Katie’s Mess

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It was only 3:50 my appointment wasn’t until 4pm. Do I wait in the car or just go in? Go in.

It was an apartment within a new development, my 4 O’clock appointment was with Katie, a 23 year, petite brunette – escort. I approached the main door being as there was around 100 apartments within the block the usual unease of entering a sauna/parlour was absent.

2 young guys were exiting so there was no need to use the intercom to gain entry and I headed for apartment No. 17 – ground floor, just off the main lobby and knocked. There was no one else around, it was mid afternoon presumably most people were at work. Katie answered not with her usual “bounce” but, just a little, flustered. “Oh…. Hi Iain, come in” She beckoned me in.

She was beautiful about 5’5″, no more than a toned 125 pounds, slight curves in all the right places and long bouncy brunette hair that caught every ray of light shimmering in variety of tones.

As She directed me towards the living room She explained the reason for the fluster. “You’re early, or is my clock running slow again?”

“Your clocks fine” I assured her “It’s my fault, I’m a little early – hope I haven’t caught you at a bad time”.

I moved into the hallway rather than shout back and forth between the bedroom and livingroom. The bedroom door was standing open, leaning against the frame we chatted. She explained that She had only just finished with a customer, 2 in fact a couple of young guys. She was “surprised” I hadn’t bumped into them on the way out. I said nothing just watched her as she buzzed about stripping the bed.

“Stupid me!” She exclaimed, “what am I thinking about, we can use Chantels room” Chantel was Katie’s roommate, in the same profession; they shared the apartment for business purposes. “Give me just 5 minutes to clean myself up and I’ll be right with you” and disappeared into the en-suite.

Pausing momentarily to consider my options, I called after her “don’t worry on my account.” She popped her head out, a little confused at first, but quickly realised the implications and a small mischievous lara kendi evi olan escort grin broke out over her face.

Katie always practised safe sex (at least with her clients) so there was little risk. I love going down on women, after all there is nothing worse than an overly clean pussy – tasteless!

She walked over, her long heeled stilettos, paten black reflecting everything and burying themselves into the carpet. Kissed me passionately and dragged me on top for her on the stripped bed, temperatures rose.

After a couple of minutes of kissing / caresses etc I stood up to undress, Katie lay on the bed watching, giggling and telling me what a bad girl She had been. “Tell me about your 2 guests” I requested. As I began kissing her ankle, She began to tell me about her previous gentlemen callers.

The little one was a real rascal (her word – not mine). He had a bit of a foot fetish, that’s who the big stilettos were for, tiny cock thought – 4 inches max (She giggled).

I continued up her leg, along her soft golden thigh. My hand advancing ahead of my lips now brushed against her satin panties, it was warm, soft and above all moist.

“His friend” She continued “was a different story, this fucker was hung like a horse!” I always loved this transition from well-spoken cutie, to foul mouthed whore and I tore at the panties, dragging them to the side and approaching gently with my eager mouth.

I began lapping around her clit, feeling it rise with the attention, She lay back and relaxed further, her breathing slowed and become deeper as She relaxed and enjoyed. Standing up I removed the panties, parted her legs just wider than my shoulders and then dove in to her sweet spot.

No sooner had I restarted my work on her Brazilian shaved pussy than She took control. She rolled over, taking me with her so I was now on my back, head held between her thighs pussy dangling above me, teasingly out of reach.

“You gonna eat my pussy now?” pause “you gonna clean out my well fucked whore hole?”

That’s lara otele gelen escort what I was therefore “Oh yes, please, gimme, come on gimme, and tell me about your stallion.”

She lowered her pussy to just within range, I could reach her clit, her little hard pea of a clit, she held very still while I circled and gently massaged the button with my tongue. I could now smell her arousal, wanting the pussy so badly, my cock was hard almost pleading for attention nothing was going to distract me from this sweet meat.

“Sooth me” she requested, “that last guy was just HUGE, not long, well not massively long” She paused considering / evaluating the pounding She had received “a good seven inches, I’ve had longer, but it was FAT. Stretched me like nothing else, like having a coke bottle rammed up my cunt – it was good” I could feel her muscles quiver as she recalled the sensation.

Her pussy was wet before we started, and it was soaking now, her juices smeared over my chin and cheeks as I drove my tongue deep into her hole.

She adjusted her position slightly, I knew what was coming and held onto her pussy, She juddered for a moment or two and the juice flowed more freely than ever. Moments later She adjusted again I removed my tongue and clamped my lips around her sopping pussy. The first shot hit the back of my throat, and then a gentle golden stream filled my mouth and was gratefully swallowed. I lay back, Katie following keeping her pussy attached to my mouth. “You really are a dirty bastard – aren’t you?” I nodded gentle as the flow continued, the bitter fluid engulfing my senses. Maybe next time I’ll let my stud fuck me bare back and have you clean that up too.”

The fantasy was arousing, sucking out a freshly used cunt, dripping, oozing cum being used to clean out a whore’s pussy. A fantasy, a very arousing fantasy, but still a fantasy. My balls were aching to explode, cock twitching desperate to be relieved.

“Oh yes, gimme a really filthy cunt, I’ll clean you up” I replied safe in the knowledge lara rus escort it was not an option.

“Really?” Katie asked.

“Oh yes” still deep in my fantasy and horny as hell.

She leaned forward, and then stood directly over my head (not easy standing on a bed in 5″ stilettos). Her legs straight, golden and gorgeous She looked down on me bent over and unclasped the small buckle on her shoes. She straightened up, giggled, and began to talk.

“The little one” She begun “wanted to wank over my toes, shoot his nasty sticky load all over my feet, then lick it all off – he only did half of what he promised.” And with that She pulled her right foot out of its shoe her toes were covered in thick nasty cum.

Slowly she brought it over her head, dripping on the pillow, then my cheeks. “Suck it, clean my feet,” She commanded before pressing her toes against my lips.

Heart racing, nervously I extended my tongue, rubbed the tip against her large toe, smearing the nasty deposit, its smell already penetrating my nose, before retracting my tongue and rubbing it against the top of my mouth. It was nasty, salty; the smell was not pleasant it was erotic as hell. When I came back for a second taste Katie took control “You’ve had your taste – now take it all” She instructed, her foot now pressed against my chin and pushed my head back onto the pillow, then pointed her toes and pushed into my mouth.

My sample was now replaced with the whole top of her foot, covered in cum. The taste and smell were much stronger than previous. I eagerly devoured her foot, tongue lapping between her toes, cleaning the cum out and swallowing it all down.

“Stroke it” She now said, “Stroke your cock – I know you want to, and I want to watch you wank.”

Who was I too refuse? My cock was as hard as it had ever been, sack was tight desperate for release. Her foot was almost clean I continued to lick and kiss around it now and began stroking, rubbing, bashing my aching cock. It wasn’t long (in fact embarrassingly quick) before I was squirting my own load high in the air, even dry I continued to pound just enjoying the sensation.

Did I clean up my own mess – no chance – that’s what toilet roll is for!

We cleaned up, showered, chatted and had a laugh. She really is a nice person, a hooker true, but then that doesn’t make you a bad person. I’ll be back that’s for sure, I have a suspicion Katie has a few ideas – we’ll see.

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