Julian Falls in Love Ch. 07

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Lucy arranged for me to see Karen, the departing receptionist, on the Saturday so she could show me the ropes in my new job, which was basically to greet the customers, to maintain a database and to order new stocks of beauty products. First, however, I had a little ritual to perform. I gathered all my male clothes together, gave the decent ones to a local charity shop, and dumped the rest. That was it. I had burnt all my bridges. I experienced a feeling of elation after I’d done it. It seemed that my unhappy male life was fading into the distance and I was starting out on a new, more hopeful road.

It was with some trepidation, however, that I went with Lucy to the beauty parlour to meet Karen. This was serious; I was no longer dressing up because I preferred ladies’ clothes but because I felt more like a woman than a man. Karen was a nice girl and she went to great lengths to explain everything. It was a shame she was leaving because I’m sure we could have become good friends, but she was moving to the other end of the country because of her husband’s job.

I felt nervous all day on the Sunday so, to distract me, Lawrence took me out for a drive to the country. We had lunch in one of our favourite pubs, actually not far from the clinic where I was having hormone treatment from Barbara, my doctor. I had a couple of vodka and tonics with my sandwich and I began to feel more relaxed. Again we drove off and stopped at an obscure moorland spot. There wasn’t a soul around.

We were walking together when, suddenly, there was a tremendous cloudburst and the rain started coming down in torrents. We ran back to the car and dived inside. The rain was hammering against the bodywork.

I had noticed that, since beginning my hormone treatment, my appetite for sex had increased. Sometimes I felt aroused for no apparent reason. This was one of those occasions. The alcohol also helped to loosen my inhibitions. As we sat together I rested my head against Lawrence’s shoulder and placed a hand on his thigh.

“Thank you for taking me out, Lawrence. It’s really helped. I’m sorry I was so irritable earlier.”

“Don’t worry. You’re sweet even when you’re angry!”

“Lawrence, I love you so much! You always say the right thing. I put one arm around his neck and kissed him full on the lips, letting my tongue slip in his mouth. He responded by putting his arms around my waist. We became passionate as I let my hand stray down to his crotch. He was already hard. I stroked him there, feeling ever more turned on.

Without more ado I unzipped his trousers and extricated his penis from his y-fronts. I lowered my head and began to suck him. In a few short months I had become quite an accomplished fellatrix. I had learned to vary the sensation I gave to my boyfriend, for example by licking his scrotum or by teasing him by taking my mouth away for a spell and kissing his thighs. After a few minutes he had a lovely erection, his purplish gland fully visible.

“Make love to me Lawrence!” I whispered.

“What, here? But we’ll be arrested!” he protested.

“Don’t be silly! No-one can see us in this weather!”

He acceded and we then squeezed into the back seat, where Lawrence reached up under my dress and pulled my tights and panties down to my knees. Anadolu Yakası Olgun Escort I was tingling all over and couldn’t wait to get him inside me. Lawrence pushed the front seats right forward to give us more room. He then took a tub of Vaseline from the first aid kit he kept in his car and applied a large glob of it inside my little opening. I spread my buttock cheeks apart and eased myself down on his hard member. It felt wonderful. When I was comfortable I began to move up and down, using the back seat for support, whilst he held me around the waist. The rain continued to beat down violently, almost totally obscuring everything outside. It was just so exciting.

I continued to bounce up and down for a few minutes, while he gradually increased the power of his thrusts. Eventually he groaned deeply and I felt his semen flood into me. It was the most gorgeous sensation. We spent a few minutes kissing and cuddling on the back seat. Then I cleaned my bottom and thighs with tissues and rearranged my underwear. It was my first experience of public sex, and I found it terrifically stimulating. Even if anyone had passed they would have been unlikely to see inside the car given the rain was so heavy.

We drove home after the rain had eased off and it was then that the reality hit me: the next day I would actually be going to work as a woman. The butterflies started fluttering madly in my stomach.

I got up two hours earlier than was really necessary. I wanted to ensure my make-up, dress and appearance generally were absolutely immaculate. I put on a white blouse and my new navy blue jacket and skirt, which I had bought especially for my new job. Putting my little bag over my shoulder, I was finally ready. Lawrence drove me the short distance to the beauty parlour. He noticed my silence on the way and knew I was worried. He kissed me on the cheek and assured me everything would be alright. I got out and rang the door of the parlour. Lucy opened, smiled at me and said I looked fantastic. I entered, feeling there was no going back now.

I sat at my desk, switched on my pc, and waited for my first customer. I was as nervous as hell. When the parlour opened at nine o’clock a middle-aged lady walked in, smiled pleasantly at me, and said her name was Mrs Fisher. She had come to have her nails done. I was very fidgety as I tried to look up her details on the computer database.

“You’re new here aren’t you dear?”

“Yes, it’s my first day.”

“I can see you’re nervous but don’t worry dear. You’ll soon get used to things. By the way, I love your hair.”

“Thank you.” I felt my face go all flushed. I blush so easily.

Mrs Fisher’s warmth and friendliness put me at my ease. I was so lucky she was my first customer. We continued to chat for a while about clothes and make-up. It was as if a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Not all the customers were as nice as Mrs Fisher, but I managed to get through the day reasonably well and without having a nervous breakdown. Lawrence called for me at five o’ clock and I talked non-stop to him about how my day had gone. I was so excited to be finally living as a real woman twenty-four hours a day.

The first week passed without serious incident. Anadolu Yakası Sarışın Escort Although there were a few awkward customers, and although by nature I’m a very shy girl, I got through it. Lawrence was very pleased with me and bought me some lovely flowers.

Much to my surprise, I got used to my new job very quickly and even began to have ideas of my own how things could be improved. I cleaned up the database of customers and suppliers, which was a bit of a mess. I also continued developing as a woman in small but significant ways. For example, when I went out socially I would often catch myself giggling at silly jokes. I also became more outgoing in my femininity. One day I was out shopping with Lucy’s girlfriend Cassie, whom I had become quite friendly with and who was now aware I was a transsexual. We went to the local shopping centre. I was leaning over the rail on the upper floor when I noticed some young boys, around thirteen or fourteen years of age, snatching furtive glances at me from below and laughing.

“What’s up with them?” I asked Cassie.

“You’re giving them a free show, darling. They can see right up your skirt.”

A few short months before I would have been mortified at this revelation, but now I actually found it quite funny. Instead of moving away from the rail I stayed there and continued to give the boys the view they wanted.

“It’s just as well I’m wearing tights then, isn’t it?”

“You’re shameless!” laughed Cassie.

I had begun to appreciate the power women could have. Men are so easily reeled in by women who know how to flaunt themselves. Those boys probably went home and masturbated thinking of me. It was actually a bit of a turn-on!

It took a while for the hormone treatment to really take effect. I kept looking in the bathroom mirror but couldn’t see any signs of budding breasts. However, my skin was noticeably softer and my facial hair didn’t grow as quickly. My bottom and thighs also filled out a little. After about three months, I checked again and noticed a slight swelling around my nipples. I was overjoyed! This swelling developed over the next few weeks until I could wear an ‘A’ cup bra. I just wanted small breasts, to go with my slight frame, so I was quite content. I dispensed with my false breasts for good.

Shortly after, my mum paid us a visit, having mustered the courage to go against my father’s wishes. The reunion was very emotional and I felt so happy. She said although she’d lost a son she’d gained a lovely daughter, which was so sweet. She also gave me a present of some nice lingerie, which for me symbolised that she’d given up hope of me going back to my old self. Moreover, I was pleased that she seemed to get on well with my boyfriend.

The year I had to spend living completely as a woman seemed to pass very quickly and I felt I was progressing very rapidly. Unfortunately, I also became quite fussy and house-proud, which may have had something to do with the hormone treatment. I would make little criticisms of Lawrence if things in the house were not in their precise place or not as tidy as they should be. He took it all on the chest for a while, and then one day he snapped.

It was something silly like his toothbrush Anadolu Yakası Şişman Escort hadn’t been replaced in its holder in the bathroom. He retorted by pointing out that the house wasn’t mine to be complaining about. “How dare you!” I replied. I felt so angry I packed a small suitcase with a few clothes and stormed out of the house.

There was only one place I could go – Lucy’s. I went there in a foul temper. I explained to Lucy and Cassie what had happened. They were sympathetic but I could tell from their manner that I wasn’t entirely guiltless.

Lucy said that it wouldn’t be very long before Lawrence called me and not to worry. However, a week passed and nothing happened. Then two more weeks passed with no call. I was beginning to lose hope. Worse, I was getting increasingly tetchy and things were becoming strained with Lucy and Cassie. It was also only a few weeks before my gender reassignment surgery. Then, one Friday night, Lucy’s doorbell rang. I answered it. Who should be there but Lawrence! I was so shocked I couldn’t speak. I just stood there.

“May I come in?”

“Of course.”

We walked into the living-room. Tactfully, Lucy said she and Cassie had to go out for something and so we were left alone.

“I don’t know how to say this, Emma,” he began, “but I’ve behaved like a fool. I miss you so much. If you can forgive me, please come back. I promise I’ll make it up to you. I’ve also brought you this.”

He handed me a little box inside of which was a beautiful engagement ring. For a time I was lost for words, then the tears sprang from my eyes. I couldn’t help myself. I felt all my old stubbornness leave me.

“Of course I’ll come back darling. It’s me who should be asking for forgiveness. I’ve acted like a spoilt brat.”

I flung my arms around his neck and our mouths met in a deep kiss.

“Take me home, Lawrence.”

He smiled and took me by the hand. During the short journey home, I vowed to myself never to behave in such a petulant manner again. I’d almost lost the man of my dreams.

No sooner had we got inside that we began kissing again. His hands were all over me, caressing and teasing. Eventually he unbuttoned my blouse and rubbed my little breasts through my bra. He reached behind my back, undid the clasp, and began to lick and suck on my nipples, which were very sensitive as a result of the hormone treatment. He then put a hand under my skirt and stroked the bare flesh above my stocking tops. Shortly after, I felt my panties being pulled down. He pushed me gently back so I was seated on the sofa, after which he hitched up my skirt around my waist, put his head between my legs, and began to suck me.

I had never felt so turned on and knew I would not last long. I felt myself coming after only two or three minutes and tried to pull Lawrence off me. However, he was insistent. I erupted inside his mouth, moaning uncontrollably.

After recovering, we went upstairs. I undressed completely, lubricated myself, and lay face down on the bed with my legs spread. Lawrence was on top of me and inside me in a trice, moving in and out of me with slow, regular strokes. He was also evidently very excited as not five minutes had passed before he pushed hard inside me, groaned deeply, and inundated my insides with his love juice.

We lay, kissing and cuddling, before he grew hard again. We made love twice more that night, making up for lost time, and spent most of the next day in bed together. I felt deliciously happy, but then remembered my surgery coming up and grew a little pensive.

I had been warned it wasn’t going to be easy.

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