Job Satisfaction (A)

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The best job I ever had was working at a package store in this tiny shithole town in Northeast Louisiana. The pay wasn’t much more than minimum wage and the hours were for shit. But it was a great job.

Really, I don’t know why they call it a package store; we sold booze. Whole time I had that job, I never sold one package.

It was a dry parish; you could get beer or wine at a convenience store, but anything harder? You had to go to us. George Sturrey, our deputy and an ordained minister of the local Baptist Church didn’t like us one bit and tried damned near everything he could to get rid of us.

Ronald Reagan, our president had decided he didn’t like eighteen and nineteen year old kids getting drunk and had the drinking age raised to twenty one. Knowing George would shut us down in a heartbeat, I made damned sure I looked at every ID came in our door.

One Saturday, this scrawny little kid walked in and looked around. I kept an eye on him as he wandered around, up and down each aisle. Finally, he picked up a pint bottle of Root Beer Schnapps and brought it up to me.

He was a cute kid, dark brown hair cut pretty short, dark brown eyes, kind of big nose and pouting lips. He still had some pimples on his face. I’m six four and I towered over this kid; I’d guess he was probably five six or so.

I was standing behind a thick pane of bullet proof glass. There was this little circle of metal with slots to speak through. Underneath the grate was a metal tray for people to put their money and I’d put their change into it for them to scoop out.

Bending down to speak through the grate, I asked the kid for his ID. I’ll hand it to the kid; he smiled and slid his driver’s license into the tray. I picked it up and looked at it. Stuart Kamko was nineteen. According to his license, he had another seventeen months to go before he could legally buy this stuff.

I told the kid ‘no sale’ and Stuart looked like I’d punched him. He kind of whined and tried to bargain with me. Finally, he hung his head down, and went and put the bottle back on the shelf.

Before this prime piece of teenage ass could leave, though, I told him I got off in an hour. I’d buy the Schnapps and he and I could go back to my place and party. I don’t know if he knew what I meant by party; but I knew I was going to have a ball.

Big John came in about forty minutes later. I bought a fifth of our cheapest whiskey, the pint of Root Beer Schnapps and two eight packs of Miller Ponies. Miller Ponies were these small eight ounce bottles of beer and came eight bottles to a cardboard tray.

Stuart was mighty quiet on the way to my trailer. He just kind of stared straight ahead as I drove. I think he might have figured out what I meant when I said we’d party.

He was wearing these baggy shorts and I could see he had no hair on his legs. I don’t know if he shaved them or what, but his thigh was nice and smooth as I felt his leg.

We got to the trailer and I let him in and pushed him toward the couch. He sat and I went into my kitchen and got three shot glasses out.

“Here you go,” I said, pouring him a shot of his crappy root beer stuff and a shot of the whiskey.

I put a Miller in front of him and poured myself some whiskey and got my own pony. He coughed and sputtered when he drank his Schnapps and I told him to drink some of the beer to wash it down. Then he choked and coughed on the whiskey and I made him finish his beer

On the coffee table, I had three hardcore magazines. The one on top is of a bunch of girls getting fucked up their asses. There are about thirty or so pages of teen sluts getting pounded up the ass and getting creamed. His little pee-pee was hard bahis siteleri as a rock as he flipped through the pages.

I poured him his second shot of Schnapps and whiskey and fished out another ice cold beer while he flipped the pages and giggled, mouth open. It didn’t take him but a couple of minutes to finish the shots and beer.

The second magazine showed young looking men getting their asses fucked. After his second shots and beer, Stuart was drunk. He gawked as he slowly flipped from page to page, looking at these men getting their asses reamed out. And his dicky was still nice and hard.

The third magazine showed young men spit roasting young men. The men were sucking one cock while a second cock was pounding their pretty asses. There really wasn’t much story to the magazine; just horny young men being used like cock sucking pussies.

Stuart did not resist as I pulled his baggy tee shirt and shorts off. His underwear was briefs style; they were a royal blue in color. In other words, the kind of underwear a mommy would buy for her precious little man. I grabbed his puny little four inch weenie and little balls and he gave out this cry as he spunked a load into his undies.

Stuart Kamko put up no fight at all as I fucked his face. I had to back off; he gagged when I tried to jam my log down his throat. But thirty or forty seconds later, I gave his tonsils a happy coating of dick juice.

When I poured Stuart a third shot of Schnapps and whiskey, his little dick was nice and hard again. He didn’t say anything as he drank; just did his shot of Schnapps, then drank some beer. He then drank the shot of whiskey and finished his beer. I noticed Stuart did not swish to beer around in his mouth, like he was trying to wash the taste of man-meat out of his mouth.

I pulled his undies down his legs as I bent him over the arm rest of my couch. He gave a bit of a yelp as I squeezed a couple squirts of jelly into his hole; man! He had a really sweet hole. No hair anywhere. Even his little ball sack was nice and smooth.

When I jammed all seven and a half inches into his shitter, Stuart screamed. He begged me to stop, telling me it hurt.

“Oh, it hurts, oh God it hurts. You killing me,” he was crying and I don’t know how I didn’t just cream his innards right then.

When I did pump his ass full of baby makers, I just lay on top of him, listening to him whining and whimpering like a little pussy. I don’t know why, but his whining pissed me off. I pulled my cock out of his fuck-hole and took my belt off.

Man, but he really started screaming and crawling around as I whipped his ass. I whipped his ass for being suck a cock sucking faggot. I used my belt on his sweet ass, getting it redder and redder as he crawled around my living room, trying to get away from me.

His little hole was puckered, all red and swollen, looking like a pair of lips puckered up for a kiss. So when my arm got tired, I let his little hole kiss my rock hard dick again.

“Oh God, oh please,” he just sobbed as I fucked his pretty ass again.

When I finished using him, I told him to get dressed. I wish my arm wasn’t so tired; Stuart had another little stiffy as he dressed. Great big tears running down his cute face, nose all snotty, and his dicky was steel bar hard. He needed another ass whipping for being such a pussy.

I drove him home; he lived in a shitty little trailer park. His trailer park was the kind gives trailer parks a bad name.

We were closed on Sunday; pretty much all of Louisiana had these stupid ass blue laws. That’s fine with me; it’s not like I want to miss any football games.

On Friday, who should walk in but Stuart Kamko. He had another canlı bahis siteleri kid with him, a blond with pretty blue eyes and pouting lips. They went straight to the little section of Schnapps and each grabbed a pint bottle.

Butch Jenson’s ID said he was forty three years old. For God’s sake, the picture didn’t even look like him. I shook my head and Butch pouted while Stuart smiled and shrugged.

When Big John came in, he looked at the two nineteen year old boys waiting by my green AMC Pacer. He then shrugged as I bought Butch his pint of Peach Schnapps and Stuart his pint of Peppermint Schnapps and another two eight packs of Miller Ponies.

There was a little scuffle at my Pacer; Butch wanted to be the one to sit up front. I told them both I would just leave their asses here if they didn’t settle down right now. With a pout, Butch let Stuart sit up front.

At my trailer, I told the two faggots to have a seat while I got us some glasses. Butch tried to object to my calling them ‘faggots’ but a good hard slap to his pretty face shut him up. When I came back, Stuart and Butch were flipping through my teen slut girl’s ass fucking magazine and giggling.

“Drink up, girls,” I said as I poured each a shot of their Schnapps and put an eight ounce pony in front of them.

Butch looked like he wanted to argue with me, but shut his face when he saw me pulling my belt off. He coughed and choked on his peach stuff and made a face when he sipped the beer. Stuart did make a face at the taste of his peppermint crap, but gamely gulped his beer down.

A second shot of peach and peppermint and another beer was put in front of them and Butch just couldn’t keep up. Stuart did finish both shot and beer, then continued to look at the pictures of girls being used like the whores they were.

I ordered the two of them to give each other a real nice kiss. Butch was pretty drunk, but looked shocked and scared. Stuart just gave this little shrug and kissed Butch. Right there, right in front of me, the two boys made out. I unzipped my jeans and fished my hard dick out and watched them kissing like two little punks.

A minute later, Stuart got out of his tee shirt. Butch asked him what he was doing and Stuart didn’t say anything as he dropped his shorts to the floor. He had on a pair of purple and gold briefs that had a little LSU stitched on them. His mommy must really love her little man.

I kicked back in my recliner and ordered Stuart to come get his dick juice. He bent over the arm of my chair and slobbered all over my schlong. I grabbed his tiny wee-wee and balls through his pretty little undies and squeezed real hard. He screamed as he spunked his undies. I wonder if his mommy likes finding her little man’s spunk in his pretty little undies when she’s doing the wash.

Butch just sat and stared at my dick slipping in and out of Stuart’s mouth. He gulped some more beer and made a face.

When I told Butch to get naked, he started crying. Stuart swallowed all my cream as I coated his throat. When I moved to get out of my chair, Butch did get naked.

Just like his boyfriend, Butch had a tiny pee-pee and little balls. And, just like his boyfriend, Butch’s little pee-pee was rock hard. I told him to spank his wee-wee and catch all the jizz in his shot glass.

It took all of about five strokes with his thumb and two fingers and Butch squirted his load into his glass. He started crying again when I told him to drink his own jizz.

Stuart bravely took the glass out of Butch’s hand and gulped down the juice. He knew I had a nice thick leather belt and knew I liked to use it on his chubby ass. But he took the glass and gulped his friend’s dick canlı bahis juice right down.

When I picked up my tube of jelly, Stuart started whining about his fuck-hole still hurting. The whole time he was whining about it, though, his pee-pee was sticking straight out, making a cute small tent in his little LSU underwear. A pop with my belt and Stuart wiggled out of his briefs.

Butch actually screamed a little when he saw me getting ready to jam my whang into Stuart’s fuck-hole. We knelt on the floor and I lined up my fuck-pole with Stuart’s ass.

“Stop! Oh God, stop! Oh shit, it fucking hurts,” Stuart started crying as I just shoved my dick into his pretty ass.

“You, come shut your girlfriend up,” I ordered Butch.

Butch shoved his dicky into Stuart’s mouth. Stuart was still crying about how much I was killing him, but he was sucking Butch’s cock with loud slurps.

Fuck, but that boy’s ass felt so good wrapped around my joy stick. I pounded Stuart for a good five or ten minutes while Butch creamed Stuart’s throat with his pee-pee juice.

When I finally did jizz Stuart’s guts, I got my belt and gave Butch a really hard swat on his bony ass. He screamed and reached around to protect his tiny buns from any more swats. I told him he needed to suck his sweetheart’s itty bitty wee-wee, get all that delicious cream and swallow it all up.

Butch was about to say ‘no’ but a second swing of my belt convinced him he needed to suck Stuart’s dick. Butch took all of Stuart’s tiny weenie into his mouth and coughed and gagged as Stuart’s little spurts of weenie juice squirted into Butch’s mouth.

After my second glass of whiskey, I decided I needed to ream Butch’s virgin ass. I greased up Butch’s sweet little pucker with him yelling my fingers were too big and he couldn’t take nothing up his ass.

Tight? Damn yes, he was tight. Damn yes, his crying about how much it hurt just made my dick so hard it hurt.

“Oh God it hurts, oh God it’s too big,” Butch was whining when Stuart decided to fuck his friend’s face again.

Yeah, I liked the sound of Butch’s whining how I was killing him and all, but I was pretty happy when Stuart shoved his dicky into Butch’s mouth and shut him up. I’d already come down Stuart’s throat and up Stuart’s shitter, so I was able to pound Butch’s tight little manhole for a good ten, fifteen minutes before my balls tightened up and I creamed Butch’s guts with baby makers.

Then I took my belt to Butch’s pasty white ass; it needed to be reddened. He cried and begged for me to stop the whole time he crawled around. Finally, my arm got tired and I stopped and made them get dressed again.

The next day, Butch Jensen, senior came to my trailer, screaming how no one was going take a belt to his boy’s ass that was his boy, how dare anyone whip Butch junior. Like I said, I’m six four and Butch the daddy wasn’t much taller than his little boy.

Out in the gravel drive of our trailer park, it took three punches to show Butch the daddy he didn’t have a shot. Then, just because I felt like it, I ripped Butch the daddy’s jeans down and took my belt off and beat Butch senior’s ass black and blue.

About a month after I got to turn Stuart and Butch out, Deputy George Sturrey did catch Big John selling some Amaretto to a cute little eighteen year old girl and finally managed to shut us down. I got hired on at a local paper mill, making three times what I made at the package store. I recently retired at the ripe old age of sixty eight and bought a motor home. I plan to tour the country and see if I can find some cute little fuck toys wouldn’t mind swallowing this old man’s man meat.

But that job at the package store was the best job ever. I got to fuck some pretty sweet holes and turn a few boys on to swallowing dick sauce. I’m sure Stuart Kamko is still wearing pretty little undies and still sucking men off, or taking man-meat up his fuck-hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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