as Carol carried on behind me, I so love having my tits rubbed by someone behind me hmm. Sammie then kissed me and I slid my tongue into her mouth.

I began to ride on the dildo, and then laid myself down, as Carol then placed herself above my face and lowered her pussy down onto me.

Sammie still fucking me with the dildo began to use her mouth as well.

“You like this Jessica?” Sammie questioned.

“Oh fuck yes harder, oh yes hmm oh fuck yes.”

Carol fell forwards and began to take me along with Sammie. I went into Carol and she began to pump her pussy on my mouth, she began to come.

At that point I too felt myself cumin, oh fuck it felt so good, my orgasm was so powerful I screamed out and coming off Carol I grabbed Sammie’s head and kissed her deeply as I came.

I fell back on my side, then laid on my back, next to Carol, we had a kiss and touched each others bodies, Sammie then crawled in between us on all fours and kissed us in turn.

“Haven’t you both forgotten about me?” She asked.

“Oh my Sammie how could we ever.” Carol replied.

Carol got up, Sammie laid next to me and Carol went down on her, Sammie’s moans got me going I turned on my side and kissed her tits gently as I felt Carol’s hand begin to stroke my leg Carol took her harder and it was not too long before Sammie’s orgasm and we kissed as she came.

We all laid down after, and held each other till we all fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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