Katherine and Katie’s Lesson Ch. 01

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The first time I was ever tied up occurred right after I graduated college and moved into an apartment. The day I moved in, my new next door neighbors were happy to introduce themselves. Katherine and Katie were two married women around the age, of, let’s say a little under thirty-five. They invited me in for coffee, and while I really was just planning on relaxing at home, I was inclined to join them. Their figures, while covered up, could easily be seen as, for a lack of a better word, magnificent. Katherine, whose long hair was a dark natural red, wore a long black dress that wasn’t afraid to show off her perky cleavage. She also had a slight English accent. Katie, a blonde, also was showing off her amazing breasts in a white top, but also wore a pair of short-shorts that wouldn’t be allowed anyway near a school of any kind, which allowed a beautiful ass to be seen. Regardless, we all did sit around their table drinking and talking, and it was actually enjoyable. Katherine noticed me glance at a hole in the kitchen wall, and told me that she’s been asking the landlord to get it fixed for days. She doesn’t know where it goes, but she’ll have to live with it for now. By the time I was leaving, I was already fantasizing about them, and planned to have a little fun with myself later. I still immediately took a small nap when I returned. When I awoke, I headed to the bathroom to put away some pills, when I suddenly noticed a spot on the wall, darker than the rest. On closer inspection, it was actually a hole, the same hole that led to the women’s apartment.

In hindsight, to this day I’m not sure if it was worth it to look through that hole. Of course, in reality, someone would call me a pervert, but truthfully, I was just going to have a small peek. The fact was that that small peek wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. On the other side of the hole, was, unsurprisingly, Katherine and Katie. What was surprising, was what they were doing

The natural light of the large windows showed Katherine, standing up and facing the wall of which I was looking through. She was in all black, but only wore thigh high booths, panties, bra, and an unzipped leather jacket. In one hand, she held a paddle, and in the other, a blindfold, kneeling in front of her, was Katie in high heels. She had black panties and stockings, but no bra. Her arms were behind her back in an armbinder, and she was licking the boots of Katherine. While I had never tried bondage myself, I was familiar with it and it’s workings. This continued for five minutes, while Katherine kept making comments on her style, telling her harder, or slower, or to enjoy it.

“Good girl!” She told her.

“Thank you mistress.” She exclaimed back with what I was entirely sure was a smile.

“Yes, I think you deserve a reward, stand up and turn around.”

With that Katie get out of her kneeling position, and faced my wall. As I assumed, she appeared like she couldn’t be happier. Katherine walked away for moments, and returned with a rope with a hook on both hands, wide clear tape, a metal pole, and a small black device.


Katie, with her arms still unable to move, began to move her legs away from eachother. With that, Katherine put the metal pole between them, and cuffed her ankles to it. Now Katie was permanently spread.

“Arms up!”

Katie then tried to get her arms that were behind her back to aim upwards, having to bend over to do it. Katherine then took the rope, stuck one hook through the armbinder and the other on a hook on the ceiling which I hadn’t noticed before. Katie, who wasn’t flexible enough to move her arms any higher, was now hooked into place by a rope so she couldn’t move her arms any lower. I was so intrigued by Katie’s almost nude bound body that I didn’t see Katherine begin to take off her panties.

“Open up.”

Katherine rolled her lower underwear into a ball, which Katie enthusiastically accepted into her mouth, gagging her. Katherine then took the clear tape over her lips, locking the panties into a gag.

“Can’t have you making too much noise, not yet at least.”

“Mmmmmm.” Was all that Katie could let out.

Katherine then went right next to her face, holding the blindfold, and the small device, which at this point, I was certain was a discrete vibrator, to which Katie turned her head happily. Katherine took the vibrator to her own lips, and slowly, from bottom to top, licked it, without breaking eye contact with Katie.

“I plan to put it on slow first, but let’s see how far it goes.”

To that, she slid the vibrator into Katie’s panties, right against her pussy. Finally, Katherine put the blindfold on her head, allowing her only the senses of hearing, and feeling. She walked over to the table, her boots making an amazing sound, picked up the remote, and pressed a button. Even though she said she would put it on the lowest setting, Katie immediately showed a jolt of pleasure.


“Now remember, no cumming until I say!”

Katherine stood inspecting things for a minute, admiring her own handywork, xslot and with that, she walked into the next room without so much as a word. For the next ten minutes, I watched Katie, in black topless lingerie and high heels, being unable to move practically suspended from the ceiling, being unable to see from a blindfold, being unable to talk from being gagged by another gorgeous woman’s panties, and being pleasured remotely. She was visibily becoming wetter and wetter, and I didn’t know what to do. After awhile though, Katherine returned. But I don’t believe Katie noticed through her own pleasure. Katherine now wore, still all black, high heels, new panties, a garter belt and stockings, a new bra, and a corset. Still unknown to her, she gently touched Katie’s bent over ass. Katie showed the same jolt of excitement as when the vibrator first turned on, becoming aware of Katherine’s presence.

“Are you having fun?”


“Good” She responded, one hand fondling Katie’s exposed breasts, rubbing the nipples, and the other rubbing her ass, both of which Katie enjoyed greatly.

“More satisfaction equals more pain. Do you want that?”

“MMMMmmmmmmmm!” Katie let out cheerfully, and seemed more excited for the ‘pain’ part.


Katherine walked to the table and picked up the remote, and also the paddle she put down a long time ago. She pressed another button, turning up the vibrator, which now I could hear buzzing.


Katherine positioned herself standing to the left of Katie, placed the vibrator remote on her bare backed, and held the paddle in her right hand, right over Katie’s glorious ass.

“Have you been a good girl?”


With that response, Katherine sent the paddle directly on her ass. Katie acknowledged it with a small jump forward, a small muffled yelp, and her usual moan. Katherine gently caressed her ass, moving her hand up onto her back and the remote, turning it up more.

“Have you been a good girl?”


Another smack, harder this time. Katherine was enjoying herself, with a devilish smile, but not as much as Katie was. Again, she turned up the remote another dial.

“Have you been a good girl???”


Katherine brought the paddle harder down on her than ever. Katie, as well as I, was shaking. I was sure she wouldn’t be able to take anymore until she came. Katherine quickly took off the tape and the pantie gag, picked up the remote, turned it to it’s highest setting, squeezed her cheeks, and whispered into her ear:

“Now scream for me.”

Katie didn’t need a command to let out the loudest moan I have ever heard. Her legs, still spread apart, were shaking uncontrollably. Her orgasm lasted half a minute. In that time Katherine calmly took the blindfold off, but I highly doubt she noticed with her eyes rolled back into her head. She ended this experience with a deep kiss for Katie, in which she licked her face slowly, before she took off all of her bindings. Katie was very noticeably weak, and Katherine was very helpful and comforting, getting her to a chair. They sat together, cuddling and drinking something. That’s when I should have stopped looking. But, I didn’t.

In the room, still well lit, Katherine, simply looking around, did a double take at the wall hole. I have no idea why I didn’t move then, but I just stayed there, shocked. Quickly Katie looked at what Katherine was staring at too: my eye, clearly visible, through the hole. That’s when I jumped out of the bathroom, but it was too late. Moments, later there was a knock at my door. Once again, no idea why I decided to open it, but I guess there was just not a lot of good ideas that day. Of course, it was the women. They were wearing trench coats, I’m sure simply to quickly throw on something over their revealing attire underneath.

I struggled to get any words out. “Look, I… I just got this apartment and-“

“No it’s alright.” Katherine said, surprisingly calmly.

“I’m sorry?” I confusingly asked back.

“Really. So you know we like handcuffs every once in awhile, it’s fine.” Katie added in.

“Oh- alright?”

“You don’t have to worry about a thing.” Katherine said “Actually, can we borrow you for something?”


“Just a little thing. We gonna try out some new equipment and we want to test it. It’ll only take a second.

Before I knew what was happening, I was in their apartment.

“I need you to strip down.” One of them said, I can’t remember which.

“You need me to what now?”

“Just to your boxers if you want, your other clothes would be too uncomfortable.”

Even though I didn’t believe anything could happen, I was strangely excited to be stripped and put into whatever bondage gear these women had, even if it was only for a minute.

“Come on in here.” Katie said.

Their apartment consisted of only a couple rooms, one of which was their bedroom, which they brought me into. On one side of the room was a bed, and on the xslot Giriş other, was a red chair. Of course, this wasn’t an ordinary chair. There were straps on the arm rests and legs. I could see that the arms could swivel, as well as the legs, and they could bend at the knees. The back could also lay back and come fourth. It was a way to get a bound person into several different positions without having to unbind them. You could have them in the sitting position, the sitting position with the legs spread apart, or laying down, as well as combinations of ways you lean them/how far apart you make things.

“Please, take a seat.” Katherine motioned toward it.

I was giddy, but trying my hardest not to show it. I sat down in the red leather with nothing but my briefs and socks. Katherine and Katie took no time securing me in. There were three straps on each of my arms and legs, and one on my chest and forehead. The only thing I could do was wriggle by wrists or ankles around, otherwise I wasn’t going anywhere ever. Now it was time for testing it. First they spread my legs. While it seemed like it took no effort to simply push or pull the chair ‘legs’ away from eachother, I myself couldn’t move it through force while still tied in. Next, was laying down. Katie pulled the back and head of the chair downwards, and pulled the legs up, until I was entirely 180 degrees horizontal, with my legs still spread apart.

“Now for the gag.”

“The wha-“

I couldn’t get my full sentence out before Katherine stuck a red ball with 2 straps into my mouth and tied it around my head. With no way of moving my head, there was no way of stopping her from doing it.

“Aww, he’s cute.” Katie said, gently sliding her hand up my leg. “I bet he’s going to be a fun toy for us.” She said, finishing the sentence with her hand fully up my leg, and over my crouch, feeling my huge bulge. “And it seems like he’s going to have fun too.”

Yes, it was true. Even though I was surprised and scared of what they’re saying, I was very aroused. I couldn’t help but feel excited not being in control of myself, being unable to move or speak.

“Ready to go?” Katherine asked. But it was Katie she was talking to, not me. I wouldn’t be going for a long time.

“Yeah, let me get my purse.”

And then they left. There I was, laying down tied to a red leather bondage device, unable to go anywhere or call out for help. And so began either the best or worst night of my life.

It wasn’t long before the red ballgag made me begin to drool. I was alone, staring at the ceiling. I don’t know exactly how long I was there, but I knew it was at least hours. Even without either of them around, I couldn’t stop myself from being highly aroused. It was the fact of not knowing that excited me. Every so often I would hear something that would make me think they were home, but it always turned out to be my imagination, or another apartment, I could never tell. But when someone did finally return, I was certain. There was only one set of steps, though, only one of them was home. It was Katie, I knew without even seeing her. Katherine had a very distinct sound to her steps that I remember entirely from her earlier fun was Katie. From what I could tell, she walked around the apartment for a couple minutes, which to me, felt like hours, before she finally entered the room.

“Hey, how’s it going? Katherine’ll be back later”

She said that, threw her purse onto the bed, and then left without a word. Just my luck. From the other room, I could hear her turn on the tv. I couldn’t even make out the things happening on it, all I heard was noise. Despite this, my cock was harder than ever. It was another hour before she came back into the room. I couldn’t see her, with my immobile head starring at the ceiling. She seemed to get on the bed for a little bit, with no words coming from either of us (even though I would have liked to have said a couple things). After what felt like centuries, I heard her walk over to me. Slowly and carefully, she put one leg over my chest, and climbed on top of me, using my stomach as a seat. From the bottom of my eye, I could see her blonde hair, but not much else. She moved closer, reached around the head of the chair, and leaned it forward. Now I could see her. she was starring directly into my eyes, with a subtle, but devilish smile. She wore a dark blue bra and the panties to match, which were against my stomach. Her hands were gracing my chest, and she took delight and caressing my nipples.

“I know Katherine can seem hard at first. But trust me, this gets fun. Real fun.”

I was already having fun. Almost too much fun to handle, and I think she was beginning to know that.

“I saw you look at my ass when we were having coffee. Do you like my ass?”


“Do you want my ass on your face?”


Her smile grew. Delicately she got down off me, turned around, and got back on. this time with my face facing her round ass, and her facing down towards my legs. Ever so slowly, she began to back up, making me xslot Güncel Giriş anticipate her. Eventually, her ass was directly sitting on my head. It was amazing, and I wanted nothing more. It was hard to breath, but I didn’t care. I could feel her giggling on top of me as I moved my head back and fourth between her cheeks. After a bit, she began to lean forward, but kept her butt against my gagged face. She was laying on top of my, stomach down, with her head hovering above my crouch. I soon heard a ‘snip snip’ from her scissors I hadn’t notice before, as she cut through my underwear. I was now completely naked, and my cock sprang up out of them. She made a small moan when she saw it, causing my realization that this lesbian couple wasn’t strictly lesbian. Her hands grabbed each of my thighs, moving up them slowly, up unto my crouch. She began playing with my balls. The feeling was unbearable. I was so close to cumming, but she knew that, and wouldn’t let that happen. She would do things that drove me crazy but not enough to make me orgasm. Her nails began lightly dancing on my shaft. She was stilling giggling with her ass in my face, and me enjoying every second of it. Without warning, she grabbed my shaft, stuck out her tongue a started using the tip of it to gently massage the head. It was torture. I planned to jerk off after we had coffee, but I never got around to it. I haven’t cummed in days. But she was hellbent on teasing me. After twenty minutes of my head between her cheeks and her teasing my cock, the door to the apartment opened. Katie finished teasing me by kissing my dick several times, then slowly climbed off. Katherine opened the door to my naked body.

“How are we doing in here?” She asked.

“Well, I’m having a great time, how about you?” She asked, glancing at me with a giggle.

Katherine walked up in front of me, and stood, looking like she was pondering what to do next. She was wearing the trenchcoat that she knocked on my door in. She then walked behind me and leaned the back of the chair upwards, but not entirely, followed by closing my legs, but not entirely aswell, and leaving them extended.

“Come here Katie, and lie face up on top of him.”

She did exactly as she was asked. Her head, face up, was next to mine, cheek to cheek, her legs were exactly on top of mine, and my dick was against her back.

“If he wants to watch, we’ll let him watch.” She says.

Suddenly kneeling before Katie, she tears off her blue panties, and began gently kissing her beautiful pussy. Immediately, Katie starts to moan. It’s clear that she is pleasuring Katie, but I’m the one Katherine is starring at seductively. I realize that Katie being in the same position I am on top of me, with Katherine eating her out, is supposed to simulate me thinking that I’m actually the one getting blown. It’s all the provocation without any of the pleasure. Once again, it was teasing, and once again it was torture for me. I would do anything to be able to cum. Katie starting to squeeze her own breasts and rub her now exposed nipples, but Katherine took over for her for that with her free hands. As time went on, Katherine started to eat her out harder, using her tongue to excite every inch of Katie’s pussy faster and faster. Katie was shaking, but not as much as I was. I felt like I could orgasm without anything even touching me, even though Katie’s back was. Finally, Katie let out a huge moan, as loud as she did in the spanking session. Katherine wiped her mouth, and Katie practically melted away.

Katherine pulled me into the full sitting position, with my legs closed, and then sat on my lap, facing me.

“Katie, there’s a box of chocolates on the counter, go get them please.”

Katie, of course left without a second word, and I was left with Katherine sitting on my legs, with the same evil grin I had seen several times tonight. My rockhard cock in between us, as it’s been for the past countless hours. Without warning, she reaches behind my head, and undoes the ballgag, and also the head strap. It feels good to have that stop locking my jaw in place, and I want to say a million things, except I don’t know what to say.

“Please let me cum!” Is all I can get out.

“Not yet.” She responds as Katie returns with a box of chocolates, setting them on a small table next to Katherine and I.

Katherine then drops her trenchcoat to her waist, showing off a black and white bra that works wonders for her already large perky breasts. She opens the box, ponders for a moment, takes out a heart shaped chocolate, and drops it in between her bra.

“I want you to melt this chocolate with your tongue. Do you got that?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes mistress!”

The words escape my mouth without me thinking, and suddenly, she takes the back of my head and pushes it against her cleavage. Both of her tits reach my ears, and all I can do is feel them. My tongue moves around them, inspecting every inch for the chocolate. Whenever I touch it with my tongue, it slides across the inside of bra, but I’m not complaining. She’s enjoying it as much as I am, and repeatedly thrusts herself against me. It takes three minutes before the chocolate melts, and she slowly removes her tits from my face revealing her cleavage covered in chocolate. She leaves to wash herself off, and returns quickly.

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