Kate , Lucy Ch. 1

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Lucy and Kate first met one night while at a fancy nightclub. Kate was sitting at a bar wearing a very elegant Black dress with a slit on the side to show off her right leg, and her breasts were pushed up to give her a nice cleavage. She also had short black hair, tanned skin, and extra eye shadow to give her an exotic look.

Kate first spotted Lucy entering the club and was enchanted by her beauty. Lucy was wearing a hot pink dress, pink high heals, and she also had her breasts pushed up to show off her cleavage. She also had long dirty blonde hair, lips like Pamela Anderson, and she big beautiful blue eyes that seemed to get more attention the the rest of her body.

As Lucy sat at the end of the bar she spotted Kate looking at her and gave her a smile and a wink before sitting down and ordering a drink. Kate sat up from her seat,walked over to Lucy and sat down next to her.

“I’m Kate,” she said.

“I’m Lucy, you wanna drink with me?”


And so they drank, but not to heavily. They began talking, but it was mostly flirting. Finally, Kate asked Lucy if she would like to go to a hotel that was nearby and rent out a room for the night. It was a cheap hotel, but it was in a good neighborhood, and they don’t ask questions about your business. Lucy agreed, they paid for their drinks and left the nightclub.

As soon as they walked into the room and locked the door, Kate slowly came up to Lucy and gave her a small kiss on the mouth. They wrapped their arms around each other and began kissing more passionately.

“Mmmm, you taste good,” said Kate.

“Thank you,” Lucy replied. She gave Kate one more small kiss. “Before we do anything, I’d like to get business out of the gorukle escort bayan way.”

“So do I,” said kate, then she kissed her some more.

“It’ll be $300,” said Lucy.

She was about to kiss Kate again but Kate held back.

“What do you mean?” Kate asked.

“You’re supposed to give me $300.”

“No, you are supposed to give Me $300.”

They let go of each other and stared at one another in disbeleif over one of the biggest mistakes in both their professional careers. They realized that they were both prostitutes and they thought the other person was them for sex.

“Wow” said Kate as she gave a small chuckle.

“Yeah, I know, what are the chances of this happening?”

“Very good chance I guess from all of this.”

“Well I better get going than, time is money.”

Lucy was about to head to the door but Kate grabbed her hand.

“Why go?” Kate asked. “We already rented the room, why let it go to waste?”

Lucy first laughed but as she looked into Kate’s eyes she knew she was serious.

“I’m sorry,” Lucy said. “But I don’t swing that way unless I get paid for it, and I really need the money. So if you don’t mind I have to get back to work.”

She was about to head for the door again, but kate stopped her again.

“I’ll pay you,” she said.

“You will?”

“Sure, I’m in no rush to go anywhere tonight. Plus, I really want to get my hands on that nice ass of yours.”

“Wow! this is weird, a hooker paying another hooker for sex. But, sure, why not?”

Kate got the money from her purse and gave it to Lucy. They both stripped down to their underware and got on the bed.

“So you must realy like men, huh?” nilüfer escort bayan asked Lucy.

“That’s right. I like men too, but I really love the feel of a women, you know what I mean?”

“Women are OK, but I really men more.”

“Well maybe tonight I can change your mind”

“We’ll see.”

They were standing on their knees on the bed, holding each other tightly while kissing. their breasts pressed together and they could feel each others hearts pumping. Their kisses were wild, but it was Kate who was in control of them. And even though Lucy stated that she wasn’t that much into women, she couldn’t help being aroused by the way Kate worked her tongue in her mouth.

They finally let go of their lips and moved their hands around each others bodies. They took of each others bras and played withe each others breasts with their hands. Kate grabbed Lucy’s head and moved it down to her breasts. Lucy sucked on Kate’s right nipple as she twisted the other one with her fingers.

Finally it was Kates turn. She threw Lucy on her back and mounted her. She started kissing her lips then moved her way down to her breasts where she stayed for a while kissing and massaging them.

Then she moved her way down Lucy’s stomache then to her crotch. She removed Lucy’s lacy white panties and exposed her shaved pussy. First she placed three of her fingers into that pussy and massaged it hard and fast. Lucy instantly got excited. She grabbed her own breasts as her back arched upward, she was on the verge of an orgasm. Her pussy was getting wetter as little drips of her juices started falling out.

Kate let go of Lucy’s pussy and got up to remove her own panties. bursa otele gelen escort bayan Then she repositioned herself onto of Lucy for a 69 position. Lucy grabbed Kate’s ass,threw her face right into Kate’s pussy and worked her tongue all over it. Kate did the same thing to lucy but with more intensity and experience due to her chosen sexual orientation.

They remained in that position until they both experienced and orgasm, first Lucy than Kate. As Kate got off of Lucy, Lucy thought that they were through, but she then saw Kate grab her purse and pull out a strap-on with a large dildo attached to it.

“Oh my, you’re not going to use that on me are you?” Lucy asked.

“I sure am sweethart.”

Kate got on top of Lucy, guided the head of the dildo to the entrance of Lucy’s pussy and thrusted it righ on in. Lucy gulped from the pain, the dildo didn’t feel like a real penis, it was harder a littler larger than she’s used to. Kate began thrusting the strap on in and out of Lucy as hard and fast as she can. Even though Kate didn’t fuck as good with a dick as a real man, it was still enough to Lucy very excited.

“Oooh, more, more.”

“You want more you little slut?”

“Oh, yes, please, fuck me hard.”

Kate tried to fuck Lucy harder and faster as best as she could. Lucy’s eyes were rolled up, her mouth was wide open, and she was making small moaning sounds. She was close to getting Lucy off, she could feel it.

“Cum for me bitch, cum already.”

Lucy screached to the top of her lungs.

“OOOOOOHHHH, yes, yes, yes, I;m cumming.”

Kate finally stopped and fell on top of Lucy. They held each other and looked into each others eyes. Lucy couldn’t resist her temptation; she grabbed Kates head, pulled it to hers and kissed her harder than she ever did for a client.

They held each other for several minutes, kissing and feeling each others bodies before letting go. They laid on the bed next to each other talking and watching TV.

The End! For now!

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