Katrina to Kat

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Walking into the room in the hotel, Katrina, felt excited but also scared. She had been planning this weekend for some time. Her husband, thought she was away with friends for a Spa weekend. But that couldn’t have been further from the truth. She placed the bag she had packed so carefully, on the bed and sat down. Sighing, wondering if she were doing the right thing!

Katrina, was 31 and had been married for nearly ten years. Her husband, would never have thought, his shy, quiet wife capable of this, in fact Katrina didn’t really believe she was here at all. Two years of thinking and fantasy, had led to this moment. It started as things sometimes do, with a discussion with her husband about fantasies. He told her his all-time fantasy was to see her with another woman. She had laughed at the time, like that was going to happen. Over time, though, she thought more about it, and she realised that far from being a turn off, it was a turn on. The more, it was brought up during their sex play, the more she felt turned on. Katrina, wasn’t a prude, by no stretch of the imagination. But despite how much her husband would love, it she just felt it would be wrong with him there. Over the two years, her own fantasy had taken over and she began to imagine, her own version. Even when making love to her husband, her own fantasy would intrude. She found herself noticing women more, not just how they were dressed, but their legs or bums. Sometimes, she almost felt a smile was more of a smile, maybe even an invitation. She had never acted on it, but that didn’t mean she didn’t want to!

So here she was, she had researched, and formulated exactly what she wanted, found the right place, far enough away from home, that she would feel safe. Gone behind her husband’s back, built up enough cash, in her secret draw and finally the day had come. Travelling down by train, she had spent the entire journey, worried that she would lose her nerve. She even remembered to turn off the GPS in her phone, just in case. No one knew where she actually was and that’s just the way she wanted it. The next few days, were for her and her alone.

She stood, and slowly slid her wedding ring off, grimacing at the white band of flesh exposed. She put the wedding ring, in a draw, where it would be safe, she hoped anyway! Making her mind up, almost as if the removal of the ring, was the recognition of what she was going to do. She, slowly undressed from her blouse and jeans. First the boots, then the blouse, then the jeans. She folded each up carefully and put them in a draw. It was almost like she was shedding her identity as she removed her normal clothing. Standing in front of the mirror she bursa yabancı escort viewed herself in her plain cotton bra and knickers. Before reaching behind her and unlatching the bra, letting it fall to the floor. She grimaced at her breasts. Never large, they had at least been pert at one time, but nursing a child and time, had caused a softness and slight sag, which she hoped wasn’t too unattractive. She watched fascinated, by the dark red of her nipples. Which even when aroused, seemed to poke out more than she would like.

Her husband loved the way, her nipples thickened and distended when aroused, she hoped someone else may think so too. Her eyes travelled down her body, her waist was alright, and her hips made it look better than maybe it was, a slight roundness to her belly, but she worked hard at trying to stay trim. She knew occasionally she would attract the eye of the odd man. Further down her eyes, caught her legs, long and still shapely, she turned slightly and almost smiled, her bottom still having shape, pleased her. Finally she turned back and viewed her knickers, she could see tiny spider legs of her pubes, she grimaced even as she, hooked her thumbs in the waist band and lowered her knickers, exposing her hairy pubic region. She actually disliked it, but her husband, always preferred her ‘natural’ as he would tell her. Sometimes, she had shaved, and trimmed, but he always asked her to let it grow out. Her pubic hair, was a light brown and full, despite being a natural blonde, well dirty blonde. She wondered idly how many jokes there were about the curtains not matching.

Her green eyes, watched with distaste as her finger traced the outline of her mound, her pretty full lips compressing. She turned away from the mirror, and went to the bed, opening her suitcase, she very carefully removed the items one by one, hanging most things up, every item she had brought with her, was new, well had never been worn, she had collected the items, over time, keeping them hidden away from prying eyes, for this occasion. She smiled as she put the items in the closet, every single one having a story of searching for and finding for her. She so wanted everything to be perfect.

Picking up her wash bag and make up bag, she moved to the bathroom. Running the bath, an item she had specifically requested she sat on the toilet and opened her wash bag. Removing a pair of nail scissors, a razor, with five brand new blades and some shaving oil, for sensitive skin. She poured some bath oil in to the hot water and soon the room, began to smell fragrant. She, very carefully spread her legs on the toilet, and began cutting bursa sınırsız escort away her pubic hair. Dropping the hair between her thighs and into the toilet. She hummed as she worked, keeping an eye on the bath. Finally she could cut away no more and scrubbed her fingers through the partially denuded area.

The bath, was hot and fragrant, just perfect and she smiled slipping in. She lay back for a few minutes, her mind continually turning over what she wanted to happen this weekend. Where she would go, how she would dress. She washed very carefully, before climbing out of the bath and sitting on its edge the cold porcelain sending a shiver through her naked bottom. Very carefully and with premeditation she began to rub oil into her pubic mound, before placing a new razor blade on her razor, and beginning to shave. Each movement, of the razor, gave her a feeling of freedom and liberation and she shivered as goose bumps began to appear. She shaved, exposing her mound, she had never really been proud of her pussy, or she grinned to herself, maybe she should call it her C***, she felt deliciously naughty thinking of those words. Her vagina, had always seemed to her under developed, in fact very tight and compact, no labia showed at all. But her husband seemed to like it. So she was willing to go along with that assessment. She wondered as she shaved if there was some sort of plastic surgery, to give her a more womanly pussy.

She took a hand mirror as she scooted dangerously forward and angled it, so she could trim, beyond her pussy to her rose bud. Finally she was finished. She ran her fingers, over her denuded skin, and shivered as she felt warmth spread. Using a sensitive moisturiser she massaged her skin, careful not to be too aggressive, she wanted to save everything for later.

Leaving the bathroom, she made her way back into the bedroom, once again looking at herself in the mirror, she smiled, yes, now she looked more like Kat than Katrina. She could even see the way the oil glinted on her skin and the subtle difference with the fluid at her pussy. She nodded, and mouth the name Kat several times to herself. She made her way to the bed, picking up her phone, she lay down and dialled. Her husband answered after a few rings and she smiled, wondering what he would think of her lying nude on a hotel bed, talking inanely about the Spa. She tried to sound bored, even though her finger was tracing the edge of her slit as she spoke to him. Devilishly, she raised her finger, staring a moment at the glistening tip, before flicking her tongue out to taste her own arousal. She almost groaned, but stopped herself görükle escort in time. She said goodbye to her husband and then set her alarm. She didn’t sleep, just dozed, her mind still working on the perfect weekend.

Her alarm woke her and she excitedly got up, first she pulled her shoulder length blonde hair, into a tight pony tail, just right for someone to grab later, then she began applying her makeup, probably more than was needed, she had naturally good bone structure. But just enough for Kat. Katrina would have balked at the eye liner and mascara, and indeed the blood red lipstick. But for Kat it was just right. Once she was satisfied, she rose and naked walked to the closet. Her first item, was the corset, she clipped herself in, thanking herself for being smart and choosing a front fastening one. It was perfect, and held her shape beautifully. She breathed a couple of times, feeling the restraint of the corset and then nodded, yes perfect.

Her breasts, never the largest, formed a cleavage which was nice, her nipples barely covered. She nodded again, yes perfect! She knew from experimenting and the reason she had bought this corset, that should she want, the cups would fold underneath, forming a shelf for her naked breasts. Always good to have alternative she thought. Next she sat, before rolling her seamed stocking over her foot and up her leg, standing to attach the suspender clips from the corset. Next, she selected the knickers she would wear, if you could call them that. She smiled as her fingers wiggled through the crotch less centre, held together by a tiny velco red rose, which contrasted with the black lace knickers. She pulled them on adjusting them just as she wanted them. She could already feel the heat between her thighs.

Next she selected her skirt, perilously short, it was loose enough, to move, she knew she had practised on her own. The skirt black and satin, looked beautiful against her stockinged legs. Finally she selected her blouse, a red lace button up blouse, with a small collar. She buttoned it up and was happy to see the black corset clearly showing through. Perfect she thought. Next came the red 4″ heels, she had wanted higher, but knew the likely hood was she would break her neck on the first set of steps. But still they looked really good and matched her blouse.

Finally, she collected her ‘going out bag’ Carefully she removed the silver ring, with the small round metal circle attached and placed it on her finger, making sure the circle was facing down. Then she checked and added lipstick and a small velvet choker which she fingered a moment, before putting it inside.

Satisfied, she checked herself once more, even if she met someone she knew, she was pretty sure they wouldn’t recognise Katrina as Kat. She picked up her room key, leaving her phone on the bedside table and left the room, making her way down stairs and asking for a taxi. She almost smiled as she slipped into the taxi, her night was just beginning!

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