Kat has a Dog Ch. 05

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The next morning at breakfast I realized I had miscalculated my arrival in Cork. The tour agenda that day was to visit a hurl maker and learn the rules of hurling — one of the two truly Irish sports (the other being Gaelic football). The rest of the day would be ours to explore Kilkenny. It wouldn’t be until the following day that we would arrive in Cork. I reluctantly texted the bad news to Kat. She reiterated her saying from the other day with her text Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder followed by a kiss. If she only knew how fond of her I was. Another text followed — a picture of her smiling face with the caption A Ray of Sunshine for Your Day. I couldn’t help but smile. I sent her a selfie with the caption Missing You! followed by a kiss. Just then Brad and Patti sat down at my table.

“Breakfast two days in a row! No walking?” Brad winked.

“No where to walk to,” I answered.

“No where or no one to walk too?” Brad grinned.

“Well played,” I laughed.

“I’d like to see the lass that has you so smitten,” Brad said.

“Perhaps you will one of these days,” I replied.

Just then our tour guide came by and we chatted about the upcoming visit to the hurl maker. Our guide had been a hurler in his younger days and told us a bit about the sport. Soon breakfast was done and it was off to the bus.

The visit with the hurl maker was fascinating. His shop was small so while he showed part of the group how a hurl was hand crafted, his friend demonstrated how the hurl was used to the other half of the group and explained the scoring and rules of the game. Then the two groups switched so everyone got the full picture.

When we returned to Kilkenny part of our group wanted to go one direction and part another. We made plans to meet at Kyteler’s Inn for a late lunch. Kyteler’s Inn is one of the oldest inns in Ireland having been established in the 13th century. Dame Alice de Kyteler had four husbands who all died mysterious deaths. She was subsequently accused of witchcraft in Europe’s first witchcraft trial and sentenced to the stake. Her local connections and wealth allowed her to flee to England.

I headed off towards St Canice’s Tower. My wife and I had visited it two years prior. The tower is one of only two free standing medieval towers in Ireland that can be climbed. Dated to the 9th century, it stand about 100 feet tall and the view from the top is breathtaking. Two years ago the day had been overcast but today the sun was shining. Only a limited amount of people are allowed in at any one time due to the small viewing area. I purchased my ticket and began the climb. As I was ascending there were three people descending. Due to the tight quarters, I hugged the wall at the second landing while they descended the ladder. They told me they were the last ones up. When I reached the top I was alone. As I took in the view of Kilkenny below me and the surrounding countryside my thoughts returned to two years prior. I had so enjoyed that trip with my wife. I could see her standing there now gazing out at the city. My heart ached as I thought of all we had been through. She had died way too young. I took some photos and then began my descent.

Back at Kyteler’s Inn the group shared stories and pictures of where they had been and discussed where to go next. Naturally, Brad wanted to find the Hole In The Wall. That was a 16th century tavern located in Ireland’s oldest surviving townhouse. We pulled out the map and charted our course. The tavern indeed was a hole in the wall. Our group of about a dozen filled the place to capacity. We chatted with the proprietor as we quaffed a drink. We left and checked out some of the other sites. Soon it was dinner time. As the day faded into night, our group chatted over dinner. For a day that I thought would pass agonizingly slow it had run off fairly quickly. I returned to the hotel and texted Kat to see if she was available to chat.

My phone buzzed with a FaceTime request from Kat. We talked about our day. She had had a good time catching up with family. I told her of my return to St Canice’s Tower.

“Wasn’t that a tight space?” Kat asked.

“Yes, tight and a bit chilly,” I replied. “If I’m in a tight space I’d prefer it to be tight and warm,” I istanbul escort winked.

Kat laughed. “I agree,” she said with a smile.

“I’ll definitely be in Cork tomorrow late afternoon,” I told her.

“Let me know when you arrive,” Kat replied. “I miss you, Jim.”

“I miss you too, Kat,” I said. Kat yawned. “You better rest up for tomorrow young lady,” I said.

She smiled. “You too old pensioner.”

We blew each other kisses and signed off. I sat there thinking of how life can change so quickly — the unexpected death of my wife, the impromptu introduction to Kat. Moments of indescribable pain, times of unbelievable elation. There must be some grand plan, I thought. This can’t all be happenstance. It seemed strange how being in one place at a particular time could potentially lead to a totally unexpected change in your life. There had been a couple of times where I had seriously considered cancelling the trip. Now, look how it had turned out so far. I took a shower and went to bed.

The following day we left Kilkenny and headed to Cork via Waterford. Our stop in Waterford included a tour of the Waterford Crystal factory. It was fascinating to watch the craftsmen exhibit their skills from the blowing of the glass and forming it into different shapes to the etching of the various designs in the crystal. A plethora of intricately carved pieces were displayed showing the wide range of sizes and fine details. In the window was a wine goblet over five feet tall. I remembered taking a picture of my wife standing next to it and her smile. While the rest of the group examined the gift shop I decided to stroll around town. A light rain had begun falling as I returned to the bus. The brief shower was finished by the time we left the city.

Our next stop was Cahir Castle. During its heyday in the 13th to 15th centuries it was a state of the art defensive fortification. It finally fell to Cromwell’s forces in the 16th century. In fact, there were still two cannonballs embedded in the stone walls. Much of its original structure remained and it was indeed impressive. The portcullis was still operational and the site had been featured in several movies. Our local guide related how the royal family lived at the time. It wasn’t all fancy feasts and royal balls. Even the hygiene of the royalty seemed woefully inadequate when compared to our modern conveniences.

Finally, in late afternoon we entered Cork. After checking in to the Kingsley Hotel I texted Kat to notify her of my arrival. Kat texted back that we should meet at the Oliver Plunkett pub at six. I tapped that name into the maps feature of my phone and located it — the wonders of technology! I then took a shower and headed into town to meet her.

I scanned the room as I entered the pub and saw Kat seated at a table with another couple. I guessed the man to be in his early 40s and the other woman about the same. From what I could see he seemed fairly stocky but solidly built. Kat waved and I strode to their table. She hopped up and gave me a light kiss. “It’s great to see you again, Jim,” she said with a broad smile.

“At my age, that’s what I say every day when I look in the mirror,” I retorted.

Kat laughed. “It’s truly great to see you again, Kat,” I said.

Kat said, “I’d like you to meet my younger brother, Eamon and his wife, Siobhan.”

I extended my hand as he slightly rose, “Pleased to meet you,” I said. His firm grip and smile made me feel welcome. I then shook Siobhan’s hand. I sat down and ordered a Bulmers. I felt Kat’s leg rub against mine and her hand on my thigh. What a great feeling! I reached down and clasped her hand.

We had been chatting for over an hour when Kat said, “Excuse me, I need to use the facilities.”

“I’ll go with you,” said Siobhan.

After the ladies had left, Eamon leaned forward. “My sister seems pretty serious about you, Jim.”

“Really?” I answered.

“Oh yes. For the past few days it seems in every conversation she eventually brings your name into it.”

“I’m flattered, Eamon. She is a remarkable lady,” I said.

“That she is, Jim,” Eamon replied. Then with a serious demeanor he said, “She’s been hurt before, Jim. Too many times. I don’t want escort bayan her to be hurt again.”

“Eamon, I’ll tell you what I told her shortly after we first met. I’ll never intentionally hurt her in any way. I care for her too much to do that. That said, I am a guy and we sometimes do stupid stuff.”

“Isn’t that the truth,” Eamon laughed.

I continued. “So I may hurt her unintentionally. But if I ever do, I’ll try to make it up to her. Eamon, I loved my wife, God rest her soul. And I love my children. But I haven’t felt the kind of love I feel for Kat since my wife died. She is a special lady and if I have anything to do with it she’ll never be hurt again.”

Eamon sat back. “I’m glad to hear you say that, Jim. And I believe you truly mean it. I haven’t seen her this happy in years. I could hear it in her voice when she called us to say she was driving down from Dublin. Then when we saw her, she just seemed to glow.”

“I’ll be trying my best to keep that smile in her voice and that glow on her face,” I replied.

Eamon leaned forward again. “She told me you know.” I knew what he was inferring.

“Yes, I know,” I replied.

“And it doesn’t bother you?” asked Eamon, his brow arched.

“It doesn’t bother me in the least,” I replied. “I love Kat and I love everything about Kat. So she may be different. We’re all different in one way or another. Some of us are different outwardly and some are different internally. But all our features combine to make us who we are. And I love who Kat is — the total package. The older I get the more I see that minor differences shouldn’t result in major problems. I know I’m rambling on but the bottom line is I love Kat as she is. I wouldn’t change a hair on her head.”

Eamon sighed. “You don’t know how glad that makes me feel Jim. I’ve been praying that Kat would find somebody who would accept and love her for who she is. I think she has now.”

I extended my hand again and we shook. “You’ll not ever have to worry about me mistreating your sister.”

The girls were returning to the table. “Did you two have a nice chat?” asked Kat.

“Yes indeed,” I replied. “We talked about family and how lucky we both were to have you beautiful women in our lives.” Our conversations continued for a couple hours before Eamon stood up.

“Time for us to head home, sis. I have to work in the morning. Great to meet you, Jim,” he said as he shook my hand.

“It was my pleasure to meet the two of you,” I replied.

Kat stood up. “Need a lift back to your hotel?” she asked.

“Well, I was going to get in my steps. But if you’re offering a ride, I’ll certainly take you up on that,” I said with a wink.

Kat laughed. “I’d love to give you a ride,” she said stroking my arm.

As we drove Kat asked about my conversation with Eamon. “He’s very protective of me,” she said. “Sometimes I think he’s overly so.”

“He loves you Kat. I told him he’d never need to worry about me mistreating you. It’s nice to see close families who love each other. I’ve seen too many that are petty, backbiting, and vindictive.”

Kat sighed. “You’re so right. I can’t even imagine being raised in that environment.”

We pulled up to the hotel and parked. I leapt out of the car and went around to open her door. “Such a gentleman,” she said.

“Ulterior motives,” I confessed. “I wanted to get you in my arms faster.” I embraced her and we kissed long and deeply. “Mmmmm,” I murmured, “I’ve missed that.”

“Me too,” Kat whispered.

“Want to come up for a nightcap?” I asked.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Kat replied with a laugh. “Was it too presumptuous of me to bring an overnight bag?”

“I’d have been disappointed if you didn’t,” I murmured. I grabbed her bag and we headed up to my room.

The room door hadn’t even shut before we were all over each other. I held her tightly as we kissed. My hands reached down to fondle her ass. She did the same to mine and I could feel our two hard cocks rubbing against each other through the clothes. Breaking our kiss finally I murmured, “I think we’re overdressed.” It was so erotic as we each undressed the other. As my pants dropped to the floor she saw my cock straining against the Ataşehir escort boy shorts she had given me.

“You look good in these, Jim,” she said.

“I’ve been washing them every day and wearing them to remind me of you. Not that I need any reminder to think of you,” I replied as I kissed her again. Her hand slipped down and fondled my cock. I almost came at her touch. Pushing her back gently on the bed I slipped down her body taking a hard nipple in my mouth. She gasped softly. I gently tongued and sucked it as my left hand massaged her other nipple and my right hand fondled her cock. I felt her hands on the top of my head gently pushing me lower. I slowly licked her cock and sucked the tip of it in my mouth as her moaning increased.

“Don’t tease me, Jim,” she gasped. I just want it hard and fast now. We have all night to tease each other.”

With that I began bobbing up and down on her beautiful shaft. Her body began to writhe as her moans became louder. Soon her hips began driving her cock into my mouth. I could sense her climax building as her cock swelled. With a cry she thrust her hips once more into my mouth and I could feel her cock erupt. I swallowed a couple of times as her cum just kept on spurting. Finally, with a sigh and a soft moan, her hips slumped down on the bed and her cock popped out of my mouth. I crawled back up her body kissing and caressing her tiny nipples as I headed back up to her mouth. Her breathing was starting to settle down as our tongues danced. “Mmmm, you do that so well,” she said with a sigh.

“I’m glad you enjoy it, Kat,” I said softly. “It’s so fucking erotic to see you reacting to my ministrations. I think I get just as much out of it as you do.”

“Jim?” Kat said looking deep into my eyes.

“Yes, Kat.”

“Now I need you to fuck me. God I’m so horny around you. Fuck me hard lover.” I reached for the lube and coated my cock. Rubbing some on her ass her moans intensified. I lined up the tip of my cock with her ass and slowly pushed in. Her ass felt incredible! It was tight and warm as it grasped my cock. I paused after I buried myself to the hilt. “Wear me out, Jim,” Kat whispered as she pulled me down into a kiss. I began thrusting into her with abandon. “That’s it,” she grunted. “Give me your cock. Oh God, you feel so fucking good!” She began bucking her hips up in time to my thrusts, driving me deeper into her. “Yes, fuck me, fuck me, harder, oh fuuccckkk!” Kat gasped. Our bodies slapped against each other — the sweet music of love. I never wanted it to end it felt so incredible! But soon, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I felt the impending explosion.

“Are you ready?” I whispered.

“Yes, yes, fill me with your cum,” Kat gasped. “Oh fuuuccckkkk, I’m going to cum!” she wailed.

“Wait for me,” I grunted as I savagely pounded into her. “Ready?” I could feel my cum boiling.

“Yes, yes, oh fuck yessssssssssssssss!!!!” Kat cried. With a roar we both erupted at the same time. It felt like I dumped a gallon of cum into her. Her cock spurted across that flat stomach of hers and splashed onto my chest. With a groan I collapsed on top of her, pulling her over on top of me as I rolled off. I could feel our hearts beating furiously in unison. The aftershocks of her orgasm rippled across her body and I could feel her ass clench my softening cock. We lay together for half an hour. As our breathing returned to normal she locked lips with me. Then, pulling back, she softly said, “Let’s stay like this, Jim.”

“Gladly,” I murmured, “although it may be difficult to get around in public like this.”

Kat chuckled. “Wouldn’t that be interesting though?” she laughed.

“How about a shower?” I asked.

“Irish hotel rules?” Kat replied with a gleam in her eye.

“Absolutely!” I said as my cock popped out of her ass. I could feel a steady stream of my cum running over me from her ass. “Good thing this room has two beds,” I remarked.

“Yes, at least I’ll be able to sleep on something dry,” Kat said with a wink.

I reached out and tweaked her nipple.

“Oooohhh,” Kat reacted. “We may need to add that to our play.”

“Damn,” I sighed in exasperation. “I can’t even discipline you,” I said in mock anger as I stood up.

Kat had taken a step towards the shower. Reaching back she grasped my cock. “You can always beat me with this big club,” she giggled. God did I love this woman!

“Be careful what you ask for,” I murmured as I nuzzled her neck while we headed towards the shower.

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