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She had just turned 18 a few days ago and sitting in a cold classroom was definitely not where she wanted to be right now. Mr. Dunn leaned one skinny ass cheek against his desk and referred to his notes before beginning another section of his lecture. Kat jotted down a few notes to refresh her memory later and spent most of the class period looking out the window. This was the last class of the day and she was antsy to get out of the ridiculous uniform she was forced to wear. Did they actually think that knee socks and little plaid skirts were demure? She might as well go naked or wear a sandwich board advertising for lecherous old men to defile her innocent body!

She was still a virgin, more from lack of opportunity than by design. The same parents who had sent her to private school also insisted on knowing her every move. It was annoying but she would be free soon enough. She had already been accepted into the music program at a great liberal arts college. The school’s location was even better than the reputation. It was in Illinois and her parents would still be in Colorado.

Mr. Dunn glanced at the clock in the back of the room, quickly hit on the last couple of points in his lecture and assigned a hefty chunk of reading before the bell rang. Kat stretched, her large breasts threatening the buttons on her snowy white blouse, and tucked her notebook into her bag. She stood and smoothed her skirt. Strolling slowly to her locker, Kat exchanged books for keys and jacket. Swarms of little plaid skirts and navy blazers dashes down the hallways and out the door

Kat waved to a few friends and dropped by Ian’s locker to give him a copy of the history notes he had missed the day before. He was absolutely gorgeous and his looks hadn’t gone to his head because he was a genuinely nice person. They had been casually dating for several months and he hadn’t pressured her for more than a few kisses. Kat found him insanely attractive and cared for him deeply but she knew she wasn’t in love. She knew she wanted him though, despite her innocence. Her body responded to him and when he looked at her, her knees turned to jelly. Looking up at him through long sooty lashes, Kat felt a familiar heat pool in her belly. She leaned against the cool metal of the next locker so her knees wouldn’t betray her feelings. Ian wasn’t fooled by her casual attitude because he could see the outline of her nipples through her shirt and a flush creeping up from the open neck of her blouse.

“Are we still on for tonight?” he asked while he took the sheet of paper from her hand.

“Sure. Where are we going? I want to know what to wear.” With this comment she plucked nervously at the hem of her shirt. His mouth went dry and his palms went damp with the need to touch her silky skin. He had wanted to get in her pants since freshman year but he didn’t want to betray their long-time friendship either.

“I was thinking that I would follow you home so you can change and drop off your car and then we could hit that new Japanese place.” He grinned, trying in vain to conceal where his thoughts had been wandering. Kat had seen the bulge behind the zipper of his pants Bostancı Escort and licked her full pink lips before speaking again.

“Lets get out of here then.” Kat tossed a look over her shoulder as she turned to go. “If I beat you there, just come in and make yourself at home.” A plan was quickly forming in her mind. She knew that her parents would both be at work until at least 6 o’clock and usually met for coffee afterward. That should give her plenty of time to seduce Ian. She turned her key in the ignition, thinking that it wouldn’t be too hard to do. His reaction by the lockers proved that but he was just so damn nice she wasn’t completely sure it would work. She would have to do something drastic.

Kat pulled into the driveway and double-checked the garage to make sure no one had decided to come home early. She sent a quick text message to both parents, telling them she had a date with “that nice boy” and planned to be home early. She set the phone to silent and stuck it in the pocket of her jacket, which she promptly hung up by the door. Her parents would probably give her a hard time but, oops, she wouldn’t get the message.

Kat set her bag by the door and began to unbutton her crisp white blouse. She had decided that the best course of action was to leave Ian an irresistible trail of “breadcrumbs”. She left the blouse partway up the stairs like a glowing white flag. Her skirt dropped to the floor at the top of the stairs. She heard Ian’s old bronco pull into the driveway so she disappeared around the corner into the hall. The front door clicked when Ian pushed it open. Kat quickly unsnapped her simple white bra and dropped it to the floor. Her panties were moist with anticipation as she heard his footsteps start up the stairs. Her nipples tingled in the air-conditioned breeze and she ducked quickly into her room, leaving her damp cotton panties in the hallway. Kat stripped off her shoes and socks, crawled up onto the bed, and knelt there facing the door.

“Kat?” Ian stopped dead in his tracks and tried to swallow the lump that formed in his throat at the sight of her sweet naked body.

“Come here Ian,” Kat breathed quietly, her voice trembled slightly. He wasted no time striding over to the bed and caught her behind the head. His hand tangled in her soft coppery curls and he dropped soft feathery kisses over her cheeks, nose and eyelids before landing on her lush mouth.

“Are you sure?” Ian asked as he grazed a hand over her smooth shoulder. Kat tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, unaware that the act became incredibly erotic as her breasts jiggled slightly with the movement.

“I want you to be the first.” She said quietly, her voice nervous. She hoped desperately that he wouldn’t think she was being silly. Ian had thought she was still a virgin and so he hadn’t pushed her to have sex but thinking it and knowing it were two very different things.

Sinking down onto the bed beside her, Ian felt his dick become harder if that was even possible. Kat was so beautiful and here she was offering him something special that she had given to no one else. That was an insane amount of pressure. Ümraniye Escort He wanted to make sure that her first rime was special. Kat grasped Ian’s large hand and placed it on her breast, needing no more words to express her feelings. Her nimble fingers began to unbutton his shirt and she reached inside to caress the hard slabs of muscle. She gasped and arched into his hand as he began to rub the pad of his thumb over the tight little nub of her nipple.

Ian shrugged out of his shirt and lay back against the pillows, dragging her down on top of him. Her naked body rubbed against the full length of him. He kissed her slowly and rubbed her back with one hand while the other grazed down her ribs and cupped her ass, tilting her hips so she could feel the full length of his hot throbbing erection. She moaned softly and clutched at his muscular shoulders. Her hips moved against him, instinctively seeking what she needed so badly. Ian groaned softly into her luxurious hair, trying to quiet his growing lust. Kat squirmed down his body, her tight little peaks burning twin trails down his chest and rippling abdominal muscles. She couldn’t resist dropping tiny little wet kisses down the front of his body. Ian shivered, amazed that despite her inexperience, Kat instinctively knew just what to do to set his blood boiling.

He caught her delicate hands in his large strong ones and his lips captured hers in a soul-searching kiss. He rolled her beneath him and she returned his kisses, moaning softly when he cupped her full breasts in his strong calloused hands. Pleasure flowed like warm honey from the tingling peaks of her nipples to the as yet untouched treasure between her thighs. Ian’s kisses traced along her jaw to the hollow below her ear. He burned a trail down her throat and nipped playfully at her collarbone, drawing a gasp from her as shivers coursed clear down to her toes. Ian couldn’t believe how her innocent body responded to him. Kat mewled in pleasure as Ian’s mouth continued lower. He pressed her breasts together with his hands and slowly, deeply suckled them one after the other. Her hands tangled into his wavy bond hair and she arched desperately against his mouth when he began to alternately scrape her nipples with his teeth and lave them with his tongue. Her nipples glistened with his saliva. Ian lifted his head and watched her beautiful face flush with pleasure as he gently blew across the wet peaks. Kat’s pants and gasps turned into low moans when he sucked her icy nipples back into his mouth, the heat of his tongue feeling like fire.

Ian rose to his knees as he kissed his way down her belly, twirling his tongue in her naval. He quickly removed the rest of his clothes and pressed her thighs apart with his hands. He ran his fingers over her hips and cupped her ass, tilting her moist opening up to his hungry mouth. His tongue ran along the crease between her hip and thigh and all around her pussy without ever touching it. He bit her gently on the sensitive ridge of flesh where her upper thigh met the mound of her sex and her hips rolled crazily, begging him to finally give her the pleasure she sought. Ian grazed Ataşehir Escort his tongue along the lips of her pussy, barely passing between them; each stroke imperceptibly deeper until he reached her engorged clit. Kat shivered and moaned, incoherently babbling at the intense sensations passing through her body. Helpless juices flowed from her virgin opening as he stabbed his tongue deep inside. He began to roll her clit with his tongue, slowly and then faster and faster.

Ian knew she would feel pain this first time and wanted to make sure he didn’t hurt her any more than necessary. He ran a finger between her trembling pussy lips and found her slick with moisture. He gently pressed a finger inside up to the barrier of her cherry. She was very wet so he pushed a second finger into her, stretching her to help her accommodate his thick shaft. He continued to lick her clit while sliding his fingers into her tight, wet sheath. Her pleasure was building higher and when she was just about to climax he removed his hand and pressed the engorged head of his aching penis against her dripping wet opening.

He was so large and she was so tight that Ian had to strain to push the first inch into her. She ached with the new sensations and even a little pain as her body stretched for his huge dick. He continued to push forward slowly, letting her become accustomed to his girth. As the pain faded, it was replaced by pleasure. Her hips bucked and she cried out, begging him for more. When the head of his cock reached her virginal barrier, he pulled back and pressed forward a few times. Her pussy lips stretched around his dick, spread open so far that her clit was completely exposed. He found the little nub with his thumb and rolled it around while he pumped the first couple of inches into her just until he bumped into her cherry. She arched her body and wetness flooded around his shaft as her orgasm rushed through her. As she rode out her climax, Ian thrust deep into her wet sheath. She felt the pain when he tore through her virginity but it paled in comparison to the pleasure. Their pubic bones pressed together and Ian let her rest for a moment. He kissed her breasts and lips and even the tip of her pert little nose.

When Kat regained her senses, she moved her hips experimentally, grinding her clit between their pubic bones. She moaned and gripped his shoulders tightly when Ian rolled onto his back, taking her with him. Kat found herself sitting astride Ian’s powerful body. His hands gripped her hips and helped her find the rhythm as she rode him. She leaned forward to give him better access to her dangling breasts and shuddered when he began to gently chew at her nipples. She fucked him slowly, still very tight, her pussy clenched around his shaft. She was surprised to feel herself speeding toward another earth shattering climax. Ian was close too. He felt the sperm gathering in his balls. Kat shuddered above him, her nails digging into his chest and her tight pussy clenched around his cock. She squealed and panted, her juices flooding over his thick shaft.

This was finally too much for Ian to take. He rolled her beneath him once more. He pulled his dick out and shot jet after jet onto her heaving tits. It dripped down to pool between her breasts. With one last shudder, he collapsed next to her and groaned. Kat smiled and kissed him softly on the lips, feeling vibrant and more alive than ever before in her life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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