Juliet’s Play Date

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Mistress and Juliet and a new toy.


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Author’s Note

The events and characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

As with all Mistress and Charlotte tales, this story contains aspects of dominance and submission. Still, it is safe, sane, and consensual as well as kind and loving. As usual, if this type of activity is not your thing, you may want to skip this story and find something else to read.



Dear Friends,

I hope you’ve had the chance to read about the wonderful time Charlotte and I had vacationing in Baja. While we were there, we met a wonderful young woman named Juliet and things got, well, let’s just say things got fun. If this is all news to you, and you’ve never heard of Juliet, then you should definitely read our story called The Third Wheel (Mistress and Charlotte find a friend) and Charlotte’s Summer Vacation (The story of how two became three) to get caught up.

Originally, we hadn’t planned on staying in contact, but one thing led to another and now here we are with Juliet spending the summer with us. She and Charlotte get along really well, and I have to say I’m getting rather spoiled having two perpetually horny submissives in the house.

Love and Hugs,
Mistress Natasha




“Honey, what are you doing awake?” I stepped out of our en-suite bathroom to find Juliet, normally not an early riser, eyes wide open and propped up with a pillow against the headboard. Her gaze appeared to be fixed on her phone. She had cast the comforter aside and was only partially covered by a thin sheet.

“Texting a friend back home?” I asked.

She didn’t answer. I stepped forward a little more while finishing up the last few buttons on my blouse.

As I looked a little closer, I noticed something about the outline of her legs beneath the sheet. They were spread wide, with what looked to be the shape of her hand right in the middle. Her hand alternated between long smooth motions and short sharp jerks. And judging from the vacant look in her eyes, I figured she’d been that way since shortly after I stepped into the bathroom.

“You know honey, you’re always welcome to join me in the shower if you have morning urges. I honestly won’t mind being a few minutes late for work.” I tucked in the tails of my blouse and zipped my skirt. “Care to smooth out my wrinkles?”

Juliet slowly shifted her gaze from her phone to my legs. “Yes, Miss Natasha. With pleasure.”

She handed me her phone as she went to work running her hand down over my skirt. Fortunately for my skirt, Juliet used the hand that had been holding her phone and not the one that she just pulled from her crotch. As she was coming up for another pass, I happened to glance down at her phone’s display.


I let my eyes linger for a bit as I took in a scene of two lingerie-clad mixed-race dominatrixes both tormenting a lovely Asian submissive, who by the looks of things, appeared to be thoroughly enjoying the extra attention that came from having two mistresses.

I grinned and picked up Juliet’s other hand, running my tongue over and around her sticky fingers — the ones that had just been on intimate terms with her honeypot. “Are we not keeping you busy enough, honey?”

Juliet shuddered a moment before answering. “Hmm? Oh it’s not that, Miss Natasha. I mean — look at the girl being whipped. Doesn’t she look just like Charlotte?”

“Doesn’t who look like me?” Charlotte asked as she walked through the door carrying a wide wooden serving tray. The tray was loaded with still-steaming Belgian waffles, little cups of yogurt and fresh fruit compote. It smelled delicious.

“And why aren’t you two in bed? This is supposed to be a breakfast in bed day,” Charlotte complained. “Mistress it’s Saturday, please tell me you’re not going into the office today.”

“Sorry, baby. This project is crazy.” I grimaced as I mentally tallied up all the overtime I had accrued so far this year. “But look what Juliet found on the internet to keep you two entertained while I’m gone. She says the sexy Asian kitten reminds her of you.”

Charlotte set the breakfast tray down and stared at Juliet’s phone, mouth agape for a moment before finally speaking. “She’s very pretty and I’m flattered you think so, but I’m sure she’s Filipina darling,” Charlotte said. “And I’m half Chinese. My father was a Shaolin priest, remember?”

Juliet snickered. She knew Charlotte was pulling her leg with the Shaolin priest bit, escort bursa as did I.

“Besides,” Charlotte said, “I don’t know if I’d let either of those ladies near me with a whip like that.”

“Not even for playtime?” Juliet let out a sigh. “I can totally see myself as this girl, but bent over Miss Natasha’s desk instead. Having you hold my hands while I let her flog the stuffing out of me.”

I turned my gaze from Juliet’s phone to Juliet’s face. I must not have had a very good handle on my expression, because as soon as our eyes met she quickly looked away. I think Juliet may have let slip more than she had intended. I continued looking her direction, but she still would not meet my gaze.

“I mean I would — I would if you — but only if you wanted to, Miss Natasha.”

Oh boy, I thought. I picked up a cup of yogurt and gave my girls each a quick peck as I headed for the door. “Sorry girls, I’m going to be late for the office. We’ll have to talk when I get home.”


It’s a Date


Juliet and I stood in the kitchen, loading the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher. We were both still naked. — Because, why not? — It was Saturday and neither of us had anyplace to be until later in the day. And it was really only me who had an obligation with my lounge gig. Juliet might tag along, but she didn’t have to.

“Darling, are you OK?” I asked.

“I am such an idiot Charlotte.” Juliet grimaced. “Should have just kept my big mouth shut. But, no! I had to go and reveal my flogging fantasy to Miss Natasha — who obviously wasn’t ready to hear it. Did you see the way she ran out of the room after that? Like she couldn’t get away fast enough.”

I hung my arm over Juliet’s shoulder and kissed her on the cheek. “It’s OK darling. I’ve pulled a few moves like that myself. Just give her some time to think. Mistress always comes up with something in the end. She’s very understanding.”

Juliet heaved a sigh.

“And honestly, if it’s that important to you, I’ll tan your skinny little hide in a heartbeat.” I snickered a little and I felt Juliet relax, resting her head on me. “But only because I like you so much.”

Juliet looked at me with a wavering gaze. “Charlotte — oh, how do I explain it …”

Juliet was really having a tough time with this. And I know it didn’t help that she was entirely smitten with Mistress and hung on her every word like it was life or death. Polar opposite of the happy-go-lucky, and dare I say slightly obnoxious, Juliet that I knew.

I wrapped my arms around her. She was such a love-sick puppy. It was cute, and I was well aware of the spell Mistress could cast with just a single word or a glance. I think the word is charisma, allure, magnetism — pick one. It didn’t really matter, Mistress had a special kind of draw all her own.

“Charlotte.” Juliet paused. “Charlotte, when we were showing Miss Natasha all the things that you taught me — and — and she asked me to bend over her desk, like …”

“Like for accepting punishment?” I finished for her.

“Mmm-hmm. When I was bent over and she was dragging that wicked crop up the inside of my thigh …” Juliet paused again. “I was so scared she was going to whack me with it. But — but it was such a rush, you know?”

Actually I did know. Mistress and I had played a few games that involved some rougher aspects. I smiled as I thought back to my grandmother’s coffee cake recipe and those delicious riding pants that Mistress wore as she tried to pry the recipe loose with that wicked crop. Two days it took. Mmm.

“… that make sense, Charlotte?”

“Sorry darling, does what make sense?”

“That I fantasized about her actually whacking me with the crop. Hard enough to make me cry out.”

“Actually, it does.” I picked up Juliet’s hand in mine and brought her fingers to my mouth for a quick kiss. Mistress was stressed out with work, Juliet was stressed out over wanting a few stripes on her lovely behind. What those two needed was a good play date — and I figured I should be the one to make that happen.

“Come on, darling,” I said. “Let’s walk down to the park. It’s a gorgeous day and I won’t have you wasting it by moping around here and pining for a pink bottom.” Juliet stuck her tongue out at me, but still managed to traipse along behind as I went upstairs for some clothes.


We stepped off the front porch with Juliet looking absolutely breathtaking in her borrowed canary yellow sundress. It was one of mine, and since Juliet has a couple inches on me, the hem was just a little higher and the neckline was just a little lower than when I wore it.

She was also rocking a pair of three-inch tall cork wedges in a way that I could never dream of pulling off. I stared at Juliet’s shoes, perhaps a little too longingly. They were the sexy ankle-tie variety and every time I glanced at her legs it made me picture her bound to our bed. It was enough of a distraction that I began bursa merkez eskort to question my own decision to not wear any undergarments.

“Charlotte, you OK?”

I stopped walking. “Why, am I leaking or something?”

“I don’t think so.” Juliet fixed me with a sideways gaze and a half-smirk. “Want me to check?”

I didn’t even get a word out and Juliet already had her hand pressed to my thigh and was quickly making her way up under my own skimpy sundress. “Please Juliet,” I groaned. “It’s a respectable neighborhood. Think of the children for goodness sake.”

She laughed and smacked me on the butt. “Seriously though, what’s got you all horned up?”

“You really want to know?” I reached my hand around to the back of her neck and pulled her in close. “It’s those shoes,” I whispered. “They make me think of having you while you’re tied up.” I nipped her earlobe before I let her go.

“Oh, Miss Charlotte,” she heaved. “It’s a date.”

“Sorry, not tonight darling, I have to work. Besides I wanted to talk about setting you up on a date with Mistress. But first let’s spend some time at the park, then I’ll take you to lunch and give you the details. I’m thinking the Greek place in the city, so we can stop off and get you a present.” I winked. “For your date.”


Juliet and I stood together in front of the glass case inside The Scarlet Letter adult book and novelty store. Thankfully there was a woman behind the counter, because I just don’t think I could have talked to a man with all these sex toys and restraints impinging on my field of vision. I didn’t see any books at all, despite what the store promised on its sign.

Not surprisingly, the saleswoman was pierced and tattooed with a wide dark green-dyed mohawk that fit right in with the diversity of the neighborhood. She gave us a wary glance as she laid the flogger out on top of the glass case for us to inspect.

“Which one of you dolls will be doing the whipping.”

“Um, neither,” I said. I know I shouldn’t stereotype, but this woman did look to be a little too far on the scary biker end of the lesbian spectrum for my taste. She gave me a stare that could curdle milk.

“Actually, I’m hoping I can get her mistress to paint some stripes on my ass later tonight.” Leave it to Juliet to cut right to the heart of the matter. And in perhaps the most crass way imaginable.

The saleswoman glanced at Juliet and then let her gaze wander to my neck. I watched her do a quick mental calculation. Her entire look seemed to soften as I think she realized that my necklace might just have another, deeper significance.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “You have no idea how many college kids we get in here who have seen that fifty-shade movie and think that they’re ready to start keepin’ bitches in line. Then they send their girlfriends in here to buy the toys ’cause they’re too chicken.”

“I assure you …” I started but Juliet cut me off again.

“Her mistress is such a sweetheart,” Juliet said. “I’m probably going to have to beg her to do it.” She leaned forward, laying her hand on the saleswoman’s tattooed forearm as she shared all of the intimate details of her fantasy. I kept waiting for Juliet to pull out a stick of chewing gum and start snapping it like a two-dollar hooker, she was laying it on that thick.

“I didn’t even like that book,” the saleswoman continued. “I had to stop reading it when that jackass showed up at her parent’s house and got all controlling. Personally, I would have grabbed him by the nuts and kicked his ass to the curb.”

“Don’t even get me started,” Juliet said. “I mean, hello? Creepy stalker dude in aisle five. And chicky-babe just stands there gettin’ all weak in the knees.” Juliet cocked her thumb at me. “Her mistress is so much more civilized. Sometimes I think she just likes to spoil us. She even lets this one domme me around sometimes as a treat.”

I bit my lip to suppress a giggle. Leave it to Juliet to make a friend wherever she might go.

“Hey, I’m not really supposed to do this,” the saleswoman leaned over and whispered like it was some kind of big secret, “but if you two want to head to the back, I can let you take it for a little test drive.”

“Really? That’d be great.” Juliet was grinning from ear to ear, and it was getting to be a little much. She had her hand on the woman’s arm again, and it was taking all my resolve not to just reach out and smack her.

“Um — we really can’t stay long,” I said. “I have to work.”

“Not til four, Miss Charlotte.” Juliet put on perhaps the best academy award-winning pout I have ever seen cross her lips. “Please?”

I wanted to lean over and wring her obnoxious little neck, but I found myself nodding instead.

“Dave, can you watch the counter for a sec?” As soon as the big man started walking, the saleswoman held a curtain aside for us. “Come on you two.”

We stepped into what was a rather cramped and disheveled stockroom. bursa sınırsız escort There were cardboard boxes piled up to the ceiling along every wall and a few in the middle of the room that had been opened to reveal sex toys of every description inside brightly-colored display packaging. The fire inspector would have a field day in here.

“I’m assuming you’ll want to start.” The saleswoman laid the black leather-wrapped handle of the flogger against my palm. “Come on, I saw the death glare you were giving your friend earlier. Go ahead and lay one on her.”

“Um, I don’t know,” I said. “I’ve only ever used a crop on her. And that didn’t go very well.”

“Oh, sorry. I guess I shouldn’t assume,” the saleswoman said. “Never assume, because it just makes an ass out of you and me. Get it? Ass — U — Me.” By the time she finished explaining, Juliet was giggling and had her hand on the woman’s arm again.

Keep it up, Juliet, I thought and squeezed the leather-wrapped handle in my hand.

“OK sugar, lean forward and rest your hands on these boxes.” The saleswoman patted one of the cardboard shipping boxes and Juliet leaned forward as she had asked. The saleswoman looked at me next. “Now you’ll want to get her warmed up first. So just drag this over her shoulders a few times.”

I reached my arm out and pulled the business end of the crop over the width of Juliet’s mostly bare shoulders until I got to the end and then reversed direction. I watched Juliet shiver, and judging from the gooseflesh rising on her skin, I don’t think it was just for show.

“Nice, isn’t it?” the saleswoman asked as I took another pass. Juliet just gave a throaty moan in response. “Now,” the saleswoman said, “go ahead and gather up the tails in your other hand.”

I did as she instructed and pulled the tails into my left hand as I continued holding the handle in my right. I thought I knew what was coming next. I figured I should do a light tap. I wasn’t worried so much about hurting Juliet as I was about her having an orgasm right here in the back room.

“Yep, like that. OK, get a little tension in it and let ‘er rip.”

Smack. I laid the tails right between Juliet’s shoulder blades. I watched as a violent shudder coursed through the entire length of her. I wanted to reach over and check her thighs, since I knew that like me she had elected to forego undergarments this morning.

“Hey, not bad for your first time.” The saleswoman was smiling. “Make sure you avoid any hard smacks to the spine or the kidneys, OK? Wanna give her a few across that cute little backside?”

I heard Juliet let out a long sigh. I looked into her wide eyes at pupils that were the size of dinner plates. She was nodding vigorously.

“I’d love to, but it’ll have to wait. I still have to go to work tonight and I don’t want to wear myself out.” No sooner did the words leave my lips, than I heard a groan escape Juliet. I grinned and held the handle out to the saleswoman. “But, would you mind showing me how it’s done? And please don’t feel like you need to be gentle at all.”

I don’t know whose smile was bigger, Juliet’s or the saleswoman’s. I heard a crack and a moan, and a few minutes later walked out of the back room with a very satisfied Juliet clutching my arm in an effort to maintain her balance.

“That’s a very lovely collar by the way. Looks custom. Must have cost your mistress a pretty penny.” The saleswoman placed the flogger in a very discrete black plastic bag and passed it over the counter to me along with my credit card.


“My name’s Zoe by the way.” She handed me a condom with the store’s contact information printed on the wrapper that I assumed was supposed to serve as her business card. “If you two ever need anything else, just ask for me and I’ll be happy to let you try it out before you have to lay down any hard cash. As long as there’s no fluids involved.”

Juliet heaved another deep sigh at the mention of fluids.

“Thanks, Zoe. I’m Charlotte, and this dreamy-eyed wreck over here is Juliet.”

“Nice to meet you. Now go make that Mistress of yours happy.”

I smiled, clutched the bag in my hand, and turned toward the door.

“Oh god, Charlotte.” Juliet said as we hit the sidewalk. “Promise you’ll do that to me when we get home.”

I smiled and patted her arm. “I’ve got to work, darling. You know that. You’ll just have to try to contain yourself.”


Let’s Just Go Straight to Dessert


I grumbled as I looked at the clock in the corner of my computer monitor. I thought I was so close to being out of here and back home to my girls, but now it looked as if I wouldn’t even get there in time to see Charlotte before she left for her lounge gig.


I fished out my phone and glanced at the incoming text. Speak of the devil.

C: Don’t come to the lounge tonight, M. Go home instead. Through the front door.
N: OK, but why?
C: Juliet wants to have a play date, M. Please say yes.
N: Yes.
C: If she spills wine on you, pretend to get really upset. OK, M?
N: Do I even want to know what you girls got up to while I was away?
C: Probably not, M. But ask Juliet about Zoe when it’s all done.
N: Alright. Love you baby.
C: Love you too, M

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