Keeping Up With the Joneses Ch. 01

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This is the sequel series to my story The Monster Behind The Desk. It’s my most read yet second popular series but all the while my lowest rated. Dylan Jones is my favorite character so I’m going to keep it going. All of these are going to be vignettes under 2000 words. So enjoy.


Prissy did her best to sneak down the stairs into the kitchen. She looked ravishing in vintage lingerie. The teddy silhouette suited her in ways I’d never imagined and the soft roundness from our growing child set it off perfectly. I stayed in the shadows to see if she’d fall into my trap, though I knew she would.

She opened the refrigerator and carefully pulled out the box of cupcakes. They were red velvet with cream cheese icing, southern girl kryptonite. I watched as she gingerly opened the box and took one out. Each one had a pretty little flower atop made out of butter cream frosting. Her sweet tooth never stood a chance.

As she bit into it, her look of bliss made me lick my lips. She was so cute; I could just eat her up. I was so engrossed in her enjoyment; I almost forgot to spring the trap. I slowly walked from the shadows just outside the dark kitchen.

“Pristine Jones, you know I was saving those cupcakes.”

She jumped and nearly dropped the one in her hand. “I’m sorry… I had a craving.”

“Are you really going to blame such a naughty deed on the baby?” I circled around her like a shark before pressing against her from behind. I cupped her tummy and cooed. “Don’t worry Junior, she didn’t mean it.”

“I-” She flustered and I could already hear her breath quickening. “You just left them in there for days and they were so pretty and you got them from my favorite bakery!”

“Oh, so now it’s my fault that you can control your urges?” I let my hand drift to play with the lace of a leg opening. She was trembling already and though I didn’t know if it was out of frustration or arousal, it excited me.

“No… I mean… Dylan, it’s not right to keep them in there if you’re not going to eat them. I mean it’s a wast- AH” A moan interrupted her little fuss.

My thumb had snuck its way down and into the crotch of her silky teddy. It pressed right into her and I pumped it nice and slow. “Finish your cupcake, dear.”

She looked back at me; jaw dropped just a little and eyes dark with arousal. There was frosting on those beautiful full lips. “Dylan…”

I used the rest of my hand to grip xslot the fabric of the crotch, pulling it so it bunched between her pussy lips. Every pump and pull of my thumb dragged it back and forth across her clit. “Finish your cupcake.” It wasn’t a request and she knew it.

Prissy gripped one hand to the counter and obediently ate another bite of the cupcake. She nearly choked when I dug my thumb into the ridged part of her walls. I made sure she was ok and she soldiered through like the good girl she was. When she finished, I cupped her chin and licked the frosting from her lips as I worked that sensitive spot mercilessly.

She nearly fell as she came and I had to work quickly to catch her. I scooped her up and sat her down on the counter next to the box of cupcakes.

“Prissy, you naughty girl, you’ve stolen one of my cupcakes and you’ve made my hand a mess. You deserve a proper punishment.”

I sucked her essence from my thumb before reaching for the kitchen shears in the knife block. “Don’t you dare move, understand?”

“Yes, husband.”

With a smirk I traced the cold metal down her outer thigh and up the inside. I kept the shears closed. Though blade play intrigued me, if there was so much a knick on that gorgeous mahogany skin I would be livid.

I lifted the fabric up from her skin and snipped at the loosest part. The rest I tore, I’d bought multiples in the same color in case I felt the urge. I didn’t take chances when it came to Pristine. I wanted sure bets and guaranteed results. Her sensitivity to pleasure, loyalty to family, and small town naivety had spoiled me.

Her body still amazed me and the thought that I could indulge in her sweetness at leisure was a constant temper to my darker tendencies. I could honestly say she made me a better man. Of course this was achieved by her cumming on my tongue, fingers, and cock so not that much better but improved.

With caution, I set the sheers out her arms reach in case she flailed. “You look a thousand times more delicious than cupcakes.”

I yanked her hips to the edge of the counter and lifted up her thighs, careful of her stomach. I buried my face into her soft core, lapping and sucking at her lips and nibbling the flesh. I didn’t try to muffle any lewd sounds; I knew they’d only be more a tease to her and heighten the pleasure as I dominated her. Her sounds of pleasure didn’t lie.

I used my forearms to keep her thighs xslot Giriş pinned upwards so I could use my hands to spread those juicy lips. An appreciative groan left my mouth at the sight of her wide open and I blew across the sensitive flesh as I admired it. I looked up at her to smirk before sucking her inner lips.

She was still too sensitive for her own good. It was like catnip to me. I latched on, sucking harder and letting my tongue drag across her clit in slow passing licks. It was only when she was thrashing and bucking in her second orgasm that I stopped. I grinned and licked at the clenching, quivering hole and rubbed her hips before letting her legs descend.

I kissed her growing belly and grinned at her. “Georgia Peach, are you alright?”

Prissy flustered even more. I couldn’t tell if she hated the name or not but it always won me a reaction. “Stop that.” Her voice was breathless and I reached to trace a rising and falling nipple ever so lightly since they were sensitive. An in pain wife gave did me no favors.

“I’m not going to stop anything. You’re the one stealing cupcakes in the dead of night.”

She moaned and writhed. “You said you were working late.”

“Oh, so it’s only bad that I caught you, not what you did?” I raised an eyebrow at her.

“No. That’s not what I meant.”

“Then what did you mean, Pristine?”

“I meant…”

“Yes?” I waited patiently for a good response.

She sighed and looked up at the ceiling. “I’m still being punished, aren’t I?”

“Naughty girls should be punished. You did a naughty thing, did you not?” I circled her clit with my thumb.

“Yes husband.”

She shuddered and looked at me with those pretty brown eyes. I wondered if she could see how hungry she made me in my green ones. Yes, I was a monster but, secretly, little Prissy loved monsters and I was more than happy to be the one under her bed and in it.

I scooped her up, leaving the tattered mess of what used to be her teddy on the counter. The thought passed my mind that I could toss it now before I leave it, forget it, and let it be found by the shocked maid or hastily invited in friend but I didn’t care. My wife did, however, and reached back to grab it. I caught her by the wrist.

“Did I say you could take that?”

“Please don’t leave it there, Dylan.” Her eyes were big and her bottom lip quivered. I wanted her right then and there. Fuck it, xslot Güncel Giriş I was taking her.

I snatched out one of the wooden chairs from under the table. They were purchased without sides for this exact purpose. I gripped her to me with one hand as I undid my pants and freed myself with the other.

She must have realized that a sound fucking was coming because she made the face I loved. Arousal and fear fought a war across her features and fear always ended up the bitch. I sat in the chair and hooked her legs on either side of me before entering her with a rough thrust.

Prissy screamed and gripped the back of the chair. It was more out of shock than pain but that wasn’t to say there was no pain there. I’d gotten ahead of myself. I tweaked her clit until she began to moan and kissed under her chin and across her jaw.

“Ride me like a good girl, Prissy.” I growled in her ear as I began a steady flick of her clit.

She did as told, slow at first but picking up the pace as her body got used to hit. Her head dropped back and I smirked as she moaned my name. I rewarded her by unbuttoning the crisp white shirt I wore. She loved the sight of my muscled chest, especially if there was a smooth clean line to my cock.

When she looked back, she let out a groan and chanced moving a hand from the back of the chair to touch my abs. I grinned and flexed them under her touch. She clenched on me in response and I groaned her name.

She wasn’t going to make it long like this, I knew. So when her eyes started fluttering, I scooped up her thighs and bounced her down about ¾’s of the way. She wailed and came hard, gripping my hair with the hand she’d felt me up with.

I looked into her eyes as I continued to bounce her, never going lower. “Cum for me Prissy. One more time and you’re redeemed. One more Prissy, come on.”

After some time, she finally gave me what I wanted with a shriek and collapsed against me. I let myself release inside her before pulling her off. I watched my seed leak out of her and onto my thigh slowly.

She panted against my cheek, eyes shut tight. “It was a trap, wasn’t it? The cupcake?”

I laughed and kissed her forehead. “Of course Prissy, you know the only sweet I like is you.”

“I could have been eating them the whole time!” She whined hoarsely and made a little fussy struggle in my lap.

I couldn’t help but laugh more. Holding her carefully, I slid the chair closer to the counter. I reached into the box and pulled out another cupcake with a pretty pink flower on it and held it to her lips. She took a bite and I only stopped her to lick the frosting from her lips before feeding her more.

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