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Jessica was a medical student and Doug was a doctor. They both worked in Chicago Hospital and they have a relationship, but yesterday they had an argument, because Doug cheated her with one of his ex-girlfriends in a little room in hospital and Jessica saw him together with this chick while they were kissing…
But today were a big party in a nice restaurant for all the people who worked in the hospital.
Jessica and Doug danced there together and drank some cocktails. She wasn’t able to say “no” to him when he asked her to dance with him…
After the party he said he’ll drive her home, but now they are in his apartment…

Jessica just entered his apartment, when she felt his hand holding her arm hard. She had in mind to go to the bedroom – but seemingly he wanted her here.

He knocked her hard against the front door, kissed her neck, stripped her dress, pulled her bra off, burst her underwear…and entered short-time later into her..
She closed her eyes and moaned..then they kissed perfervid while he was fucking her hard..
One moment before she came, he stopped fucking her and grabbed her head, pressed her lightly down…she knew what he wanted her to do. So she gave him a blowjob until he came in her mouth.
She got insane when she felt him coming and wanted to come, too…

He grabbed her arm hard and attract her close to him. Her eyes were so covetous, so he hustled her in the living-room at the couch…
She were still wearing her boots; he liked that and when she wanted to pull them off, he told her to stop.
He made her go to doggy-position and fucked her bornova escort bayan from behind until she had a hard orgasm. While he was fucking her, he slapped her ass, what made her moan even louder…he liked to slap her a little bit, that made him feel he was in a higher position than her.

Exhausted, she dropped on the couch.
“Let’s go to the bedroom”, he whispered in her ear.
“Yeah”, she nodded and stood up.
When she entered the room and lay down on his king-size bed, he came straight to her. But before he pulled his cock in her pussy, he searched for something on the floor next to the bed.
What the hell is he doing?, thought Jessica, but one moment later she knew.
He took some handcuffs, grabbed her arms hardly and tied her at the head from the bed.
“Now you’re mine”, he said quietly in her ear and smiled.

He sat up and looked at her. She were very good-looking – long blond hairs, middle-sized tits, a nice ass and a perfect figure. Her skin was white, but a little bit bronzy. Also she had pretty brown eyes. He liked her – she was pretty, nice and she were in love with him, so she did everything he wanted her to do. And now she’s totally mine, he thought with a smile…
For him, she was just a little bitch which he could fuck whenever he wanted to. He weren’t in love with her, he just liked her body and her behavior when he fucked her. He played with that she was in love with him, but she didn’t want to recognize that…every time he called her to ask if she wanted to spend the night with him, she were happy because she thought she were escort bornova important to him – but he just wanted to fuck some nice chick. Sometimes he cheated her with some other bitch, but actually he was pleased with her.

He bend over Jessica, kissed her intensive and then pulled his cock hardly into her waiting pussy. She groaned when he began to fuck her harder.
Again he stopped in the moment before she came – he knew that this would make her going insane.
“Do you want to be fucked in the ass?”, he asked.
“Yes”, she moaned.
In this moment she would have done anything for him, and he knew.

Doug grinned, turned her around to her knees and tied her arms again to the head of the bed with the handcuffs.
He slapped her pretty little ass and stroke her pussy lightly. He felt she needed to cum and enjoyed that she were at his mercy…
One moment later, he stroke with his cock over her asshole. She groaned and wanted him to enter into her now…
He held off a little bit to make her more crazy than she was anyway. Then, in a moment when she didn’t count that, he pulled his cock hardly and completely into her little asshole.
She screamed out loud – nobody ever fucked her in the ass. First it hurt because he fucked her heedless, but later she enjoyed what he did.
She were very tight, but he liked that. Maybe I’m the first man who takes her like that, he thought with a smile and slapped her ass again.
Short-time later she came very intensive. He opened the handcuffs and made her give him a blowjob again until he came the third time this evening. bornova escort

After that, Jessica lay exhausted down on the bed and grabbed a blanked to cover her naked body a little. Without a word, he stood up and went into the kitchen to have some vodka.

When he came back, he saw that she fell asleep. He laughed for a moment and looked at this sexy sleeping girl in his bed.
She was 23 and he was 34 years old; but he liked younger chicks. Specially Jessica.

He went to the bed and lay down beside her, put his arm around her body and squeezed her tits. He knew she was tired and didn’t want to be fucked again, but whatever, he was sure that she would do what he wanted.
And it were like that. Jessica turned around, let him kiss her and let his hands stroke over her whole body…
Doug felt his cock getting hard again, so he bend over her, forced her legs apart and put his cock in her pussy again. She wasn’t wet enough, so it hurt, but that didn’t matter to him.
She screamed a little during he fucked her because it hurt, but he didn’t care.

The next morning they both had to be at the hospital at 7 o’clock. Jessica stood up at five to shower before she went to work.
When she stood under the shower, Doug entered the bathroom and came under the shower, too.
“Hey”, he said and kissed her.
She smiled. “What’re u doing here?”
“I’m going to do some things with you”, he said and turned her around. Now she was pressed against the wall and her ass was next to Doug. The water from the shower pattered hot over her body while he stroke her ass.
Short-time later, his cock entered her asshole. She moaned – this time it didn’t hurt like last night.

After the breakfirst, they had sex again – this time in the kitchen. So they both were a little bit late for work.

To be continued 😉

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