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Straight guys ogle Kayla Longfellow. They comment on her “killer boobs” and her “nice ass”. At 5 6 she has long gentle curves and her ass is perfectly proportional. Her shape is what fashion designers would call a “vase”. Her chocolate-brown hair touches the tops of her breasts. She has high cheekbones, coral-pink full lips, a slightly upturned nose and brown eyes.

So what if she’s “smoking hot”. To me she will always be the girl next door, just a friend. We chat and sometimes share feelings.

I can recall incidents from my puberty. My eyes used to widen with feigned interest whenever I stole a peek at the centerfold pictures in Playboy magazine. The playmate of the month could, and often did, prompt my guy friends to masturbate in secret. Though I was not above such private behavior, it went along with a different kind of sexual fantasy. A photo of Matt Bomer naked could make me masturbate.

I can recall another incident. This one happened on a Saturday afternoon in October of my Sophomore year. Kayla and I were sitting on wicker chairs in the sun-warmed porch at her parent’s house. After a few minutes of small talk, some of which was about school and school mates, I found the courage to fess up to feelings for a certain friend.

“I have a huge crush on Alan Kenwood. I want so much to kiss him.”

“Steven I’ve always known that you’re gay and I’m fine with it.”

For several seconds we both remained silent. How did she know? What gave it away?

“How did you figure it out?”

“I was crushing on you but you didn’t respond. There’s that Maraş Escort and I saw the way you look at Alan.”

Was it that obvious?

“Tell him you’re gay. I have a feeling things will work out.”

Anyway, I took the hint that Kayla gave me. Alan Kenwood became my first boyfriend. That torrid love affair lasted just 6 months.

Alan is long gone. Kayla remains an important part of my life six years after graduation from West Sayville high school. I’ve grown accustomed to being single. I can count on my fingers the number of times I’ve seen Alan since we graduated. He didn’t even come to my graduation cook out. Kayla did come to it.

Though gay, I try not to be an effeminate male. I do not exhibit such mannerisms that make me appear gay. One will not see me keeping my forerms horizontal and my wrists limp. I don’t talk about getting bargains at the Christmas Tree Shop or other stores women favor.

Over the years I’ve kept my body toned. Gym workouts and 3 to 4 mile runs have become part of the routine. Guys who carry excess body fat are not attractive to me and probably not attractive to other homosexual men.

One recent Saturday in May saw me sitting with Kayla on her second-floor balcony overlooking a walkway and well-kept lawn. She had been living at Greenville apartments since taking a job as a nurse two years ago.

We spent a few minutes chatting about guys, her current boyfriend and other men I find attractive, men whom I’d let do me whenever the mood strikes them.

I lamented. “I miss having it inside me.”

“You Maraş Escort Bayan and Carl weren’t together very long. What happened?”

“Way too much crap”, I replied.

Carl Palio is a hunk. There’s No doubt about it. That toned physique, the bulge in his briefs and Mediteranean complexion all combined to make me lust for him. Too bad he had an awful personality: unfaithful and narcissistic.

“I’ve always wanted to be a ‘top’.”

She meant that in the same sense that gays use the term. I let the remark pass.

“The only drawback to being a girl,” she quipped.

“There’s always a dildo.”

“There is, isn’t there.”

A few days passed uneventfully. My routine didn’t change.

At 7 p.m. on a Tuesday Kayla came to my apartment. About two minutes into her stay the crazy suggestion was offered.

“There’s a way you can make extra money.”

“I’m an electrical engineer. I make plenty of money.”

She added, “and have fun.”

“Work’s not fun.”

“It is if you love what you do.”

It’s not work if you love what you do. I’ve heard that line before.

She proceeded to explain how to make extra money and have fun in the process.

“Set up an account at Chaturbate, get naked on camera and read the comments.”

“Really,” I replied.

Right then she pulled a dildo from her pocketbook. It’s not like I’ve never seen one of those. It has the texture and feel of a real penis, something I sorely miss.

“If you get naked on camera I’ll give you this the way you like it.”

I found Escort Maraş the offer to be irresistible.

Several minutes later my profile was completed.

Name: A man’s man

Date of birth. May 1997

Sex: male

Body type: athletic

Interested in: Men women

Tattoos and piercings: None None

Smoke drink: no occasionally

Within seconds after submitting my profile my webcam captures me naked and leaning over the bed.

Kayla slaps my buttocks once on each “cheek” with the dildo, then spreads lube inside my hole.

My dick is fully erect. My hand is closed around the shaft and pumping rapidly. The dildo slides slowly to my prostate making me moan softly then slides backward. It slides faster and faster with each stroke hammering my prostate. Soft moans become grunts as my hole tingles. Kayla is bent on making me squirt cum.

“Yah baby it feels so good.”

I stole a peak at the comments that were posted.

“So good.”

Kayla closes the video seconds after I squirt cum onto the blanket. I turn to sit on the edge of the bed. She pulls off her dress, a heather gray t-shirt style garment, for the entertainment of straight dudes viewing us.

“Lie down face up.”

I do as I’m told without hesitation.

“Put those legs up.”

Again I do as I’m told, this time watching the dildo penetrate my anus. She slides the toy rapidly hammering my gland. I stroke my dick with a loose grip keeping it hard and pointing at my face. Cum will squirt onto my pelvis.

This action is being broadcast. An occasional comment is posted.

Kayla leaves her bachelorette pad before sunrise every morning. She will arrive at the hospital at 6 o’clock.

“I gotta go. Sweet dreams.”

I watched her get dressed.

“I can leave this for you,” she said looking at the toy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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